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Taste numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I did not taste it.
  2. Even the taste of a.
  3. I can almost taste it.
  4. It had a bitter taste.
  5. The taste of his lips.

  6. Add the sugar to taste.
  7. Your taste is not bad.
  8. To taste with the eyes.
  9. The taste will not be.
  10. And the way ye taste.
  11. It gave me a taste for.
  12. Not mine or my taste.
  13. Then you can taste mine.
  14. But, I could also taste.
  15. Not to mention the taste.

  16. He could taste her tears.
  17. Salt and pepper to taste.
  18. Here it is; so taste it.
  19. I know the taste of them.
  20. Mm, you taste so good.
  21. I could feel it, taste it.
  22. The news had a sour taste.
  23. The taste of another time.
  24. He could almost taste her.
  25. I couldn’t taste the air.

  26. Season to taste with salt.
  27. I couldn't taste food or.
  28. Season with salt to taste.
  29. Taste testers if you will.
  30. Herbs and spices to taste.
  31. A price paid for the taste.
  32. Not only do bananas taste.
  33. I have had a taste of it.
  34. I taste bitterness on the.
  35. It'll taste as good as new.
  36. Because my first taste of.
  37. Season with salt, to taste.
  38. Taste, the seat of, xx, 180.
  39. Knows the taste of them now.
  40. You said smell and taste.
  41. He could smell and taste it.
  42. The man has taste in food.
  43. The Bierzo revere with taste.
  45. The taste is then pure liver.
  46. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  47. Fish had his first taste of.
  48. But all I can taste is water.
  49. It will never taste the same.
  50. But without a grain of taste.
  51. Almost taste them by looking.
  52. I could taste the white wine.
  53. I can’t wait to taste them.
  54. It'ld taste all the sweeter.
  55. I should like a taste of life.
  56. It is added in only for taste.
  57. At least he has good taste.
  58. The taste of blood convulsed.
  59. More satisfaction to her taste.
  60. Learn to taste the difference.
  61. The taste of her in his mouth.
  62. You don’t want a taste?
  63. She wanted to taste his smile.
  64. My taste buds got the message.
  65. It was not an unpleasant taste.
  66. Only a bitter taste would give.
  67. Bev said, How does it taste.
  68. The vile metallic taste still.
  69. They had a sweet, syrupy taste.
  70. The taste filled my whole head.
  71. Taste it and see for your self.
  72. I wouldn't mind a little taste.
  73. The taste of fear on her tongue.
  74. I compliment you on your taste.
  75. Lastly, that of touch and taste.
  76. He gagged on the metallic taste.
  77. Do you want a taste? she.
  78. He gave me a taste, and I reeled.
  79. It had a metallic sort of taste.
  80. Don’ taste bad, he said.
  81. The taste of freedom was bitter.
  82. No one can taste the difference.
  83. It was in appallingly bad taste.
  84. But taste was too strong in her.
  85. Taste and add honey as required.
  86. The taste of victory dissolved.
  87. Dragons love the taste of pork.
  88. She craved a change, a taste of.
  90. The cognac was not to Rex's taste.
  91. We are developing a taste for it.
  92. Her mouth filled with the taste.
  93. Their taste was strikingly alike.
  94. But a taste of blood lingered in.
  95. Can you taste what it listens to?
  96. It’s shocking bad taste, really.
  97. I had no taste or patience for it.
  98. And anyone with his taste is a-ok.
  99. Christ sugar, you taste so good.
  100. But could only taste their flavor.
  1. A tasting, he called it.
  2. Duck on over for a tasting.
  3. The boys took a turns tasting.
  4. Molly tasting it, her veil up.
  5. Tasting a sweet at the instance.
  6. Tasting a little of that slightly.
  7. The wine tasting was a crock of shit.
  8. He licked his lips, tasting my tear.
  9. Its taste of death is only a tasting.
  10. He opened his mouth, smelling, tasting.
  11. Dal ground her teeth, tasting the anger.
  12. He was crawling and tasting everything.
  13. The water was cool and pleasant tasting.
  14. He gave her clit another lick, tasting her.
  15. I began to eat mechanically, tasting nothing.
  16. Even for such an exotic tasting wine as this.
  17. There is an attribute of love called Tasting.
  18. The fresh tasting salsa and meals have a Rio.
  19. Tasting will not harm you but DO NOT SWALLOW.
  20. This strong tasting tea was used only in small.
  21. This is quite a remarkable tasting concoction.
  22. She ground her teeth together, tasting the stone.
  23. She remembered tasting her food and how bad it was.
  24. I ate a mouthful of slime without even tasting it.
  25. They have the best tasting protein I’ve ever had.
  26. It was one of the worst tasting concoctions I ever.
  27. I swallowed the nasty tasting liquid with a grimace.
  28. Come January and with the blood tasting in her mouth.
  29. Tasting herself in their kiss made her mad with need.
  30. He sniffed the air again, this time as if tasting it.
  31. Take this foul tasting box to the edge of the Gateway.
  32. It was the best tasting anything that she’d ever had!.
  33. Hadaen licked her lips; tasting, savouring her sweetness.
  34. This bliss will be got by tasting the material of things.
  35. The best tasting, most effective greens drink is made by.
  36. This was a tasting menu with some serious thought behind it.
  37. We went to Asheville over the weekend for some wine tasting.
  38. If it is a good tasting fig, then it must be a good fig tree.
  39. He imitated with his mouth the act of tasting and made a wry.
  40. Poopsie, after tasting the stuffing, created a centre point.
  41. At last, he sat, took a slow tasting of the wine, and nodded.
  42. She swallowed, tasting his blood, and shuddered with pleasure.
  43. He ate without knowing that he ate, and drank without tasting.
  44. Ghosteater panted, taking in the air, tasting what it offered.
  45. His lips again explored her soft mouth, tasting her sweet breath.
  46. I think I recall tasting the food, but I cant recall what it was.
  47. We made an average tasting lunch of fried chicken, rice and veggies.
  48. After tasting it, he really found it hard to put down the chopsticks.
  49. Margarette’s eyes went red…and start tasting blood on her mouth.
  50. The balls are cold, smooth, surprisingly heavy, and metallic tasting.
  51. At the cider-mill tasting the sweets of the brown mash, sucking the.
  52. We’ve had difficulty finding a place for cheese in our tasting menu.
  53. Caramarin knelt, his tongue now exploring her salty tasting fleshy folds.
  54. David’s touching and tasting did the same to his lover, until Tony was.
  55. You won’t be tasting anything tonight I’m afraid, I replied calmly.
  56. That is to say, they enjoyed a spiritual tasting that was filled with bliss.
  57. It also means our senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, etc.
  58. Paramita coughed and spat out as much of the bitter tasting liquid as she can.
  59. To keep the fish tasting fresh, the Japanese fishing companies still put 125.
  60. It was like tasting the moving spirit of the person as it passed through you.
  61. I was so thirsty that I recklessly drank half the glass without even tasting it.
  62. Ethan shook his head and his stilted smile had the look of tasting salt about it.
  63. Well, now I know how to become intoxicated without tasting a drop of liquor, he.
  64. She held on and pulled him closer, tasting his mouth, nipping at his bottom lip.
  65. Cherish ate quickly hardly tasting the fresh eggs as she stared at the crystal.
  66. As long as I lived I doubted that I’d ever find better tasting water than this.
  67. She slowly ate bits and pieces from their lunch, tasting the bitterness of regret.
  68. A fire-worker, then? He opened his mouth, breathing deeply and tasting the scents.
  69. Why is it that the bread in Riften never comes close to tasting as good as this?
  70. Oh, Sophia! Jericho rushed to catch her lips, tasting the saline in her tears.
  71. We want joy and satisfaction by tasting something, and yet we can never eat enough.
  72. She purred in contentment, tasting the fresh blood of a rabbit from paws and muzzle.
  73. Without tasting anything, he proceeded to pour an ungodly amount of salt on his plate.
  74. From the very beginning, we’ve used disposable tasting spoons wrapped in plastic.
  75. He could still taste the worms she gagged into his mouth, tasting of empty beer cans.
  76. She rolled it over her tongue tasting it as the creamy texture softened on her palate.
  77. D’Artagnan grinned widely on hearing that: one full week of tasting Nancy’s charms.
  78. The force unhinged Serpent's jaw and he slithered away, tasting the dirt as he crawled.
  79. A man of any rank may, without any reproach, abstain totally from tasting such liquors.
  80. Ellen thought these things over as she walked home, tasting them with reminiscent relish.
  81. As he tries to breathe he sucks in fragmented meat and acid tasting bile into his lungs.
  82. We were awash in the four elements of the sensual table that were tasting us as we it.
  83. Some of the other senses he supposed fell into the same category, but tasting or hearing.
  84. I hope that’s not because you’re inviting them all over for a tasting, she said.
  85. Making himself a wonderful tasting coffee he sips appreciatively and returns to the table.
  86. Our wine tainted lips and tongue move together, tasting and teasing, and our hands explore.
  87. During a day they go through more than one hundred tasting spoons at a cost of a few kroner.
  88. Frustrated as the wise, the wise when tasting frustrated lonely, also in a frustrated lonely.
  89. After five years of studies in Europe, after tasting a measure of independence, a measure of.
  90. With any luck, their first batch of raspberry liquor would be ready for tasting this afternoon.
  91. The food he begs for along the way is next to intolerable, dull tasting, filthy, and nauseating.
  92. After a few hard tugs from his lips, the cool, brackish tasting electrolyte fluid began to pour.
  93. I couldn’t agree with you more, added Dorro, tasting some of the creamy sauce of his spoon.
  94. Having nothing further to add, he sat tasting at his soup, a glass of white burgundy at his side.
  95. Wine tasting is something invented by people with empty lives to try to somehow feel classy.
  96. Yeah, ever since I plowed through that marching band on my way home from a wine tasting festival.
  97. A kaleidoscope of images of Ellie with her mouth open, her tongue tasting, tumbled through his mind.
  98. Tasting a mystery resembles getting the first flavor of a scandal; sainted souls do not detest this.
  99. I wanted to tell him I was sorry, but suddenly I was salivating, the back of my throat tasting bile.
  100. His shoulder was before her; she mouthed its flesh, tasting him, as kisses traced a path to her chin.
  1. The air tasted of tin.
  2. They tasted best of all.
  3. I have tasted the food.
  4. It tasted bitter and old.
  5. It tasted sharp & bitter.
  6. Venn tasted his own tears.
  7. Then he tasted the sardine.
  8. It tasted wonderful to him.
  9. It tasted iron, like blood.
  10. The food tasted good as I.
  11. Sam thought that it tasted.
  12. Of course, most tasted are.
  13. The finest wine ever tasted.
  14. No wine nor kiss hath tasted.
  15. Her tongue tasted like candy.
  16. She had tasted that kind of.
  17. I tasted the name on my lips.
  18. Once we have tasted a truer.
  19. He’d tasted a lot of fluff.
  20. He tasted blood on his tongue.
  21. His mouth tasted like a drain.
  22. Lydia tasted fear in her mouth.
  23. I tasted her sour nervousness.
  24. It tasted like a smoothie he.
  25. He swallowed and tasted blood.
  26. It tasted fresh and delicious.
  27. Claire tasted bile in her mouth.
  28. I thought it just tasted awful.
  29. You have tasted a fraction of.
  30. I tasted the tip of his tongue.
  31. His mouth tasted of dry compost.
  32. He has persistently tasted the.
  33. My mouth tasted like old pennies.
  34. It tasted of fear and unknowing.
  35. It was bitter, and tasted only.
  36. Believe me I’ve never tasted.
  37. His mouth tasted of night damps.
  38. He tasted like mint and tequila.
  39. She still tasted him on her lips.
  40. It tasted sweet when I ate it.
  41. I tasted my first souls that day.
  42. Lack-A-Bed bit his lip and tasted.
  43. They tasted even worse than they.
  44. Tom took it from her and tasted it.
  45. The second sip tasted much better.
  46. It had a current and tasted sweet.
  47. Have you tasted it? she asked.
  48. On an impulse, she tasted the food.
  49. Locke tasted the blood from his lip.
  50. Why not? They tasted okay to me.
  51. I tasted some that came from there.
  52. You have tasted only a fraction of.
  53. Having tasted of it while in waiting.
  54. They had not tasted meat for a week.
  55. Sue’s kiss tasted nice and minty.
  56. It tasted as good as it had smelled.
  57. Although it tasted really nasty in.
  58. He tasted the horilka on her tongue.
  59. For the first time tears tasted sweet.
  60. He had never tasted anything like it.
  61. She tasted it and was quite agreeable.
  62. She tasted the sour burn of his piss.
  63. I have tasted life, Losira said.
  64. He neither smelt nor tasted anything.
  65. The old man tasted its bitter flavor.
  66. She had never tasted anything so nice.
  67. Old enough to have tasted my mortality.
  68. You tasted that mess out there?
  69. He sampled the air and tasted anxiety.
  70. In the past, he probably tasted other.
  71. His shoe has never tasted shoe polish.
  72. Nothing tasted worse than cold coffee.
  73. But you’ve tasted my food, Master.
  74. Ambrosius tentatively tasted his drink.
  75. I drank it and tasted Adrian’s blood.
  76. It tasted wonderful, but not quite as.
  77. He tasted the sunny blood of the earth.
  78. It tasted like hell, but in a nice way.
  79. Finally the red jaw-breaker was tasted.
  80. She had tasted of its fruits and found.
  81. Fear tasted sharp and acrid in her mouth.
  82. Thank you, he said, and tasted it.
  83. That fish was the best he'd ever tasted.
  84. It tasted refreshing and life restoring.
  85. I dreaded to think how it tasted to him.
  86. Even the apple tasted better than usual.
  87. I have tasted wine a couple of times.
  88. The flesh tasted like turkey with a bit.
  89. The freshest seafood they had ever tasted.
  90. It tasted even better than it had before.
  91. It was the best meat she had ever tasted.
  92. She had already tasted it enough to know.
  93. The strong drink tasted of honey and mead.
  94. He had never tasted anything so nectarous.
  95. Thomas had never tasted such a fine wine.
  96. The stuff was way stronger than it tasted.
  97. His mouth tasted warm and slightly of wine.
  98. That explained why they tasted like guavas.
  99. The inside of her mouth tasted like copper.
  100. My stomach soured; I tasted it in my throat.
  1. It all tastes the same.
  2. It tastes better that way.
  3. I have the simplest tastes.
  4. You have tastes in common.
  5. God my tastes have changed.
  6. They shared the same tastes.
  7. Our flesh to us tastes sweet.
  8. You took at least two tastes.
  9. The tastes of blood and dirt.
  10. It tastes good, he said.
  11. For the new tastes of the being.
  12. It tastes bitter, she says.
  13. There are six types of tastes :.
  14. It simply tastes extremely good.
  15. Do we have to? It tastes foul.
  16. My father's tastes were eclectic.
  17. My horizons and tastes broadened.
  18. The coffee tastes funny, I think.
  19. It all tastes like ethanol to me.
  20. Our tastes matched with each other.
  21. He says that his coffee tastes bad.
  22. Your casserole tastes like a furball.
  23. The bread tastes strange, I say.
  24. But this is too strange for my tastes.
  25. The man who tastes the nectar that is.
  26. It also tastes absolutely incredible!.
  27. This tastes darn good—might cure me.
  28. It’s not chilled, and it tastes sweet.
  29. Wheat tastes better when it’s bleached.
  30. This tastes as grand as all of her other.
  31. Know that healthy food tastes great later.
  32. Balin’s mead is stronger than it tastes.
  33. I also remember that you have such tastes.
  34. He knows my tastes, my caprices, my wants.
  35. Jeremy’s tastes did not coincide with mine.
  36. They also sell rice milk that tastes amazing.
  37. Food tastes much better when it’s warm.
  38. Whatever it tastes like, it’s not whiskey.
  39. How it tastes I leave up to you to determine.
  40. I've always wondered what that tastes like.
  41. You have moral and literary tastes in common.
  42. If anything, it tastes better than the other.
  43. I can’t wait to see what she tastes like.
  44. Tastes fuller this weather with the chill off.
  45. And she tastes exactly as he thought she would.
  46. Tastes great topped with crushed strawberries.
  47. The water tastes like honey in Ralph’s mouth.
  48. This alludes to gastronomic customs and tastes.
  49. This stuff tastes GREAT, and is inarguable the.
  50. Jam Sessions was holding their own, but tastes.
  51. It’s less lethal, and it tastes a lot better.
  52. The fruit still tastes pretty damn good, though.
  53. I suppose the count has the tastes of the day?
  54. Tastes good, doesn’t it, he said to Lisa.
  55. Nothing tastes as good as human to these animals.
  56. Please rate them and tell me which tastes better.
  57. Your tastes and interests could be very different.
  58. Krishn said in Chapter 4 that the man who tastes.
  59. It looked like he’d had plenty of tastes already.
  60. Also, it tastes a bit different, Star answered.
  61. But nothing tastes as good as does this first sip.
  62. Besides, the plains are far too windy for my tastes.
  63. The desert was far too inhospitable for his tastes.
  64. It not only tastes great, like clove tainted with.
  65. You may add more or less, depending on your tastes.
  66. It tastes foul--mainly because of the myrrh I think.
  67. There are no longer any sign of his childish tastes.
  68. It tasted horrible, but beer always tastes horrible.
  69. He had a bit to learn about Bart’s musical tastes.
  70. It tastes different from a ham and cheese at home.
  71. Maybe that’s an advantage with the way it tastes.
  72. But it tastes great, Tam said, salting the eggs.
  73. You can get it from eating something that tastes good.
  74. It was fun finding frames that matched both our tastes.
  75. That tastes pretty real, doesn’t it? she asked.
  76. But we have all those tastes that need to be satisfied.
  77. This showed up more differences between us: our tastes.
  78. But he was an instructor and too arrogant for my tastes.
  79. It said, Whatever your tastes, Magrathea can cater foryou.
  80. You will find that you have a strong community of tastes.
  81. I take another sip of the wine; it tastes less bitter now.
  82. I love him! It's incredible how we share the same tastes.
  83. The water tastes tinny but she is so thirsty she cares not.
  84. If it tastes watery, drain some liquid and add more vinegar.
  85. It tastes a bit like carrots though the colour is all wrong.
  86. I’d be surprised if his tastes have changed all that much.
  87. Nice try, young man, but you're much too tall for my tastes.
  88. I never saw more simple tastes united to greater magnificence.
  89. Jaden moves over to the shark’s fins and tastes that as well.
  90. Whatever he tastes with his tongue, let him consider as Atman.
  91. The church often criticised them for playing to vulgar tastes.
  92. Their smells mingle and he tastes the salt water on her cheek.
  93. It tastes all the more divine because it’s been in his mouth.
  94. These tastes nullify the effect of sweets and purify the blood.
  95. All these tastes amount to many more instincts than a frog has.
  96. What do you think ? it won't suit Biirmg's tastes, will it ?
  97. Boiled water tastes flat and distilled water has even less taste.
  98. He masters whose spirit masters, he tastes sweetest who results.
  99. The ice cream tastes like baked, cold, and tender raspberry pie.
  100. It reflected both their tastes and talents and looked so elegant.

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