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Timeworn numa frase em (in ingles)

1. These recipes may seem very old and timeworn, but they are psychological truths and.
2. I had to admit that I did feel rather lordly, as I strode through the timeworn halls of my forefathers.
3. Ice creeping into her tone Krista asked, as she continued to grill Larc with her eyes, Then may I ask what bond of union you have enacted with my new daughter in place of the timeworn traditional practices of yoking a man and woman together in holy union?
4. The timeworn stubble-faced, dirty old wino has segued into the careworn, haggard mother trailing three or four tired, scared, hungry kids behind her as she searches frantically for enough payphone change, to find among the list of shelters in town, one that’ll take her supposedly non-nuclear family in out of the cold.

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