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Swampy numa frase em (in ingles)

Her bike was hard to control in the swampy grass.
I made my way across a swampy marsh and towards the valley.
We understand the river gets swampy and it's not very populated.
Below, it is a swampy, jungly region, full of snakes, insects, and fever.
You will blindly stagger through the Swampy Maze of Visionless Wandering.
Rain pounded down on the swampy part of the forest into which I had crawled.
Not long after I left Tutalosi, the land along the river began to get swampy.

In the deepest parts of the Congo there are many such swampy islands of grass.
They passed the swampy area but did not stop, and soon they returned to their camp.
They taunted and teased and pushed him toward the swampy woods behind the icehouse.
Besides, he told me the north shore was too swampy and the south shore was too steep.
Ethan wiped his forehead and asked Nicole, while she navigated through the thick, swampy bushes:.
Metal railings lined both sides with intermediate areas of swampy water high enough to hide a body.
When he was a child, most of the south bank had been a wide, muddy beach with a swampy field beyond.
She had ridden all night, and dawn found her with a foundered steed on the swampy shores of the sea.
The problem was, where he wanted to build it, the soil was very swampy and couldn’t be built upon.
They laid boards across the swampy, pestilential ground to keep their children’s feet out of the mud.
We were in an area of the forest where two rivers converged, which had caused a swampy clearing of sorts.
Because of the swampy nature of the terrain along the river, I stayed at the yams in the towns along the way.
Here and there in the clear space, trees had taken hold, spreading their interlacing roots into the swampy soil.
Alice and Harald left the reception at the Baret house and ventured into the swampy area to the south of the abbey.
Who knows what it may shelter? And there to the south? A wilderness of swampy forest, where no white man has ever been.
On reaching the copse, Levin got out of the trap and led Oblonsky to a corner of a mossy, swampy glade, already quite free from.
The tall sedges bordering this swampy area were alive with movement as the night hunters retired and the day creatures took over.
It was swampy and marshy around it, and unlike the first one they had camped at, deep, green and muddy rather than clear and sandy.
The acacias also scratched the humid swampy surface with their roots such as fingers coming out of the ground, long, curved and corny.
Out in the open plain beyond this quarter of the city to-day, after every heavy rain, the water collects and renders the ground swampy.
It could occur anywhere the anopheles mosquito is found, and was once prevalent in swampy areas of southern Italy and other parts of Europe.
When she had seen a drawing of the plant in a book in the library it had occurred to her that some grew wild in the swampy woods near her home.
It's over ten miles south to the river here, but it was too swampy for me to continue and that swamp didn't look like it was something isolated.
I hope you understand that I am willing to hear you talk about most things, and that you will need no further warning to keep off the few swampy places.
So the freed slaves built their homes where no one else wanted to live, in a swampy, muddy, mosquito-ridden low place half a mile north of the center of Eudora.
There are bluffs to fall over and break your necks; there’s a swampy area that’ll suck you in, and a twisted ankle could end in disaster if you’re on your own.
In the swampy streets there were the remains of furniture, animal skeletons covered with red lilies, the last memories of the hordes of newcomers who had fled Macondo as wildly as they had arrived.
Ferrante insisted that they await evacuation from the sea and forced them into a swampy fever-infested place near Castellamare di Stabia where they languished for months waiting for their king to rescue them.
How beautiful all this was! The soft gray mist in the swampy bottoms, the red earth and growing cotton, the sloping fields with curving green rows and the black pines rising behind everything like sable walls.
The day limped towards evening, the local water table rose relentlessly under the steady, soaking rain, and it wasn’t as if the heavily forested terrain between Kyrnyth and the village of Gyrdahn, thirty-eight miles to the northeast, wasn’t already swampy enough.
Scattered islands of twisted metal, fragments of walls and roofs, bits of cars, telephone and electricity poles and thousands of unidentifiable lumps, reared through a stinking mess of sand and mud - a swampy plain fringed by stagnant pools and sluggish turbid streams.
There was soon more sport on hand, for a buzzing hum and a stinging sensation on the cheek localised the swampy haunt of the tsetse fly, which fortunately had not worried us much on the upward march, and had left one or two donkeys that travelled with the force unmolested.
Casaubon had never had a strong bodily frame, and his soul was sensitive without being enthusiastic: it was too languid to thrill out of self-consciousness into passionate delight; it went on fluttering in the swampy ground where it was hatched, thinking of its wings and never flying.

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