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Escolhe o idioma, depois escreve a palavra abaixo, para obteres frases de exemplo para essa palavra.

Trade numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was a fair trade.
  2. It was a good trade.
  3. This is a Fade Trade.
  4. I have chosen a trade.
  5. To trade as they want.

  6. There was no gun trade.
  7. Think of it as a trade.
  8. This trade made 86 pips.
  9. It has a large trade in.
  11. I trade with the Amazons.
  12. I think you should trade.
  13. Learn To Trade The Market.
  15. Go trade it in for a pike.

  16. Get more capital to trade.
  18. This trade ends up a loser.
  19. I got into the trade at 18.
  20. Those who trade at higher.
  21. A fair trade off it is not.
  22. It did not come from trade.
  23. You trade these plays well.
  24. World Trade Center and 9/ll.
  25. Just trade with more money.

  26. The Chicago Board of Trade.
  27. That was his stock in trade.
  28. See this trade in NPN below.
  29. The average trade sale was.
  30. When you try to trade as a.
  31. We call that a Fade Trade.
  32. Some say a Contrarian Trade.
  33. Was not in the esquire trade.
  34. He was a master at his trade.
  35. But it’s an advanced trade.
  36. The tobacco trade is growing.
  37. There was only my trade left.
  38. The EURUSD trade in Figure 6.
  39. Painting is a chemical trade.
  40. Momentum, from One Good Trade.
  41. Upon the accursed slave trade.
  42. You made your Move2Move trade.
  43. A Swing Trade near the Bottom.
  44. We will see that trade is an.
  45. The way you trade reflects on.
  46. Banks held slave trade profits.
  47. Yet the trade prints as a call.
  48. I think that’s a valid trade.
  50. Trade the best setups for you!.
  51. Next are trade show directories.
  52. I know the tricks of the trade.
  53. Again, the setup made the trade.
  54. This road is not a trade route.
  55. He offered my mother in trade.
  56. They conspire to trade services.
  57. Pick up the tools of the trade.
  58. He took part in the slave trade.
  59. There is no trade here but long.
  60. I have an weapons trade coming.
  61. It was a very complicated trade.
  62. Now this Trade Common language.
  63. It was my best trade of the year.
  64. We are not fools in our trade.
  65. Therefore, the trade in Figure 6.
  66. I’ll trade ya, Ernie said.
  67. I will trade you my copy of the.
  68. European trade for over a century.
  69. Overnight your trade made over 5%.
  70. The trade in drugs was excellent.
  71. There is no honour in that trade.
  72. Those are the tricks of the trade.
  73. So what is the trade? I asked.
  74. That trade is not worth it for me.
  75. Try these 11 Steps to Trade Bigger.
  76. This would be an ideal link trade.
  77. The RSH trade was not a good idea.
  78. My profit in the HES trade was $ 1.
  79. The Captain agreed to the trade.
  80. They profited from trade between.
  81. Pippen: The real trade was above 42.
  82. Ever think about a trade in?
  83. You should trade places with me.
  84. I wish I could say, Chance's trade.
  85. This trade will absolutely not work.
  86. Runners love bagging the big trade.
  87. They came to trade and to colonize.
  88. This trade was submitted by Peter D.
  89. Leaned the trade of wood and tables.
  90. Take the fur trade in North America.
  91. I should have been in another trade.
  92. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
  93. They imposed restrictions on trade.
  94. To be born to a profession, a trade.
  95. Investors can even adopt this trade.
  96. Every trade is an independent event.
  97. I continue to trade between 11:30 a.
  98. Sell on easy terms to capture trade.
  99. The New Moon is doing a brisk trade.
  100. Trade or piss off cause we’s busy.
  1. GG was trading at $44.
  2. This is a trading job.
  3. AEM was trading at $74.
  4. FCL was trading at $57.
  5. PVH was trading at $41.
  6. He has been trading well.
  7. Trading in the Zone, 197.
  8. And he has been trading.
  9. It's the same in trading.
  10. As for trading goods and.
  11. Trading is not an IQ test.
  12. When he is not trading, Dr.
  13. Since JPM is trading at 60.
  14. His trading was in control.
  15. This was the trading floor.
  16. Recently, I was trading LLY.
  17. It's the same way in trading.
  18. Trend and the Trading Range.
  19. Emotion has its trading line.
  20. ORCL stock was trading at 32.
  21. We did acquire the Trading.
  22. Mind, as component of trading.
  23. The trading activity is slow.
  24. It’s all a part of trading.
  26. It has been trading below $5.
  27. If the 90 put is trading at 0.
  28. Trading is not playing poker.
  29. This slower pace of trading.
  30. Mood, as component of trading.
  31. With the spot trading at $100.
  32. Trading is a lonely profession.
  33. Thinking That Trading Is Easy.
  34. Daily Trading Coach, The, 197.
  35. The 116 call was trading at 3.
  36. The stock was trading above $7.
  37. Day Trading with Harry Boxer.
  38. Improve trading around a core.
  39. Do the same with your trading.
  40. It meant trading in jeans for.
  41. Not that trading was impossible.
  42. Examples: XYZ is trading at 100.
  43. The Trading Book (Baiynd), 369.
  44. If the stock is trading at $60.
  45. I hope it helps your trading!.
  46. You are trading money for time.
  47. The trading day is the same way.
  48. Be neutral when you are trading.
  49. In fact trading the calls at $3.
  50. Swing Trading with Harry Boxer.
  51. It was against his trading plan.
  52. LLY ended up trading down to 49.
  53. How Subjective Is Your Trading?
  54. It was never love; it was trading.
  55. Inner Voice of Trading, The, 197.
  56. He was not interested in trading.
  57. Trading Is Life; Life Is Trading.
  58. Small losses are part of trading.
  59. Without it you are trading blind.
  60. IBM is already trading at 110 ….
  61. It was never love, it was trading.
  62. There is also the cost of trading.
  63. However, trading the calls at $3.
  64. Trading signals of moving averages.
  65. By trading ETFs, you can greatly.
  66. This will be your trading routine.
  67. The bank takes your trading check.
  68. There are few absolutes in trading.
  69. These charts show how trading went.
  70. Trading in the Zone (Douglas), 248.
  71. That’s the trading part of what.
  72. Measure the moves when trading momo.
  73. Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
  74. It really wasn’t trading above 3.
  75. Follow the Trading Path of Pippen.
  76. They closed Tuesday trading at $10.
  77. Oil trading will also be suspended.
  78. Trading costs; the less the better.
  79. Further, renowned trading coach Dr.
  80. The put should be trading around 3.
  81. I was trading for a hot IPO pattern.
  82. Self-test, of readiness for trading.
  83. At times trading rules are not clear.
  84. This is the basis for swing trading.
  85. TO: The Ultimate Trading Competitor.
  86. Trading futures isn’t for everyone.
  87. If the call spread is trading for 3.
  88. And that’s trading, not investing.
  89. Suppose the spot is trading at $100.
  90. No one gets rich trading the shakes.
  91. Trading is life, and life is trading.
  92. Trading OPMIs and buy-and-hold OPMIs.
  93. Getting Started with Trading Options.
  94. This is a journey about your trading.
  95. Trading in the Zone, by Mark Douglas.
  96. Prep was trading way too many stocks.
  97. With a December 100 call trading at 5.
  98. Often, trading wil be relatively flat.
  99. We had limited trading opportunities.
  100. Bella, he’s not trading the open.
  1. I traded in this fate.
  2. Oil futures can be traded.
  3. The stock traded down to $3.
  4. He has traded for 15+ years.
  5. In a stock that had traded 6.
  6. The stock traded to $5-finally.
  7. I had traded his life for mine.
  8. He and Murphy traded guns again.
  9. And traded it for a ham sandwich.
  10. Her husband traded with Venice.
  11. We traded for the items we wanted.
  12. His father traded his soul for a.
  13. The stock traded at around $28 in U.
  14. Options are traded just like stocks.
  15. Millions were being traded with it.
  16. I hope he traded it and went bust!.
  17. He traded one uniform for another.
  18. When the USD/JPY traded lower than.
  19. We traded with Straun, our neighbor.
  20. If Jimmy traded that sum the way we.
  21. Options cannot be traded in some IRAs.
  22. He traded in a sports car for an SUV.
  23. They had traded security behind death.
  24. Remember, one power can be traded in.
  25. KLAC is a pretty heavily traded stock.
  26. The investment options traded on major U.
  27. French had to be traded for just a smile.
  28. After the market traded lower than the 86.
  29. The teams traded the ball back and forth.
  30. FB traded between 80c and 25c three times.
  31. And traded for, and stole, and killed for.
  32. In effect that 10k was being traded twice.
  33. A month later they traded at close to $16.
  34. I’ve never traded stocks or anything else.
  35. Historically, these are heavily traded days.
  36. She’d traded her high heels for flip-flops.
  37. In this example above we traded SINA 3 times.
  38. The value of products traded on-line becomes.
  39. In 2008, oil prices regularly traded in a $4.
  40. I hate to think what he traded to her master.
  41. The options are traded through an automated.
  42. She first traded on paper using the IBD rules.
  43. The posiUon is sUl open and traded at.
  44. In this example above , we traded ADSK 3 times.
  45. SKF traded 32,778,100 shares and closed at 169.
  46. As of late March 2010 its stock traded for $2.
  47. It is the story of one life traded for another.
  48. I would have traded my R1 for an AK47 any-time.
  49. Then it traded between $20 and $30 for 3 years.
  50. I was dumb to buy such thinly traded contracts.
  51. The actual number of shares or contracts traded.
  52. They have traded in the real Jesus of the Bible.
  53. We traded quite well with the rear area wankers.
  54. Maybe we should’ve traded places, but then I.
  55. In the embrace, they deftly traded data modules.
  56. He traded his life to the gods so she could live.
  57. I have had them every quarter that I have traded.
  58. On what exchange is the futures contract traded?
  59. This was by far the best open I have ever traded.
  60. When Sam traded places with Gary, it went fine.
  61. They traded stories, good and bad, happy and sad.
  62. We traded goods for transportation on this ship.
  63. He would understand options before he traded them.
  64. Uptrends are better traded with stocks or futures.
  65. Oil is the largest single traded commodity in the.
  66. She traded many of her possessions for the onions.
  67. RAX eventually traded back up above 50 by September.
  68. She had traded her conservative business suit for.
  69. August, the high for EUR/USD traded past the price 1.
  70. More than 2,000 stocks with options are traded at U.
  71. They traded the position of offering the topic, or.
  72. Soon the tickers were all red on thin volume traded.
  73. I have traded next to and taught hundreds of traders.
  74. Stock Companies: Stock companies are publicly traded.
  75. He traded it in for a form of authority or power.
  76. AMRN gapped up to 18, but then traded lower all day.
  77. Consider how you could have traded the bounce better.
  78. Futures were also traded on the VXN from 2007 to 2009.
  79. That we traded for two weeks and made no profits? No.
  80. Prices then traded in a narrow range for several days.
  81. Someone he had traded histories with in a prison yard.
  82. Volatility cannot and should not be traded in a vacuum.
  83. By Christmas we had traded visits: she flying out to.
  84. On May 19, November soybean futures traded between $7.
  85. We traded punches fifteen years ago in a spacer bar.
  86. Under the sanctions Iraq traded food directly for oil.
  87. He has traded his soul for the soul of an enraged lion.
  88. Yet the bonds traded roughly six times higher, at $881.
  89. There are other actively traded ETFs that track other U.
  90. For example, say you traded Centamin without a stop ….
  91. I traded sex for donations to the temple, she answered.
  92. The stock traded down, although the number was on track.
  93. By the first quarter of 1993, both stocks traded at $33.
  94. And volatility across the floor traded on the heavy side.
  95. In Hong Kong, options on individual shares are traded on.
  96. Candle patterns are not to be traded solely by themselves.
  97. More than 14 million shares of NYX traded hands that day.
  98. This is the most liquid, or easily traded, type of asset.
  99. At its November 2008 low, Crocs traded for just 79 cents.
  100. I have accidentally traded 10,000 shares instead of 1,000.
  1. Ed in one of our trades.
  2. It trades below the 50 MA.
  3. He trades the arms with Mr.
  4. If a contract trades at 46.
  5. The DAX trades from 2:00 a.
  6. She is a jack of all trades.
  7. Both trades benefit from skew.
  8. They are jacks of all trades.
  9. The so called breakout trades.
  10. It trades under the symbol PA.
  11. Among the short call trades, 66.
  12. Trades work and then do not work.
  13. Among those short put trades, 68.
  14. He had been a jack of all trades.
  15. How are your trades going?
  16. However, the market trades higher.
  17. Hold Your Trades for the Real Move.
  18. The trades that appear in Table 12.
  19. Hold your trades for the real move.
  20. There are only four technical trades.
  21. John executes the following trades:.
  22. The pit contract trades from 8:20 a.
  23. The average number of trades was 13.
  24. Trades should cost no more than £12.
  25. The number of trades that took place.
  26. Learn from 20 or 30 trades, not one.
  27. Have a mix of trades in the portfolio.
  28. I do my trades; they do their trades.
  29. You have two trades you could enter:.
  30. Do not open trades for the heck of it.
  31. This rule filters out most bad trades.
  32. The percentage of profitable trades (i.
  33. Our trades were in for short durations.
  34. Feel what it is to win and lose trades.
  35. This is why breakout trades often fail.
  36. All of these trades are calendar spreads.
  37. And I could call it ‘Before He Trades.
  38. Indeed, the more times your trades are.
  39. There are several losing trades in a row.
  40. We certainly don’t try to force trades.
  41. In fact, they’ve had some great trades.
  42. This would normally generate more trades.
  43. Therefore, the number of trades may vary.
  44. SPX trades at 1218 and the trade collects.
  45. They even change if the stock trades flat.
  46. Intraday swing trades is that new contest.
  47. The Keys to Successful Call Option Trades.
  48. Compare a $5 stock that trades $5 bid, $5.
  49. I only take trades that I have an edge in.
  50. Also, take the emotions out of your trades.
  51. The YM trades on the CBOT (now CME Group).
  52. The difference between the two trades is 0.
  53. SUMMARY: There were three trades, all.
  54. We now consider bearish directional trades.
  55. Calendar spreads can be directional trades.
  56. The electronic version trades until 5:00 p.
  57. There will always be other promising trades.
  58. This statement relates to volatility trades.
  59. Some double bottoms end up as losing trades.
  60. Maybe these trades have something in common.
  61. Limit the risk from a series of losing trades.
  62. Jack of all trades, master of nothing?
  63. Analyze these trades at the end of each month.
  64. One of those traders trades on my desk today.
  65. Sell if the stock trades below the IPO price.
  66. Minor zones are critical for managing trades.
  67. Both trades would result in a 2% maximum loss.
  68. We have to enter into trades without certainty.
  69. Take trades with catalysts on the second touch.
  70. Winning trades always take care of themselves.
  71. But on these trades I am able to hold my long.
  72. How you think through trades is most important.
  73. Being disciplined will save you on your trades.
  74. For simultaneous trades with a correlation of 0.
  75. All other aspects of the trades did not change.
  76. The number of average trades was reduced to 30.
  77. All of your trades after deposit that will be.
  78. Some of the best trades are the ones not taken.
  79. Be patient, as you are the master of your trades.
  80. Next, sort out your A+ trades from this PlayBook.
  81. There are two likely resolutions to these trades.
  82. These trades were similar to those in Tables 10.
  83. Adjusting your trades is part of risk management.
  84. Adjust the trades or exit when a trade goes bad.
  85. If ABC trades up to $41, the stock will be sold.
  86. Time stops will also cut out some winning trades.
  87. The market valuation is what the stock trades for.
  88. These set-ups are rarely ideal big-shadow trades.
  89. Occasionally it suggests contrary opinion trades.
  90. Losers who give up on their trades propel trends.
  91. Summary of stop orders for long and short trades.
  92. This is the screen where you'll place your trades.
  93. They were well established in business and trades.
  94. Impulsive trades are made by sweaty group members.
  95. The profit is realised via the delta-hedge trades.
  96. Keep track of the best available trades on a table.
  97. For swing trades, I will use the following plays:.
  98. If all trades produced either a gain or a loss (i.
  99. Your option trades are automatically delta-hedged.
  100. The average gain for the short call trades was 52.

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