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Successions numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Of the same kind is the Dutch tax upon successions.
  2. Its mouth was moving in quick successions, emanating sounds.
  3. Successions of kings of the same family were known as dynasties.
  4. I breathed in quick successions, but the policeman didn’t hear it.
  5. My heart thudded in rapid successions when the 8 halfers malfunctioned.

  6. Direct successions, or those of descendants to ascendants, pay no tax.
  7. I’ve seen successions in my kid’s Boy Scout troop go harder than that.
  8. In addition to the influence of parents, it must be remembered that they themselves embodied the result of many marriage, and successions.
  9. When it comes to successions, it is vital to appoint someone who at least shares the vision, who has the passion and drive to see the business succeed.
  10. Here at least there would be no question of boarding house parlor etiquette—there were successions of charming, big, airy, handsomely fitted-out parlors; there were tea rooms, there were libraries and writing rooms.
  11. These short-term successions might well have been a result of unstable climatic conditions that interrupted the annual flood levels that later would lead to invasions of Asiatic opponents such as the Hyksos (Hittites?) during that time.

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