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Sustenance numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. As sustenance for the servants.
  2. He needs no food and no sustenance.
  3. Hiring you was a strange sustenance.
  4. I and my companion hunger for sustenance.
  5. Food sustenance for weeks with no taste whatsoever.

  6. All my life I have taken my sustenance from the sea.
  7. All we have is the sustenance gained form the hunt.
  8. His stomach growled and gurgled, demanding sustenance.
  9. Chapter two: The golden pyramid of treating sustenance.
  10. Let’s begin with food, the basic sustenance of the body.
  11. But your roots ache for sustenance, water, minerals, air.
  12. Sustenance comes from the energy of the Source or Creator.
  13. Having received from the society sustenance and education to.
  14. Maybe watching Paul die was the sustenance that Claire needed.
  15. Now go get him some sustenance and prepare him for the journey.

  16. So, to prostrate to God means to ask Him the help and sustenance.
  17. Quiet solitude accented fears and deprived his mind of sustenance.
  18. Once we gain such supervisors within it, sustenance is we to stop.
  19. Barnes drew his sustenance from these hides with what seemed to Mrs.
  20. This represents the Mouth as the Organ of Nourishment and Sustenance.
  21. It is the sustenance of harmony hosting countless species of animate.
  22. Neither the mind nor the foods are capable to give you the sustenance.
  23. Nine tenths of sustenance is in trade and only one tenth in livestock.
  24. There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance depends on God.
  25. This is the blessing of piety, fear and satisfaction by legal sustenance.

  26. As guests in my home, I should offer you sustenance, but there is none.
  27. Will he walk around without sustenance for a month? he finally asked.
  28. But soon they would have to worry about sustenance, purely in a practical sense.
  29. It is He who shows you His wonders, and sends down sustenance from the sky for you.
  30. He turned towards to Sea Dog tavern for his sustenance, but never made it that far.
  31. Candor does not provide us with protection, sustenance, or technological innovation.
  32. When they neglected this, Allah sent them wars that swallow sustenance Allah sent them.
  33. The earth will be for you a dwelling-place and will provide your sustenance for a while.
  34. I would have offered him a cup but there was no point since he didn't require sustenance.
  35. Mixing greens with meat, toning soup with sage, cooking turns sustenance into celebration.
  36. Dead–Without life because of lack of spiritual sustenance (truth and wisdom), hence this.
  37. Permitted for you is the catch of sea, and its food-as sustenance for you and for travelers.
  38. The verses brought in little money, but I kept it and only used what I needed for sustenance.
  39. Though this individuality depends on God for its sustenance but the appearance of it is not a lie.
  40. His system had been in need of real sustenance for some time, and man does not live by bread alone.
  41. May the Lord increase the sustenance that is so precious to them, for their complaint is just, too.
  42. Luke saw that the young man was torn between the need for sustenance and knowledge so he stepped in.
  43. Nancy’s mouth watered in anticipation for the sustenance of food, but her next thought confused me.
  44. I have brought some cognac I thought it might be appropriate and provide us with some sustenance.
  45. Nothing bad would happen to her from eating a burger and fries, she'd just get no sustenance from it.
  46. How can that be a sustainer who itself needs sustenance? Body needs sustenance through food and health.
  47. Also warmth and sustenance; Cadby Hall was a huge red-brick complex of bakeries making cakes for Lyons.
  48. The youth had grown strong and cunning with a sharpened spear, killing only for sustenance and strength.
  49. MAGIC; now the sustenance of this market is dependent upon the cycle rate of wages and replacement goods.
  50. The principle face of this competition to win and wield power is its primary form of sustenance: monergy.
  51. It drew him on, caught him up with an umbilical of sound, gave his fear sustenance and life, mothered him.
  52. He told us that our life is dependant on His permanent sustenance, so we cannot dispense with Him a moment.
  53. Let's now study the golden pyramid of the Koran that cures the case of sustenance with its five cornerstones.
  54. Startled by this terrible news, Bosco replied, Let us adjourn for some sustenance and come up with a plan.
  55. In some cases, you had to admire the dedication of the NYSE members as duty took precedence over sustenance.
  56. Here comes the fourth golden cornerstone that completes the golden square that represents the rule of sustenance.
  57. Not that the fruits of the season were rich in shape or abundance, but they were sustenance and must be dealt with.
  58. Lincoln's net earnings were $41 million in 1987, so the parent was certainly dependent on the child for sustenance.
  59. He will provide you with good sustenance until a stated term, and will bestow His grace on every possessor of virtue.
  60. He had no idea where he was wandering to but he continued following the river which was his only source of sustenance.
  61. He assumed that the other guests would find it exquisite but he had never seen food as anything more than sustenance.
  62. Had it left him for one moment, its sustenance would have ceased to affect him, causing his evanescence and nonexistence.
  63. Perhaps the man had saved their lives, with his uncanny ability to find sustenance in such a forlorn and inhospitable place.
  64. For a long time, now, the circus-running sun has raced within his fiery ring, and needs no sustenance but what's in himself.
  65. And she could not stop grinning as the younger Imperial took it upon himself to rustle up some sustenance, for the pair of them.
  66. A flea drills into the skin it lives on for its sustenance; just as we drill into the living skin of the Earth for water and oil.
  67. Have seen no one but Watts, and just now my husband, him having labored out through bad weather, bringing sustenance to our cabin.
  68. She could now see how she had settled for a relationship with her husband that was without juice, tasteless and without sustenance.
  69. God is He Who created the heavens and the earth, and sends down water from the sky, and with it produces fruits for your sustenance.
  70. Perry offered up devout thanks for the food which a kind and beneficent Providence had provided for sustenance and temperate pleasure.
  71. For the welfare of displaced US citizens I will develop the underpinning of physical sustenance of a basic nature to care for our poorest.
  72. When communication with God finishes, the communicant will return from that auspicious journey having acquired only the best of sustenance.
  73. Of the progress of the souls of men and women along the grand roads of the universe, all other progress is the needed emblem and sustenance.
  74. If Allah is angry with someone, He gives him illegal sustenance, and if He is angry with him more and more, He blesses and grows this for him.
  75. As the earthly onams began to gain in size, they would have needed extra secretions for sustenance that the system was unaccustomed to generate.
  76. He meant that it was him who supplied his people with blessings and sustenance, for all the land’s treasures and production were under his control.
  77. She would certainly need sustenance to continue down through the dangerous tunnels, and Ruaidhri was carrying the pack with all of their provisions.
  78. This the treaty of the table: we share meal and drink; what is health to your bones is health to mine, what is sustenance to your spirit revives mine.
  79. Some teach that to kill for one‘s own sustenance is wrong, while others condone sustenance, while denouncing the killing of others for safety reasons.
  80. Without any aid from the science of cookery, he was immediately employed, in common with his fellows, in gorging himself with this digestible sustenance.
  81. He added that there was another young lady there whose name he couldn't catch, but who sat on the edge of her bed all day crying and refusing sustenance.
  82. Whether she found a new world to call home or not, her first home would always be the unimaginable expanse that was space, with the stars her sustenance.
  83. A great number of men left the country looking for food and sustenance for their families; sadly, they failed to find any and were not able to return home.
  84. In his exhaustion the once-prince falls into a deep trance, having eaten a mango he picked in the Anupiya grove, the first real sustenance he’s had in days.
  85. Whoever reaches this condition, he has no concern with the problems of life, sustenance, how he lives, children and how they will marry, because Allah says:.
  86. This year there are fewer caribou about in some Alaskan units, which has triggered complaints from the locals, who are seeing their winter sustenance put at risk.
  87. So, who has made the first tree produce the oil and made the fruit of the second sugary and good sustenance though there is nothing of that at all in their soils?
  88. Her hands, anxious delicacy; my sweet and sour sustenance; that she avenges in soft lamentation and I could touch her,oh, moon of so many nights, infallible partner.
  89. She was famished and exhausted but coffee was always, absolutely always her first port of call for sustenance and she had missed out on her all important afternoon cup.
  90. Thank you Earth, not only for the sustenance, but also especially for the succulence of a meal made with love; thank you for the beauty of smell and the miracle of taste.
  91. As for his Provider, it is He who supplied him, as well as supplying the sun, the stars and the moon; He is the One whose sustenance encompasses the heavens and the earth.
  92. They had no roots and didn't care which solid objects secured them, sand, shells, husks, or pebbles; they didn't ask their hosts for sustenance, just a point of purchase.
  93. But the conventional Indian wisdom tends to attribute the initial sustenance and the later day spread of Islam in India to the convenient myth of Hindu religious tolerance.
  94. He had an aversion to yielding so completely to his feelings, choosing rather to absent himself; and eating once in twenty-four hours seemed sufficient sustenance for him.
  95. Then people eat without satiation and have bounties without thankfulness and nothing will be sufficient because there is no satisfaction by legal sustenance sent by Allah.
  96. Our officer asked how he would fare once he had spent all the money he had saved during his working life… and there was nothing left to provide sustenance for his family.
  97. That may seem callous, I know, but please remember that I hadn’t eaten for a quarter of a year, which is the longest I’d gone without sustenance since I’d been in the womb.
  98. All what they contain move by Him and live by His sustenance, and their continuity, their existence and their occurrence are depending on God's unceasing Supply and Manifestation.
  99. Most of the tables were full of people sitting down and eating and there were still long queues at the chow line as people waited patiently, bowls in hand, to get some sustenance.
  100. Such distinctions, until quite recently, where common among certain cultures (or groups) who, for centuries, acquired cultural and intellectual sustenance from homogenous gene pools.

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