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Teasing numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. But this is teasing you.
  2. I was just teasing you.
  3. I was teasing you Massie.
  4. He was teasing, of course.
  5. Spring was busy teasing us.
  6. I didn't mind the teasing.
  7. The teasing of girls, the.
  8. Driving in a teasing way.
  9. Was she teasing him? Funny.
  10. She realized I was teasing her.
  11. She expected a little teasing.
  12. The Baron had been teasing him.
  13. It was more of a teasing thing.
  14. Teasing, he still could not run.
  15. Eric just ignored their teasing.
  16. No more teasing, she cried.
  17. Steven couldn't resist teasing me.
  18. Teasing is that what you call it.
  19. She smiled at me, teasing me again.
  20. Danny, will you stop teasing the.
  21. He waited for the teasing to start.
  22. They began teasing Ilusha at once.
  23. There it's playing and teasing Time.
  24. I wasn't sure if she was teasing me.
  25. Teasing with a caressing and lips….
  26. He could see that she was teasing him.
  27. He was teasing her, stalling for time.
  28. He was always joking and teasing, and.
  29. Somehow, I don’t think he’s teasing.
  30. She gasped as he began teasing her clit.
  31. She use to hide from her teasing pack.
  32. Alex I moaned teasing him a little.
  33. He was teasing her and she knew he would.
  34. You are mad, or teasing me again!.
  35. The teasing, that was only torment to him.
  36. He nods slowly, and then he grins, teasing.
  37. What a little slut you are, teasing people.
  38. It was only good-natured teasing this time.
  39. But part of her couldn't resist teasing him.
  40. Ya’ll need to stop teasing him, she.
  41. She could hear the other men teasing Chinedu.
  42. But… his voice trailed off, teasing her.
  43. She laughed, thinking he was just teasing her.
  44. She had that teasing twinkle back in her eye.
  45. Would you? He heard the teasing in her tone.
  46. She looked sideways at him, sensing his teasing.
  47. His thumbs dipped below her waistline, teasing.
  48. There was no cockiness, or teasing in his eyes.
  49. I was certain, then, that they were teasing me.
  50. I’m just teasing you, Albert said kindly.
  51. Of course, I was only teasing, Jean Fairsythe.
  52. Shreya fighting with him for that teasing remark.
  53. Her tone was teasing, but Laino remained serious.
  54. Why are they teasing the girls like that?
  55. Gotcha! he greeted me, with a teasing smile.
  56. They are just teasing, as springy inspired kitten.
  57. One hand went to her breasts, teasing her nipples.
  58. But he laughs and says that he’s only teasing me.
  59. What letter, Bill? Max said in a teasing way.
  60. His expert fingers began teasing her red centering.
  61. Rose started violently as Carrie’s teasing voice.
  62. Oh, it was just Tristan teasing me this morning.
  63. You were teasing, he said, looking over at her.
  64. This can mean helping a child cope with teasing or.
  65. The others have been teasing me about it ever since.
  66. He pulled her into the water, teasing and playing as.
  67. I did not answer her, knowing she was only teasing me.
  68. Even if he can be irritating at times with his teasing.
  69. How can it be happening? Maybe he’s just teasing me?
  70. Their teasing has stirred up a gallant spirit in Ilusha.
  71. She enjoyed teasing them and watching their hunger grow.
  72. I planned it, and she only gave in after lots of teasing.
  73. Teasing Carroll up and down the insides of his legs ….
  74. His smile was cheeky, teasing, but he had also missed her.
  75. Moreover, Helga’s brothers teasing her about being so.
  76. Karan thought of teasing her and whispered in her ears:.
  77. What humans would define as teasing is normal behavior in.
  78. Bullying is teasing that has taken a more aggressive turn.
  79. Scared? She asked her voice full of playful teasing.
  80. His eyes narrowed with the realization that I was teasing.
  81. Will, he was completely serious, and not at all teasing or.
  82. You kept that quiet for some time he said teasing her.
  83. I don't know whether he is teasing me again or being serious.
  84. You’re kidding! she said, not sure if he was teasing.
  85. He balanced it in his hand, something teasing at his beer-.
  86. Laughing, teasing, more alive in memory than I am in reality.
  87. Are you thirsty, Anastasia? he asks, his voice teasing.
  88. He opened his eyes, saw the teasing brightness in Ash’s gaze.
  89. He hugged quickly and said in his special voice, teasing her.
  90. They’d been teasing each other since almost the day they met.
  91. He gave me teasing eyes as he top rock and salsa danced around.
  92. Still think you might be teasing me because I’m a child, you.
  93. She knew he was teasing but, as always, his teasing maddened her.
  94. Can you never see the bad in anybody? he smiled teasing me.
  95. Now, this cruel teasing from on high had been gone through with.
  96. For most of the rest of us, teasing is a prelude to courtship.
  97. She stole a peek and fell into the teasing light of his blue eyes.
  98. But bringing up Jahna, even in that teasing mode, gave me chills.
  99. What is my choice? Faith was frustrated by the teasing play.
  100. They played like all young animals, chasing, teasing, having fun.
  1. He sucked and teased my.
  2. I laughed and teased her.
  3. She was teased and bullied.
  4. Try me she coyly teased.
  5. Crass had teased him about it.
  6. Mmm… I guess, I teased.
  7. Do I smell nice? I teased.
  8. Don’t think so! he teased.
  9. And they teased him all the more.
  10. All of the above? he teased.
  11. Miller than gently teased Marie.
  12. Eh, Wes? he teased with a wink.
  13. Another big fear was being teased.
  14. They joked and teased one another.
  15. And so you should, she teased.
  16. Thoughts of sneaking out teased him.
  17. Ranger teased him, "What took you?".
  18. Never mind on that, she teased.
  19. Which way is that? Bane teased.
  20. More than you maybe… he teased.
  21. Your room, M’Lady, he teased.
  22. Get the violins out! teased Andy.
  23. Corvette’s a shy boy, she teased.
  24. Afterwards, Grey Eyes gently teased me.
  25. Were you smoking then? she teased.
  26. The smell of bacon teased her nostrils.
  27. Tears teased at the corners of her eyes.
  28. I shouldn’t have teased her like that.
  29. Good morning, Captain, she teased.
  30. We could hop on a camel, he teased.
  31. As a young boy, he is constantly teased.
  32. I can’t believe you teased him so much.
  33. We could arrange that, Field teased.
  34. Must be a good story, Barker teased.
  35. If it gets me what I want, I teased.
  36. Now that’s an ego trip! she teased.
  37. He teased out the hair and went to cut it.
  38. The perfume of her body again teased his.
  39. Only if you insist, Rango teased back.
  40. The rest of the pack teased her daily and.
  41. You just have to say the word, he teased.
  42. Yeah, but it’s a dry cold, he teased.
  43. Manda watched them as they teased each other.
  44. He reached down and teased her little flesh.
  45. And what’s wrong with you? he teased.
  46. He’s not much of an ally, he teased.
  47. Corey teased the calf, biting, then releasing.
  48. You’re more of a wine girl, he teased.
  49. You like this? she teased with a giggle.
  50. He teased me a little bit, and I said, Mr.
  51. Oh, if that’s what you want, he teased.
  52. After you reminded her, the blond teased.
  53. No space in the car, remember? he teased.
  54. It was one of the things she teased him about.
  55. We were walking up a hill, Derrick teased her.
  56. Oh yeah? And you know that how? he teased.
  57. Mine’s OK, what about yours? she teased.
  58. When you begged me to kiss you? he teased.
  59. She beamed, she coddled, she cajoled and teased.
  60. I think she’s jealous of you, he teased.
  61. Of a warm western wind that teased and caressed.
  62. The perfume of her body again teased his senses.
  63. He gritted his teeth as her fragrance teased him.
  64. Even though she teased him, she felt the same way.
  65. That’s an awful lot of fucking, he teased.
  67. This was the third time Zem had teased Bev about.
  68. It is this which is teased and twisted in society.
  69. Are you going to learn to cook then? I teased.
  70. Even Noah has nicer legs, she had teased him.
  71. And how often do you have to shave? I teased.
  72. I said and was teased for bringing maths everywhere.
  73. The other employees often teased and ridiculed her.
  74. I love the adopted accent Ellen teased Patrick.
  75. Princess Puddles, should have known, he teased.
  76. That was a bit blatant, wasn’t it? she teased.
  77. Tears have fall down to your eyes… he teased.
  78. Don’t stop now, I’m liking this, she teased.
  79. I’m sorry, Rick teased, I can’t hear you.
  80. In fact, would you like to do it again? he teased.
  81. Sarah hearing of it teased Matthew about the incident.
  82. While most of the girls teased him to let them join in.
  83. I guess I can hold my nose that long, she teased.
  84. Tip #86: When your child thinks, I’m being teased.
  85. My friends teased me when I reported this development.
  86. Being teased and mocked at is often another excuse to.
  87. You missed all the excitement, Dave, Jenny teased.
  88. Hmm… that’s an interesting thought, he teased.
  89. Heh, you would find that remarkable, Xeila teased.
  90. Hey, what ya’ doin’? he teased, playing dumb.
  91. I once teased Lope about it, but, when she burst into.
  92. His fingers teased my breasts, then the back of my neck.
  93. Yes, that’s what I said fur ball Kyoshiro teased.
  94. Don’t say that! It makes you sound old! I teased.
  95. She really wasn’t the city girl he teased her of being.
  96. You were about to tell me who Jazz was, she teased.
  97. His Kyboe is always throwing him off, Kifter teased.
  98. We could go upstairs and find a porch, Kulai teased.
  99. Hey…wipe your mouth, there‘s drool, she teased.
  100. You only turn eighteen once! Live it up! she teased.
  1. She teases herself with.
  2. It tugs and twists and teases.
  3. It neither annoys nor teases.
  4. I can guess, he teases softly.
  5. He teases me, pretends he doesn’t.
  6. Now will you tell me where? he teases.
  7. Don’t let the wings fool you, she teases.
  8. What are you going to do with me? he teases.
  9. Hot blood teases my nerves as it circulates all over me.
  10. Need help undressing? Sean teases as I head for the bathroom.
  11. It’s a good thing you’re aware of your confusion, he teases.
  12. His insult joyfully teases her, daring her to give him a real beating.
  13. Another woman told me that her teenage son is playful and teases her.
  14. He doesn't like her calling him Kid, so he teases her about hearing voices when she does.
  15. Let me see if I can translate this Japanese, he teases, his gaze shifting from my eyes to my lips.
  16. If the dream partner didn’t intentionally tempt me with her seductive gray eyes, then this wouldn’t be a problem, he teases.
  17. The pettishness that might be caressed into fondness, had yielded to a listless apathy; there was less of the peevish temper of a child which frets and teases on purpose to be soothed, and more of the self-absorbed moroseness of a confirmed invalid, repelling consolation, and ready to regard the good-humoured mirth of others as an insult.
  18. The image in the mirror teases me to stay away,.

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1. I got the urge to tease.
2. Oh, he’s such a tease.
3. Then Keith could tease him.
4. It was so fun to tease her.
5. And don't tease the camera.
6. Gently, tease the nipple hard.
7. Thereafter, he began to tease me.
8. But one Liam used to tease the.
9. Only you tease me and I am proud.
10. You shouldnt tease your husband.
11. That makes them want to tease you.
12. Then Tease magazine hit the stands.
13. Gotta tease the gorgeous, but.
14. The children tease me about this.
15. I move it around there for a tease.
16. So you came out here to tease me.
17. You may have to tease her a little.
18. I've told you, never tease a heku.
19. Yes, I used to tease those two a lot.
20. The seedship aspect was all a tease.
21. As we're learning to tease out the.
22. We tell them jokes and tease them.
23. Youre such a tease, I told her.
24. Crissy decided to tease her a little.
25. It all had been meant to tease anyway.
26. He began to tease her with his tongue.
27. Tease and comb to remove fleshy matter.
28. But what for? I suppose you tease him.
29. In this case simply tease out a length.
30. That and I didn't want to tease myself.
31. Excellent creature! I will not tease you.
32. I expect they were afraid to tease you.
33. Each sentence must have a hook and a tease.
34. MY guys would tease me: Yeah, I know Chris.
35. This guy is all over the place, or a tease.
36. Then he would taunt and tease Malcolm some.
37. It’s also not wise to tease them, either.
38. Youre such a tease, she told me again.
39. Her friends could tease her all they wanted.
40. My mother used to laugh, tease her about it.
41. What are you, a black belt? you tease her.
42. Will you always only tease me, Molly? Wait.
43. Though we really shouldn’t tease the time –.
44. You should know! Youre such a tease yourself.
45. Then sleep with me she tease with a smile.
46. Pilar was trying to tease out a recalcitrant snag.
47. They tease me now, telling me it was only a dream.
48. Don’t tease, he said, then we kissed again.
49. So, shocked and confused, I never went that tease.
50. He didn’t really play along with my tease though.
51. Schmidt was the only person who could tease Klaus.
52. Her eyebrows rose and her expression was all tease.
53. So, to stand out, you have to tease women with humor.
54. That young daughter of hers was growing into a tease.
55. He's a rascal! Three weeks ago he began to tease me.
56. Then she began to tease me about having a girlfriend.
57. Her cousins might attack, but could hardly tease her.
58. He'd be capable of coming to seek me, to tease Edgar.
59. What happened? Did you win the lottery? I tease.
60. Practical? For what? "Did you save it for me?" I tease.
61. Parents who excessively taunt, downplay or tease their.
62. He’d be capable of coming to seek me, to tease Edgar.
63. So I might’ve called ‘er a tease - a vicious tease.
64. Is the knight still living in his palace? I tease.
65. My guys would tease me: Yeah, I know Chris.
66. Marilla detests cats, and Davy would tease his life out.
67. She would tease Tommy because he was not a good swimmer.
68. She grinned at Max; she didn’t mind that sort of tease.
69. With Daveda no longer around to tease her, and with her.
70. It was nice to tease her and talk to her at the same time.
71. She would tease me with her perfume, dabbed on the letters.
72. Like a woman? she said, her grin almost meant to tease.
73. She had flirted openly with the old man as if to tease Harry.
74. It wasn’t neighborhood kids out to tease him about his leg.
75. He knew he shouldn’t tease her like that but he couldn’t.
76. It takes a master to tease out the lightness in the movements.
77. She pulled away just enough to tease his sweater over his head.
78. His brother always used to tease him so look what I did to him.
79. Imran thought it was appropriate time to tease him more and said.
81. She hoped she would be able to tease him about it again one day.
82. They were all intertwined; it was impossible to tease them apart.
83. Tease me with an interesting story of how you creatively solved a.
84. Her grandmother took it upon herself to tease Annyeke into courage.
85. This woman was obviously a tease so why did she attract him so much.
86. Evver noticed too, but she was kind enough not to tease me about it.
87. Do not tease me; else I shall shut thee into the dark closet!.
88. They won’t bite you, she said, it being her turn to tease him.
89. Trent wanted to know too, but he went about finding out with a tease.
90. The little tease wanted him, and his wolf responded to her siren call.
91. Mandred spoke about it, but I thought he was making it up to tease me.
92. You are such a tease sometimes, you know we only have till midnight.
93. At school among her schoolfellows she was probably nicknamed the Tease.
94. Prince Charles was one to tease and torture his victims before the kill.
95. Have your child tell you where you are and have your child tease you.
96. Her eyes were a tease as her hands rose to encircle the back of my neck.
97. I suppose I really did say it, as Raskolnikov guessed, to tease myself.
98. Who were jealousy and times past to tease them with what could have been?
99. Daniel would tease me and let me know he loved me without saying the words.
100. I shook my head smiling, as I lifted the little tease up behind the saddle.