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Sulfurous numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The air was full of sulfurous thunder.
  2. Steaming sulfurous fumes uncoiled in the midst of waves bubbling like water in a boiler.
  3. He looked around at the handful of redsuits still out there on the ledge with him in the piss yellow, sulfurous haze.
  4. Conan ripped out a sulfurous oath and the long blade quivered in his grip as the muscles rose in ridges on his brown arm.
  5. Shinjuku District was widely renown as the center of Tokyo’s adult entertainment and certainly lived up to its sulfurous reputation.
  6. In certain localities thin smoke holes gave off a sulfurous odor, showing that the inner fires still kept their wide–ranging power.
  7. It was an arduous climb over sharp lava and pumice stones in the midst of air often reeking with sulfurous fumes from the smoke holes.
  8. Once the love of God has been forgotten in the Chinese race, sulfurous influence starts working immediately with an image of pride feeding upon oneself.
  9. But on February 3, 1866, a new islet named George Island emerged in the midst of sulfurous steam near Nea Kameni and was fused to it on the 6th of the same month.
  10. The second DVD, titled ‘Sex in History, an intimate relationship’, is however quite sulfurous and is a documentary the Time Patrol made about the influence of sex on the history of Humanity.
  11. She returned to her own to find Dad still in his lounge chair in front of the TV, now in one of those fuzzy, faintly sulfurous wool overshirts that were what the word home made her think of.
  12. The actor, as tall as an El Greco painting, and as haunted by sulfurous lightning and storm clouds, which shifted in his pale flesh, slowly sank into a chair, without looking to see if it was there.
  13. Stoically, he suppressed grief as his trained eyes accommodated the darkness and he sidled up to the sulfurous pen, squinting as the satiated boar mouthed the grunts of curiosity and idled towards this newcomer.
  14. Fortunately, our shuttle’s external hull was specially coated to resist the extremely corrosive sulfurous compounds found on and around Io, but it will still be eaten up and breached by boiling sulfur lava in a few hours.
  15. For just a moment, cinnamon had a sulfurous edge and the popcorn butter smelled rancid, as if under all its pretense of good healthy fun, the carnival was a dangerous swamp in which moldered and festered things too horrific to contemplate.
  16. The terrain consisted mostly of thick slime mixed with petrified branches, but it changed little by little near four o'clock in the afternoon; it grew rockier and seemed to be strewn with pudding stones and a basaltic gravel called "tuff," together with bits of lava and sulfurous obsidian.

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