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Throw numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I WANTED to throw up.
  2. Throw it to the cat.
  3. Throw her on the bed.
  4. I throw things at him.

  6. I had to throw you.
  7. Only one pound a throw.
  8. Throw on the next reel.
  9. But she did throw the.
  10. That was a lucky throw.
  11. I would throw the ball.
  12. Throw them away, my dear.
  13. I didn't throw the match.
  14. They can throw off your.
  15. Like it was a soft throw.

  16. I could throw it in there.
  17. Elfric would throw me out.
  18. So throw off the bowlines.
  19. Throw out all that would.
  20. No one can throw the put.
  21. I throw the Runner to him.
  22. We should throw it back.
  23. And throw away the rubbish.
  24. Why would you throw her?
  25. He proceeded to throw his.

  26. Why throw it at her?
  27. You should throw it away.
  28. The boys would throw a few.
  29. He said, Throw it, O Moses.
  30. If you just throw the word.
  31. Here, take this and throw it.
  32. I throw what’s left of my.
  33. Most churches would throw a.
  34. Cooper would have him throw.
  35. Did it throw you off?
  36. That would surely throw off.
  37. Should I throw them out?
  39. On the others I only throw a.
  40. I remembered my winning throw.
  41. Throw your things in the back.
  42. Throw of five Atlas stones.
  43. I’ll throw it over there.
  44. We’ll throw a party later.
  45. Let me throw the old one away.
  46. Throw him into this pit that.
  47. The Lord told Moses to throw.
  48. She saw Libuse throw her spear.
  49. Throw this man in the dungeons.
  50. What man could ever throw away.
  51. I can afford to throw it about.
  52. Don’t throw up on the cake.
  53. I wanted to throw a book at him.
  54. I’d aim and then throw very.
  55. You are about to throw it away.
  56. Throw in a bit of this and that.
  57. It will cover you up and throw.
  58. It seemed to throw a light on M.
  59. They threatened to throw it off.
  60. Don’t throw that in my face.
  61. He's just trying to throw us off.
  62. I’ve a mind to throw ye out.
  63. Throw her medicines in the trash.
  64. Throw away the contents next day.
  65. When they start to pop throw in.
  67. When I die and they throw me out.
  68. Ever throw a cat at the ceiling?
  69. Don’t throw cats at the ceiling.
  70. Never throw water away after use.
  71. I throw my arm over my eyes again.
  72. You throw the dice: there are two.
  73. They had no weapons to throw down.
  74. If the answer is no, throw it out.
  75. He is not going to throw you away.
  76. Yo, will you throw the ball back?
  77. Can someone throw me my rope?
  78. It was going to throw it at the M.
  79. I thought I was going to throw up.
  80. Why would he throw it away?
  81. So throw down those mooring lines.
  82. I throw the stick shift in reverse.
  83. Now I am going to throw you into.
  84. Angela begged her to throw it out.
  85. The sight nearly made her throw up.
  86. Last time I throw out a pity fuck.
  87. To throw me down into the trenches.
  88. When in doubt, simply throw it out.
  89. I will throw it at her face!.
  90. Don't want it they throw it at you.
  91. Dar decided to throw his weight in.
  92. I hope you don’t throw me off.
  93. Highest throw of a playing card.
  94. Mom said I could throw them away.
  95. What did the sea throw up, dear?
  96. Throw grey-blue shadows on the ocean.
  97. And when the guys started to throw.
  98. I made that two hundred quid a throw.
  99. Suddenly, I got the urge to throw up.
  100. They just waste it or throw it away.
  1. I heard her throwing a fit.
  2. Just throwing it out there.
  3. That, and throwing lots of.
  4. Ingrid felt like throwing up.
  5. Throwing a look to the window.
  6. Throwing a ball with one hand.
  7. Then throwing down the pen:—.
  8. Throwing himself on me like a.
  9. Throwing the old weenie to you?
  10. They were throwing rocks at the.
  11. Corey was now throwing another fit.
  12. O'Connor, throwing the end of his.
  13. That is, until I was throwing out.
  14. Throwing everything out of balance.
  15. I started throwing punches at Jumbo.
  16. The sea throwing foam against rocks.
  17. He wasnt throwing me out of his van.
  18. The men throwing over their sheaths.
  19. Jaggers, throwing his finger at them.
  20. Throwing caution aside, he hugged her.
  21. Frank was ecstatic, throwing his head.
  22. He stopped throwing stones and knelt.
  23. When you insulted him by throwing the.
  24. She was throwing dirty looks at Sahana.
  25. I was always throwing curves at my boys.
  26. Minho did, throwing it at the same spot.
  27. It’s like throwing a stone in a pond.
  28. James throwing up every inch of the way.
  29. He had a good throwing arm for his age.
  30. Obeast was no stranger to throwing rocks.
  31. Not throwing all our cards on the table.
  32. Throwing a ball overhead with two hands.
  33. A throwing knife thudded into his chest.
  34. Throwing it in the trash is a great idea.
  35. They stopped throwing torches after that.
  36. They took off, throwing up mud and stones.
  37. I felt like he was just throwing me away.
  38. And basically throwing open the Mexican.
  39. Throwing away plastic bottles; is common.
  40. Who’s throwing them? she squealed.
  41. I stall by busying myself with throwing.
  42. The sun's last beam its radiance throwing.
  43. Throwing all caution aside, he beat at it.
  44. It’s just an idea I’m throwing around.
  45. Life is constantly throwing us curve balls.
  46. Throwing them up in the air to catch them.
  47. Oaks when you were mad and throwing things.
  48. Throwing in with these people was another.
  49. Something about throwing cats off the roof.
  50. Hoyle the card thrower kept throwing cards.
  51. It's you he is throwing at now, not us.
  52. She asked me if I heard her throwing a fit.
  53. Did throwing the rock do something?
  54. Diggory’s stone throwing, he turned round.
  55. Do you always carry the clear throwing.
  56. Blame Megan for throwing a party like this.
  57. But – and, I’m just throwing this out.
  58. Preeti huffed throwing her hands in the air.
  59. I don’t want you throwing things at me.
  60. Throwing open the door, Ravan stepped inside.
  61. At least he’s not throwing things about.
  62. She knows that I contemplated throwing out.
  63. And, she was always throwing fours and tens.
  64. Two grown-ups throwing things at each other.
  65. Standing and throwing a ball with two hands.
  66. Standing in step stance and throwing a ball.
  67. Volcanoes will erupt, throwing ash into the.
  68. He did it again, throwing all of his weight.
  69. Berlin was only throwing two lines over the.
  70. He was throwing stones with other schoolboys.
  71. She had not stopped throwing up since about.
  72. If a horse has a habit of throwing fits then.
  73. Throwing open the door, she burst into tears.
  74. She stormed off, throwing her hands in the air.
  75. Babs nodded throwing Jose a provocative glance.
  76. He was throwing its content all over the room.
  77. Jai felt like throwing his goblet at the wall.
  78. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you.
  79. Ho! he is a child again, throwing rose petals.
  80. She couldn’t help throwing in one last shot.
  81. One of the Gorn responded by throwing a spear.
  82. Halfshaft stopped throwing, his task completed.
  83. Now, you throwing tantrums is not help–’.
  84. Throwing her head back, she said, Yes, yes.
  85. O, there has been much throwing about of brains.
  86. The throwing of fear into witness and suspects.
  87. I knew Fundy when we were kids throwing papers.
  88. It didn’t matter who did the throwing or why.
  89. Walking up there in the gown, throwing the cap.
  90. Mother! He burst into tears, throwing his.
  91. Jillian closed her eyes throwing her head back.
  92. Score one for her for throwing him off balance.
  93. He said throwing that card back at me, I sighed.
  94. Sutikshna used to pluck the fruits by throwing.
  95. The United States government is throwing money.
  96. Axe throwing is not only allowed but encouraged.
  97. Throwing things near her but not exactly at her.
  98. Asshole, what's this I hear about you throwing.
  99. Miller started throwing in the reserve supplies.
  100. Better have this,’ he said, throwing a thick.
  1. She has thrown me out.
  2. Fate had thrown at them.
  3. You can get thrown clear.
  4. F flat has thrown at you.
  5. He was pushed and thrown.
  6. He was thrown into the pit.
  7. Alex is thrown for a moment.
  8. Cyrus Walters had thrown it.
  9. Nothing had been thrown out.
  10. Then I was thrown in prison.
  11. I was thrown into confusion.
  12. The crew was thrown forwards.
  13. It was all breath thrown away.
  14. Thrown against a bulkhead I.
  15. My shirt was thrown back on.
  16. Thrown away, I suppose, by.
  17. I was thrown across the room.
  18. He had thrown everything away.
  19. We are thrown rather together.
  20. They shall all be thrown down.
  21. Their formation was thrown off.
  22. They should all be thrown out.
  23. This was thrown back, however.
  24. She had just thrown Steve out.
  25. Leif was thrown from his horse.
  26. As I was thrown out of My chair.
  28. And the great dragon was thrown.
  29. As if she’s thrown for a loss.
  30. He was thrown out at third base.
  31. The thrown apple slapped my hand.
  32. Patches had thrown a hissing fit.
  33. The questions she had thrown at.
  34. Being thrown out on the street;.
  35. What if it had been thrown out?
  36. I must have thrown twenty spreads.
  37. They had been the ones thrown out.
  38. That I've already thrown back up.
  39. I told him I’d thrown it away.
  40. Elam was thrown back on the grass.
  41. Alaska has thrown its worst at us.
  42. I was thrown into some kind of car.
  43. I got pregnant and was thrown out.
  44. Immensity seemed thrown open there.
  45. They have thrown us of the library.
  46. He will be thrown into the Crusher.
  47. French pronunciation had thrown him.
  48. He was thrown back onto the sands.
  49. A lot of food is thrown or dropped.
  50. Troy was almost thrown off his feet.
  51. Would get thrown out of court fast.
  52. There wasn’t anything thrown in.
  53. He was kicked, stomped on and thrown.
  54. I might have thrown it in your face.
  55. We should have thrown you a party.
  56. This is how Satan is thrown out of.
  57. The windows had been thrown open to.
  58. I'd just assumed she'd thrown it away.
  59. He knew who'd thrown that basketball.
  60. I mean – I couldn’t have thrown.
  61. These two were thrown alive into the.
  62. But I didn't see anything thrown in.
  63. Nooo, the woman answered, thrown.
  64. They were thrown into pau-pers' grave.
  65. Or they can be thrown into a chicken.
  67. David was thrown into a state of shock.
  68. I could have thrown you out, McDonald.
  69. This time, the pillow was thrown at me.
  70. Mike hadn't thrown them out after all.
  71. Her own mother had thrown water at her.
  72. They been thrown out of their homes?
  73. He didn’t run off, he was thrown off.
  74. He knew who’d thrown that basketball.
  75. Soon the Mexicans were thrown back in.
  76. The huge dragon was thrown out---that.
  77. The doors of the sky are thrown open to.
  78. He had regularly thrown rocks at trolls.
  79. Breath out, breath in, thrown down again.
  80. I now remembered why I'd thrown it away.
  81. Son and has thrown HIS lot in with Islam.
  82. Gwenda felt herself thrown to the ground.
  83. I could see they felt as thrown as I did.
  84. And once again I'd been thrown into the.
  85. The whole court was thrown into confusion.
  86. The terrible boots were thrown out with.
  87. He had not thrown himself to either side.
  88. Robert had thrown aside his coat and was.
  89. Then he had the vase thrown into the sea.
  90. Gould reappeared, having thrown over her.
  91. I have already thrown both garrottes away.
  92. Fatherhood and motherhood are thrown away.
  93. His suit jacket was thrown onto the couch.
  94. Clearly the gauntlet had been thrown down.
  95. Ravens played on the cold air thrown down.
  96. The clip was thrown down immediately after.
  97. He’s pissed off when no flags are thrown.
  98. If I fail, he may have me thrown in prison.
  100. Brunner … and the sword he had thrown me.
  1. He throws up a hand.
  2. He throws his arm out.
  3. He throws his head back.
  4. That throws me a little.
  5. If the stock throws a.
  6. He throws his pillow at her.
  7. Cherrie throws him his pants.
  8. Pitcher, throws to the Red b.
  9. The Old Lady Who Throws Dice.
  10. It throws more money at them.
  12. Every time the horse throws.
  13. He throws the dice, seven.
  14. Christina throws a roll at him.
  15. The officer throws up his hands.
  16. Who throws the greatest party?
  17. He then throws the ball to Mike.
  18. The free throws, said Kurt.
  19. The action throws me off balance.
  20. The toilet throws a shadow on it.
  21. Jasper was real good at free throws.
  22. Slothfulness throws one into deep.
  23. That throws a wrench in his strategy.
  24. He counts six hands-worth of throws.
  25. Wool throws covered a straw mattress.
  26. This throws new light upon the matter.
  27. Selena throws a devastating look at me.
  28. She drains the teabag and throws it out.
  29. He throws his head back on the headrest.
  30. It’s the way she moves that throws him.
  31. In case she throws up, she won't choke.
  32. Grandpa throws his hand at him, Ahhhh.
  33. I watch Four’s arm as he throws a knife.
  34. Breaks or throws things to intimidate me.
  35. He drinks a lot, throws beer cans around.
  36. That's what throws you all off the scent.
  37. He throws, I know, over his shoulder.
  38. It never throws anything out, but it can.
  39. Jesus Throws Out Laborers into His Harvest.
  40. Everyone’s arms twitch, but nobody throws.
  41. He throws my coat and it lands softly on me.
  42. The next time he throws, I watch his stance.
  43. At some point, everyone throws in the towel.
  44. She comes to my bed and throws back the covers.
  45. You don’t need something that throws you up.
  46. Cherrie throws her snow boots in the back seat.
  47. Loki throws his legs over the edge of the couch.
  48. One of the boys throws the basketball to Mitch.
  49. Tánya throws a travelling inkstand on the table.
  50. He throws it into the forest and speaks toward.
  51. Pulls out drawers and throws the contents around.
  52. She wakes up, throws on her robe, opens the door.
  53. A third throws his hat in the air in excitement.
  54. The ice aster throws high her gossamer skirts.
  55. He picks up the child and throws it into the air.
  56. It throws the bombs out and helps clean the mind.
  57. He throws his half-burnt cigarette and stomps it.
  58. She throws out an arm, catching Alan in the chest.
  59. Nobody throws things at me and gets away with it.
  60. Was he? Was he cute? Dede throws another elbow.
  61. When somebody throws hate and anger at us, we must.
  62. What do you do if a blonde throws a pin at you?
  63. The Medicine Man throws his white staff into the fire.
  64. She throws herself onto an ornately upholstered sofa.
  65. She throws the note pad at the Caribbean looking guy.
  66. That’s anything except coin tosses and dice throws.
  67. She throws on a tatty pair of jeans and an old shirt.
  68. Day after tomorrow, he throws over his shoulder.
  69. Identify too where Conan Doyle throws in his problem.
  70. It is important with these overhead throws to really.
  71. Rapunzel sniffs and throws her arms around her mother.
  72. He grabs her by both arms and throws his weight on her.
  73. She throws more of their belongings out the front door.
  74. In her final throws, the dying girl batted a Sycler away.
  75. He throws the car into drive and heads back toward town.
  76. John picks up a book lying nearby, throws it at the wall.
  77. Devon grits his teeth and throws his foot onto the brake.
  78. Century throws him on his shoulder like a rug and heads.
  79. As we leave the room, Christian throws a sweatshirt at me.
  80. This is a strange chance that throws you and me together.
  81. The player who throws the highest score with the two dice.
  82. Whatever power of darkness that hell throws against us.
  83. Solitude rises to his full height and throws out his chest.
  84. Miles grabs the strap of his haversack and throws it over.
  85. At each landing a rushing blackness throws off his vision.
  86. At this ebele removes her mask and throws it on the floor.
  87. Will throws the axe upon the altar and rips the ceremonial.
  88. Miles kneels down and throws TK’s arm around the back of.
  89. He throws his hands up, as he yells, DON’T SHOOT!.
  90. Hey, Sade! She throws a stuffed octopus at her friend.
  91. The missile closes in on the rocketship, which throws off an.
  92. Throws a parcel on the table and puts the others into her box.
  93. She lifts the box up off the stage floor and throws it aside.
  94. Question: What do you do if a blonde throws a pin at you?
  95. She wriggles out of her tights and throws them onto the floor.
  96. That means you are at the mercy of whatever the market throws.
  97. Ren throws something disc shaped into a boxed cluster of cars.
  98. We just have to drop many, many things the system throws at us.
  99. The noise, like a creature in the throws of death, wailed again.
  100. He even throws stones with his left hand, observed a third.
  1. I threw it to him.
  2. I threw my arms up.
  3. He threw a GES at me.
  4. Ma threw a fit and.
  5. She threw him a kiss.
  6. But then he threw on.
  7. I wound up and threw.
  8. He threw a cup at me.
  9. I threw the ball back.
  10. Threw me to the earth.
  11. They threw us back in.
  12. He threw open the door.
  13. Rad threw up his hands.
  14. Newt threw his hands up.
  15. I threw myself on the.
  16. The police threw up a.
  17. She threw her arms up.
  18. I threw myself out of.
  19. He threw a long shadow.
  20. His horse threw a shoe.
  21. Haven threw up her hands.
  22. The foe threw spears too.
  23. I threw myself into my.
  24. He threw me back instead.
  25. She threw back the drink.
  26. He smiled and threw on.
  27. I think Mother threw it.
  28. I threw him out as well.
  29. Simon threw his hands up.
  30. The old witch threw a fit.
  31. Ananya threw up her hands.
  32. She threw the old spice.
  33. She threw a pillow at him.
  34. I threw it in the lake.
  35. Joey threw a jerky at it.
  36. He threw some notes and.
  37. But the rock he threw.
  38. Cleopas threw him the box.
  39. She threw the ball anyway.
  40. This briefly threw the U.
  41. But the horse threw me.
  42. Grandpa threw up his hands.
  43. They threw them in a pile.
  44. Barry threw a spade at him.
  45. He threw it to the ground.
  46. Kandras then threw him a.
  47. Rod threw him the matchbox.
  48. Hump threw up another hand.
  49. That threw me in his arms.
  50. Russell threw up his hands.
  51. He threw her a filthy look.
  52. So I turned and threw the.
  53. The pale yellow arm threw.
  54. She threw Cerberus the ball.
  55. He threw his cigarette away.
  56. He threw them on the floor.
  57. Say guy, you threw the.
  58. He threw his game on you.
  59. She then threw them to him.
  60. I threw it out the window.
  61. I threw it down in disgust.
  62. He turned it on and threw.
  63. Smith threw away the stick.
  64. Someone threw a ball at him.
  65. At that moment Bilbo threw.
  66. He threw himself into the.
  67. Stone threw up his hands.
  68. I rolled away and threw up.
  69. Aiden threw Liam on the bed.
  70. Joey threw the compass aside.
  71. He threw the bucket to the.
  72. I threw my arms around the.
  73. I threw back the bedclothes.
  74. And you threw it back at me.
  75. She threw her arms round him.
  76. He threw it into the dustbin.
  77. He threw dust at me and.
  78. I threw myself into the work.
  79. A second later he threw it.
  80. She threw her arms around me.
  81. I threw the newspaper at him.
  82. Aragorn threw back his cloak.
  83. And she threw the power of.
  84. He threw a tea towel at Eddie.
  85. He threw his glass down and.
  86. As a consolation, she threw.
  87. He threw the CDs on the floor.
  88. He threw his hand in the air.
  89. She threw the sabre to Titus.
  90. Together Harold and I threw.
  91. His ready agreement threw Cam.
  92. Then some one threw a rope!.
  93. I think father threw it away.
  94. They threw him a hateful look.
  95. She threw her arms around him.
  96. That’s when he threw a fit.
  97. They threw themselves upon me.
  98. He threw the phone on the seat.
  99. He threw in a shrug for effect.
  100. Thats why Jill threw him out.

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