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Suffer numa frase em (in ingles)

To try is to suffer.
I wanted him to suffer.
This is why you suffer.
The Lord will not suffer.
They are bound to suffer.
Why should he suffer so?
He would suffer a mortal.

No, I will not suffer it!.
Suffer and resent and rage.
You made me suffer gravely.
They deserve to suffer too.
We suffer for the sins of.
THEY ain't a-goin to suffer.
Sodom did not just suffer.
And they still suffer from.
Only the ladies will suffer.
They love to see you suffer.
Eugenie had begun to suffer.
None of you will suffer the.
At least she didn’t suffer.
If not, everyone will suffer.
A way to make herself suffer.
Nor can they help but suffer.
Their wallets suffer as well.
Thoth was the first to suffer.
In the event you suffer.
The shame they would suffer if.
She could never so suffer again.
They will be willing to suffer.
Assuming you don't suffer from.
Lady, we suffer a great grief.
I suffer from my sedentary life.
You want them because you suffer.
Jack was the first to suffer his.
For we suffer because of our sins.
Did she suffer? Wendy asked.
Why shouldn't you suffer? I do!.
Did he suffer? He says he did not.
Louise wouldn’t suffer that way.
Sodom did not just suffer a lost.
I am used to suffering.
She had to be suffering.
Suffering was a way of.
Suffering is not my goal.
She was suffering from a.
I was not suffering from.
To focus suffering is not.
She was suffering from pain.
Yet what is this suffering.
I don't want more suffering.
It locked me into my suffering.
Mystery of Suffering and Pain.
The suffering was for nothing.
This is true about suffering.
It was for pain and suffering.
We were all suffering with her.
Sonia saw how he was suffering.
A glutton, suffering from gout.
He was already suffering from.
Suffering, too, is a good thing.
And they will see the suffering.
Is it suffering? he dared to ask.
You have created your suffering.
A suffering servant was out of.
Diana was in love with suffering.
The Ultimate Source of Suffering.
Did those who are suffering and.
Not I to make hurt or suffering.
My suffering that I want to cover.
And she bowed under her suffering.
He was turned on by her suffering.
You are partners in the suffering.
Drowning in the ocean of suffering.
His face showed intense suffering.
Upon his suffering and stormy soul.
She was suffering enough, already.
I had never seen her suffering so.
But I have been suffering cruelly.
Suffering is never said to be the.
Dry with tired fear and suffering).
Be suffered to grow cold.
He suffered as a martyr.
He had suffered a stroke.
Then he suffered a shock.
I suffered a lot mentally.
I've suffered so much at.
Mom suffered a great deal.
He almost suffered from it.
She had also suffered her.
At night, she suffered the.
Having suffered losses as a.
She knew that John suffered.
I had suffered major damage.
Your father has suffered a.
Even then he only suffered.
I don’t think he suffered.
Where men died and suffered.
I suffered a lot as a child.
She suffered long here below.
He knows how I have suffered.
His skin suffered in the sun.
He suffered a moment of Panic.
He might not have suffered a.
Up ahead Vernon had suffered.
Had Keiko suffered a stroke?
You suffered abrasions and a.
With sorrow they have suffered.
It had suffered immense damage.
You have suffered a head wound.
I still suffered from insomnia.
He had suffered a heart attack.
I think Matt’s suffered most.
You must have suffered horribly.
He knows how I have suffered….
He suffered a nervous breakdown.
The babies suffered no injuries.
He suffered, bled and was shamed.
She suffered from multiple stab.
I thought he’d suffered enough.
I have suffered for that laxness.
Q: But his work suffers.
He says he suffers want.
That thus he suffers for.
He suffers along with us.
Time suffers the big price.
It suffers more by keeping.
And He suffers because He is.
The flesh suffers as man sins.
You are the only one who suffers.
M: He suffers with those who suffer.
She suffers a traumatic head injury.
He too suffers with the same disease.
He suffers from delusions of grandeur.
Why shouldn't they suffer? She suffers.
Will my preparation suffers from this?
When one harms oneness, the whole suffers.
Unfortunately, she suffers from delusions.
Quality often suffers as firms grow quickly.
Two percent of the population suffers from.
Q: So, the innocent suffers for the guilty?
When book reading suffers, literature suffers.
It suffers from the shoulds previously defined.
I have one friend who suffers from haemorrhoids.
Here’s something that everyone suffers through.
Half of mankind suffers from permanent diarrhoea.
Similarly, if the borrower suffers losses in his.
The next one of their poor victims suffers without.
He that is told the 'Truth' suffers spiritual death i.
Believe it or not, giant Nestlé suffers from neglect.
How the Father must have suffered! He suffers because.
Katherine Rose suffers from the same disease, you know.
M: One suffers along with what one thinks oneself to be.
The anorexic is mentally ill sometimes she or he suffers.
This is the tribulation that the evildoer suffers in the.
One suffers a catastrophic head wound while the.
The soul which loves and suffers is in a state of sublimity.
S suffers from grave allergic symptoms attributed to peanuts.
I know he even suffers a bit of depression from time to time.
Could not that woman be taken off the train? She suffers so.

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