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Tickle numa frase em (in ingles)

1. A trail of wet tickle on her.
2. Halfdan said, Stab it, don't tickle it.
3. I'll tickle his catastrophe, believe you me.
4. That’s a nasty tickle you’ve got there.
5. After about half a dozen dunks, the tickle was gone.
6. She laughed hysterically as I continued to tickle her.
7. That tickle was followed by a pulse, like a bolt of.

8. Think of the thunderous noises and the invasive tickle.
9. David Tickle, prepared to fly, I took a moment to reflect.
10. Tickle voiced the pre-G cadence and I initiated the Hick.
11. That gave me a tickle in the chest, Jon calling my place home.
12. I took only the oldest to leave the young ones to tickle your bears.
13. The trickle and tickle of the waterfall, enjoying all that thou art to me.
14. She continued to suck at his penis and tickle his testicles as he licked her.
15. Evans felt the tickle of tears in her throat as well as she watched the two of them.
16. And I think that’s where the beginnings of an idea began to tickle my subconscious.
17. Somebody watching from far away might have thought Locke was trying to tickle himself.
18. Louie was bending over Brooks when he felt a tickle on his shoulder, something dripping.
19. I mean, by the looks of it, Momma Bear didn’t come to tickle your tummy with her claws.
20. The crowd was giving us a warm reception, when a cold tickle ran up along the back of my neck.
21. Something about the tickle of lice on his skin rattled Louie more than anything he had yet encountered.
22. Members of Tickle are often with college education, professional and those who reside in large cities.
23. Muffled, far away, fading, she chanted on with a rustle, tick, tickle, tap, flourish of caliper hands.
24. It was to give you a story that would entertain, mystify, startle, and hopefully tickle your intuition.
25. The oxygen tubing around his ears tightened, causing the nasal cannula to tickle the inside of his nose.
26. I’ll tickle you! The child burst out in laughter, throwing her head back and laughing uncontrollably.
27. But when he smiled … Oh! Old ladies would cross the road to tickle his cheeks (he hated this, of course).
28. As Thomas drew, he started to feel a tickle of panic, a sick feeling that what they were doing was a complete waste of time.
29. There now, what is it? She attempted to tickle me under the chin while dribbling revolting baby noises through lipstick-smudged lips.
30. Sitting on the sofa between her grandmother and Gabriel, Jesse hid a smile when Gabriel’s fingers moved beneath hers to tickle her palm.
31. Whale with a harpoon hairpin, alligator tickle the small of his back and he sees the joke, chalk a circle for a rooster, tiger my eagle eye.
32. This tickling was both deaf and blind to anything but Laino's physical nearness, and it merely continued to tickle into the rest of her body.
33. He had a passion for it, and liked it for its own sake; he looked to this art for unnatural delights in order to tickle and excite his base soul.
34. Finally he placed the pitcher on the floor next to the tub and fumbled around beneath the water, making sure to caress and tickle parts of her body.
35. He’d had a tickle in his own throat a few weeks ago, which spoke to the promiscuity of the local microbes, but hadn’t let it ripen into this noisome hack.
36. When he tried to speak, the heavy patchouli odor became a tickle at the back of his throat, leading to a coughing fit, and then wheezing, and ultimately to the inhaler.
37. They might forget about winning… they might tend up treating each other so lovingly and tickle each other so much that… oops… there goes professional football: darn.
38. It seemed to tickle their fancy very much, that they had to buy a horse like free men, just as if it was for themselves and the money was to come out of their own pockets.
39. There was something about her that would make it impossible, however sportively disposed I might be; and besides, you must be very great friends before you begin to tickle.
40. Blazin’ suddenly swooped in on Bruiser and with a sparkle in his eyes and a tickle in his throat he said, Yo Dan the Man Bruiser, the snack shop over there has some pizza.
41. He dug his fingers into her, but didn’t tickle her, instead he somehow made his hands feel like warm oil was rubbed all over her sensitive toes, instep, arch, then her ankles.
42. Kathy squealed merrily, and though she was quick to dodge him, scooting from one side of the porch swing to the other, he was even quicker, and began to tickle her unmercifully.
43. Now we are either horrified or pretend to be horrified, though we really gloat over the spectacle, and love strong and eccentric sensations which tickle our cynical, pampered idleness.
44. When someone plants an idea in your head, like seed, and waters it with a bit of hope, expectations spring instantly, and grow, and tickle, and leave place in your mind for nothing else.
45. Besides…their metal cups are protection enough… and who wants to be penalized for trying to tickle someone’s metal cup? They’d be thrown off the field as wimp-fags, or dirty lecher-rapists.
46. He remembered how she used to jump up on his knees and hug him, and tickle his neck; and how she would laugh, regardless of his protests, and continue to tickle him, and kiss his lips, his eyes, and his cheeks.
47. He loved to have it lying between his great fore-feet, and would tickle it with the tip of his trunk for the pleasure of hearing it laugh, then pour dust upon it till it was buried, always being careful not to cover the face.
48. Having no idea how to respond, Con remained silent and watched Rex tickle his wife‘s swollen clitoris, making her laugh, then they both slithered into the water, surfacing on the other side of the pool to gaze in surprise at their audience.
49. Then who would be the easiest to tickle? Then any tickling on the insides of their thighs would make the biggest macho, homophobic idiots go nuts… then the professional teams would have no choice but to find layers who are the least ticklish.
50. As he strode up the half-empty pavement, past shops and parked cars that glowed luminously in the sunshine, shoppers passed him with friendly smiles, one young mother even encouraging him to stop and tickle her baby under its chubby little chin.
51. Certainly he had temporarily resided in more than that number of hotels over the years of his travelling and invariably they had provided him with the itch, cough and throat tickle that soon culminated in a full blown bout of sneezing and nasal embarrassment.
52. Her hair was done up with piles of curls pinned to the top of her head, a feat which took close to an hour to accomplish but, with the help of a few stray curls and strands that were left to tickle the back her neck, she looked as if the style was natural and unforced.
53. In most other parts of the ocean, however, where these fish do not so largely abound, their wondrous voracity can be at times considerably diminished, by vigorously stirring them up with sharp whaling-spades, a procedure notwithstanding, which, in some instances, only seems to tickle them into still greater activity.
54. As she looked and thought, the strangest fancies unexpectedly and disconnectedly passed through her mind: the idea occurred to her of jumping onto the edge of the box and singing the air the actress was singing, then she wished to touch with her fan an old gentleman sitting not far from her, then to lean over to Helene and tickle her.
55. As she looked and thought, the strangest fancies unexpectedly and disconnectedly passed through her mind: the idea occurred to her of jumping onto the edge of the box and singing the air the actress was singing, then she wished to touch with her fan an old gentleman sitting not far from her, then to lean over to Hélène and tickle her.
56. Was the real world the treetops? Was the real world the smell of a bass roasting on a winter night safe in a rickety shack whilst the wind howled outside? Was the real world the hot Smug on a summers day and the tickle of hookblossom as it brushed your skin? Did the real world have Extraneous Capital Letters to indicate holiness? It was a sad summation which gave Ambrosius the answer: nevermore.
57. How outrageous is that? How do I know that? And how do I know that yoga teachers have used a form of such distraction, not telepathic, in secret, for thousands of years? The students would meditate and concentrate and when the yoga teachers thought that the meditating students least expected it, they would sneak up on them, silently, and maybe tickle them behind the ear, ever so gently, with the tip of a feather.
58. Not even a tickle to my stomach, which would have come naturally,.
1. But I hate things tickling my ears.
2. I think I would prefer the tickling.
3. Only tickling of genitals would be penalized.
4. They quickly reached us and started tickling us.
5. The tickling sensation only added to the torture.
6. Don’t know, I said, this time tickling her.
7. He grinned, as if he were tickling, not choking her.
8. Something was moving under Elliot, tickling his knees.
9. He lay still, with tiny bits of snow tickling his face.
10. That tickling in her stomach was not to be misinterpreted.
11. Claire felt a tickling sensation at the base of her throat.
12. The tickling continued and he realised he was fully erect.
13. Then Sue launched herself to lay on me and started tickling me.
14. At first it fell gently, tickling their faces on the way down.
15. Was it wind in the trees? The gentlest of tickling on his penis.
16. He turned to face me with a smile tickling the corners of his mouth.
17. He was aware of a faint smell of coconut, and her hair tickling his chin.
18. In turn, there was the slight tickling in the stomach like a raging fire.
19. He started tickling the boy and while Ben was screaming with laughter Mrs.
20. Away from that tickling in her stomach which he cause just by being there.
21. His touch was light, almost tickling as he caressed her breasts, her thighs.
22. Christine laughed joyously and hugged the dog, his soft fur tickling her face.
23. She could hear him moan softly, close to her ear, his breath tickling her neck.
24. He stopped before a pine tree and pressed his nose close to its tickling branches.
25. Her head dropped back as she moved, her long hair tickling his shins as she arched.
26. Cass playfully offends her as he continues laughing, Stop tickling me girly!.
27. As though someone had injected itching powder under the skin and was tickling it too.
28. As Thomas followed, he struggled to figure out what was tickling the back of his mind.
29. She claimed to have liked tickling the ivories, but stopped after junior Doug Green.
30. All of the items on the floor flew up into the air around me, swirling and tickling me.
31. Ingrid had gone back to tickling Benjamin; she stopped at hearing these words from Rowena.
32. You want to be the love interest? Garcia asked and grabbed at her hips, tickling her.
33. Her body moved easily against his again as she pointed, her hair tickling his face as she.
34. This annoyed me, for Charlotte was the last person in the world I would think of tickling.
35. Each of these little tickling arrows must have pleased my father, added Albert with a laugh.
36. I'm more than up to it thank you he said tickling my love handles on my hips making me giggle.
37. A faint lavender scent blew up and around him, a thick mass of raven-coloured hair tickling his jaw.
38. All you have to do is change the song in your head, Ray said, tickling the simulated ivory keys.
39. His lips were soft, grazing, tickling hers, and then increasing in intensity as she responded to him.
40. A cool breeze came out of the forest, tickling leaves and sending a few spiraling out before the wagon.
41. Her heart skipped a beat and she felt a known heat in her cheeks and that special tickling in her stomach.
42. To think of a rescue, she began tickling her, probably the best way to end such police-like interrogation.
43. Nope, that’s just molecules tickling some nerve ends and scooting upward from there into your grey matter.
44. We’d escaped our watchers and were having a tickling match, but then a man came out of the woods with a bow.
45. She made her own monster noise in return and began tickling his belly, which caused the boy to shriek with glee.
46. She keeps having to tell him to lie still and she suspects that she's tickling him and he just refuses to admit it.
47. The gentle summer night’s breeze flitted through Aspen’s hair, tickling her cheek on which a single tear rested.
48. At some time, somewhere in all of the light touching, brushing, tickling, Caitlin had taken her jeans and blouse off.
49. Giggling uproariously as he soundly trounced her with his tickling fingers, Kathy gaspingly and laughingly confessed….
50. Then she felt a set of long whiskers tickling her cheek and saw the cold daylight coming in through the mouth of the cave.
51. The first thing that came to his attention as the teal eyes folded open was the fact that something was tickling his nose.
52. Sparse, tall grass grew along the side of the road, occasionally tickling Daphne’s arms and legs as it danced in the wind.
53. His small but seductive eyes and hairy chest could send one million tickling messages to the brain cells of any normal woman.
54. Nanny was seated with a Napie in her lap, they were playing together, she was tickling the Napie and the Napie was giggling away.
55. I was still having a hard time believing all this shit, but the dollar signs and possible movie deals kept tickling my curiosity.
56. Bephistoles snapped a spry little rune that Aesa recognized and dispatched with ease, the Truth Tell tickling his palm as he quenched it.
57. Hal’s feet, which were still bare except for the curious stick-on soles, felt a comfortable tingling, tickling sensation as he walked.
58. What is more, he took his glove and began tickling the crocodile's nose with it, wishing, as he said afterwards, to induce him to snort.
59. Then the tickling stopped, changed, and Micaiah begun to feel a kind of painless heat in the spot where the Oogie’s finger was circling.
60. This tickling was both deaf and blind to anything but Laino's physical nearness, and it merely continued to tickle into the rest of her body.
61. Amidst the desperation to be released and get away from him, came that little tickling in her stomach and send sparks out into her whole body.
62. As unpleasant as it may sound, postnasal drip occurs when congestion drains down an allergy sufferer’s throat, sometimes causing a tickling.
63. Slowly he explored her folds, his tongue teasing and tickling her, building a heat deep within her belly as she felt her limbs begin to catch fire.
64. The strand hung there for a second, before she realized, then she pulled it out, Ben picturing the noodle still half down her throat, tickling its way up.
65. The tickling fluid caused a small coughing fit, at the end of which a large pool of thick crimson blood lay between his legs, on the floor in front of him.
66. The perspiration on his brow ran down his nose and dripped onto the table, but he was too consumed by his narrative to even notice or feel the tickling sensation.
67. It felt as if he had just walked through a spider web and his nerve endings were firing as if there were still tangles of silk tickling his face, his nose, and neck.
68. She was not sleeping, but lay, her coat under her head, with wide-open eyes, and with difficulty retaining in her throat the tickling, gurgling phlegm, so as not to cough.
69. She smiled and opened her eyes and stretched under the oak tree with the damp sleeping bag beneath her head and her own hair tickling the sides of her face with the gentle breeze.
70. And none more grotesque than this thing named Witch Gypsy Reader-of-Dust, tickling, that's what! just tickling the air! Fool! Didn't she know what she was doing! He opened his mouth.
71. Before she quite knew what he was about, he had bent and He had her hands in both of his and, as always, there was something hot and vital and kissed her cheek, his mustache tickling her.
72. Just when I had revived these long-forgotten feelings in my memory, I felt a pleasant tickling in the center of the solar plexus, spreading in different directions with light winding streams.
73. The three animals twitched and flicked their tails, reminding the small birds on their backs they knew they were there but were prepared to tolerate their tickling dances as they sought insects among the coarse hairs.
74. How can you get insulted at someone tickling you at an inappropriate spot, if that is the entire point of the game? Those whoever loses their tempers, or has too much macho pride… would be cut quickly from the team.
75. He stared at the house for several minutes from the shelter of a hedge, panic rising in his chest and throat until he could bear it no longer and cycled away, tailbone tickling as if the bats of hell were overtaking him.
76. I have a wonderful sense memory: of all the times over the years you’ve leaned in to my ear—I can feel your breath tickling my lobe, right now, as I’m writing this—and whispered something just to me, just to make me laugh.
77. Cirila, a tiny fairy, of ethereal and sweet features and abundant golden hair, whose delicate and translucent wings were fluttering to a side of the loin tickling it, had already begun to withdraw the dust that was covering its magic pages.
78. Then who would be the easiest to tickle? Then any tickling on the insides of their thighs would make the biggest macho, homophobic idiots go nuts… then the professional teams would have no choice but to find layers who are the least ticklish.
79. Patting him two or three times on the cheek, tickling him two or three times, playing with him for a few seconds in this way while his victim stood rigid and beside himself with fury to the no little diversion of the young men standing round, Mr.
80. Then one day as she was bending over him trying to extract a smile by an elaborate tickling of his naked ribs she caught his eye, and instantly she jerked back and stared down at him in dismay, for she had had the sudden horrid conviction that what she was tickling was her mother-in-law.
81. Brooke in arranging "documents" about hanging sheep-stealers, was exemplifying the power our minds have of riding several horses at once by inwardly arranging measures towards getting a lodging for himself in Middlemarch and cutting short his constant residence at the Grange; while there flitted through all these steadier images a tickling vision of a sheep-stealing epic written with Homeric particularity.
82. Yet now I ask: what could be more curious and strange than the Cycle of Child-bearing, the Phases of Pregnancy? There is, for instance, the First Phase, when one wishes to quite undo the Babe, because one feels its Presence as an Invasion at one’s very Centre; then the Second, when one feels the first delicate Stirrings of Life within (as if the Tail of a tiny Mermaid had brusht against one’s Heart and all one’s Inner Being were a gentle Sea with small Waves lapping); then the Third, when the Child grows bigger and ’tis very like a Puppy wiggling, tickling, e’en licking within; then the Fourth, when it grows the Size of a great Melon and causes one to make Water four Times an Hour, and indeed wakes up just when one lyes down to sleep, and falls to sleep just when one walks or rides or goes abroad; then the Fifth Phase, when the Child becomes a true Burden, heavier under the Heart than Lead and yet, for all its cumbrous Weight, more lov’d as well (for now it seems real rather than fanciful to the Mother and so she can better bear the Discomfort of its Heaviness); and then the Sixth Phase, when the Mother begins to grow immobile, fearful of Death in Childbed, (with Nights full of Dreams of Monsters, and Days full of Dreams of Childbirth Horrors); then the Seventh, when the Pregnancy grows long as the longest Day of Summer and the Mother forgets she hath e’er been slender of Form or will e’er be again, and ev’ry Step is an Effort not to make Water by Chance in the Street, and ev’ry Motion causes Pain and ev’ry Night is sleepless (because turn as she will this way and that, the Child cannot be accommodated whilst it kicks her Lungs and butts its bony Head against her Bowels); and then the Eighth Phase, the Phase of Immense Impatience and Weariness, when she believes the Child will ne’er be born (and she is glad, for then she may not dye but only endure Pregnancy for all Eternity!); and then the Ninth Phase, when the Moon is full as a Bladder of pale Wine, and the Sea glows with its rotund Reflection and the Mother fears Death more than e’er before; and then, at last, the Tenth Phase, when the Waters break and the Pains begin, slowly at first, and then tumultuous; and she knows she has no Choyce now, but must give birth or burst; for she cannot turn back, cannot take another Road thro’ the Forest, another Canal to the Sea, and she, like her Babe, is pusht headlong into the Dance of Life and Death, turning, whirling, moaning, writhing; and whether she shall live or dye she does not know, but the Pain grows so terrible at the Last that, i’faith, she does not e’en care!.
1. The mayor is tickled by it.
2. The bubbles tickled my skin.
3. His feather tickled my nose.
4. Would’ve tickled you for that.
5. It tickled and she chilled lightly.
6. Her hair tickled Merthin’s cheek.
7. His reply tickled the king’s humour.
8. Her free, fine curls tickled his face.
9. After the study Tim tickled Cindy as.
10. His breath tickled her ear as he talked.
11. Tiny waves tickled under Jezzie’s chin.
12. It always tickled me how the Devils who had.
13. The early shows that tickled our fancy toed.
14. Nah, she’ll probably be tickled about it.
15. A crop, clenched in one hand, tickled a boot-top.
16. In a laugh, he picked a straw and tickled her nose.
17. Frodo had a good voice, and the song tickled their fancy.
18. It was sweet but potent and the bubbles tickled her palate.
19. When Fiona held her arms up, Joshua tickled her in the ribs.
20. Something in his throat tickled, and he coughed a few times.
21. Lee slipped his hand under her top and tickled her ribs again.
22. Countess will be plum tickled pretty to see the prize that.
23. At first it tickled, causing her to almost pull her hand away.
24. The floor boards vibrated and tickled her legs as she tried to.
25. This game only tickled that insect lust I cherished in my soul.
26. The perfume of Sari’s sleeping body again tickled his nostrils.
27. As they approached the forest, Elowen’s nostrils tickled with.
28. Nothing like a cold nose, huh, Torie? he laughed and tickled.
29. His fingers tickled the wooden pipe as the snake rose even higher.
30. The back of her throat tickled and she found it painful to swallow.
31. Hee-hee-hee, she laughed as the grit of his beard tickled her.
32. The bristles tickled Veronique’s ass and made her twitch violently.
33. Faith did fancy it, and it tickled her so much that she had to laugh.
34. He tugged on the bear’s eyelids and tickled the inside of its nose.
35. His thinsocked ankles were tickled by the stubble of Clongowes field.
36. He tickled us and watched as we performed dance routines and cartwheels.
37. It didn’t make me dizzy; the psychedelic seas caressed and tickled me.
38. Warm hands rested on my shoulders and Adrian’s breath tickled my cheek.
39. Howie had always had a soft spot for his Uncle Tom, and would be tickled.
40. Patricia smiled tenderly at John and tickled his nose with her right index.
41. I am a nervous man, and the shrewdness of your observations has tickled me.
42. It tickled in her stomach and she was fully attentive on Laino at her side.
43. Sometimes intuition tickled like a spider crawling along the back of my neck.
44. He tickled the ivories, and it was more than music to my ears… it was home.
45. She reached out and tickled his chin, his fur felt warm and incredibly soft.
46. Father Conmee walked through Clongowes fields, his thinsocked ankles tickled.
47. But to my surprise, in the middle of my pain and confusion something tickled.
48. From the sound of Elenir's voice, she's pretty tickled with her team's results.
49. The curly hairs of his chest tickled my nose so I moved my hand to lay between us.
50. Fear tickled at the back of my neck, but I pushed it away and focused on the love.
51. Then the wicked sprite laughed till he almost choked, for all this tickled his fancy.
52. They had been tickled by her arrival earlier, and now the one-eyed man called out:.
53. She was tickled pink when Fiza told her she would be coming to visit for the summer.
54. He groaned as the pleasing taste tickled the back of his throat and soothed his senses.
55. As the intensity of his gaze tickled her senses, she felt insensibly drawn towards him.
56. The smell of freshly cut grass tickled Nicole's nose causing her to sneeze, an act that.
57. He was immensely tickled by his own adventures and laughed heartily as he recounted them.
58. She even tickled her tongue around the ring to help with lubrication but it would not come.
59. Thank you for making it easier, he said, as he tickled Jesus on the bottom of his foot.
60. Daphne stared at the floor as sweat tickled the back of her neck and the inside of her palms.
61. Jake grinned and tickled my mid section, which in turn caused me to scream out loud and laugh.
62. So long as she was the right girl, I'd be tickled to death if she had money, same as any man.
63. Samuel said while Billy tickled him unmercifully, singing a chorus from a popular eighties song.
64. The smug voice practically purred in Rafferty’s ears; an anticipatory tingle tickled his spine.
65. There it goes again! Moshe exclaimed as a tremor, more obvious this time, again tickled the.
66. I have tickled her a few times and she seems to enjoy it, so things look good on the romantic front.
67. Boom (as it incorrectly stated) and the line of bitched type but tickled to death simultaneously by C.
68. Meredith's sermons, and Norman Douglas was always willing to shell out if he got his brains tickled up.
69. Who the hell is that? groaned Howard-Smythe, his curiousity tickled by the men’s excited jabber.
70. There it goes again! Moshe exclaimed as a tremor, more obvious this time, again tickled the senses.
71. It’s the difference between being tickled by loose thread and being flogged with a tightly woven rope.
72. In front of them was Jemelda, her darker colours a contrast to the snow which tickled his skin and mouth.
73. Farid wrestled the smallest of the three boys to the floor and tickled him on the ribs with his good hand.
74. Abigail leaned close to Hal and whispered, What’s she doing? Her warm breath tickled his cold ear.
75. It tickled him slightly to think of Roidon having to cope with a massive head, support struts and the like.
76. He was tickled pink and giggling like a schoolgirl with glitter toenails as his deviant thoughts grew within.
77. Jenny’s arms were wound tight around my waist and her hair whisked in the wind and tickled my neck and chin.
78. He tickled her, until she half-choked with laughter made him stop, then he leaned over her and whispered to her.
79. Yes that’s right I do that to all my men, I grabbed her and tickled her until she was begging me to stop.
80. When the clerk returned, she tickled the kitten under the chin, saying, Isn’t she a cutie? She just arrived.
81. Flying spiders that eat little girls for breakfast, Rango relied as he pounced on Aspyn and tickled her tummy.
82. His fingers tickled her on the stomach above the tunic and she pressed her hand tight down on his hand and laughed.
83. Often the title has deeply pained me; and there is not a moment I can recall when it may be said to have tickled me.
84. They tickled my fancy and I bought one for Lizzie together with some picture post cards, one alabaster pyramid and a sphinx.
85. The sudden lurching stop of the cart shook her awake once more, and the scent of woodsmoke and roasting meat tickled her nose.
86. Stronger recognition briefly tickled the back of his mind—a flutter of wings in a dark corner, unseen but there all the same.
87. I was in the process of turning the steaks over when a weird sensation came over me as if something tickled the corner of my mind.
88. She took the long white negligee from Quinn and put it on, wrapping it about her and laughing as the shivering feathers tickled her.
89. And so a fantasy, fuelled by greed and tickled by atonement, for having left Mary and having stolen from Caesar, formed in his head.
90. Not here…someone might see… She could not help but laugh in awe at his desire for her as his gentle touch tickled her spine.
91. She was helping herself to the delicious strawberries in the hothouse, when somebody grabbed her from behind and tickled her in the ribs.
92. With old gentlemen, a girl was pert and saucy and almost, but not quite, flirtatious, so that the old fools’ vanities would be tickled.
93. Toby found himself grinning and chuckling like an idiot, at the thought of him watching that! For some reason the thought just tickled him.
94. Such is the suspiciousness of cousins that though I was lying half a dozen yards away she was manifestly of opinion that I had tickled her.
95. Ea had become a sturdy boy in the long moons of constant walking, but he had not lost the giggle of delight when something tickled his fancy.
96. An unmistakably elderly woman with hot pink nails and lips tickled a little girl, about five years old, presumably the woman’s granddaughter.
97. Burr right, said Susan, who had an old feud with the lady in question and had been hugely tickled over the reference to her in Faith's letter.
98. He raised his head and the delicious fragrance of the hot pancakes with which the woman of the house was busy at the stove tickled his nostrils.
99. Partly it was the reception of his own artistic production that tickled him; partly the notion of his grave cousin as the lover of that girl; and partly Mr.
100. He was kissing her now and his mustache tickled her mouth, kissing her with slow, hot lips that were so leisurely as though he had the whole night before him.
1. She tickles the stones.
2. That tickles me, I must say.
3. It does not hurt only tickles.
4. To the sand that tickles my toes.
5. It tickles, doesn’t it?
6. Laughing Cass turns and tickles her.
7. That tickles, Leigh whispered.
8. That tickles a little and hurts a lot.
9. It tickles my skin, and I giggle in response.
10. Stop it, that tickles! Tee hee hee! Justice said.
11. Radiation supreme tickles your sensors like a Ben Gay tingle.
12. Then Sue said, That tickles! I said, I’m sorry darling.
13. Her hair tickles my chin when I rest my head sideways on top of hers.
14. There is something within false teaching that tickles a person’s ear.
15. From there it went on to laughter and tickles, Peter laughed with happiness.
16. If the brush tickles, tell me, and I’ll use a sponge instead, as much as I can.
17. The feather edge of the tissue tickles as he bends forward and brushes his teeth.
18. Russian as he smoothly tickles the ears of every person in the room with his silky.
19. I see Will standing among the initiates, and something tickles at the back of my mind.
20. Did he hear right, or lose the thread of magic? Something tickles in the back of his mind.
21. So her deft fingers tuck pieces of my hair into one braid that tickles the middle of my spine.
22. Probably it was pitifully small; cupidity usually snatches the instant the bait tickles its nose.
23. Belle in her bloomers misconducting herself, and her fancyman feeling for her tickles and Norman W.
24. Your partner may not take well you rejecting her over football, cricket, or whatever other interest tickles your fancy.
25. A party and a drill? He scratches his ear … Did he hear right, or lose the thread of magic? Something tickles in the back of his mind.
26. As his finger tip came into contact with the delicate skin, instead of the tickles she anticipated, the feeling was indescribably sensual.
27. Tickles on my cheeks and forehead told me my hair was coming loose, and I felt sweat running down the middle of my back, under my corset.
28. However, if we dig below the surface of this story that tickles our Christmas cackles we will see a much more ominous threat here than even whether or not a beloved Christmas decoration conforms to acceptable standards and that issue is about out of control homeowner associations.
29. Christian trails his hand, unhurried and deliberate, down to my belly, circling my navel, then carefully from hip to hip, and I’m trying to anticipate where he’s going next… but the music… it’s in my head… transporting me… the fur across the line of my pubic hair… between my legs, along my thighs, down one leg… up the other… it almost tickles… but not quite… more voices join… the heavenly choir all singing different parts, their voices blending blissfully and sweetly together in a melodic harmony that is beyond anything I’ve ever heard.

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