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Suppress numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He tried to suppress a.
  2. I tried to suppress a grin.
  3. He tried to suppress his tears.
  4. I could barely suppress a laugh.
  5. I couldn’t suppress the shudder.

  6. He forced himself to suppress a.
  7. He could scarcely suppress a scream.
  8. Dolly could scarcely suppress a smile.
  9. But why suppress it? asked Ivan.
  10. I did research about ways to suppress.
  11. I nodded and tried to suppress a grimace.
  12. He tried to suppress it by biting his teeth.
  13. Nor can other methods of teaching suppress.
  14. Once again, he had to suppress the urge to.
  15. Kerry splutters and I have to suppress a smile.

  16. Doug was unable to suppress a triumphant smile.
  17. Alex could not suppress her image from his mind.
  18. Sam pressed his lips together to suppress a grin.
  19. Guo Yuxia tried to suppress her laughter and said.
  20. Joey tried to suppress his laughter but could not.
  21. There were times when I tried to suppress it and.
  22. Too many ministers suppress all feeling of doubts.
  23. But he can’t suppress the surge of hope he feels.
  24. Don't fight your doubting mind, don't suppress it.
  25. Raiya could see he was trying to suppress a smile.

  26. Look, you say, look, with heat's suppress on your.
  27. The effort to suppress duelling has often been made.
  28. Barron nodded and tried to suppress a sarcastic grin.
  29. Society has taught us to hold anger, suppress anger.
  30. To suppress the leading zeroes we could change it to.
  31. The Captain tried to suppress his smile at her honesty.
  32. Cliff covered his mouth, obviously to suppress a smile.
  33. Though I think that Sue was trying to suppress herself.
  34. I suppress a drunken grin and hit the automatic redial.
  35. I have to suppress hysteria if I’m going to help him.
  36. You, she said as she tried to suppress her giggles.
  37. He could not even suppress his aversion to his children.
  38. Sir Richard pressed his lips together to suppress a grin.
  39. I had to suppress the laugh rising within me at his words.
  40. Her son saw that she could not suppress a smile of delight.
  41. He made a conscious effort to suppress his beginning anger.
  42. Now Olin understood and he did his best to suppress a laugh.
  43. Elowen tried to look shocked but it was hard to suppress a.
  44. Nevertheless, we can suppress the more distressing symptoms.
  45. My eyes became damp with the tears that I wanted to suppress.
  46. I tried to suppress the feeling that I was betraying a friend.
  47. She acted, she lied, she cried and she fought to suppress it.
  48. Force can never suppress what is sanctioned by public opinion.
  49. It was one of Ardara’s devices, used to suppress the mutant.
  50. The Lord can suppress all rotary movements to display eternity.
  51. Tom could not suppress a gasp of surprise which rapidly turned.
  52. Come on, Dean, Nick said, unable to suppress a tiny sneer.
  53. In trying to please their parents, people often suppress their.
  54. Alex fought to suppress the smirk that he could feel on his face.
  55. And why should I here suppress the delight I received from this.
  56. I suppress a smile, but the sparkle in her eyes is hard to resist.
  57. Vince tried to suppress an awkward smile, as he evidently agreed.
  58. She had to suppress her own pain now and help Raven deal with his.
  59. He tried to suppress it, but Duana picked it up and carried it off.
  60. Talia giggled uncontrollably, though she was trying to suppress it.
  61. I can tell he’s trying really hard to suppress his knowing smile.
  62. Still, she could barely suppress the fear of thinking of Tobias's.
  63. Pissed off, huh? he remarked, trying hard to suppress a grin.
  64. Ren Fengping tried to suppress the terror in his heart and he asked.
  65. Don't tell him that, he won't be able to suppress his excitement.
  66. Barron looked at Banks, who was struggling to suppress a large grin.
  67. All the others, those above it, have but one object—to suppress it.
  68. They declare that they are going to suppress that Vaugirard cemetery.
  69. Blood rushed to Kenichi’s face, but he managed to suppress the anger.
  70. It’s just Richard out there, he said, trying to suppress a yawn.
  71. One day while he was mediating to suppress all his hunger, cold and to.
  72. How does it feel? Josh couldn't hide the laughter he tried to suppress.
  73. I may be able to suppress it, to hide the bond you share with Voltak.
  74. After a moment's pause, Sir Thomas, trying to suppress a smile, went on.
  75. Violence can never suppress that which is countenanced by general custom.
  76. Her mouth twitched as if she were struggling to suppress a fit of giggles.
  77. Thus, it would suppress your appetite, and pave the way to losing weight.
  78. A mysterious and powerful force enabled her to suppress the grief in her.
  79. Mei Yinxue tried to suppress her anger and hope that Ye Manqing would be.
  80. Wickland could not suppress a smirk at having jumped to such a conclusion.
  81. The two managers in their box could not suppress an exclamation of horror.
  82. Inexperienced people cringe, suppress, and contract when darkness appears.
  83. Ben shook his head a bit, he looked at Jil trying to suppress her laughter.
  84. Shi Chen was cold in his face and he did his best to suppress his anger and.
  85. He was having to use his hands to suppress the sound of his runaway laughter.
  86. She tried to suppress it with a hand over her mouth, but she did not succeed.
  87. He was meditating in an attempt to suppress the pain in his shoulder and leg.
  88. She could not suppress a delighted giggle at the wily one in front of her now.
  89. The thief could hardly believe his ears and could not suppress bitter laughter.
  90. It took everything to suppress the smirk threatening to spread across his face.
  91. Gally? Thomas asked, trying to suppress the complete hatred he had for him.
  92. Ryan had to suppress a shiver at the expression that Morgan gave the TreeStalker.
  93. But if not, then we’ll file a motion with the judge to suppress your identity.
  94. To be honest, I did bear him some ill will, but felt constrained to suppress it.
  95. I spot Drew and Molly standing alone at one end of the room and suppress a smile.
  96. Oh, don’t start that, Garcia snapped at them, trying to suppress the song.
  97. My hand still in his, I fight to suppress the flashing images, but they keep coming.
  98. Paul watched as his mother, who was standing behind Nathan, try to suppress a giggle.
  99. Randy, for his part, was struggling to suppress his comments, which were coming from.
  100. He was now trying to suppress the outburst of sorrows and grieves in his heart that.
  1. He was suppressing a smirk.
  2. I nodded, suppressing a smirk.
  3. Suppressing a comeback, I turn and leave.
  4. Ava had some trouble suppressing laughter.
  5. Richard covered his mouth, suppressing a grin.
  6. Suppressing a giggle, Elizabeth followed suit.
  7. Joyce pressed her lips together, suppressing a grin.
  8. Suppressing a laugh Samual handed Francis his phone.
  9. She stopped speaking, as though suppressing something.
  10. Whitey sensed the two men were suppressing something.
  11. They all died, she repeated, suppressing her sobs.
  12. Oh, Banks said, suppressing a smile at her anxiety.
  13. It is nothing, Hanor said, suppressing what he felt.
  14. Donna pressed her lips to a thin line, suppressing a grin.
  15. Jacqueline spoke, suppressing partially her irritation:.
  16. One of these properties grows by suppressing the other two.
  17. The two clasp hands and hug, each suppressing a tear of joy.
  18. Suppressing those powers gave me a gloomy twinge in the gut.
  19. You’ve got a fever, she said, suppressing the dread.
  20. Q: By suppressing my thoughts and feelings I shall provoke a.
  21. Aside from that, it would also help in suppressing your appetite.
  22. Throughout these years, you learned the trick of suppressing your.
  23. What hurt are you suppressing? Finding that hurt is the hard part.
  24. Still, I suppose I should tell you why I'm suppressing your fires.
  25. You are suppressing some old habit or denying yourself of something.
  26. Marconi, there was no question of suppressing or monopolizing the news.
  27. Perplexed he looked at the question again suppressing a smile this time.
  28. Throughout these years, you learned the trick of suppressing your dream.
  29. Can you see the difference between suppressing thoughts and postponing.
  30. Suppressing this pain he picked up his bow and whistled with his fingers.
  31. I understand, officer, she says quietly, suppressing the urge to cry.
  32. By suppressing the production of estrogen in the early menstrual cycle, it.
  33. He seemed to think my conscious mind was just suppressing what I was seeing.
  34. Amoral Islamic societies succeed in suppressing information about terrorism.
  35. I told her too the story of Sofya Semyonovna in full detail, suppressing nothing.
  36. Pearl! Little Pearl! cried he after a moment's pause; then, suppressing his.
  37. And evidently suppressing his vexation with difficulty, he turned away from the boy.
  38. Tim shivers, suppressing the urge to reach down and rub the gooseflesh from his arms.
  39. One crucial aspect of controlling or suppressing depression is the psychological part.
  40. Had Darius and the Persians stopped with suppressing the rebellion, history may have.
  41. Aside from that, it can also help in suppressing your appetite for the rest of the day.
  42. Indeed, Dorian said, pressing his lips together as if he were suppressing a smile.
  43. Allow the pain from guilt or depression to motivate you to find what you are suppressing.
  44. Suppressing the urge to slap it off in case it was a snake, he remained absolutely still.
  45. A lot more investigation, before any building, he said, suppressing his excitement.
  46. Aside from suppressing your appetite, fiber can also bring down your blood cholesterol levels.
  47. This would show that their tactics were not effective in intimidating or suppressing the spirit.
  48. Bitch! He clenched his teeth, suppressing the urge to run after her and confront her with her lies.
  49. How would they get access to this? Tatiana asked, not suppressing the frustration in her voice.
  50. Suppressing this bitchy thought, Chrissie’s attention moved on to the remaining members of the party.
  51. By surpassing and suppressing his humanity, Hitler became a distorted version of Nietzsche's "superman".
  52. No severities have ever succeeded in suppressing the vendetta, or the custom of dueling in certain countries.
  53. Heron greeted the other soldier with a cheerful though tired smile, not quite suppressing a yawn as he spoke.
  54. Quietly, not uttering a sound, suppressing our moans not wanting to disturb the sleepers and curtail our lovemaking.
  55. Merely suppressing left brain activities will not lead to ‘enlightenment’ (as it is known in Eastern religions).
  56. He looked up, suppressing all the memories, and saw a short, plump men waving at him from the entrance to the building.
  57. But his uncle Prince Gyanendra succeeded and set about the family tradition of suppressing all critics and opposition.
  58. You mean when she and Dad got into that knock-down, drag-out fight over the morality of suppressing traumatic memories?
  59. Initial Jewish success in suppressing Christianity was soon offset by Christian proselytizing outside of the Jewish community.
  60. Julie Blackhouse dedicated many years of her life to suppressing the exposure of material which she considers indecent or offensive.
  61. He could see her suppressing anger, and worried at the might of her wrath, but then he could see her transforming it to resignation.
  62. They scaled the cliff and found large, flat sun-warmed slabs of granite on which to lie, barely suppressing giggles of nervous relief.
  63. She was suppressing a smirk, and in that instant Lisbeth realized that Camilla was not only trying to ingratiate herself with her father.
  64. The five claimed to be part of a ‘Special Branch’ of the Narcotic Control Board tasked with suppressing Burmese labourers in Thailand.
  65. Suppressing a smile of pleasure, he shrugged his shoulders, closing his eyes, as though to say that that could not be a source of joy to him.
  66. And the reason for doing that was that if she poked at it too long and hard it was entirely possible for her to undo the original suppressing.
  67. Suppressing his anger he makes an attempt at a smile; �No, you stay where you are, you look well comfortable there would hate to disturb you.
  68. Well, I did succeed to win against Bang Bashir in suppressing the left-wing movement, my politics and diplomacy against his military operation.
  69. She exerted herself to the utmost, felt the hopelessness of the position, and was every instant suppressing the tears that started into her eyes.
  70. The young girl then continued, speaking slowly, like a person who is either inventing or suppressing some feature of the history which he is relating.
  71. To free slaves in your dream implies that you are liberating an aspect of yourself that you have been suppressing or that you have previously not expressed.
  72. Choiceful action is preferable over unwilled reaction, but there has to be balance between being ruled by emotions and suppressing them with frigid discipline.
  73. I threw down the scissors, picked her up, and carried her up and down the path, comforting her with all the soft words I knew and suppressing my desire to smile.
  74. You understand, stealing––that is to say, requisitioning, the thing was my only means––you understand––my only means of suppressing the rebellion.
  75. Well, we’ll administer two separate proteins, which have been successful in increasing the natural production of stem cells, and suppressing malignant growth.
  76. Despite feeling shaken, he had difficulty suppressing a smile as Crow searched in vain for the switch for the electric windows, only to find that there wasn’t one.
  77. Brutally suppressing her anger as well as the other unidentifiable and strange sensations running through her mind and body, she focused only on the issue of the reports.
  78. Cold War hysteria and anti Communism, the rather bizarre fear that somehow Castro could take over Puerto Rico, is often blamed for suppressing their independence movement.
  79. The merchant, from whom the fumes of wine spread through the jury box, and who was suppressing the noisy rising of gases in his stomach, approvingly nodded at every sentence.
  80. When light hits your eyes, your body thinks it’s daytime and can release cortisol and stress hormones associated with normal daytime activities while suppressing melatonin.
  81. After spending so many years suppressing her emotions and trying to be what others wanted her to be, perhaps she didn’t understand why Natasha couldn’t do the same thing.
  82. I mean not either to be the panegyrist of England; but these truths may be declared for our instruction, without suppressing the feelings excited by the wrongs she has done us.
  83. There has come into fashion a strange and easy manner of suppressing the revelations of history, of invalidating the commentaries of philosophy, of eliding all embarrassing facts.
  84. I must have administered my intentions with strictness; for, presently, she said, suppressing the suspicion of a yawn: Are you so very tired? Am I such dreadfully slow company?
  85. For another moment or two, he allowed the boy’s fingers to remain on his cheek while suppressing the instinctive response to use his touch as a conduit for thoughts, then he drew back.
  86. Opinion is divided on whether to make a move to begin physically suppressing all major demonstrations, or whether to wait and see if they can use the media to marginalize the 222 message.
  87. Sometimes the side gunner and commander was the same person but ideally it should not be for the commander needed to command and give suppressing fire and worked the radios at the same time.
  88. Her presence had elevated his spirits in ways he could not recall having ever experienced before, though he would later come to realize he was merely suppressing these passions from his past.
  89. I wonder if she ever wears anything else? Suppressing with some difficulty the thought that came unbidden to his mind, he watched as she said goodbye to the same young man she had been with.
  90. The same just and benevolent motives which produced the interdiction in force against this criminal conduct, will doubtless be felt by Congress in devising further means of suppressing the evil.
  91. But what is the use of talking! cried Maslova, and she sprang to her feet, threw the photograph into the drawer of the table, and suppressing her angry tears, ran into the corridor, slamming the door.
  92. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a high-protein meal, as opposed to one high in carbs, increases satiety by suppressing the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin.
  93. He found and abused alcohol, that, like many other drugs, has the effect of suppressing the survival system, but it was just a temporary unhealthy anesthetic that made him feel even further lost and confused.
  94. She says, sir, that she’ll have no gentlemen; they need not trouble themselves to come near her; nor, he added, with difficulty suppressing a titter, any ladies either, except the young, and single.
  95. An acquaintance of Baruch's-Herman Sielcken, a coffee merchant-thought that the high price of the commodity was suppressing demand and that the market would shortly become glutted, despite Amalgamated's attempt.
  96. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.
  97. Then, donning the rubber apron, which Anthea used for doing the laundry, I picked up the body, deliberately suppressing a sorrowful impulse of sympathy at its childlike weightlessness, and carried it into the laundry.
  98. She was conscious of his aim, and in her better moods endured his efforts placidly, only showing their uselessness by now and then suppressing a wearied sigh, and checking him at last with the saddest of smiles and kisses.
  99. The wooden part of the partition reached the shoulder height of the seated person and a small curtain took over the task of concealing the neighboring customer thus providing a modicum of privacy without, however, suppressing his voice.
  100. Stedder focused on the speaker and stifled the urge to respond logically, suppressing the observation that even had they wanted to, there was nothing that he or Nyreea might do that could be construed as mischief---not out here in the midst of nothing.
  1. It was a suppressed sob.
  2. The mahu suppressed a sigh.
  3. My father suppressed a smile.
  4. The Marine suppressed a grin.
  5. Barron suppressed his own grin.
  6. I suppressed the urge to giggle.
  7. A suppressed desire for violence.
  8. Mary Catherine suppressed a smile.
  9. He smiled and suppressed a laugh.
  10. I suppressed the urge to grimace.
  11. Obeast suppressed a small shudder.
  12. Shi Chen suppressed his anger and.
  13. Oakley, and she suppressed a smile.
  14. Thomas smiled and suppressed a laugh.
  15. Is it not truth? in tones suppressed.
  16. Like the other two, it was suppressed.
  17. Joey suppressed a giggle of excitement.
  18. On the contrary, suppressed emotions.
  19. Hatred is a result of suppressed anger.
  20. She always suppressed her love towards me.
  21. Out of habit, he suppressed his annoyance.
  22. The men suppressed a grin among themselves.
  23. It’s being suppressed, as you well know.
  24. I suppressed the remainder of the edition.
  25. It was suppressed a little later than 1830.
  26. Nangong Ping suppressed his moaning and said.
  27. Alex wanted to laugh but suppressed the urge.
  28. But he was quickly and resolutely suppressed.
  29. Barron crossed his arms and suppressed a smile.
  30. Humphrey suppressed an inclination to shy away.
  31. It is time to confront these suppressed issues.
  32. His blue eyes twinkled with suppressed mischief.
  33. His body shook slightly with a suppressed laugh.
  34. I only suppressed what was a weakness inside me.
  35. He felt panicked, but he suppressed the feelings.
  36. Alex bit his cheek and suppressed a snide comment.
  37. Eric suppressed that feeling and took Joe's hand.
  38. The priest suppressed a gesture of discouragement.
  39. The bad news from the Philippines was suppressed.
  40. Once again she suppressed the thought of pregnancy.
  41. The one which got suppressed all those years ago?
  42. R—— a pamphlet entitled Suppressed Documents.
  43. I suddenly heard a suppressed chuckle from my left.
  44. Thus they suppressed rebellion among the conquered.
  45. The revolt was quickly and bloodily suppressed by.
  46. The scandalous story was suppressed in a few hours.
  47. Obeast suppressed a shudder that crept up his spine.
  48. To his mind came thoughts he had suppressed long ago.
  49. I learned that I suppressed deep feelings of anger.
  50. It’s all base simulation, nothing is suppressed.
  51. His eyes were burning with a sort of suppressed rage.
  52. Here the other guinea-pig cheered, and was suppressed.
  53. Alex suppressed a laugh at the absurdity of the matter.
  54. Christina’s shoulders shake with suppressed laughter.
  55. It won’t open! he moaned, a hint of suppressed.
  56. I felt the impulse to comfort him, but I suppressed it.
  57. He suppressed his indignation and tried to be practical.
  58. We have been conditioned that anger has to be suppressed.
  59. He has to keep his ego suppressed if he has to keep his.
  60. A twinge of jealousy shot through me, but I suppressed it.
  61. Everything inside me shook with suppressed violence still.
  62. Alex suppressed his urge to laugh at what he was explaining.
  63. An angry curse came to Ralph’s lips, but he suppressed it.
  64. Bahkmar was not the only one choking on suppressed laughter.
  65. No, it wasn’t the suppressed Chinese in me thinking about.
  66. The necessity of being angry in a suppressed tone had put Mr.
  67. It is controlled and suppressed and repressed and oppressed.
  68. Alex suppressed a wide smile, which ultimately gave him the.
  69. Denver suppressed the disgust he felt for this boy yet again.
  70. As a result, I never married my lover and suppressed all my.
  71. Remember that Egyptian law suppressed the Hebrew people only.
  72. Remember? The one which got suppressed all those years ago?
  73. To dream of the Earth’s core symbolizes suppressed anger.
  74. She suppressed a laugh and said, Great, more document review.
  75. Breckenridge suppressed a wry smile as he glanced at his mother.
  76. Because all our ape ancestors instinct to climb was suppressed.
  77. Randy suppressed a choke and, lowering his firearm, nodded his.
  78. These sounds were the suppressed sobbing of the red-haired woman.
  79. The suppressed discontent of his manner was almost pitiable, and.
  80. I hear a quickly suppressed chuckle from where Gilla is standing.
  81. What would he think? She suppressed the worry and played the game.
  82. He suppressed his irritation, picked up his fork and began eating.
  83. None of this makes any difference, he said with suppressed.
  84. Yves, I'll call him, had veiled eyes and an air of suppressed rage.
  85. One Who Speaks When Others Must Be Silent suppressed his irritation.
  86. Nangong Changshu did not look at her and suppressed his rage to ask.
  87. He’d suppressed the memories of the shouting at Klempet’s kegs.
  88. Elm felt a surge of panic rise within him and quickly suppressed it.
  89. Godwyn sensed the suppressed emotion with which she uttered the name.
  90. When suppressed by law, it shows itself in the form of a perversion.
  91. Sun Zhongyu did not want to waste anymore time and he suppressed his.
  92. Perhaps that is the real reason it was suppressed? Tammas asked.
  93. He suppressed a nervous tic which was starting to pulse in his throat.
  94. So sunken and suppressed it was, that it was like a voice underground.
  95. But the recently installed Grand Inquisitor had suppressed the report.
  96. I have the impression that in your society, emotions are suppressed.
  97. He suppressed a shiver as the three stopped briefl y opposite the tree.
  98. If you have a idea in mind at this time, but are being suppressed for.
  99. Are they all so beautiful? Theramin mused as he suppressed a grin.
  100. Her tone was almost pleading—her manner tense with suppressed emotion.
  1. The more a man suppresses.
  2. Eugene suppresses an eye roll.
  3. Jerry suppresses laughter and tries to look innocent.
  4. She suppresses the first thought that comes to her mind.
  5. It permits all that is useful, and suppresses all that is annoying.
  6. Formality thus suppresses candor, whereas informality encourages it.
  7. The queen suppresses a smirk by turning her attention out the window.
  8. The poor fool, Duncan thinks, but suppresses the words so they cannot be found.
  9. Feeling it expresses, as what you don’t express, naturally suppresses itself.
  10. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat.
  11. Tobias’s mouth twitches, as if in a smile, but if that’s what it was, he suppresses it.
  12. Whoever is partner with the thief hates his own soul; he hears cursing, and suppresses it not.
  13. The previous question there, if decided in the negative, suppresses debate, by postponing the main question.
  14. Yet when one of them is given news of what he attributes to the Most Gracious, his face darkens, and he suppresses grief.
  15. I hold it, therefore, to be certain that he does know who these men are, and that for reasons of his own he suppresses it.
  16. Unfortunately, when one human suppresses his or her emotions, the other humans present tend to display an increase in emotions.
  17. Thus, if you are a billionaire ava-art-Star, you have increased the monergic gravitational field that suppresses free self-516.
  18. A combination of esterfied estrogens and of methyltestosterone testosterone with suppresses SHBG does show results in menopausal females.
  19. Suzy suppresses her anger and forces a smile as she tries to keep her voice calm; You will be amazed at this place as the scenery is a lot better.
  20. Steve suppresses his anger at Dippa for hanging up on him but only for a second or two; angrily he stubs out the half smoked cigarette in the ashtray.
  21. Which means that it has a device on the end of the barrel that suppresses muzzle flash and reduces the sound of bullet as it leaves the gun, much like a muffler on a car.
  22. Stress and tension activates hormonal and biochemical toxins such as, corticosteroids and adrenaline in the body, which in turn, suppresses the functions of the immune system.
  23. In this situation, I recommend that you use CALL SYMPUTX() instead of CALL SYMPUT(), because CALL SYMPUTX() suppresses any trailing blanks in the macro variable created, and the presence of trailing blanks might affect the justification of your title or footnote.
  24. The social norms constructed by the conscious/ego mind is codified in religions as well as in science and education, all of which at the end of the day limits, and suppresses your god powers associated with the “weird” and “crazy” realm of the subconscious mind.
  25. Here is an opinion that does not contradict the medical science but offers quite a different view: Members of the group that are considered victim of the disorder have been invaded by an immaterial entity that suppresses immediate reality and intoxicates the victim with irresistible obsessions and compulsions.
  26. The conscious/ego mind often filters, blocks and suppresses the subconscious mind and its strange powers in order to conform to the dominant consensus reality, and not seem “crazy” which is a term usually applied to those who do not conform to the dominant consensus reality or “matrix” (most “Neotypes”).
  27. This illustrates how civilization represses, suppresses, stifles, denies, our healthy genetic yearnings… and turns them into sick-twisted yearnings… incoherent urges that are stifled and blocked so deeply: they only can surface in convoluted, distorted zigzag paths that destroy the pure intent of our blind healthy instinctive energy trying to get out of us.
  28. Administration, still anxious to terminate the war, suppresses the indignation which such a proposal ought to have created, and in its answer concludes by informing Admiral Warren, that if there be no objection to an accommodation of the difference relating to impressment, in the mode proposed, other than the suspension of the British claim to impressment during the armistice, there can be none to proceeding, without the armistice, to an immediate discussion and arrangement of an article on that subject.
  29. In short, what cause is more just, and consequently, what war is greater, than that which reestablishes social truth, restores her throne to liberty, restores the people to the people, restores sovereignty to man, replaces the purple on the head of France, restores equity and reason in their plenitude, suppresses every germ of antagonism by restoring each one to himself, annihilates the obstacle which royalty presents to the whole immense universal concord, and places the human race once more on a level with the right? These wars build up peace.

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