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Thrill numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It gave him a thrill.
  2. It was quite a thrill.
  3. It's the thrill of a.
  4. It was a great thrill.
  5. Thrill Of a Gnarly Fall.

  6. He felt a thrill of fear.
  7. This is the thrill divine.
  8. A thrill shot through her.
  9. It might thrill her first.
  10. A thrill moved through her.
  11. A thrill passed through her.
  12. Do you feel the thrill?
  13. I thank you for this thrill.
  14. A thrill ran through Melissa.
  15. With the thrill of the hunted.

  16. A thrill moved through Daphne.
  17. With a strange thrill at my.
  18. Do they not thrill you with.
  19. The thrill of waiting is past.
  20. A thrill passed over all of us.
  21. There was certainly no thrill.
  22. Every meeting was a new thrill.
  23. Enjolras himself felt a thrill.
  24. The thrill simply wasn't there.
  25. A thrill enters Werner’s chest.

  26. Some enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
  27. Then the thrill of an idea hit me.
  28. A little thrill went up my spine.
  29. There was little predatory thrill.
  30. Joy riding was a fantastic thrill.
  31. Unless you are in the thrill for.
  32. A thrill of desire ran through her.
  33. We crave the thrill of joining in.
  34. But a thrill shot through me anyway.
  35. This is called a thrill massage.
  36. YUKI WAS HIGH from the thrill of it.
  37. I was overtaken by the thrill and.
  38. She felt a thrill run through her.
  39. And you are the thrill of a lifetime.
  40. There is no greater thrill than this.
  41. It sends a thrill through my stomach.
  42. It was the desperate thrill of a fool.
  43. For the merry thrill of new adventure.
  44. A thrill of awareness shot through me.
  45. I missed the excitement and the thrill.
  46. He always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.
  47. That’s when a thrill becomes a hurt.
  48. That’s When a Thrill Becomes a Hurt.
  49. This served only to wash away the thrill!.
  50. Gather around for the thrill of the day.
  51. The methods are part of the sexual thrill.
  52. And your faded life will dance with thrill.
  53. That first thrill, enchanting and magical.
  54. A thrill shot through me when he said that.
  55. But ah, the thrill that surges when we find.
  56. I felt the depth of the thrill just as deep.
  57. Plus he had a microscopic thrill in his arms.
  58. A dark thrill went through me at the thought.
  59. I missed the excitement and the thrill.
  60. But, for them, it was more than just a thrill.
  61. Meeting Silas was a thrill for both him and us.
  62. The idea of that sent a thrill through my body.
  63. Maybe she just likes the thrill of the fantasy.
  64. While there might be a thrill associated with.
  65. As thrill the buds and shape their hidden frame.
  66. Until she needed the thrill of the kill again!.
  67. Lucy felt a thrill of independence as she pulled.
  68. What is this bliss that makes my fingers thrill?
  69. Come along and let’s give the animals a thrill.
  70. She gave him the thrill of his life with oral sex.
  71. I suddenly realize I find no great thrill in the.
  72. Almighty Sprug and enjoyed the thrill of using the.
  73. Hester looked at him with the thrill of another joy.
  74. Flushed and rushed along with the thrill of it all.
  75. I distinctly remember the thrill and satisfaction I.
  76. I squeezed it gently and a thrill suffused my being.
  77. But his plans were only for the thrill of the moment.
  78. Speed provides the thrill and is the elixir of life.
  79. It had been a nonstop thrill, and now there was this.
  80. This would happen a few times, but soon the thrill.
  81. Ralph felt a thrill of pride as he rode through Tench.
  82. Financial gain and the thrill of winning are powerful.
  83. It's just that, well, this is just some thrill to you.
  84. Molly eyeballed her and gives my elbow an extra thrill.
  85. It was a cheap thrill that his mind had grown to love.
  86. George Mellis felt an almost sexual thrill at her words.
  87. Swinging High: Thrill seeking and not counting the cost.
  88. The sleeper stirred; a thrill of terror ran through me.
  89. Tender new gestures that produced a thrill, warmed 90.
  90. The kind that gives you a thrill, when you think of it.
  91. A thrill rides all the way into the nails of her fingers.
  92. Lucy a thrill down to the tips of her toes and made her.
  93. The thrill of fulfillment into the stale calm of Utopia.
  94. What a thrill! If Dublin sensed them, he didn’t let on.
  95. The announcement sent a thrill through those who heard it.
  96. Yet, I had enjoyed them all, deriving thrill out of the.
  97. It was quite a thrill to be up here under any conditions.
  98. The anticipated thrill of flaunting Tobias in Michael's.
  99. Around here, this is the closest you’ll get to a thrill.
  100. These thoughts gave me a thrill of happy anticipation and.
  1. In a way it was thrilling.
  2. A sad and thrilling moment.
  4. Isn't it thrilling for him?'.
  5. That was thrilling news to Gloria.
  6. It was, indeed, a thrilling moment.
  7. Their questions were thrilling me.
  8. The thought was strangely thrilling.
  9. This is very thrilling and inspiring.
  10. There are other things more thrilling.
  11. Every thrilling game has to have problems.
  12. The pull was thrilling, but disconcerting.
  13. And he was a thousand times more thrilling.
  14. The thrilling and dangerous day that they.
  15. Her hair brushed his face and was thrilling.
  16. It felt so thrilling to be following in the.
  17. He’d always found it chilling, not thrilling.
  18. Every thrilling game has to have problems for.
  19. Not that it wasn't a wildly thrilling time--.
  20. My spirit is willing and my future is thrilling.
  21. Oh, nothing very thrilling, that I could see.
  22. It was scary and thrilling all at the same time.
  23. It was a casual race, but there was a thrilling.
  24. It was exciting, thrilling to be with someone his.
  25. Her eyes were telling us how thrilling it was to.
  26. There was something a little thrilling about it all.
  27. This man had been thrilling when they shared a career.
  28. It was a tense and fearful moment—but very thrilling.
  29. The way his blue eyes smiled, and the thrilling clutch.
  30. It was a thrilling, wonderful event, wasnt it?
  31. It was a thrilling movie of extraterrestrial love story.
  32. Life is very thrilling when Love beats his wings so near.
  33. It was really thrilling to sit up and remember everything.
  34. Anne felt that she ought to be thrilling from head to foot.
  35. She stood behind me for a long time and that was thrilling.
  36. If the jump across the river had been thrilling, it barely.
  37. All eyes were fixed upon the thrilling spectacle at the stake.
  38. She wondered if these little pecks would ever stop thrilling her.
  39. It was always thrilling to see how much Aidan cared about Nathan.
  40. What a thrilling name, the man said, not volunteering his own.
  41. Silence with a yawn or two accompanied this thrilling announcement.
  42. It’s thrilling, but it also produces some very practical insights.
  43. Sometimes the squeezing of hands is more thrilling than an orgasm.
  44. The mixed feeling of horror, pleasure, and pride was a thrilling one.
  45. A great fire at night always has a thrilling and exhilarating effect.
  46. My God! She was a thrilling woman! He pulled over and stopped the car.
  47. Of my university days I have nothing particularly thrilling to remember.
  48. Later, I’m in my car, heading toward the school, my thrilling assignment.
  49. She hesitated for a moment, then took his hand in hers, thrilling to the.
  50. Riding along these types of trails is always thrilling, but it is important.
  51. The ride was thrilling and terrifying, but she knew he would not endanger her.
  52. You used to write perfectly thrilling stories years ago in our old Story Club.
  53. She had never thought her name was thrilling, but liked that he thought it was.
  54. Quindich patted me on the back and said, Well that was thrilling, he said.
  55. For the first time, I had seen father in such enthusiastic and thrilling moods.
  56. First dates never cease to be the one of the most thrilling events in one's life.
  57. Her second adventure in the Cessna Skyhawk was not quite as thrilling as the first.
  58. She had received the mail every day with a thrilling heart, but there was nothing.
  59. She never wanted to move from this warm, thrilling place that brought her comfort.
  60. But it was her first lawsuit, and to win in such a slam-dunk fashion was thrilling.
  61. You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poorhouse.
  62. In fact the experience was quite thrilling and her face became animated with delight.
  63. Then suddenly his heart leaped with the thrilling inspiration of a wild impossibility.
  64. An instant later I rev up the motor, and the Raven goes into a steep, thrilling climb.
  65. One of the things I loved to do most when I had one of my more thrilling hangovers—.
  66. He caught my hands in his, and I stilled, my body thrilling at even that small contact.
  67. Every nerve within me responds with a thrilling desire, but I quickly pull away from him.
  68. I can’t deny that there’s a part of me that finds the idea of meeting Kamal thrilling.
  69. Ready to ride with a superhero back to the thrilling days of yester-noir? Better buckle-up.
  70. The great stone dragon head adorning the ancient bridge before her was a thrilling beacon.
  71. For her the experience was pleasant but not thrilling, and she had not wanted to repeat it.
  72. Anonymity excited and offered thrilling possibilities to a twenty-nine year old single man.
  73. Expect many thrilling novels to come from Kayley as she continues her zeal for storytelling.
  74. The thrilling camera shots were fantastically unprecedented, but none of the actors survived.
  75. A thrilling shiver runs through me, competing with a warm woozy sensation that floods my belly.
  76. The thrill of landing a largemouth bass can be counted as one of the most thrilling activities.
  77. Suddenly I sat up on my rock couch, with every nerve thrilling and every sense acutely on the alert.
  78. Steward Crawford also related a thrilling story in regard to loading the life-boats with women first.
  79. Wouldn’t it be thrilling if you could have a celebrity give a testimonial? It could be a Hollywood.
  80. How could I forget my halcyon days; days of excitements; and days of thrilling, I thought sadly.
  81. He accelerated into a turn, thrilling to the feel of the car teetering at the very edge of its limits.
  82. He began to move in a tantalizing, teasing way -- thrilling her as he rolled, tossed, pushed and turned.
  83. They finished the kiss in the same moment, with one last lingering, thrilling taste of each other’s lips.
  84. While Tatyana and Slava echoed the especially thrilling moments and supplemented them with their impressions.
  85. The Trance of Prahlada also illustrates in an equally illuminating and thrilling manner the glory of Samadhi.
  86. Well, not quite: I had skillfully maneuvered a speedboat in a thrilling chase through the Puerto de Alicante.
  87. The wind, moaning steadily, made the whole tree rock with a subtle, thrilling motion that stirred the blood.
  88. For a new horizon was opening up for the little bumpkin from Cairo: the panorama, heady and thrilling, of sex.
  89. She had never met a man before who made her mind seem small, it was frightening, but at the same time thrilling.
  90. The performance was thrilling – almost as thrilling as the hand that slipped into my shirt and stroked my belly.
  91. And for those of us who were present to behold this creative wave of healing, it was indeed a thrilling spectacle.
  92. She stood, sniffing the air, thrilling as always to the multitude of smells she could identify while in animal mode.
  93. It was thrilling to see that influential people from other countries understood so well their plight and sympathized.
  94. They result in a depth of inspiration in me much like the expansive and thrilling feeling of hearing Grofe’s music.
  95. Joey looked at the two of them, thinking a shrink would have a field day with this—but to him it was just thrilling!.
  96. What the hell’s so thrilling about a mug of water? he said, and reached over and snatched the mug from the envoy.
  97. And the men she met—how thrilling they were! And how different extravagant compliments as though she were a young belle.
  98. But if the same professor sings and tells some interesting and thrilling stories, all people hear him with rapt attention.
  99. It was of some interest to hear how thrilling two of them were sexually, but it didn’t help find out how Tdeshi was lost.
  100. I saw one of who I thought were my friends and told him about the thrilling match and he really didn't seem too interested.
  1. And I thrilled to Mr.
  2. I was thrilled when I.
  3. I was thrilled with joy.
  4. I'm not so thrilled, no.
  5. In fact, he was thrilled.
  6. She was thrilled to bits.
  7. How it thrilled her heart.
  8. Aidan was thrilled with it.
  9. The mayor will be thrilled.
  10. Nidan was thrilled to have.
  11. But I was thrilled with joy.
  12. Your dad will be thrilled.
  13. But he was thrilled with it.
  14. I was thrilled at this gesture.
  15. Caris was thrilled for Gwenda.
  16. The President will be thrilled.
  17. But Jane was not that thrilled.
  18. She is thrilled to be in India.
  19. It was like a thrilled for her.
  20. And that’s what thrilled her.
  21. Your mother will be thrilled.
  22. Thrilled I stood up to hug him.
  23. Henry was thrilled Thomas showed.
  24. It thrilled her to see it there.
  25. We’re thrilled you could join.
  26. She was thrilled with their idea.
  27. He was thrilled with what he saw.
  28. I was thrilled, but said nothing.
  29. Mitali and Munmi thrilled with joy.
  30. Thrilled through and proved us one.
  31. When I heard that, I was thrilled.
  32. YES! My inner goddess is thrilled.
  33. He was thrilled with his purchase.
  34. They are thrilled about hiring me.
  35. Candace was thrilled with her gift.
  36. She had never seen David so thrilled.
  37. I was so thrilled for her and Charl.
  38. Rancor was thrilled that he had Oak.
  39. They were thrilled when they saw it.
  40. Be thrilled that you won’t have to.
  41. Their parents were thrilled and the.
  42. I Was Thrilled – They offered Me a.
  43. They were thrilled to see the scenes.
  44. When I heard I was thrilled with joy.
  45. How this phrase thrilled through me!.
  46. Lana was thrilled to see me, as usual.
  47. Everyone seemed thrilled with the idea.
  48. He was thrilled: ―Golly, nobody in.
  49. The bustle of Main Street thrilled her.
  50. I was absolutely thrilled to have been.
  51. I know I am not thrilled with the idea.
  52. Dylan will be thrilled to hear that.
  53. Ugh, could she look any more thrilled?
  54. I was thrilled at how both books turned.
  55. I am thrilled that you two are together.
  56. She laughed, thrilled with the admission.
  57. Commodore C-64 and was thrilled with its.
  58. Eugene and the queen were not so thrilled.
  59. We’re thrilled you’re here, Officer.
  60. The entire team wasn’t thrilled with me.
  61. I wasn‘t really thrilled because I was.
  62. The kids were thrilled with the ambulance.
  63. I was so thrilled that I started to babble.
  64. Yeah, she's thrilled, Chevalier said.
  65. I was thrilled that I would meet my family.
  66. As always their wiry strength thrilled her.
  67. I was so happy to see you thrilled 215.
  68. Again Tony was thrilled with the new baby!.
  69. Cassius would be thrilled by their reports.
  70. They would be thrilled, I was sure of that.
  71. Una's heart thrilled with secret exultation.
  72. I am thrilled for your prospects of success.
  73. Nathan would be thrilled if I told him this.
  74. Of course, his wife Hedda had been thrilled.
  75. Really, to tell the truth, we were thrilled.
  76. She thrilled at the touch of this creature.
  77. Above them, flying in circles, Flivi thrilled.
  78. His whole being thrilled at the sight of them.
  79. He thrilled and angered her at the same time.
  80. He did fail, and we were secretly thrilled.
  81. The palm trees and mountains thrilled Thomas.
  82. She was happy and I was thrilled to see that.
  83. Hamburger Mary's, both of them thrilled to be.
  84. I would be more than honored and thrilled to.
  85. Bakyt was proud and thrilled with my pregnancy.
  86. It thrilled her each time she thought about it.
  87. Homer was thrilled to see his old friend again.
  88. I am not too thrilled about a five-hour flight.
  89. We’ll see how thrilled she is after the game.
  90. I was thrilled with that car: it was a Pontiac.
  91. They were humble and thrilled in equal measure.
  92. Against her will, she was thrilled to the core.
  93. She rereads it, absolutely thrilled with herself.
  94. She watched, thrilled, as he took out his purse.
  95. You don't sound all that thrilled and excited.
  96. The family were thrilled it was a dream for them.
  97. Relax, they were obviously thrilled that we came.
  98. Thomas thrilled any stories Encarnacion told of.
  99. Ellington wasn’t thrilled about hopping aboard.
  100. The Speaker of the House’s spouse is thrilled!.
  1. It's what thrills me about you.
  2. Feel the thrills of whole universe.
  3. Thrills with an impulse thrice intense.
  4. Thrills of finding a way to remove his memory.
  5. Then it was on to the next restore and more thrills.
  6. All were full of stir thrills and overwhelm with joy.
  7. But I cannot conceal that your lovemaking thrills me.
  8. How can one touch send thrills all the way through me?
  9. Anything except laughter and thrills doesn’t look good.
  10. One of the big thrills in the United States is day trading.
  11. The thrills of joy and thrills of pain are undistinguishable.
  12. Just like he always said—five minutes of panic and thrills.
  13. Gay pubs, clubs, and sex provided him with thrills of a different kind.
  14. This was one of the prime thrills of Douglas's eleven-year-old life span.
  15. This was one of the prime thrills of Douglas’s eleven-year-old life span.
  16. It charged Me through and through with thrills as We proceeded to the stream.
  17. You promised thrills and excitement on this vacation, said Mike to her parents.
  18. This time, shaking the cart for thrills or making out was the last thing on my mind.
  19. It thrills when a man is truly in love with his wife, when a man is proud of his wife.
  20. He lived for the thrills of battle—and embraced its horrors as gifts from the Lady too.
  21. The only real problem was that he missed the thrills, the adrenaline punch, the constant action.
  22. Mahoney liked to call this drill five minutes of panic and thrills, but I always dreaded it.
  23. I have taken to humming happy tunes so as to drive off the terror that thrills me, to little avail.
  24. In the music of the harp which trembles round the world it is the insisting on this which thrills us.
  25. The less you get paid by the stock market in thrills and spills, the more you will earn at it in cash.
  26. It was the absolute highlight of my ‘serious’ acting career, and the memory still thrills a little.
  27. Anne, with her soul full of romantic thrills, had no attention to spare just then for a crop-eared pussy cat.
  28. I also knew that most jobs are routine; mainly drudgery, punctuated by short moments of thrills and accomplishment.
  29. He gave her a peck on the cheek that gave her more thrills than she had had in the last four years and then stood up.
  30. He knew they weren’t underage, and didn’t care how they got their thrills, but he was too old to change prejudices.
  31. Perhaps the crying infant awakened some protective instinct lying dormant within her, and she thrills at this realization.
  32. Zalisha felt thrills coursing through her at the hearing of the completion of what she had so desperately hoped and prayed for.
  33. Besides, in time, the fear of exposure, imparts dullness to their sense of excitement, and that robs them of the thrills on the frills.
  34. The upward flow of his lines and the flame-like flicker of his light masses thrills one in much the same way as watching a flaring fire.
  35. It almost feels as if he has me pegged in every possible way, and the thought both thrills me senseless and frightens me out of my mind.
  36. Thrills and waves of pleasure shot out through her inner thighs and down to her ankles, upwards from her mound to her stomach and breasts.
  37. She was getting the thrills she had pined for with a vengeance, now that her freedom, her future, were to be colored by the issue of the race.
  38. You may have had fun and thrills during the relatively brief duration of your lifetime, but when the day of judgment rolls around you are in big trouble.
  39. And even though he delighted in giving us the detailed thrills of his sexual cock to cunt nightly feast, I could sense he was seeing her differently already.
  40. There she rested on the water, a blur of black—huge, mysterious, awe-inspiring—and yet withal a thing to send thrills of pity and then of admiration through the beholder.
  41. Before she could answer his sensuous lips were against her own again, stifling her words and sending thrills coursing down through her body that threatened to set her on fire.
  42. I stopped going to the club since I was not shopping around for transient thrills and, with a girlfriend of mine, went to dressmaking classes because fashion always interested me.
  43. The sense of Pure Wonder is the ultimate drug, the ultimate high, the ultimate rush, the ultimate thrill: which makes all other segmented, split up, imbalanced thrills pale in comparison.
  44. If you are bored with planned vacations to places with tourist attractions in the cities and always seek thrills as a traveler, there is nothing to beat the experience of visiting the Jenolan caves.
  45. The easy thrills that come from social media sites, emails, cell phones, I-pods is so absorbing that even a few minutes without them seems killing – this empty space is called boredom these days.
  46. For aught she knew, his vessel might already have reached New York—he might be that blessed moment on his way to Harmouth! The thought sent little thrills of happiness bounding through her veins.
  47. Dashwood rejected any but thrilling tales, and as thrills could not be produced except by harrowing up the souls of the readers, history and romance, land and sea, science and art, police records and lunatic asylums, had to be ransacked for the purpose.
  48. The thought, as unexpected and warranted as it seems to be, thrills her to no end, so it is with haste that she begins to run forward, that her Mary Jane’s click beneath her feet, that her dirty robin’s-egg-blue dress shifts about her knees and her hair swings side to side like a monkey in a playpen.
  49. The fact that he could, without any sense of restraint, rather with a feeling of intimacy that sent delirious thrills along his veins, be with Jacqueline as one sharing her mood and interest so surely that he turned to silence in preference to words, placed, as it were, a bewitching perspective to his love.
  50. If you think it incredible that to imagine Lydgate as a man of family could cause thrills of satisfaction which had anything to do with the sense that she was in love with him, I will ask you to use your power of comparison a little more effectively, and consider whether red cloth and epaulets have never had an influence of that sort.
  51. The more engulfed in one's Inner Universe, the more one exists in a state of normality, the less curiosity one possesses about the outer world, the less desire to grow and change, the more numbed and desensitized ones sensibilities become, the greater ones state of boredom, the greater ones need for distraction, entertainment, artificial excitement, vicarious thrills.
  52. The long howl thrills me through! Peace! ye revellers, and set the watch! Oh, life! 'tis in an hour like this, with soul beat down and held to knowledge,—as wild, untutored things are forced to feed—Oh, life! 'tis now that I do feel the latent horror in thee! but 'tis not me! that horror's out of me! and with the soft feeling of the human in me, yet will I try to fight ye, ye grim, phantom futures! Stand by me, hold me, bind me, O ye blessed influences!.
  53. As on the peak of passion’s flow one thrills,.
  54. Each moment and whatever happens thrills me with joy,.

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