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Tight numa frase em (in ingles)

It was a tight fit.
I nod, my throat tight.
He shut his eyes tight.
The hood was too tight.
My stop was tight (at.
She held her son tight.
But Fanny held on tight.

It was a tight squeeze.
He was in a tight spot.
He shut his mouth tight.
I gave her a tight smile.
Hers was cold and tight.
It was a tight fit and.
They were tight and sore.
His arm tight around me.
Her eyes were shut tight.
Sit tight and be patient.
He closed his eyes tight.
It was as tight as a drum.
She wore a pair of tight.
I gripped my breath tight.
His eyes were closed tight.
If times get too tight, Mr.
I held her tight in my arms.
Squeeze your eyes tight shut.
Eyes tight, Will prayed: hold.
But I am fastened so tight.
Still holding my wrist tight.
Had on this tight mini-skirt.
She held my hands very tight.
His mouth was smal and tight.
Her lips were in a tight line.
I love your tight holes, baby.
Her eyes and lips sealed tight.
I had a tight butt, even then.
Rad-not too tight or too loose.
He closed his eyes tight and.
It left Frans in a tight spot.
He was in a bit of tight spot.
You are probably tight, Rob.

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