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  1. It is the same tornado.
  2. The wind grew into a tornado.
  3. The tornado had a purpose.
  4. Chapter 3: The Torrance Tornado.
  5. Tornado fighters, I've been told.
  6. There was a tornado on 8th Avenue.
  7. The Tornado funnel? What’s that?
  8. On 26 May 1917, a tornado travelled 471.
  9. Is it the same tornado? I asked to myself.
  10. Marco is just one half of the shit tornado.
  11. Left: The Texas Tornado is in the American.
  12. Loomis's paper on the Mayfield Tornado, Feb.
  13. Then countless giant tornado funnels formed.
  14. I dreamed about a tornado approaching a house.
  15. The wind subsided and the tornado dissipated.
  16. Starts with the tornado of a chaos butterfly.
  17. The tornado was lifting Peter up into the air.
  18. It’s a tornado! I watched it roll to the city.
  19. Demarcus pulls the carabiner off and the tornado.
  20. The tornado gains velocity, sucking objects into.
  21. Sorry about the tornado that went through here.
  22. As though a small tornado was inside the classroom.
  23. I flew into a tornado of events, information, emotions.
  24. He pushes his arm, guiding the rapidly building tornado.
  25. Paul had designed the space to double as a tornado shelter.
  26. The tornado that whipped around them was designed to detain.
  27. As suddenly as it had appeared, the magical tornado vanished.
  28. It was the tornado of breath going in and out of McLeod’s.
  29. Plans of the track of the New Haven Tornado, July, 1839, 343.
  30. Pirate had described the exact way the tornado had carried him.
  31. Mike was born 7/15/77 during a hurricane that spawned a tornado.
  32. He narrowly escapes poisoning by carea and is in an awful tornado.
  33. It killed 695 people – more than any other tornado in US history.
  34. By contrast, the USA has one tornado per 8,187 km² (3,161 miles²).
  35. Felix was surrounded by a tornado of canopic jars that pummeled him.
  36. Ezekiel was witness to this when he saw angels appear like a tornado.
  37. Pyramid was an enormous serpent formed from a swirling tornado of red.
  38. A tornado of that size could destroy an entire city when it passes over.
  39. Sebastian and Aspen ran toward the ditch as the tornado reached for them.
  40. Mike was born during a hurricane that spawned a tornado on July 15, 1977.
  41. The tornado carried me all the way across from that big boulder over there.
  42. A tornado spun off by the hurricane hit our house ten miles west in Gautier.
  43. The tornado whirled over the tree tops, over the hill and down the paddocks.
  44. We spent the rest of the time practicing front, roundhouse, and tornado kicks.
  45. Endless tons of sand were lifted into the air, creating a tornado of red ash.
  46. As the tornado sped up, she knew it was too much, but could do nothing to stop it.
  47. It looks very similar to the wind and rain storms we just faced, minus the tornado.
  48. But then, as if the tornado was tired of carrying him any further, it spat him out.
  49. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and sets off a tornado in Texas in both my.
  50. It is like trying to pick up a million feathers that have been scattered in a tornado.
  51. Then I remembered the first day Jesus took me with Him, I was shown a tornado was coming.
  52. A ranting raucous had grabbed everyone’s attention like a tornado siren during a storm.
  53. I casually walked into the HR office and told the manager that there was a tornado nearby.
  54. The flames spun around him like a tornado and his form changed into that of a giant red bull.
  55. A thunderstorm has already begun, He spoke with a loud voice, and a tornado is coming.
  56. Crying out in pain, she felt their life forces ripped away into the tornado, whipping around her.
  57. Sounds like a good idea to me, not a good idea in case a tornado decides to flatten this place.
  58. That is one raven in whose bottom you do not want to be stuck (see the Killer Tornado chapter)!.
  59. One of them, known as the Hallam Nebraska tornado, left a swathe of destruction up to 4 km (2.
  60. The tornado crossed over the dock and dissipated, raining glass and splintered wood down into the water.
  61. A strange buzz vibrated from her, and my jaw dropped as the wine rose from the glass as a mini tornado.
  62. Alex quickly exited the tornado, opened the airlock then went back in the tornado to move it in the airlock.
  63. She could deal with the heat, the humidity, the severe thunderstorms, and the tornado and hurricane threats.
  64. The judge banged the gavel, and the noise in the gallery sounded like a tornado rumbling down the interstate.
  65. This is how Dorothy must have felt when her house was being swept away by the tornado, she thought to herself.
  66. Redfield's Sketch of the Prostrations on a section of the track of the New Brunswick Tornado, June 19, 1835, 79.
  67. Above their heads a white whirl that resembled the funnel of a tornado before it touched ground, spawned in the sky.
  68. Then in true Boogie Bob form he dove and spiraled to his head like a tornado and started tapping around in head spins.
  69. On 18 March 1925, a tornado travelled at least 352 km (218 miles) through the US states of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.
  70. Before Jeff had even pushed open the broken door, Graisse was a tornado of white fur, leaping, banging, and scratching at it.
  71. Accompanied by stampeding thunder, rain erupted from the sky and charged into the red tornado like an infinite host of cavalry.
  72. It turned into a whirlwind of fast-moving color beneath the ship that reminded me of a tornado that had been electrically charged.
  73. He was, definitely, the fastest chicken alive, with his giant dagger feet, puffed out chest and tornado wings; he was pure horror.
  74. Beneath an elegant, cobwebbed black top hat is a swirling black tornado with various bits of features that occasionally materialize.
  75. When I was eleven, the town a few miles east of Ashford got hit hard by a tornado, twenty-three dead and hundreds of homes destroyed.
  76. They tornado didn’t come until it was obvious we were taking out the demons, that they weren’t going to be returning with any of us.
  77. On 12 March 2006, 19-year-old Matt Suter (USA) was engulfed by a tornado while inside a mobile home near Fordland in Missouri, USA.
  78. He had no idea what had happened to his Tornado Fighter jet, but it seemed that it had suddenly disintegrated and vanished into thin air.
  79. Whirlwind: See also Clouds, Thunder, Tornado, Storm and Wind: Power on a large scale; inability to overcome; judgment; if white, could be.
  80. The rumbling of a freight train, a tornado, an accelerating jet engine and multiple claps of thunder could not have captured the intensity.
  81. For Miss Jones, however, the social breeze, which she had until now only briefly caught the coat tails of, turned into a full-blown tornado.
  82. What can I say if Your Majesty Sultan has set his mind on it? You know how he is, not even a tornado can lift an idea when it's in his mind.
  83. As the bike closed in on him, he could hear the roar of its engine as it fastened in on him like a tornado rushing through an American plain.
  84. The Prime Minister was furious, and he dreaded having to explain to the cabinet how the four insanely expensive Tornado fighters had been lost.
  85. As it passed Manfred’s staff, it seemed to take on new energy and become a hot tornado that cut a swathe through the snow blocking their way.
  86. The house nearly exploded when Shelley found out, her screams could be heard all the way down the street as she left in a tornado of expletives.
  87. Are you confident that He will not cause a track of land to cave in beneath you, or unleash a tornado against you, and then you find no protector?
  88. As the helicopter lifted off the ground amid a blinding tornado of dust, Stacey turned and thanked his rescuer, and asked, How did you find me?
  89. Thoughts were whirling in her mind like a tornado and she didn't know which she was to sort first and what to leave for later when she had more information.
  90. Then like a swift tornado I attacked the abductors one by one; throttled and cut off their throats with a sharp knife and finished them off one after another.
  91. During that time, it seems like we’ve been sucked up by a tornado of events, and there’s been no time to get used to things before everything changed again.
  92. She used to come in like a tornado, throw a foreign-sounding Salamou Aleikom to the girls and plunge in the labyrinth of rooms and corridors in search of my mother.
  93. Only the infidel sharks in the audacious seas may give ear to such words, when, with tornado brow, and eyes of red murder, and foam-glued lips, Ahab leaped after his prey.
  94. While Sebastian sat there, watching the puffy clouds in the skies below him, his mind kept replaying the moment when Aspen had been sucked out of his reach by the tornado.
  95. The tornado stopped and all the Vampires fell to the ground and Alex ran back to the door and went to shut it until a naked woman kicked him away and he crashed into a wall.
  96. This is like trying to get a tornado to shift course by yelling at it, or trying to convince your wife that making returns to the department store is not the same as saving money.
  97. It is the hot-cold-bloodedness of nature, the disregard for suffering of the tornado, the earthquake and the avalanche shown in little in the fangs and claws of these wild creatures.
  98. But the small cloud which appeared in the tornado, sweeping away her world, whirling her out of her sheltered life, and dropping her down in the midst of this still, haunted desolation.
  99. Our parents died in a tornado that leveled our farm never knowing what became of us and beyond that I remember next to nothing else about them other than for the vague way of how my mother looked.
  100. Edna groaned, closed her eyes, and never once was conscious of the terrific excitement that came over the boys as they moved closer to watch the big dog fuck her with all the fury of a Kansas tornado.

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