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Supply numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Year's Supply for a Dime.
  2. Of the supply as limited.
  3. The supply line is vital.
  4. Master of the supply depot.
  5. Supply ships came and went.

  6. From whence is its supply?
  7. Blessing of a Water Supply.
  8. These were in short supply.
  9. Nuts supply proteins and fat.
  10. When our supply was cut off.
  11. You know it is in short supply.
  12. The powers that we can supply.
  14. Values That Supply the Being:.
  15. Never look at the visible supply.

  16. It's from an industrial supply.
  17. The supply of wealth is limited.
  18. You supply the strength we need.
  19. If he does not supply at least.
  20. Our Haad needs a supply of souls.
  21. Our supply is becoming exhausted.
  22. But I now have a year’s supply.
  23. Even the food supply had run low.
  24. Time, though, was in short supply.
  25. He will honor and supply provision.

  26. We and outside vendors supply the.
  27. Both of which are in short supply.
  28. Salt is in short supply in Africa.
  29. In time, food was in short supply.
  30. In fact, if the money supply was.
  31. Supply of machines and equipment:.
  32. This is for the supply of bulbs.
  33. Alyk into his primary supply route.
  34. This is an amazing value you supply.
  35. The supply has exceeded the demand.
  36. His safe was inside the supply room.
  37. The power supply circuit is to be.
  38. And people were in short supply, too.
  39. To supply his fans and editors with.
  40. These wild men had no supply trains.
  41. Their food supply was growing small.
  42. Or trapped with a limited air supply.
  43. The electrical main supply was in a.
  44. Metal was in especially short supply.
  45. The supply wouldn't last for ever--.
  46. If not suitable, supply a toll-free.
  47. They may be asked to supply a resume.
  48. Many caterers wil supply you with a.
  49. This book will supply those elements.
  50. Glasgow, supply of water to, iii, 372.
  51. Demand will be greater than supply!.
  52. Your water supply should be safe and.
  53. You supply goods and are paid on time.
  54. The supply always precedes the demand.
  55. We believe we have an adequate supply.
  56. I will supply what needs I can supply.
  57. I give them a supply of oxygen and a.
  58. They supply the energy for a new per-.
  59. He’s in the dental supply business.
  60. Maybe they have a supply in their room.
  61. The supply can be provided by a small.
  62. The crystals supply and enhance energy.
  63. I first went to a nearby office supply.
  64. But thankfully, we have a good supply.
  65. It is enough to supply my simple needs.
  66. It’s supply and demand at its finest.
  67. The Cosmos has many ways to supply you.
  68. The power supply for the circuit can be.
  69. It’s the power supply we’re testing.
  70. Supply us with as many names as you can.
  71. Supermarkets and shops ran out of supply.
  72. One has to supply a se with convirtieron.
  73. As well as a large supply of homebrew, St.
  74. We have to stop the supply of LIT-TISSUE.
  75. In addition, there was a huge supply of.
  76. They might want a steady supply of feesh.
  77. We have Ares 4 supply missions coming up.
  78. If I yield to Him, He will supply for me.
  79. He obviously had a fresh supply every day.
  80. Time is a commodity in very limited supply.
  81. The fear, the desire, others would supply.
  82. He multiplied food supply by a mere touch.
  83. We’ll supply you with the medication.
  84. The supply voltage is obtained from the aC.
  85. Pierre built a supply depot in sector 37.
  86. A day’s supply of milk would go to waste.
  87. Granny would buy her supply there regularly.
  88. My water supply may not have been pristine.
  89. Thinly veiled commands, supply lists, maps.
  90. Geoff passed out a small supply of hatchets.
  91. That old habit gave her a ready supply now.
  92. You cleaned the cleaning supply closet?
  93. The materials and the supply didn’t exist.
  94. Below: Jenkins Brick and Supply, located at.
  95. Someone could have tampered with her supply.
  96. Breathe easy and try to conserve our supply.
  97. This will in turn decrease the money supply.
  98. Where’s your power supply? he shouted.
  99. It is almost a question of supply and demand.
  100. This supply route is busy and unincorporated.
  1. Supplying the body with high.
  2. We are supplying you with the floor.
  3. Atherosclerosis of arteries supplying the.
  4. He had no memory of supplying Jurak with the.
  5. The local towns were supplying most of the food.
  6. In these hints he felt that he was supplying Mrs.
  7. We’re supplying another supplier across the city.
  8. Fats are essential for supplying the body with energy.
  9. Who keeps supplying the sun with such heat and light?
  10. The subject admitted supplying handguns to Dennis Twinn.
  11. Marie wherever she went but in purchasing and supplying.
  12. There is more to altruism than supplying material things.
  13. They’re supplying a wheel chair to get you to my car.
  14. Thank god for the gideon Ministry, supplying millions of.
  15. I learned from the people I was associated with in supplying my.
  16. Paul went home and busied himself supplying the guests with drinks.
  17. But Stalin opposed supplying the Poles with arms, because he knew.
  18. Then supplying the external jar anew, the process may be continued.
  19. By this time, hydrogen fusion in the core is supplying all the star's.
  20. This man had the reputation of supplying the deadliest man for the job.
  21. Her shop specializes in supplying movie set designers with furnishings.
  22. He never forgot about us again and we never stopped supplying the beer.
  23. Pinga felt something of that because of the light Kiki was supplying him.
  24. The sawmill continued in the business of supplying wood products to the.
  25. It seems Cap is supplying the West with tons of gunpowder and explosives.
  26. Because it was not supplying the spectators with what they are addicted to.
  27. Captain Ron Dedmen was supplying American allies with cargoes of munitions.
  28. Then, God draws your attention to the nourishment that he was supplying you.
  29. Last I heard, he was supplying stuff for building for the Army down there.
  30. Carl walked over to a drip trol ey that had been supplying Carl with a clear.
  31. Sussex and became a dealer supplying antiques to customers in the United States.
  32. By supplying ready-made identities to people who have never developed their own.
  33. The bull is also stated in Hinduism supplying yoga with its sexual energy.
  34. Atherosclerosis of arteries supplying the heart is called coronary artery disease.
  35. My competition was a company who had a long history of supplying the military in.
  36. Much courage and drive is needed – much work – and Mars is supplying all this.
  37. Marc made a real killing by supplying the clubs and bars with this new wonder drug.
  38. By this regulation, a very heavy burden was laid upon their supplying Great Britain.
  39. They encircle the heart, supplying it with the blood it needs to keep it functioning.
  40. The Ivory Coast is the big hammer of coffee production, supplying 37 percent of the 3.
  41. Here, we are supplying the text Hello World and this is promptly printed to the screen.
  42. We made them ourselves, based on the ones Mother Church is supplying to our infantry.
  43. It’s a craft simulating a helicopter while it’s supplying a base located under the boat.
  44. Lending banks are the creditors for supplying air which in turn supplies credits to markets.
  45. I told them who we’d been supplying the cars to, but I couldn’t turn in people who’d trusted.
  46. They’ve said soon they will have to ration water for their own people and stop supplying Columbia.
  47. So perished the only satisfying explanation, and five years have elapsed without supplying a new one.
  48. No bird flies high in this forest without me supplying them … come on, Tony, let me talk to Weasel.
  49. The essence of this method consists in supplying details accompanying the thing described or depicted.
  50. I thank you for supplying me with such a splendid unmistakably example of how brainwashed students in.
  51. Investments open its door for growth by supplying the quality goods and services available to consumers.
  52. By supplying ready-made values, beliefs, morals and ethics to people who have never developed their own.
  53. When supplying the at sign (@) to label it tells convert to read input from the file following the at sign.
  54. You can control the interval that the command is repeated by supplying a number of seconds to the -n option.
  55. He confessed to supplying Tdeshi, as Hyondahi had told him, but said he had none when she left for the city.
  56. Next to this galley was a bathroom, conveniently laid out, with faucets supplying hot or cold water at will.
  57. Surprisingly, his diet of dry dog food was supplying him with enough calories and vitamins to keep him alert.
  58. Rather than supplying every computer with its own printer, a network of computers could share a single printer.
  59. The most ineffable accents of the feminine voice employed to lull you, and supplying the vanished universe to you.
  60. But then that seems to be the least of your worries, supplying drink and lewd conduct with schoolgirls, in public.
  61. In addition to its role in supplying energy to households, energy is an essential input into any type of business.
  62. He renovates and vivifies the whole system and heals any diseased part by supplying an increased quantity of Prana.
  63. I also knew they were sympathetic for some reason to our own terrorists in supplying them with weapons and training.
  64. That could be, but in that case you could blame it on me because I was the one who told you to stop supplying him.
  65. This is because experts believe that the properties of juices can help in supplying the nutrients that the body needs.
  66. The townsfolk—if one could call this hamlet a town—were informed they'd be supplying food and shelter for the party.
  67. Each had a tube running out of the bottom, evidently supplying some kind of liquid to the inner-workings of the machine.
  68. First, If the tolls which are levied at the turnpikes should ever be considered as one of the resources for supplying the.
  69. He was now convinced, as Nick was, he believed, that one of the Wilkinsons had been supplying information to the Russians.
  70. It is that which was providing you, driving the food to you and supplying each of your organs with its need of subsistence.
  71. Since that day, Angela had been supplying her with the medication she needed, never saying a word about where it came from.
  72. By supplying different PHY units, you could connect the device to a 100Base Ethernet network using any supported cable type.
  73. He was becoming a bit concerned since it seemed that Kate was not concentrating, not supplying him with the facts he wanted.
  74. The reaction of the multitude to this sudden and spectacular supplying of their physical needs was profound and overwhelming.
  75. The model of supplying goods and services for money (capitalism) is systematically making human-to-human interaction obsolete.
  76. A few days later she said, equally without supplying him with the context, It's blessing disguising itself, that's what it is.
  77. George, which was formed in connection with the Watt Street Chapel for the purpose of supplying the poor with castoff clothing.
  78. When he came to Solomon, he said, Are you supplying me with money? What God has given me is better than what He has given you.
  79. He was in charge of supplying meat for the workers on the Kansas Pacific Railroad, and many bison were victims of this program.
  80. Even Libya suddenly stopped supplying the needs of terrorists and today there are not many countries willing to take the chance.
  81. My cheeks felt hot and I experienced a little regret in supplying such telling information about how I was falling for this man.
  82. Many fathers are not content with supplying the mere wants of their children but enjoy making provision for their pleasures also.
  83. The problem is that America itself is having trouble supplying water to its own population, let alone exporting water to Columbia.
  84. They hauled in food, and lunch was a leisurely affair in the conference room, with Chester supplying a beef stew from a Crock-Pot.
  85. The door to the divine fruitage is open to us, which is not closable, supplying us with authority, evidence of the goodness in us.
  86. In fact they had even been told the margin the business had been making from supplying this client, which the client did not share.
  87. Coal is also the workhorse of the nation's electric power industry, supplying more than half the electricity consumed by Americans.
  88. We’ve located the businesses that are supplying the catering and music, and my people are working on them now, Dante said.
  89. Hydroponic gardening allows a farmer to have complete control of the plants as far as supplying nutrition to the plants is concerned.
  90. The waiters and waitresses moved like ants through the crowds, supplying the free and abundant inhibition removing nectar to the rich.
  91. Young or old, if they have an interest in music, supplying them with a musical instrument can be a wonderful investment in their lives.
  92. In the absence of general business expansion, exceptional gains are likely to be made by companies supplying new products or processes.
  93. Several of the girls had been caught smoking marijuana and one of them accused Eve of supplying it and selling it Eve angrily denied it.
  94. The scenario works perfectly for Petrobras, which is in the driver’s seat for supplying China with energy for decades into the future.
  95. Each contestant will be deeply Read by a circle of Shiganzhu Battle Wizards, who are supplying the service and are expert at the spell.
  96. Yet another strand of literature focuses on short-term reversal strategies that are effectively a way of supplying liquidity to the marketplace.
  97. Once this point is established, the role of the financial service then becomes the useful one of supplying information and offering suggestions.
  98. Of course I can, said Will, but I hope equally that you understand why I don’t want to get caught up in supplying you with information.
  99. Dendrav wasn’t sure about his involvement with Kierd, other than the fact that his associates were the ones apparently supplying them with ships.
  100. In many instances, however, they broke out into open revolt against their masters, and refused to assist their escape by supplying them with horses.
  1. The fire supplied with fuel.
  2. Each person will be supplied.
  3. I was soon supplied with all I.
  4. Annibal was ill supplied from home.
  6. Pops supplied from behind the paper.
  7. Dorothea's faith supplied all that Mr.
  8. By thought supplied, or any interest.
  9. The energy that rage had supplied so.
  10. Bites? I supplied, and he nodded.
  11. By thought supplied, not any interest.
  12. In its own time every need is supplied.
  13. The bees supplied ample frenzy to the.
  14. Seven supplied him with the information.
  15. Hagar supplied him with Ocidem and he.
  16. But God always supplied for their needs.
  17. They had already supplied a full list of.
  18. But IBD supplied the rules and information.
  19. He supplied you with livestock and children.
  20. The demand being there, it must be supplied.
  21. Thou whose injustice hath supplied the cause.
  22. As supplied by his local operational support.
  23. Forage has not been supplied to the extent.
  24. We supplied him with the bust some months ago.
  25. Range is supplied where a Check the arguments.
  26. She had five or six pigeons supplied already!.
  27. The dreams had supplied him with many of these.
  28. Maldynado offered the envelope Avery had supplied.
  29. Some of the lesser pieces I supplied them myself.
  30. Paralysis caused by guilt, and the cure supplied.
  31. The latter she supplied on this occasion in person.
  32. In the upper valley, springs supplied the defenders.
  33. It seems that a true apodosis is to be supplied here.
  34. He knew that the part of the power supplied by the.
  35. He had supplied himself with oxygen, simply by his.
  36. They want the necessities of life to be supplied as.
  37. And also in Matthew the same information is supplied;.
  38. Unfortunately, Yum wasn't supplied with working gloves.
  39. They supplied a foresail, or jib, in the same pattern.
  40. Swann supplied, "He who has the gold makes the rules?".
  41. We can also delete those where time [is] not supplied.
  42. Like, melting-the-pigeons strong, Morris supplied.
  43. It must be supplied with nourishment or it cannot grow.
  44. As he took a chair himself, he supplied the link that Mr.
  45. He is the man who supplied the BIG IDEA for that concern.
  46. Two weeks passed while the ship was supplied and repaired.
  47. He had supplied each of the eight super-trouper spotlight.
  48. He took the light Kiki supplied for granted, like the air.
  49. All of them confirmed the information supplied by Dominex.
  50. Sometimes the infusions have to be supplied by governments.
  51. A club of five will be supplied for a year for two dollars.
  52. They are now supplied by a competent and faithful minister.
  53. M: Were they not supplied since you were conceived? Give up.
  54. If there is anything you need that we haven’t supplied.
  55. I had contacts in the police and occasionally supplied them.
  56. Deloitte CICS which had traditionally supplied this market.
  57. Luckily the man supplied a basebal cap, handy for avoiding.
  58. The company supplied trains and tanks and uniforms and guns.
  59. England that supplied goods and services to the Confederate.
  60. This supplied one more reason for their statist predilection.
  61. They supplied their believers with Church law and dogma and.
  62. And reverence Him, who supplied you with everything you know.
  63. I have a Lionel train book in my house, supplied by my buyer.
  64. To go in his hiking boot, in an ankle holster, also supplied.
  65. Three that I can recommend are supplied by these Web sites:.
  66. The Prana is supplied by food, water, air, solar energy, etc.
  67. Some items were missing and they would have to be supplied by.
  68. Supplied him then a haughty expression that did send him away.
  69. Who has supplied the earth with all what you need for living?
  70. The sailor, indeed, over and above his pay, is supplied with.
  71. The medics were dressed in white jackets supplied by us, Rudd.
  72. However, I rest assured that God has supplied the proper person.
  73. A small retainer kept him supplied with liquor most of the time.
  74. It returns FALSE if the supplied string contains anything other.
  75. Friends, students, and the pastor supplied her with other books.
  76. The Soviets and their allies never supplied weapons or training.
  77. Brock sat at the desk they had supplied him, rubbing his forehead.
  78. She had supplied Dominex with both Carol’s and Brian’s names.
  79. I built-in a battery supplied heater to be used only when needed.
  80. The following data were supplied in part by the Stata Corporation.
  81. It is believed that over 50 were supplied over an 18-month period.
  82. When taken out of water, an adequate alternative must be supplied.
  83. Caroline supplied for them, shrugging her arms and hands in a pose.
  84. He has to transfer to a hire car supplied by his insurance company.
  85. The Doctor requested hot water which the Warriors quickly supplied.
  86. Drinking water was supplied by the families in a big orange thermos.
  87. Relevant clients supplied data can be used for this testing purpose.
  88. He arose late, his food was supplied for him and he had little to do.
  89. Donovan had supplied the medication and Dominex had covered the cost.
  90. Moreover, it wil keep you supplied with an abundance of worldly goods.
  91. I believe you have been supplied with an ignition device for your.
  92. All the money to carry these shares was supplied by the stockholders.
  93. They would have electricity and running water supplied to the village.
  94. A picture of the professor had been supplied to them by the university.
  95. The Malay woman who supplied the sweets refused to take money for them.
  96. The United States government supported and supplied them with guns and.
  97. And when he hesitated to ask the next question she supplied the answer.
  98. He also supplied water to houses without water connection or deep well.
  99. They are living on the fat of the land, supplied by secret sympathizers.
  100. MS-DOS (or PC-DOS when supplied by IBM) was based originally on CP/M-80.
  1. I found the supplies I was.
  2. We have all the supplies.
  3. Food supplies us with calories.
  4. He supplies most of the diggers.
  5. We need to gather some supplies.
  6. With those supplies I promised.
  7. It was full of medical supplies.
  8. She was buying cleaning supplies.
  9. Food and other household supplies.
  10. Well, we need supplies anyways.
  11. Thus, if we adjust power supplies.
  12. Make a line and pass the supplies.
  13. We have plenty of supplies and our.
  14. I put the supplies in the back, but.
  15. I had a few supplies for the road.
  16. Metal shelves held food and supplies.
  17. The packing supplies you will need:.
  18. Louie stole supplies for the journey.
  19. They contained supplies for the mess.
  20. Midrash supplies the missing dialogue.
  21. And we could use the medical supplies.
  22. Yes, of course I got the supplies in.
  23. They believe we’re hoarding supplies.
  24. He paid for her supplies and equipment.
  25. By default the print command supplies.
  26. I guess I should get you some supplies.
  27. What about the supplies, Jess said.
  28. Supplies to Saint Sebastien returned to.
  29. Sergeant, Captain, unload the supplies.
  30. Shut off power supplies before you leave.
  31. He took a look at the supplies on the bed.
  32. Where was she searching for supplies?
  33. Still kind of awful? Matthew supplies.
  34. Nothing supplies the place of this instinct.
  35. Are there any supplies on the rafts?
  36. Or leave him in a city with no supplies.
  37. Or, or what if they are low on supplies.
  38. Are you in need of supplies so soon?
  39. We will need supplies and spare clothing.
  40. There’s a storage hut there with supplies.
  41. Brooms and cleaning supplies lined the walls.
  42. Noah began to gather supplies for his journey.
  43. They had gathered their weapons and supplies.
  44. We had to leave all of our supplies and food.
  45. Roman put his supplies in his cart and made.
  46. I looked at her and said, Drop the supplies.
  47. We will be awaiting your supplies, BABYLON.
  48. Duval has gone into town for some supplies.
  49. There were the usual food supplies and among.
  50. Alice packed some other supplies for her father.
  51. Zimbabwe supplies 25% of the world’s diamonds.
  52. He left her to go look for his medical supplies.
  53. Pile the supplies on every available surface.
  54. Ginseng roots supplies all the spiritual energy.
  55. There were no lights or supplies in the bunkers.
  56. Miller started throwing in the reserve supplies.
  57. He tossed the bag with the insulin supplies and.
  58. Gather all needed materials, tools, and supplies.
  59. We would provide you with six months of supplies.
  60. We would just use up supplies faster, and faster.
  61. The shop which sold computer supplies was closed.
  62. Safe haven for the shipwrecked and supplies for.
  63. We were promised more supplies in the near future.
  64. Hayley came back with the supplies, then went to.
  65. This close she could see they had enough supplies.
  66. A strong eye supplies wars and ignities conflicts.
  67. They had found the caravan’s Rovers and supplies.
  68. Stop! Stop! We will pass the supplies out to you.
  69. They are also landing a large quantity of supplies.
  70. I had three days of supplies on hand but didn’t.
  71. Is not that Provider who supplies it a Mighty One?
  72. What about the supplies behind the bulkhead?
  73. The supplies come up at the same time every week.
  74. There was no reason why supplies of all the brands.
  75. Food supplies have run very short in France and.
  76. We had taken up supplies for troops stationed there.
  77. No sun, no supplies, no protection from the Grievers.
  78. The Elder grabbed his lab supplies and his fig trees.
  79. This will massively drain the world's energy supplies.
  80. She picked up the bag of supplies and faced the east.
  81. I went back in for the rest of the food and supplies.
  82. Wren’s personnel and supplies to the Queen Elizabeth.
  83. We’re doing really well on our funds and supplies.
  84. He had Jacob’s supplies and soldiers at his disposal.
  85. Backpacks were handed out and stuffed full of supplies.
  86. He had already bought the grain and medical supplies.
  87. She had bought those supplies two and a bit years ago.
  88. Think of the sun which supplies you with heat and light.
  89. She waved desperately for Stephen to hide his supplies.
  90. I urgently need more troops and more supplies, Admiral.
  91. Kurt looked around the room, checking off their supplies.
  92. For as much food and supplies as will fit into my boat.
  93. This meant that I could come across more supplies than.
  94. It supplies fresh oxygen to the lungs through breathing.
  95. The supplies were still in the truck, which pleased Jess.
  96. It’s basically a shell full of food and other supplies.
  97. He had returned for supplies and heard that I needed him.
  98. Give consumers direct access to medications and supplies.
  99. Murphy had to head into town to replenish their supplies.
  100. We will jettison the new supplies as we leave the harbor.

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