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Tenseness numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Trask detected an un-natural tenseness in her attitude.
  2. She watched him as he walked out, tenseness in his body.
  3. The incredible tenseness of the situation gave me another.
  4. His walk appeared relaxed but spoke of a watchful tenseness.
  5. Nerissa already knew, of course, given the household’s tenseness.

  6. Lyra laid her hand on Troy’s arm, feeling the tenseness in his muscles.
  7. She put her right hand on the back of his leg and felt the tenseness in.
  8. There are mental conditions which correspond with tenseness and relaxation.
  9. With profound tenseness, Abanir hid his wings, flapping it down to the limit.
  10. We were sitting on Treebeard's shoulders, and I could feel the quivering tenseness in him.
  11. As the moments passed, tenseness increased, the knots in all of their guts tightening and twitching.
  12. Ah, it was good to be in his arms, without passion, without tenseness, to be there as a loved friend.
  13. The tenseness and closeness of the air was the result of one evil that permeated this lush suite—Death.
  14. She closed her eyes, and in spite of the situation, his fingers slowly siphoned the tenseness from her back.
  15. His stomach reflected that sickening tenseness that manifests itself as a critical moment moves irrevocably closer.

  16. She looked at him questioningly, noting the tenseness of his body in response to some unseen danger in the darkness.
  17. Carefully I scanned around the faces of those in the cargo hold to see if they had noticed Talaric’s impassioned tenseness.
  18. There was a tenseness about her, a glow in her eyes that he had Automatically he closed the door behind him and took her hand.
  19. In spite of the distance, she could hear the hubbub of voices, questioning, calling, feel the feverpitch tenseness of the men.
  20. Despite the tenseness of the situation, he was overcome by exhaustion and tried to fight the drowsiness that besieged his eyelids.
  21. As she came abreast the crowd something of their tenseness reached her, insensitive though she was, and made fear clutch at her heart.
  22. She could only stare over the banisters at him and watch his face change from harsh tenseness to a half- contemptuous, half-ingratiating smile.
  23. I stiffened, sensing the watchful tenseness that flickered over her thoughts, layered with a cold pleasure, almost like she was silently scheming.
  24. What mysteries would this new land and people hold for us to discover? I felt an inward tenseness that I couldn’t shake off at the prospect of what lay ahead.
  25. The cautious excitement written on her face balanced by the tenseness of her body bespoke her realization that she was where all her teachings and sense of a woman’s place told her that she ought not to be.

  26. The light, warm breeze working in close conjunction with the heavy fog that blocked out much of the sun successfully cast a somber and sepulchral tone over the lovely grounds and increased the tenseness of the environment.
  27. The main requirements are that we should sit erect, with the spine in a straight line; that we should sit relaxed (without slumping) so that there is no tenseness anywhere in the body, and that we should drop the chin somewhat, so as to release any tension in the back of the neck.

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