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Sustain numa frase em (in ingles)

We just need to sustain it.
Thou nourish and sustain it.
I couldn’t sustain a long.
It might sustain her on the.
I had the power to sustain myself.
Sally couldn't sustain her anxiety.
What injuries did she sustain?!.

Others find it but can’t sustain it.
They couldn’t sustain the gate for.
But he can never sustain his premises.
As a community, we sustain one another.
Her smiles could soothe and sustain him.
He will sustain me with His peace as I.
Europe helped to sustain the beaver trade.
For they look to me to sustain their Life.
But the question is: How do I sustain the.
She knew her mother’s faith would sustain.
I did what was needed to sustain my Temple.
Without any love to sustain their self-esteem.
But that is still not enough to sustain a job.
But I also need the biosphere, to sustain you.
It didn’t take much to sustain her strength.
The maximum that the planet can sustain will be.
As you sustain this state of being you will be.
You see !! For her alone I’d sustain that dream.
Working on how this development will sustain the.
To feed any human sufficiently is to sustain life.
This incredible demand helped to sustain the fur.
It doesn't sustain us and it's not nearly as good.
The injuries they sustain are horrific; sometimes.
There is insufficient technology here to sustain me.
You can sustain your form indefinitely, but you.
Sustain the position for increasing periods of time.
At least for the moment they had food to sustain them.
To be in this realm needed far more effort to sustain.
They will sustain you through the trial that is coming.
He could not get any air, or not enough to sustain him.
He did not have the generosity of spirit to sustain it.
Joints, ligaments and tendons will sustain flexibility.
It is self sustaining as long as it.
That stated, I believe that sustaining a profile.
Efficiently Creating and Sustaining Collaborations 3.
Children do react to vaccinations, sustaining brain.
Besides sustaining the brief physical life, the Holy.
Lorry saw that there was a new sustaining pride in it.
Germany was quite incapable of sustaining this effort.
The birth and sustaining of Empires by corporate entities.
When I returned to my senses the thought of sustaining me.
They led, for the most part, a sustaining and satisfying life.
Prayer is spiritually sustaining, but worship is divinely creative.
By sustaining the endeavour in that fashion until consummation, what.
It is the sustaining, energizing, all-pervading Spirit of the universe.
Him and He is not doing the tormenting or sustaining the life they have.
Each of you is capable of creatively inventing your life and sustaining it.
The cyclists rode away amid showers of stones without sustaining much damage.
The effort of sustaining the power hiding in his cornea resulted in constant.
But, whatever it was, that served him well in sustaining his creed in spite of odds.
To be alive anywhere is to be where God is [Psalms 139:7-9]; and with God sustaining.
God is in Hell doing the tormenting and sustaining the life they have and they are not.
It is a course I have seen most of my sustaining, consistently profitable traders take.
The attack had been a complete surprise, with the Vietnamese force sustaining no losses.
I can assure the readers that I am sustaining the diet even now (approximately 6 months).
The Sustaining Art is the collaborative mosaic of food raising, preparation, and consumption.
They are judging the sustaining values of America, that shining city on a hill, out of existence.
But it is also crucial in allowing all of its life sustaining functions to connect to each other.
This space is making and sustaining me in a mysterious way that is not fully graspable or definable.
We had inflicted maximum casualties on the enemy, while only sustaining minor losses on our own part.
Slowly, she was spending her money, her savings and her earnings in sustaining her vice of taking shabu.
They simply have to find a way of sustaining their colossal investments when their oil revenues dwindle.
They couldn't cross the intersection without sustaining heavy losses, but they had to get across somehow.
Systems have self sustaining feed back loops and also non-balancing loops which may throw it out of control.
The vaccines in question, any vaccine, these are not requirements for sustaining life of any kind on this planet.
That pastry at the cafe was very nice but not exactly sustaining and it is now getting on for two in the afternoon.
Lazarus is now resting over on the other side of life, alive, at peace and enjoying the fruits of his sustaining Lord.
And on every night of the year the inhabitants in the town of the Kite could hear the good clear wind sustaining them.
You are not capable of maintaining or sustaining the experience of Awakeness, the experience of waking up to what you are.
Wiles are not sustaining enough, at the end of the day proving inadequate for youth, stamina, superior speed and technique.
Pre-exhaustion training is the answer to not only sustaining, but building muscle during a cutting phase while still losing fat.
The Cold Iron that sustained.
I have sustained him with grain.
O the pains His soul sustained!.
The only damage sustained was that a.
Therefore, the pain is sustained and.
Spalding a sustained kiss on the lips.
Hit by sustained, dense bursts of big.
T he injury sustained to your ankle has.
Sustained whale hunting is an easier and.
But she was incapable of sustained emotion.
But no case could be sustained against him.
The fury of the fight could not be sustained.
The leaf that sustained the flowers gradually.
It opens the door to sustained and perpetual.
He could have invaded Japan and sustained huge.
That dream was intense, emotional and sustained.
He shook it off as if he had sustained similar.
He was treated for injuries sustained during.
The potato crop sustained the peasant population.
Truth is sustained by himself … truth is truth.
Unless thus sustained it will be abolished, as Mr.
And the pirates had sustained substantial losses.
The sensation was sustained, as opposed to cycling.
We wish the planet really could have sustained you.
However, they lose money in strong sustained trends.
Children enduring sustained emotional abuse by their.
I am Dr Zoot and you have sustained a nasty injury.
The fact is that the damage sustained goes way beyond.
The 19th and 20th century involved a sustained series.
If buying pressure is sustained, then look for a rally.
Sustained winds over one hundred kph now, she said.
Every car and truck began to honk loud, sustained blasts.
None of the techniques will produce sustained motivation.
He washed away ten years of sustained willpower, boring.
She had not been sustained through privations, the better.
This is the sustained force behind most major price moves.
Whether the proposed mission should be sustained by the A.
Eating too little is not the way to have sustained weight.
The communities along the existing road are sustained by.
The surge of bravery that had sustained Elowen through the.
That her curiosity sustains her.
Sustains the elasticity of the skin.
The energy of their love sustains it.
Still, the truth is He sustains us, and.
It sustains a man when nothing else will.
The Creator blesses us and sustains life.
The LORD sustains him on his sickbed; in.
Truth is eternal; it sustains the universe.
He decides on leadership and He sustains it.
Contradiction is the tension that sustains change.
It is God who sustains all worship, for he is all-.
But once digested, it sustains us and gives us energy.
We crave it, we live on it, and it’s what sustains us.
The Supreme overspreads the universe and sustains it all.
A whole sustains its parts, and the parts create the whole.
That which creates and sustains the world, you may call it.
It is a transcending art because it is an art that sustains.
Noirtier the unwelcome meal that sustains his pitiful existence.
It is as if, as you let go, your true self catches you and sustains you.
Qi is the life force, which keeps us in existence and sustains all things.
What is the source of your life? What sustains you? What keeps you alive?
A long moment of silence sustains the reality of their dysfunctional family.
Material wealth is the means that sustains the body as well as all its relations.
A theory sustains that is feasible to typify letter of credit as contracts for a.
The fluid of life in the vine sustains the branches and gives them continued life.
It sustains the body system, Increases vigor and there is a marked growth of happiness.
Such a doctrine creates and sustains a wealthy income for the church through tithing a.
The very coarseness and obviousness of the contradiction sustains them in this conviction.
Thank you for giving me my daily bread that nurtures and sustains in every given situation.
So, in reality, what sustains a good person is the same as that which sustains a notorious one.
Packaging is nice, but in the end it’s content, not packaging, that sustains a reader’s soul.
Psalm 18:14 - The spirit of a man sustains his infirmity, but a broken spirit who can fear?
God, Truth, Presence, Awakeness, Love, Life - call it what you will - It creates and sustains itself.
Honor the mother-source in that completion of her cycle with which she creates and sustains our life.
Jesus alone sustains Lazarus, and he is no longer in the same world as that of Martha’s or Mary’s.
It is this apparently logical explanation of the past that sustains the associated information cascade.
The seeker's folly is that he believes he is somehow capable of refusing the very Source that sustains him.
Garth had her droll aspects, but her character sustained her oddities, as a very fine wine sustains a flavor of skin.
As bread sustains physical life, believing in Christ sustains eternal life and the person that believes has this bread of life.
A hand sustains you; it is hers: a mouth lightly touches your brow; it is her mouth: you hear a breath very near you; it is hers.

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