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  1. He would use tat.
  2. Tit for tat and all.
  3. Dave has a tat on his dick.
  4. Tat signifies the yonder God.
  5. Tit for tat can cause all that.

  6. Tat Vishu how he could become a Christian.
  7. Krishn then elaborates the meaning and use of tat.
  8. Then Tat Vishu came and prayed hard for him, but.
  9. She could keep up with me, tit for motherfucking tat.
  10. You see this tat? I got it done in Central Juvenile Hall.
  11. Well, Tat Vishu called all the Christians together and told.
  12. That is the truth ( tat, that + sat, truth, Being, Reality’.
  13. His girl with those black dead kind of eyes has 'Bitch' in tat.
  14. Say isn't that the town where they had a lot of tat parlors?
  15. Om, tat , and sat are three epithets used for the Supreme Being.

  16. Some bird of his said to get a tat of a fly on the head he said, so.
  17. Identifying the character of OM, tat arid sat, Krishn says that these.
  18. That voice now repeated the centering chant from the book: Tat tvam asi.
  19. So when I saw this design at the tat shop, I had to have it, you know?
  20. I understood the deal that he had just put on the table - another tit for tat.
  21. They would be perfectly right to do so because the principle is TIT FOR TAT.
  22. Temptation urges me to trace the dragon tat that sticks out from his shirt at his neck.
  23. It was the nature’s decision that TIT FOR TAT or whatever you crop you will cut that.
  24. Tit for tat is not my usual style, Miss Steele, he whispers as he gently blows up and down me.
  25. But first I have to mention tat after my father’s detention we women were constantly on the move.

  26. These jibes may have been a sort of tit for tat for all the horrible things that ‘straights’ say.
  27. See how quickly his gratitude dissipates and turns into the usual tit for tat? Mira says snarkily to Eugene.
  28. You wouldn't do me a copy of that fucking tat your sprog had so I had to take the original, didn't I? You left me no choice son.
  29. Called a full sleeve by tat aficionados, a dense collection of tattoos ran up Ricky Malcolm’s pale skin from his wrist to his shoulder.
  30. Sarah, our determined Teglinlin child, would not accept Agenti’s rejection and gave tit for tat until she successfully cracked her social barrier.
  31. Then I heard the rat tat rat tat of the German machine guns and I could hear the hail of bullets whip cracking as they scythed towards us through the grass.
  32. I nod my head and zip up my hoodie before he can see that I’m wearing a Fuck Buttons spaghetti strap tank that shows off my belly ring and the wings of my tat.
  33. Rat a tat tat, Rat a tat tat, somehow Fizzicist still managed the energy to give a few quick staccatos on his drum as he marched supremely into the peaceful Dort square.
  34. Then Bizz – Bamm, Boom, Chi Girl started flippin’, twisting, and doing Aerial cartwheels and other acrobatic twists and turns in the air; tit for tat with that other guy.
  35. This radical compassion is the lifestyle of an econ-abolitionist, where what makes you a threat is your heart of gift: that which shares all without cost, debt, or tit for tat.
  36. Westminster was filling with tourists, lingering at gaudy stalls of Union Jack tat, their mobile phones and expensive cameras held aloft to capture the looming Houses of Parliament.
  37. What about medium love? Is medium love tit for tat, barter and trade, his and his bathrooms, hirs and hers separate vacations, friends, interests and lives? Is medium love the beginning of conditional love?
  38. The Russian rouble was so weak that towns had special shops selling tourist tat, I mean beautiful souvenirs (mostly tuneless balalaikas and Russian dolls) simply to build up Russia’s reserves of foreign currency.
  39. But it is the nature’s principle that tit for tat, and as Zulimistan had been a major cause of instability of peace in other world countries especially Islamic world so now Zulimistan had to cut the crop that it has harvested.
  40. Anyway the path twisted and turned on its way up and Ben and some other blokes had just turned this corner when we heard the rat tat tat of a machine gun as we got up to the corner we could see Ben and these other blokes lying on the path.
  41. Two of its members were a history teacher called Vo Nguyen Giap and a former primary schoolteacher (and one-time washer-upper in a London hotel!) called Nguyen Tat Than, better known by his codename ‘He Who Enlightens’ – Ho Chi Minh.

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