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Tired numa frase em (in ingles)

1. As if I were tired.
2. And I was so tired.
3. I am very tired now.
4. I was tired of them.
5. I never tired of it.
6. I just felt so tired.
7. I was too tired and.

8. I am tired of talking.
9. I was tired of crying.
10. She was too tired to.
11. She was tired of them.
12. And he was so tired!.
13. I was tired of waiting.
14. She was tired of his.
15. She was tired to death.
16. He was tired and had.
17. She was tired and cold.
18. I was hungry and tired.
19. She was tired all the.
20. He had tired eyes and.
21. I'm tired of that game.
22. I'm tired of being hurt.
23. I realized I was tired.
24. I was tired and in pain.
25. She lay back, so tired.
26. He looks tired and old.
27. All of you look tired.
28. He was tired of arguing.
29. I was too tired to read.
30. She was tired of crying.
31. I was getting tired of.
32. I am so tired, so tired.
33. She was tired of babies.
34. I was tired and fatigued.
35. She is tired and dreary.
36. I was tired of all of it.
37. I managed a tired smile.
38. Don was hungry and tired.
39. If you are tired, sleep.
40. I was too tired to argue.
41. No wonder she was tired.
42. They were wan and tired.
43. Anyway, I was tired and.
44. Its late and I’m tired.
45. She was tired of seeing.
46. I was too tired for this.
47. He was tired of her crap.
48. I was sick and tired of.
49. I was too tired to shower.
50. You must be really tired.
51. I guess she is tired too.
52. We're all a little tired.
53. He came in pale and tired.
54. She lies with tired eyes.
55. He was confused and tired.
56. He was tired of fighting.
57. I was too tired to think.
58. I’m very tired and sick.
59. He realized how tired he.
60. He was too tired to speak.
61. I’m tired of this stuff.
62. He is tending your tired.
63. But no, you are too tired.
64. You are tired, my husband.
65. Tired of crying over Fang.
66. He stared into her tired.
67. She looked pale and tired.
68. He was tired of this woman.
69. He sounded tired and weak.
70. He also seemed tired and.
71. Wear old or tired clothes.
72. He was tired - so, so tired.
73. She is suddenly very tired.
74. By the Balance, I am tired.
75. He was thin and very tired.
76. So tired, she was so tired.
77. She had been too tired to.
78. What I really am is tired.
79. He often tired of activity.
80. She makes me tired, mother.
81. Sore tired of being scared.
82. I get a bit tired of blood.
83. She had a sad look, tired.
84. She was too tired to even.
85. I was tired, and nodded off.
86. His eyes are tired and sad.
87. He looked a bit tired also.
88. She was tired and stressed.
89. As my brain becomes tired.
90. The young wife looked tired.
1. It was a tiring day.
2. It had been a tiring.
3. They were all tiring fast.
4. I could see he was tiring.
5. It’s all very tiring and.
6. Stoke, and he found it tiring.
7. He was tiring of Tatiana’s.
8. He was tiring of this nonsense.
9. It got to be tiring after a while.
10. Almost as tiring as being a mother.
11. Gwog was tiring of the conversation.
12. The outside world was so tiring at.
13. Following untrodden paths was tiring.
14. It was frustrating and twice as tiring.
15. He was surrounded, wounded, and tiring.
16. I think Sergei is already tiring of her.
17. Not a huge surprise, but a tiring habit.
18. Was he tiring? At least sweating a bit?
19. Pretty tiring but it‘s all worth it.
20. Adem was tiring to the point of exhaustion.
21. It was a bit tiring but I did try my best.
22. This was tiring out the New England defense.
23. Tiring of this task, I called my California.
24. If the climb was tiring, he didn’t feel it.
25. I can see that all of this talk is tiring you.
26. It had been a long, tiring day, and the heat.
27. Good, cause I’m tiring of your idle threats.
28. It was very tiring there for both men and horses.
29. She was very annoyed with me for tiring you out.
30. What about him? Thompson was tiring of Smith.
31. I was just saying that the party was pretty tiring.
32. This irregular eye movement will make reading tiring.
33. After tiring of this, he entered the grocer’s and.
34. It was tiring, and she seemed to have lost her energy.
35. The long climb to the saddle was incredibly tiring, and I.
36. She started slowing her pace losing her energy and tiring.
37. If this is still too tiring, walk 50 metres the next time.
38. Charly frowned at this, rapidly tiring of the interrogation.
39. Gone were the days of the dreary tiring eight-course Chinese.
40. Back into the woods he ran breathing heavy and tiring as he.
41. There was a correctness about him which was exceedingly tiring.
42. Being this hot would be a tiring job I thought to myself.
43. This will be a tiring day for you, and that's an understatement.
44. I was nine years old, just about tiring of my Holly Hobbie rag doll.
45. She was tiring and knew that if this went on much longer, she would.
46. Fenais was still a new mother and the trip down here had been tiring.
47. Mari could see that Jessica was tiring of their presence in her house.
48. But the old lady should be tiring soon, so fiercely as she went at it.
49. Tiring of the conversation, Alex lowered his voice and said, I’ll.
50. And he fusses because she’s always tiring herself out nursing people.
51. I'm getting better at it, and it's tiring me out less each time I do it.
52. The castle was empty, making their search easier, but still very tiring.
53. Trying to explain things at a bellow is both frustrating and very tiring.
54. He hadn’t run in weeks, and it was very tiring, but he ran and yelled.
55. Yeah, Butterfield said, clearly tiring of the discussion of motives.
56. Panic, while a hard master, could not drive rapidly tiring animals forever.
57. But these ordinary aboveground everyday sort of riddles were tiring for him.
58. But I have to run after him to be with him always and this is really tiring.
59. The defensive players also have to stay in their stance longer tiring them out.
60. In this Pico Mundo, I could run much faster than in the old, and without tiring.
61. She began to scream uncontrollably but his body still showed no signs of tiring.
62. He was tiring quickly but could see the rocky outline of the shore not far away.
63. The door was flexing more now, and the tiring crew were driven to greater effort.
64. The session has been tiring … but at least I now know why I get tired so easily.
65. She was the laggard now, because Moonshine's horse was fresh and Robin was tiring.
66. The gusts of wind are especially tiring: I always feel we are just about to crash.
67. He wasn’t the fastest of beasts, but he could run a very long way without tiring.
68. Charles watched them burn, tiring his eyes against the glare of their yellow flame.
69. That meant they could attack at any time and without warning, which made it so tiring.
70. She didn’t feel like making the long, tiring journey out to Queens Village on Monday.
71. There is nothing so tiring as to try to do the work for which we are unfitted, both by.
72. The other thought Johan has is concern for his sister; she must be tiring of this mission.
73. Selina was already gone from Tom’s life and he was tiring of the endless parade of groupies.
74. Following that interesting but tiring job, I tackled a few independent businesses that failed.
75. Tom, evidently, had tired of me, but my notions before his departure that I might be tiring of.
76. He was very glad when the tiring superior finally left, because he was eager to explore the house.
77. With a tiring field behind them and less than a mile to go Cal was in a commanding position to win.
78. Every little death, every disappointment, every tiring of the spirit, they’re all mine, remember.
79. I softly traced his lips, the mouth I could have spent an eternity kissing without ever tiring of it.
80. I kept up a good pace, although eventually I had to slow down since I could tell the horse was tiring.
81. Ralph and Alan were already a mile from the market square, and their mounts showed no signs of tiring.
82. The hours spent standing in the command center could be long and tiring, even if nothing was happening.
83. She felt her wrist tiring, a predictor of later soreness and the need to waste an hour soaking it at home.
84. And before we turned in after that long, long, tiring day, we had fires going in every hut in the village.
85. He was putting a lot of effort into it though, and it was paying dividends even if he found it very tiring.
86. Pip—though I know it's tiring to strangers—will you tip him one more? You can't think how it pleases him.
87. This was still a long way from most guys his age, she remembered how tiring teaching them could sometimes be.
88. By climbing from the valley at (a) and following the ridge, steep and tiring descents and climbs are avoided.
89. Walking back along the highway was tiring in the heat but she was fitter than the average hiker, much fitter.
90. But if they are too proud-those in the presence of your Lord praise Him night and day, and without ever tiring.
91. The walk, six miles each way, was a tiring slog, but the work, planting and tending potatoes, was relatively easy.
92. But death soon snatched his affectionate father in his years of youth after an exhausting illness and tiring pain.
93. Discover the best way to be physically active that will make you lose the most weight and yet is the least tiring.
94. They were tiring quickly as they fought the invisible tug and swirl of the current around trucks and superstructure.
95. Throughout the long, tiring journey here he had been aware of the hunger, but it had been a steady gnawing reminder.
96. Chardonnay and the chickens were tiring, and Dawes and Katya were getting the better of their battle with the brood.
97. What a bore your famous Ivasheukoff is, my dear! He wins his cases by tiring us out—there is no end to his talking.
98. Their progress was leisurely, and they agreed that their mode of travel was far less tiring than their walk from Krakow.
99. There was a special push towards reaching out even to Yadavs, who, it was felt, were tiring of Lalu’s brand of politics.
100. But I think it would end by being tiring to be screwed up perpetually to the pitch of the greatest men's greatest moments.
1. The tires had blown out.
2. A car started, and tires.
3. With a spin of the tires.
4. Piles of tires and an old.
5. All four tires were slashed.
6. Them new tires is bigger.
7. All 4 of his tires are slashed.
8. The tires screeched in reverse.
9. The road that the tires of my.
10. The hot tires left dark rubber.
11. One of the front tires was flat.
12. Josephine felt the tires squeal.
13. The tires squeal whenever we stop.
14. I’m no expert on blown-out tires.
15. Tires squall as I cut into the curb.
16. Immediately, one of the tires blew.
17. A squeal of tires sounded behind us.
18. The big slack tires gave and flexed.
19. Motormouth laid waste and tires so.
20. Tires crunched on the road behind us.
22. She started burning the tires on the.
23. When I heard the squeal of his tires.
24. I needed two new heavy-duty rear tires.
25. The jumbo tires on the rig then pulled.
26. I stand apart to hear--it never tires me.
27. He told you he slashed your tires?
28. The tires squealed on the black pavement.
29. I don’t walk much—it tires me easily.
30. The tires make big loops, this is a skill.
31. With one last squeal, the tires were free.
32. No automobile could move with those tires.
33. It had to be towed, the tires were slashed.
34. My tires squealed as I pulled into my house.
35. The crunching of gravel under tires woke me.
36. Traveling with me you find what never tires.
37. Cameron began to shoot the tires, one by one.
38. There wasn't much tread left on those tires.
39. Remove the wall of tires and jump and reward.
40. As she’d feared, her tires had been slashed.
41. Yeah, the rear tires are melted, I said.
42. A big swift car whisked near, tires squealed.
43. Traction isn’t gained by spinning the tires.
44. But Al here says we gonna need better tires.
45. Steel crimps, glass shatters and tires screech.
46. He tires me out completely,’ Nicky confessed.
47. Smoke from the screeching tires filled the air.
48. He pulled out a revolver and shot our tires out.
49. He still tires easily and he’s still too thin.
50. The three tires that held up the car were kept.
51. Seeing the deflated tires, they cursed and swore.
52. One of his tires was almost bald, he was out of.
53. Air still hissed softly from the flattened tires.
54. A rusted bicycle with two flat tires sat in the.
55. The sound, replaced by a loud screeching of tires.
56. Tim, tell him to blow out the tires, I said.
57. March squealed the tires as he drove away from the.
58. Did you notice the mud on the tires? Ed asked.
59. Tires crunched on gravel and he glanced out the door.
60. Graham can blow out tires? I said, incredulous.
61. I was almost to the stairs when I heard tires squeal.
62. One of the factors that can affect that is its tires.
63. They shook hands and he drove, tires squealing, away.
64. His tires squealed a little as we rounded the curves.
65. We can hear the wheels spinning, the tires digging in.
66. She heard the sound of his car engine, then the tires.
67. The back tires squealed as Vinny took off in the sunset.
68. He could hear the cobble stones ping from the tires of.
69. On the plus side, the Mercedes has no more tires at all.
70. Loud horn's and screeching tires adding to his anxiety.
71. Look at this impression, where you get both tires clear.
72. A visualization of a wild party with tires being thrown.
73. She aimed for the tires and popped both of the front ones.
74. The big dually tires churned backward as I spun the wheel.
75. There comes a time when the body tires and it cannot get.
76. Pressing on the gas, the driver spun his tires trying to.
77. Tires squealed as they eluded the media circus just in time.
78. Delaney looked, and now noticed the two flat tires and the.
79. I exited the Pontiac and then looked intently at the tires.
80. Think of the counter balance like the weights on your tires.
81. The only sounds he heard were the tires rubbing road and the.
82. He jumps in the car and burns the tires all the way down the.
83. Sirens and car tires screeched and squealed to a halt outside.
84. Ehrenfried founded a company called Eurectec to recycle tires.
85. Just then the Aerion's tires made contact with the DIA tarmac.
86. A few jagged stones spat out from the tires as the squad car.
87. The car tires made a ripping sound on the smooth road surface.
88. A blaring horn and screeching tires shook him from his trance.
89. Small chocolate doughnuts make a good tires for your race car.
90. The car’s radial tires screeched above bustling city noises.
91. Cars pulled up beside the road, engine heads off, tires mended.
92. Soon I was listening to the whine of tires on the highway again.
93. A little girl rode her pink bicycle with white tires past the.
94. Three cars screeched to a halt with a squeal of tires and Lars.
95. Tires churned dust beneath them as the Rollers picked up speed.
96. But tires, buoys, splintered hulls, bottles and cans, rope, and.
97. It’s a bit like changing tires, or filling up the fuel tank.
98. Bonner steered the Roller from near the train with roaring tires.
99. He was half way up the hill, digging around the tires of a truck.
100. Keep all tires inflated to the same pressure as recommended for.

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1. The games began to tire me.
2. Nothing seemed to tire her.
3. Do they not tire of the ruler.
4. I tire of you! he cried.
5. After he’d changed her tire.
6. Price could never tire; and Mr.
7. I felt like I swallowed a tire.
8. Some people seem to never tire.
9. The old tire was just shredded.
10. The tire jack, that should work.
11. The front tire found solid ground.
12. The front tire gave a whistling cry.
13. Think we can make it on that tire?
14. She continued being the spare tire.
15. I tire and slow, dragging my feed.
16. I’m starting to tire of funerals.
17. So I don't think it was a flat tire.
18. It should tire the observer, if any.
19. Her front tire found the watery goo.
20. He’ll soon tire of this silly game.
21. I can change that tire in a hurry.
22. He works hard, rarely seeming to tire.
23. The tire of the truck skidded on earth.
24. That man just would not tire of water.
25. Embracing me with arms that never tire.
26. Sir, the tire, do not kick it to death.
27. A tire had burst and we waited while a.
28. Sooner or later, she would fatally tire.
29. You have a flat tire on your way to work.
30. His vehicle's rear tire hits a rock in.
31. By now Benoit had begun to tire of the.
32. We’re stuck here until they tire of us.
33. Soon, he returned with a bicycle tire pump.
34. Using dozens of fonts will only tire your.
35. Goodyear Tire fails in this checklist item.
36. Dr Fatthi did not want her to tire herself.
37. It seemed to her that she would never tire.
38. I think there is a problem with the tire.
39. What do you have back there, tire irons?
40. He was beginning to tire from his bad fortune.
41. The tire tracks ended just 50 yards into the.
42. Ingrid felt her limbs beginning to tire again.
43. I saw she needed a hand getting the tire out.
44. Maybe there’s something under the spare tire.
45. You gazed as though your heart could never tire.
46. That will tire her out, Terese interjected.
47. And, I set about airing up the tire for the REO.
48. Elowen was used to walking but soon began to tire.
49. There was a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench.
50. A loud pop and screeching tire confirmed his hit.
51. Graham recommended bonds of Fisk Tire and Rubber.
52. She kneeled down by the tire and looked for the.
53. I curled up into a ball behind the right rear tire.
54. Surely an audience will tire of music that never.
55. And then she asked for my help in changing her tire.
56. You can spell me off when I tire, he off ered.
57. As I began to tire, I noticed the droves of armored.
58. I’ve never seen a mannequin tire, not even their.
59. O- As true as truest horse, that yet would never tire.
60. I brought a tire iron with me if that ever happened.
61. Spiritual Contemplation does not tire and exhaust you.
62. It would appear that you’ve acquired a flat tire.
63. A wolf’s major strategy was to tire their opponents.
64. I rolled the bad tire to a high place and inspected it.
65. Jozef was already beginning to tire and wanted answers.
66. I never tire of pondering, and watching, and wondering.
67. William’s car had run over the front tire of the bike.
68. How long could this go on? Would either of them tire?
69. She taught fourth grade, which is enough to tire anyone.
70. You going to help? She cocked her head at the tire.
72. He started to tire, then vomited with a strangled croak.
73. They both hunched over the set of tire tracks intrigued.
74. He promised he would, and when she began to tire, we left.
75. I could tell that Cynthia had a giant tire lodged in her.
76. You see that? Yuki said, pointing to the spare tire.
77. A tire burst, the van skidded into the wall and along it.
78. Sue had a flat tire that I will always be grateful for.
79. It’s been arduous and I tire of his incessant direction.
80. What they had feared had happened: The left tire was flat.
81. The tire marks lead me to his car on the side of the road.
83. How easy to cry all night and tire a mother into pneumonia.
84. A blue sedan with a flat tire rested against the rocky wall.
85. She wondered how she could never tire of looking at the sea.
86. Steve checked under the spare tire and the whole trunk area.
87. I had offered to help him change the tire, but he had been.
88. With one tire out of action, we would simply come to a stop.
89. Even if he changed your tire in the middle of a storm?
90. Close off this area with a straw or hay bale, tire or plywood.
91. We all got out and stood around while Williams changed the tire.
92. As the front truck tire hits a pothole, water comes gushing up.
93. Two shabby, middle-aged men got out and hovered beside the tire.
94. The back tire of the bike squealed and darted from side to side.
95. Curled inside a tire was a fat orange tabby cat having a snooze.
96. He couldn’t tell if it was a tire thumper of one of the other.
97. She ran two hundred paces before she began to tire and slow down.
98. I should have thanked you for changing my tire the other night.
99. Yes, still fresh in the grass: the tire marks of four dozen cars.
100. Yes, still fresh in the grass: the tire marks of three dozen cars.

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