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1. It was not very threadbare even now.
2. His coat was of the best cut, but threadbare.
3. Her very attire was threadbare to say the least.
4. Selma finished tying the belt to the threadbare.
5. Laigle's coat was threadbare, but Joly was well dressed.
6. We cracked open cans of chilled lager, sat on threadbare.
7. The chill entered with a flourish of grey, threadbare fog.

8. A threadbare and venerable device, but useful upon occasion.
9. This survival of a constant life at sea was a threadbare existence.
10. A huddled figure lay in the corner, covered with threadbare blankets.
11. He wore only a pair of black swimming briefs that were threadbare in.
12. He was wearing a threadbare tee shirt and equally worn out blue jeans.
13. I wish we had one in my lounge room instead of our threadbare recliner.
14. Threadbare fucking carpets, the stage is wank and the boss pays peanuts.
15. We have threadbare team strength in the editorial after we were forced.
16. These were badly turned out troops in well-worn, even threadbare uniforms.
17. A dangerously underweight corporal in threadbare fatigues comes for Werner on foot.
18. He saw the same pinched faces, threadbare homespuns, bare feet and bent shoulders.
19. Christy glanced at his own threadbare knees, and then at Fred's beautiful white trousers.
20. He laid his head down on his threadbare dirty pillow and pondered, pondered a long time.
21. No, they didn’t have holes in them, but they were starting to get a little threadbare.
22. Puller lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling now instead of the threadbare carpet.
23. His threadbare boxer shorts had gone grey with age and most of his socks had holes in them.
24. Father Haralambos sat on his bed, the early morning sun shining through the threadbare curtains.
25. Then I minutely examined my clothes and thought that everything looked old, worn and threadbare.
26. The ends of the sleeves of his coat were frayed and ragged, and the elbows were worn threadbare.
27. He walks the few metres from his bed, past a threadbare red brocade armchair, to the kitchenette.
28. On a bed sat a threadbare teddy bear, and on a desk by the wall stood what looked like a computer.
29. Until Christmas morning he wore his old vest and his old trousers, which had long been threadbare.
30. A threadbare couch was propped up against the wall with two building bricks replacing an absent leg.
31. There was an old threadbare rug on the scarred hardwood flooring whose colors were long since faded.
32. Before Hesper noticed, she quickly tucked the sack down the threadbare chiton that Tragus had provided.
33. Mitch Rapp was sitting on a threadbare sofa next to what appeared to be a week’s worth of dirty clothes.
34. This dismal threadbare stretch of her life was over! Thank God because it had nearly been the death of her.
35. Men in threadbare suits putting hands to the tops of their heads to take off hats that are no longer there.
36. There was a chest of drawers full of threadbare clothing, most of it man-made material, and all of it black.
37. I imagine their souls thin and threadbare, stunted by cold and hunger, poor and pitiful, but certainly there.
38. All there considerations count for nothing to one whose sole aim it seems is to sustain a threadbare doctrine.
39. Directly behind the main hospital building was a steep frost-covered lawn which ended in threadbare scrub pines.
40. A bearded man, his clothes less threadbare than the others, stepped forward and identified himself as the Panowie.
41. Ted has lived here for five years and he knows the layout of his tiny, threadbare flat like the back of his hand.
42. But Ralph Underhill, forty-eight, had lost most of his hair, and what remained was threadbare gray, black and white.
43. In front of the control panel were two well worn swivel chairs, threadbare with the stuffing coming out of the arms.
44. The chair she sat in was old and threadbare, but looked comfortable and I assumed she was going to question me at length.
45. The Gathandrian park with the weak and threadbare army of the Gathandrian men gathered before him ripe for the conquering.
46. Disposing of the threadbare remnants of the Imperial Desnairian Navy promised to be a somewhat more difficult task, however.
47. He lifted up a pair of red corduroy shorts with patches on the seat and found a green pair underneath that were less threadbare.
48. They could only place at his disposal a wretched village sacristy, with a few ancient chasubles of threadbare damask adorned with.
49. A threadbare carpet led them up two flights of stairs permeated with the scent of lye, which did not quite overpower the underlying urine stench.
50. Celia sighed and sat on the sofa, spreading her skirt to cover as much of the threadbare fabric as possible, as was her habit when we had company.
51. Mary admired the keen-faced handsome little Vicar in his well-brushed threadbare clothes more than any man she had had the opportunity of knowing.
52. Frederick lived a Spartan personal life—The king dressed in a threadbare uniform at all times4—with little concern for rank or ceremonies.
53. The bed was made up with a threadbare red cotton blanket on top and Rami pulled the blanket and pointed at the sheets and the pillows with a smile.
54. Her mother pulled her from bed, dragged her wintercoat around her nightdress, her best shoes onto her cold feet as she clung to her threadbare teddy.
55. They were tough from the threadbare lives they had led and that was good, because toughness would probably be required of them before all this was over.
56. The man sitting behind the only desk wore the threadbare shirt and tie of a factory manager but was in fact the special forces officer in charge of security.
57. With that, while Simon was still struggling for words to respond, Ralph turned in a swirl of threadbare, once noble, cloak, stalked out of the room and was gone.
58. He was dressed in black from head to foot, in garments that were very threadbare but clean; a bunch of seals depending from his fob suggested the idea of a watch.
59. At the corner, the wood began with oaks and elders, their branches snagging at her threadbare cloak and the remains of snowfall sliding onto her hair as she brushed past.
60. A man in threadbare clothing, rumpled hat and slippers on his bare feet, and his face full of red lines, pushed his way through the crowd and walked toward the prison door.
61. THE TALL KID with pink-blond hair falling over his face and wearing threadbare jeans and a glittering T-shirt came over to where Will was standing with his back to the wall.
62. The threadbare phrases, the inane expressions of sympathy, the cautious words of a reporter won over to conceal the details of a commonplace vulgar death attacked his stomach.
63. We came across him occasionally afterwards in civilian, threadbare clothes, and wearing a cap with a cockade; he glanced at us convicts as spitefully and maliciously as you please.
64. The Bishop took his staff, put on his cloak, on account of his too threadbare cassock, as we have mentioned, and because of the evening breeze which was sure to rise soon, and set out.
65. I had noticed that most of my shirts now had all of their buttons, and I suspected that Mother or the fossil had gotten tired of my threadbare looks and had decided to ‘improve’ me.
66. The visitor nodded a polite acknowledgement upon seeing Mr Pinscher, and remained standing, restlessly fiddling with the tattered hem of his threadbare coat, as he waited his turn to speak.
67. Without a word, the night-woman headed for the back where the shadows lurked and disappeared out of view for a heartbeat or two before reappearing with some threadbare blankets and pieces of wood.
68. His linen and his long scarf-like neck-tie were all such as are worn by people who aim at being stylish, but on closer inspection his linen was not over-clean and his wide scarf was very threadbare.
69. Sir Bartyn Sahmyrsyt, the heretic commander, had phrased his written message with at least marginal courtesy, but the iron fist inside the rather threadbare silk glove had been there for any to see.
70. This young man was dressed in a threadbare blue cloth coat lined with fox fur, that had once been smart, and dirty hempen convict trousers, over which were pulled his thin, dirty, trodden-down boots.
71. Once the pattern of snoring and grinding teeth settled down in the next room, Kirk slipped out of the bed he shared with his little sister, pulled on a threadbare dressing gown two sizes too small for his arms, and crept downstairs.
72. He’d cautioned the rest of the Group of Four that what they actually knew about Gorthyk Nybar’s situation was dangerously threadbare, yet even as he’d issued the warning, he’d believed Nybar’s estimates were substantially correct.
73. I will not go into other particulars, as for example want of shirts, and no superabundance of shoes, thin and threadbare garments, and gorging themselves to surfeit in their voracity when good luck has treated them to a banquet of some sort.
74. Fauchelevent, though sorely tried and harshly used by fate, worn out, a sort of poor, threadbare old soul, was, nevertheless, an impulsive man, and extremely spontaneous in his actions; a precious quality which prevents one from ever being wicked.
75. The hard, narrow, wretched, rickety bed of Don Quixote stood first in the middle of this star-lit stable, and close beside it Sancho made his, which merely consisted of a rush mat and a blanket that looked as if it was of threadbare canvas rather than of wool.
76. Their position was perhaps the happiest of all positions in the social scale, being above the line at which neediness ends, and below the line at which the convenancesbegin to cramp natural feelings, and the stress of threadbare modishness makes too little of enough.
77. Among the passers-by who had joined the rabble led by Enjolras, Combeferre, and Courfeyrac, there had been a person wearing the jacket of a street porter, which was very threadbare on the shoulders, who gesticulated and vociferated, and who had the look of a drunken savage.
78. He seemed to know instinctively that eye of the storm would come from the east, from the direction that lay behind him, in his long distant past, and slumped forward as he was, he began, as he always did in such circumstances, to count the tufts in the grey and threadbare boot carpet.
79. Images of Bex merge with shots of junkies in their Trainspotting brutality; threadbare interiors, screams and shouts, blue lights, shadows, blank faces, anonymous dealers, and spliced into the sequence he sees Jock Cascarino's smug face as he tells Billy to buck-up his ideas and get a plan.
80. The Thenardier cast a second glance at him, paid particular attention to his frock-coat, which was absolutely threadbare, and to his hat, which was a little battered, and, tossing her head, wrinkling her nose, and screwing up her eyes, she consulted her husband, who was still drinking with the carters.
81. He wore a very old and very well brushed round hat; a coarse coat, worn perfectly threadbare, of an ochre yellow, a color that was not in the least eccentric at that epoch; a large waistcoat with pockets of a venerable cut; black breeches, worn gray at the knee, stockings of black worsted; and thick shoes with copper buckles.
82. He had specialties and categories; on each nail of his shop hung a social status, threadbare and worn; here the suit of a magistrate, there the outfit of a Cure, beyond the outfit of a banker, in one corner the costume of a retired military man, elsewhere the habiliments of a man of letters, and further on the dress of a statesman.
83. The single hotel offered rooms with doors of nailed planks, cement floors, platforms of raw wood covered over with thin, flattened foam rubber as beds, a single, threadbare sheet, one frayed towel, no pillows, a bare bulb hanging from a spider web decorated wire, no window, no fan and walls partially covered in flaking, stained paint.
84. She began pouring water, universal amalgam that reduces to brew all the elements that are placed in it; Then some dried herbs threadbare (later I knew it was "peppermint") and from a blue bottle she added a few drops of castor oil; from a stalk of Aloe tore off four crystals and also threw them to the stew along with a thin branch of cinnamon.
85. Levin saw proofs of this in his dress, in the old-fashioned threadbare coat, obviously not his everyday attire, in his shrewd deep-set eyes, in his idiomatic, fluent Russian, in the imperious tone that had become habitual from long use, and in the resolute gestures of his large, red, sunburnt hands, with an old betrothal ring on the little finger.
86. The next morning I dressed in my hiking clothes—the same old stained sports bra and threadbare navy blue hiking shorts I’d been wearing since day 1, along with a new pair of wool socks and the last fresh T-shirt I’d have all the way to the end, a heather gray shirt that said UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY in yellow letters across the chest.
87. The preacher who can touch and affect such an heterogeneous mass of hearers, on subjects limited, and long worn threadbare in all common hands; who can say anything new or striking, anything that rouses the attention without offending the taste, or wearing out the feelings of his hearers, is a man whom one could not, in his public capacity, honour enough.
88. The tall fellow was taking off his tie—an utterly threadbare greasy ribbon, hardly better than a piece of tape—and the pretty-looking youth, taking out of his pocket another newly purchased black tie, was putting it round the neck of the tall fellow, who, with a perfectly serious face, submissively stretched out his very long neck, throwing his overcoat back from his shoulders.
89. Patients who had chronic diseases or whose lives had long been worn threadbare, like old Featherstone's, had been at once inclined to try him; also, many who did not like paying their doctor's bills, thought agreeably of opening an account with a new doctor and sending for him without stint if the children's temper wanted a dose, occasions when the old practitioners were often crusty; and all persons thus inclined to employ Lydgate held it likely that he was clever.
90. His shirt of coarse yellow linen, fastened at the neck by a small silver anchor, permitted a view of his hairy breast: he had a cravat twisted into a string; trousers of blue drilling, worn and threadbare, white on one knee and torn on the other; an old gray, tattered blouse, patched on one of the elbows with a bit of green cloth sewed on with twine; a tightly packed soldier knapsack, well buckled and perfectly new, on his back; an enormous, knotty stick in his hand; iron-shod shoes on his stockingless feet; a shaved head and a long beard.
91. In the chimney stood a pair of firedogs of iron, ornamented above with two garlanded vases, and flutings which had formerly been silvered with silver leaf, which was a sort of episcopal luxury; above the chimney-piece hung a crucifix of copper, with the silver worn off, fixed on a background of threadbare velvet in a wooden frame from which the gilding had fallen; near the glass door a large table with an inkstand, loaded with a confusion of papers and with huge volumes; before the table an arm-chair of straw; in front of the bed a prie-Dieu, borrowed from the oratory.
92. She fell in love with the colors made by spilt gasoline in mud puddles, with exotic furniture in the store windows of Hurwitz Mintz, with antique shop displays of threadbare gilded chairs and lacquered square grand pianos and idling trucks belching white smoke from their upturned exhaust pipes and laughing mortals passing us on the narrow sidewalks carrying adorable babies, who twisted their little necks to peer at us- -and an old black man playing a tenor saxophone for money, which we gave him in abundance, and a hat-wearing hot dog vender from which Mona could not buy a hot dog now save to stare at it and sniff it and heave it into a trash bin, which gave her staggering pause-.
93. In fact, this confirms me in my conjectures as to Jehovah's fortune; and when I see so much distress in heaven and on earth, from the bird who has not a grain of millet to myself without a hundred thousand livres of income, when I see human destiny, which is very badly worn, and even royal destiny, which is threadbare, witness the Prince de Conde hung, when I see winter, which is nothing but a rent in the zenith through which the wind blows, when I see so many rags even in the perfectly new purple of the morning on the crests of hills, when I see the drops of dew, those mock pearls, when I see the frost, that paste, when I see humanity ripped apart and events patched up, and so many.
94. It is thus I like to remember Sebastian, as he was that summer, when we wandered alone together through that enchanted palace; Sebastian in his wheel chair spinning down the box-edged walks of the kitchen gardens in search of alpine strawberries and warm figs, propelling himself through the succession of hothouses, from scent to scent and climate to climate, to cut the muscat grapes and choose orchids for our button-holes; Sebastian hobbling with a pantomime of difficulty to the old nurseries, sitting beside me on the threadbare, flowered carpet with the toy-cupboard empty about us and Nanny Hawkins stitching complacently in the comer, saying, 'You're one as bad as the other; a pair of children the two of you.
95. At the one end of the hall, the one where he was, were judges, with abstracted air, in threadbare robes, who were gnawing their nails or closing their eyelids; at the other end, a ragged crowd; lawyers in all sorts of attitudes; soldiers with hard but honest faces; ancient, spotted woodwork, a dirty ceiling, tables covered with serge that was yellow rather than green; doors blackened by handmarks; tap-room lamps which emitted more smoke than light, suspended from nails in the wainscot; on the tables candles in brass candlesticks; darkness, ugliness, sadness; and from all this there was disengaged an austere and august impression, for one there felt that grand human thing which is called the law, and that grand divine thing which is called justice.
96. Thandi with the threadbare bedspread and fell,.

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