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Suck numa frase em (in ingles)

1. You suck and you lie.
2. And you suck at lying.
3. I heard her suck in a.
4. She started to suck and.
5. Want to suck it, Mrs.
6. I totally suck! I had it.
7. Suck the life out of them?
8. The ones we have suck balls.
9. I wanted to suck their blood.
10. I don't suck on your ear fur.
11. They have caused you to suck.
12. She heard him suck in a breath.
13. Dying twice would totally suck.
14. Suck my tit, kid, suck it hard.
15. Suck it up and go through this.
16. Did you know that? I suck dick.
17. Sorry dude, that had to suck.
18. Suck it up, for the common good.
19. Man that would really suck!.
20. My cards in this poker game suck.
21. This passage is called The Suck.
22. He said she could suck his dick.
23. Relations that Suck – http://www.
24. Toad Suck, Perry County, Arkansas.
25. I’d like to have you suck it.
26. Did scaly serpents give thee suck?
27. Suck, he orders, his voice soft.
28. He shrugged her off like a suck fly.
29. Shut up and suck me, Gary said.
30. They suck the leaves of rice plants.
31. I may suck, but I have a full team.
32. That would suck goose eggs, regally!.
33. I didn’t have to impress or suck up.
34. You ever suck a guy off, lady?
35. They suck on any energy they can find.
36. He had to face it…had to suck it up.
37. Suck, he commands, his voice soft.
38. What if I suck at raising a child?
39. He waited a moment to suck this all in.
40. Groups suck us in and cloud our judgment.
41. Instantly, my daughter began to suck on.
42. He would suck the marrow from their bones.
43. People suck, life sucks, everything sucks.
44. Trolls suck, especially when they implode.
45. Suck it up, Sophie, you got what you wanted.
46. Sue’s and suck her tongue in past my lips.
47. You’re just going to have to suck it up.
48. I know these photos suck eggs, he said.
49. That would suck, she said with a laugh.
50. The moments that don’t suck, she says.
51. He stopped, for he had heard me suck my breath.
52. Creating A Solution To Stopping Cats Suck Wool.
53. Those twenty minutes suck me like twenty hours.
54. She doesn't eat dead meat, nor suck cold blood.
55. He heard Dominic suck in his breath behind him.
56. He heard the lady suck in her breath sharply.
57. If that dam were taken out, it would suck the.
58. Which doesn’t mean disco doesn’t still suck.
59. Suck this barrel ‘fore I kill yo’ pussy ass.
60. Come over here and suck my dick, Gary said.
61. He reeled in the saddle and had to suck air then.
62. I had to suck it up and keep my temper in check.
63. Lean over the pool and suck, but don‘t fall in.
64. Probably used to suck out the eyeballs, and may.
65. He realized how this woman was able to suck the.
66. There are jobs in the Southland but they all suck.
67. Home of the famous Toad Suck Daze music festival.
68. She then gave Charles her left breast to suck on.
69. We suck every bit of life out of the question in.
70. At least I don't suck on the ends of pillows and.
71. Yes wicked was the dick that I just wanted to suck.
72. Then I also stripped and told him to suck my cock.
73. I stay very still and suck in a few gallons of air.
74. Shopping Cart Suck Less, you can replace this with.
75. I used to suck down three or four Diet Cokes a day.
76. If you do, it will just suck the energy out of you.
77. I wanted to suck the blood of Raghu as my first prey.
78. They call the living humans they suck from: suckers.
79. He had to suck air backward into his lungs and speak.
80. Not even a lazhinian could recover from suck trauma.
81. You suck, she says as she heads to the bathroom.
82. He bent to suck and fondle my nipples, causing small.
83. I wanted to live deep and suck all the marrow of life.
84. It can manipulate gravity also and suck matter into it.
85. It was starting to suck exposing himself to a haughty.
86. But a superhero could never suck on his thumb or paw in.
87. Oughtn't to have given that child an empty teat to suck.
88. I suck in Life with every breath and appreciate it more.
89. Sorenson, somehow manages to suck all the life out of it.
90. Plants were never designed to suck energy from the earth.
91. The moment I jerked it, they tried to suck it out of my.
92. It’s gonna suck when you have to wash away the shame.
93. It took less than thirty seconds to suck out all the waste.
94. Each infant is a little Descartes: 1 suck, therefore I am.
95. They gave their cold sweets an extra long suck, deliberating.
96. I want Colt to suck it off your titties without him knowing.
97. Their only purpose in life is to suck people dry, literally.
98. Surrounded by candy, and he wasn’t allowed to have a suck.
99. Strong companies suck all the oxygen out of the marketplace.
100. I suck in a breath, not sure I'm wet enough for him just yet.
1. Sucking all before it end.
2. Roman was sucking hard for.
3. He was sucking a tiny thumb.
4. The bitch sucking my dick.
5. I’m not sucking your toes.
6. Of course Alicia was sucking up.
7. He paused sucking in the cold air.
8. First thing, stop the sucking up.
9. Sucking in a big breath, his stood.
10. The sucking thing fell to the floor.
11. It was sucking the earth dry of oil.
12. Sucking cock was one of her favorites.
13. Sometime the sucking bees surround her.
14. I knew it was a leech sucking my blood.
15. It was sucking me in deeper and deeper.
16. Simms languidly, sucking his new cigar.
17. Been sucking for over two hundred years.
18. As it is a sucking into itself only form.
19. I stopped when I heard the sucking noise.
21. Rebecca, please stop sucking your thumb.
22. A guy sucking his own dick—yuck, boring.
23. You knew Tanya was sucking up for a reason.
24. She has the sucking reflex; she needs her.
25. Sucking in a harsh breath, she yanked hard.
26. She was sucking hot whisky through a straw.
27. Sucking in a deep breath, she dunked herself.
28. Yes, he answered sucking in his breath.
29. Why not Zion asked sucking off her neck.
30. Janelle shot off the bed, sucking in a breath.
31. For answer; the sucking noise of a sloppy kiss.
32. Her lungs stopped sucking in air for a moment.
33. Of course! He has finished sucking milk now.
34. He knew they were vampires… sucking off him.
35. Lani continued sucking on Junya, while Junya.
36. Nibbling happens when the baby is sucking the.
37. There was a watery sucking sound, and then nothing.
38. The tornado gains velocity, sucking objects into.
39. Melanie stopped sucking as she tasted a tiny leak.
40. Sucking that feeling that is Love On A Stick.
41. Sucking in my breath, I stepped out of the bathroom.
42. The boy was looking at his father and sucking his.
43. He’d found out that sucking blood wasn’t the fad.
44. Tom could not help sucking in his breath in surprise.
45. He sat back down and looked at me, sucking on his cut.
46. She was sucking on a cigarette as the Captain entered.
47. He sat sucking his bottom lip trying to think of an.
48. Sucking off his fame, his authority and his notoriety.
49. I ‘inherently knew’ that Cynthia’s thumb sucking.
50. I’m Colleen, she said, sucking on the cigarette.
51. It was like a great dark yeast, miles away, sucking air.
52. She was sucking up to Aust, who hunts WMDs for a living.
53. He un clipped her bra and began sucking her left nipple.
54. She was sucking her thumb because she needed a lollipop.
55. She put his finger in her mouth, sucking the wound clean.
56. He is sucking you into the web of lies to brainwash you.
57. Then compare space pictures of tornados in Kansas sucking.
58. She stayed on the swing sucking in the peace of the meadow.
59. The mother plugged a sucking thing into the baby’s mouth.
60. With sucking protest the mud started to let go of the mare.
61. I see her sitting there, sucking on her cigarette, mostly.
62. They won't sit sucking their thumbs as we climb this slope.
63. Each of their sucking breaths turns into a delighted smile.
64. After thirty minute of sucking, Sharon noticed that the baby.
65. He could still hear the high pitched whine of blood sucking.
66. The next picture showed the man sucking the fetus out of the.
67. He kisses my belly, licking my belly button and sucking on it.
68. His mouth on my neck, drinking my blood, licking, sucking it.
69. The old spittle-eye followed sucking at him with its emptiness.
70. Her engine howls with the rush of air sucking into its system.
71. Sucking back the icy contents, he continued to walk up to the.
72. I thought I was had, he gasped, sucking in a new breath.
73. So the force is just sucking away the gas using vacuum devices.
74. As I stumbled backward, her staff absorbed the blast, sucking.
75. Thumb sucking can be stopped with subtle and gentle correction.
76. Dierdra is sucking the life-force out of me with her negativity.
77. That site was sucking away all the available people in country.
78. The minion immediately grabbed the offering and started sucking.
79. Come with me, I said, sucking in the sharp pain in my side.
80. Animal eyes contain water which can be extracted by sucking them.
81. The room seemed to close in around her, sucking out her very life.
82. Why? Simply because the rich aristocrats who had been sucking 99.
83. It began to slice, little wet sucking sounds as it rent my brain.
84. She rolled him into her breasts and he began sucking her nipples.
85. Always cheerful even with a dozen leeches sucking on his scrotum.
86. Many were dead inside, their black bodies sucking away the light.
87. Is that your promise? Simon whispered, mouth sucking in sand.
88. He moves to my lower leg, kissing, licking and sucking so tenderly.
89. It was like sucking the flavor of linen and snow at the same time.
90. There was a sucking sound, the sound of a vacuum cleaner turned on.
91. He accepted her gladly and began sucking on her until she quivered.
92. At the cider-mill tasting the sweets of the brown mash, sucking the.
93. By taxing them, and systematically sucking their wealth out of them.
94. Thumb sucking is a coping mechanism, a security blanket if you will.
95. She kissed him wildly, roughly, sucking his tongue out of his mouth.
96. The rest remained silent, intent on the screen, avidly sucking it in.
97. Sam was standing by the pony, sucking his teeth, and staring moodily.
98. Water was everywhere, each step a sucking, stumbling, pulling effort.
99. Was it his job that was sucking the life out of him? he wondered.
100. There was a sucking pop and the sound of liquid splashing to the floor.
1. I sucked in a breath.
2. He sucked at his pipe.
3. She sucked in a breath.
4. He sucked at his beer.
5. He sucked in his breath.
6. Tom sucked on his cigar.
7. I sucked air and held it.
8. She sucked in her breath.
9. I sucked in deep breaths.
10. He sucked and teased my.
11. Joel sucked in his breath.
12. Aiden sucked his breath in.
13. Emily sucked in her breath.
14. Ok, so that headline sucked.
15. The old man sucked his pipe.
16. I sucked back at the beach.
17. I lovingly sucked on each.
18. Harry sucked in his breath.
19. I sucked in a ragged breath.
20. Moraine sucked in her breath.
21. Claire sucked in her breath.
22. Mike sucked in a deep breath.
23. And then I got sucked into.
24. She sucked in breath sharply.
25. He sucked wealth and might.
26. As fighters went, they sucked.
27. I've sucked cock before, Luke.
28. It sucked when we couldn’t.
29. I sucked in a deep gulp of air.
30. He sucked on like an innocent.
31. Thank God he sucked at shooting.
32. To the energy already sucked in.
33. I sucked in a large gulp of air.
34. He sucked harder, and she gasped.
35. It has sucked humanity down and.
36. Books sucked in a startled breath.
37. Van Thorn sucked in a deep breath.
38. I sucked in another harsh breath.
39. I sucked in deep draughts of air.
40. The voice sucked air and was gone.
41. Finally I just sucked in a breath.
42. The thing that sucked the worst.
43. She sucked in a giant gulp of air.
44. She sucked at the air like a fish.
45. It sucked, but I knew he was right.
46. Lydia sucked in great gulps of air.
47. And sucked all lovers of all time.
48. It sucked that I had to arrest her.
49. And you know what? My world sucked.
50. She sucked in a deep breath of air.
51. I sucked in my breath at what I saw.
52. Daphne sucked in her lips and nodded.
53. Plus his corpus to date sucked eggs.
54. Caitlin sucked in a raw, cold breath.
55. He sucked on his cigar and was happy.
56. But it wasn't only Ramesh who sucked.
57. It would have sucked if she wasn’t.
58. I must confess that I sucked on the.
59. I sucked on the straw with full force.
60. Susan sucked in her breath and smiled.
61. I sucked air, trying to clear my head.
62. Jim, in the Wax Museum, sucked breath.
63. He sucked her nipples and licked them.
64. Their breath was sucked out of the air.
65. Sue gave me a kiss and sucked my tongue.
66. As fighters went, they sucked.
67. The irony sucked, but she had no choice.
68. Melvin sucked and grinned mischievously.
69. Thank God he sucked at shooting.
70. She sucked her fingers before continuing.
71. One of the girls sucked her teeth audibly.
72. Enterprise was sucked into the black hole.
73. But Peter only sucked harder in response.
74. Cindy sucked in a breath, wiped her eyes.
75. They didn’t want their blood sucked out.
76. Books bent over and sucked in a gulp of air.
77. The rest of my schedule pretty much sucked.
78. Colin sucked at the air and went down hard.
79. Then I sucked on it aa I withdrew my finger.
80. Although she deserved it, her timing sucked.
81. The racket stopped, and the wave sucked back.
82. He sucked in his gut, and took a deep breath.
83. Poor Will just sucked it up and continued on.
84. Enough to know that sometimes knowing sucked.
85. The Illustrated Man sucked in a mighty breath.
86. Doesn’t have to be blood that’s sucked.
87. So I sucked in a deep breath and followed her.
88. He sucked in a breath, then let it out slowly.
89. Bobby sucked hard on his cigarette, stepping.
90. Within seconds the gray air was being sucked.
91. The food sucked, but it was a magical evening.
92. Having stuff get sucked into this void is.
93. He did comply with his dug, before he sucked it.
94. Except in that drop which it sucked from thee?
95. Vivian sucked in her breath and opened her eyes.
96. Being a vampire at this moment seriously sucked.
97. She sucked her teeth and went back to her phone.
98. I slowly sucked Sue’s tongue in past my lips.
99. The branch was quickly sucked down into the mire.
100. Nope, she sucked it right there in her office.
1. He sucks in a breath.
2. She sucks in a breath.
3. To be dead? Yeah, sucks.
4. And your god sucks cock.
5. She sucks it up a bit and.
6. But it sucks just the same.
7. Yeah, going to therapy sucks.
8. It blows and then it sucks.
9. And it sucks living with Cole.
10. She sucks his chin in response.
11. God, it sucks here, she thought.
12. If it sucks, we can always.
13. Diane strokes and sucks his cock.
14. However, the balance sheet sucks.
15. And yah boo sucks to the French.
16. Damn that sucks, Kelly says.
17. It is called Your Marketing Sucks.
18. She sucks in a breath and holds it.
19. Instead we heard, Boston sucks.
20. But he sucks the life out of me.
21. My taste in men certainly sucks.
22. Jeepers Corey, that totally sucks.
23. It sucks youre having to wait so long.
24. Christ, that sucks, Chandler said.
25. December sucks the light from the castle.
26. That sucks, then what? Dennis asked.
27. People suck, life sucks, everything sucks.
28. Sucks what? He seemed genuinely confused.
29. Fielding sucks, but other than that, he is.
30. Debt, on the other hand, sucks a company dry.
31. This store sucks! Where’s the manager?
32. He sucks in a breath and holds it as he fires.
33. This sucks, Tammas stated slow and clear.
34. He licks, sucks, blows that warm air down there.
35. It really sucks to be paranoid when there is an.
36. This sucks big-time, you know that? I hate you.
37. They act as if they know, and this sucks in many.
38. It sucks in there, nothing to do, no fun at all.
39. On the other hand, it really sucks to have gotten.
40. Just as a child sucks on a cut finger because that.
41. That is where it sucks up all of Laru’s negativity.
42. Wow, this sucks, I said, trying to take this in.
43. If a species sucks enough at living to go extinct.
44. Greedily, it sucks up the power of plants and animals.
45. What sucks is that Higgins won’t let me be involved.
46. This really, really sucks, and wiped a tear away.
47. Vinnie found a new complaint, The service in here sucks.
48. God, it sucks living in a society ruled by a bureaucracy.
49. This sucks, he muttered, falling back into the sand.
50. He hands it to her and she sucks the smoke into her lungs.
51. Yeah, it sucks to submit to the sites, but it’s worth it.
52. Virginity sucks, she thought, and spun round once on the.
53. Sometimes a CO’s memory sucks when the shit hits the fan.
54. Then he sucks and bites on my nipples that are already hard.
55. Okay, that definitely sucks the melody out of the moment.
56. This totally, completely sucks! She sounded hysterical.
57. Ciere sucks in a breath, then relaxes the hold on her immunity.
58. One of the big things that sucks about being in therapy for so.
59. The carnival sucks that gas, ignites it, and chugs along its way.
60. What sucks the most though is that we’ll be stuck in the middle.
61. In that, since Kyoshiro sucks my blood that means I am his servant.
62. He sucks in dueling lungfuls of air, teeters and falls face forward.
63. She sucks my dick at my command with the zeal of one I knew before.
64. Brian said, The history is; ‘Libya’ sucks, it’s hot, and the.
65. And while it sucks it clutches at your bosom with its little hand, plays.
66. It just sucks money for no goods or services and is like negative savings.
67. It sucks not just energy into it… it sucks literally everything into it.
68. But no decent, grown-up cat should be done to death—unless he sucks eggs.
69. There he snatches her finger into his mouth and sucks it while she giggles.
70. Really? That sucks, I jerk off to that at least twice a week in my office.
71. Why not? The natural process really sucks, when you stop to think about it.
72. When it considers itself secure it thrusts in its weapon and sucks the blood.
73. Ciere sucks in a breath, tastes fresh snow and the smell of something burning.
74. Well, that really sucks that you guys won't join me on a little smoke fest '98.
75. Which of us still sucks teats, huh? The babies're runnin' the nursery, ladies!.
76. Sucks blood? Sucks life? Still, he matched her pace, but kept his voice low.
77. Mosquito Man stealthily sucks the brains out before passing it to the next person.
78. He sucks with his tongue and his lips firmly embracing, moving down and up the shaft.
79. That kind of shameless greed typifies the medical community that sucks on the economy.
80. To look like a milksop in front of such a nice girl probably really sucks, Sammy thinks.
81. Then, when he expects to be plunged into darkness, his throat opens and he sucks in air.
82. This absolutely sucks, and that’s by far the most polite way I can think of to say it.
83. As he tries to breathe he sucks in fragmented meat and acid tasting bile into his lungs.
84. When other students asked her why she dropped the class, she simply said, Spanish sucks.
85. It is the only plan he has, but as he tries to implement it, something sucks him backwards.
86. Security around here sucks! Rachel looked him straight in the eye and said, No one.
87. This sucks! She stormed to the bathroom and emerged shortly, dressed as when she arrived.
88. Fear, as has been previously established, sucks, especially for someone not used to feeling it.
89. Her left hand holds your balls down to pull the skin taught and she sucks like a brand new Hoover.
90. But what I heard is when a vampire sucks of a human, the human will be the servant of the vampire.
91. I don’t know about anybody else in here, but life without a car and driving really, really sucks.
92. Simply he cannot live without it, the more he runs away of it the more intensely it sucks him back.
93. The bee, for example, rushes to the flowers and sucks their nectar soon after emerging from its hive.
94. Every sailor quietly sucks in their bellies and expands their elated chest to accept his announcement.
95. This sucks, Joey said, I wanted to try out that Bluebolt today, but I can barely move my body.
96. The bee, for example, rushes to the flowers and sucks their nectar soon after its coming out of its hive.
97. It still sucks that he can just hang out at home and we can’t do anything about it, Davis replied.
98. She then says, I still have a slight headache and feel pain all over myself, as she sucks her teeth.
99. Wow, he really thinks my sense of fashion sucks, doesn’t he? I said, crossing my arms over my chest.
100. His masterful mouth loved her with various licks and sucks that made her groaning and twisting in his hands.

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