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Traffic numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I got caught in traffic.
  2. That is a lot of traffic.
  3. This is a great traffic.
  4. It was heavy with traffic.
  5. Sorry Mags, bit of traffic.
  6. T once you have the traffic.
  7. In fact, the more traffic.
  8. Traffic analysis is the base.
  9. Not to mention the traffic.
  10. Traffic can be very tedious.
  11. A traffic jam made them late.
  12. There was almost no traffic.
  13. What you want now is traffic.
  14. The traffic signals are gone.
  15. Sorry, the traffic was bad.
  16. He waited until the traffic.
  17. The drive in traffic and an.
  19. Finding the Words in Traffic.
  20. Getting traffic is one thing.
  21. Sorry I'm late, the traffic.
  22. The freeway traffic was light.
  23. Traffic was heavy for mid week.
  24. There’s a lot of traffic.
  25. The traffic sign indicated walk.
  26. Using Twitter to Drive Traffic.
  27. The drone of traffic starts anew.
  28. We all want more website traffic.
  29. She said she's stuck in traffic.
  30. This caused quite a traffic jam.
  31. Too much traffic, he said.
  32. They saw traffic, but not a lot.
  33. The highway was free of traffic.
  34. This is real and solid traffic!.
  35. For traffic to hold up the guests.
  36. The road was heaving with traffic.
  37. THE course for generating traffic.
  38. But now all traffic was blocked.
  39. This is trash traffic because it.
  40. This is a huge traffic opportunity.
  41. Could have been a traffic stop.
  42. Run it through the traffic lights.
  43. There was little traffic so he ran.
  44. Light traffic that time of the day.
  45. Hell, she drives it out in traffic.
  46. Please don't block traffic, madam.
  47. The tree was off the main traffic.
  48. The traffic disappeared behind him.
  49. Heavy traffic roared past overhead.
  50. Traffic in DC can be a bitch, and.
  51. I stood at the traffic intersection.
  52. I’m not used to the city traffic.
  53. There was never any traffic on the.
  54. The influx of traffic heading into.
  55. Nevertheless, there was much traffic.
  56. You need enough of that traffic to.
  57. You need to track your traffic and.
  58. Its traffic was starting to tone up.
  59. You take care of sending the traffic.
  60. Haven’t seen any traffic in ages.
  61. The road was heavy with traffic today.
  62. As a bridge permits the traffic be-.
  63. They merged with the flow of traffic.
  64. What we really want is buyer traffic.
  65. She went off into Morningday traffic.
  66. Even traffic that comes from search.
  67. A great way to generate more traffic.
  68. What are the Best Traffic Exchanges?
  69. This is an instant traffic generator.
  70. The traffic had come to a standstill.
  71. The traffic was heavier this morning.
  72. A mirror ball shot traffic lights of.
  73. Traffic was moving slowly up the ramp.
  74. The truck made its way through traffic.
  75. He was caught in traffic along EDSA.
  76. Sure, You Want Traffic & More Of That!.
  77. It is the engine that drives traffic!.
  78. Steve stared, and dazed at the traffic.
  79. Converting that traffic to orders for.
  80. Without traffic, you won't get visitors.
  81. You should never move a traffic victim.
  82. Rail traffic was impeded, as the rail.
  83. What you really need is targeted traffic.
  84. Traffic on the river didn’t seem heavy.
  85. The traffic between bar and tables was.
  86. My nerves are jangled by traffic lights.
  87. Luckily, he was heading against traffic.
  88. Baltimore if the traffic isn’t too bad.
  89. In this area there was too much traffic.
  90. Star darted out into the moving traffic.
  91. Random or untargeted traffic is worthless.
  92. The air traffic control tower looked as.
  93. Creating a Headline that Drives Traffic.
  94. Traffic was starting to fill the streets.
  95. I could hear the people and the traffic.
  96. Traffic was bad with the holidays and all.
  97. The evening traffic from the casino was.
  98. Its always safer to walk against traffic.
  99. There was no traffic in either direction.
  100. So, in this case you need to buy traffic.
  1. Drug trafficking was evidently in-.
  2. Marie stayed trafficking charges this.
  3. The causes of human trafficking are complex.
  4. Some women in this sex trafficking enterprise have been.
  5. As is the case in other countries where sex trafficking.
  6. The purpose of combating human trafficking is to ensure.
  7. There they called us victims of human trafficking.
  8. Later yet, the United Nations addressed the sex trafficking.
  9. Human trafficking is probably the most savage and cynical kind.
  10. They were taken to a market area in town and accused of trafficking.
  11. Whatever is happening here goes far beyond local trafficking in Ireland.
  12. Trafficking has been a big issue and has been an alarming issue for the.
  13. On the supply side, IOM deals with the conditions that drive trafficking.
  14. Constable Peter: madam Dorcas, you are under arrest for child trafficking.
  15. We also have reports of women trafficking across the town to metro cities.
  16. The virtual ban on the trafficking in tax losses is a relatively new phenomenon.
  17. Wanted for human trafficking, prostitution, white slavery and of course, drugs.
  18. Yes, I said trafficking cocaine because that’s what he does, as you full well know.
  19. It is suspected that Callucini was involved in drugs trafficking as well as prostitution.
  20. Sombolos made a lot of money by trafficking in foreign exchange and Egyptian antiquities.
  21. They saw this as a threat to their sex trafficking business, and responded… quite rudely.
  22. Jesus said, They allow and perpetuate human trafficking, which is one of the most obvious.
  23. She could imagine his thoughts jumping for joy, anticipating a felony cocaine trafficking charge.
  24. Baby missing could become kidnapping, child trafficking, even witchcraft or alien abduction.
  25. Tonight’s coded message would be a complaint about Nick Lowe and his trafficking of enslaved mages.
  26. There were various lists, and some numbers – accounts of the revenues from his trafficking operations.
  27. In general, average daily volume is a sign of the types of investors trafficking in any particular stock.
  28. Inspector Paul (showing his ID): we are from CID and you are under arrest for child theft and trafficking.
  29. Accepting drug trafficking as part of the scenario fit perfectly with the large amounts of money involved.
  30. She inherited part of the trafficking business you wrote about in your report, and that made my heart bleed.
  31. I gave back the money my friend stole, but he mistakenly thought we knew something about cocaine trafficking.
  32. He later extended his activities to semi-legal currency trafficking and invested funds in a number of businesses.
  33. Anyhow, I begged Mike to believe me, that I don’t know anyone named Sal or anything about cocaine trafficking.
  34. The former wife of the key security minister in Zuma's cabinet was sent to jail for 20 years for drug trafficking.
  35. An officer, who was trafficking the roadway, walked over to the van, and motioned for them to turn their vehicle around.
  36. He knew that he couldn’t go on lying to her, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her about the trafficking, either.
  37. The truth was considerably different: cocaine trafficking turned a quick and enormous profit, and it was real, real easy.
  38. He had been trying to break into trafficking back home by selling cocaine to some of the same people as Alan, only cheaper.
  39. The first one concerns the sales and trafficking through state borders of pornographic material, meaning films and magazines.
  40. He has ordered the provinces’ own Port Authority Police to do the job the OIJ won’t and stamp out cocaine trafficking in Limon.
  41. Accept the whole story as true, and you have a major politician in cocaine trafficking – and maybe in a conspiracy to commit murder.
  42. Direct connection to the international skin-trade and human organ trafficking was a recent addition to his portfolio of accomplishments.
  43. Caroline took her time, considering dozens of schemes searching for the most wicked, before deciding to inform on him for drug trafficking.
  44. Bennie thought that this woman would have been an interesting one to meet, if not for her possible involvement in illegal arms trafficking.
  45. He could also say that the government didn’t actually want to reduce drug trafficking, because if they did, they would legalize their use.
  46. Another grave concern of the police was that, to all appearances, Brian Walston was connected with money laundering, drug trafficking, or both.
  47. Instead I cuffed her and said, Avis Richardson, you’re under arrest for child trafficking, neglect of a child, and obstruction of justice.
  48. Getting Noriega out of there, in light of all the evidence of illegal drug trafficking still seemed like justification enough for us to invade though.
  49. At least one family of the Russian mafia hates me because I exposed a few years ago its arms trafficking business with various nasty African warlords.
  50. Child kidnappings were still rare around this country and having three of them in the same area the same day smelled of child trafficking of some sort.
  51. Both men had criminal records for drug trafficking, possession of narcotics with intent to supply, and forced prostitution back in their native country.
  52. It was dysfunctional and they learned the trade of drug trafficking, drug abuse, and prostitution but they felt their freedom and happiness of belonging.
  53. This could lead to biggest case of his career: Gordon Edward arrested for drug trafficking by Officer Edgar Vargas, Native American of the Mayangna People.
  54. How could she get away with playing the innocent as a respected art historian while being completely responsible for the trafficking of plunder on this scale.
  55. If the CIA and DEA are involved in drug trafficking, then their removal and sealing of their bases and routes will automatically help keep most drugs out of the US.
  56. With Walston’s case file highly suggestive of a trafficking or laundering connection, his other common denominator with the murdered truck driver appeared to be cocaine.
  57. It was an election year, he explained, and Gordon Edward had raised a political stink about the federal government not doing its job of putting a halt to drug trafficking in Limon.
  58. She saw, all right! She saw that she was being used and excluded from something lucrative involving the horses, but what was it, anyhow? Was Mike trafficking perhaps? He hardly seemed capable.
  59. Scarlett was not only trafficking with the But all the previous criticism of her conduct was as nothing compared with the buzz of Yankees but was giving every appearance of really liking it!.
  60. Those using the name were many, but those using the name who also held a connection to human trafficking, prostitution and more specifically to the skin-trade, were a much more exclusive group.
  61. Here, in Limon supposedly to combat drug trafficking! We’ll have to wait till after the elections to see if new government actually knuckles under to political pressure and accepts the proposal.
  62. I couldn’t understand why he would try to build a case of drug trafficking against you, when he and his partner collaborated in their own cocaine trafficking – and his partner sold drugs to you.
  63. After 1986 the USCG modified its random drug search policy when boaters registered complaints about alleged boardings without cause, and the perception that Great Lakes drug trafficking was negligible.
  64. The unit develops strategy and policy, and oversees the management of cases relating to sexual offences, domestic violence, human trafficking, maintenance offences and children in conflict with the law.
  65. From when it was first proposed, Gordon had used all of his influence and politician’s skills to fight against submitting to US political pressure that Costa Rica increase enforcement against drug trafficking.
  66. And, I’m still not understanding here: you said that Herminia thinks this asshole is trafficking cocaine with Gordon Edward? Where did that come from? I can’t see how any of this has anything to do with him.
  67. His arms trafficking business out of Kiev, in the Ukraine, had been going very well until that day of September 2007, when the Russian federal police had succeeded in unmasking him, probably with the help of 161.
  68. Imagine if just some of this money went to solving previously intractable problems like hunger, human trafficking, and access to clean water? In the US, it takes one dollar to provide ten meals to needy individuals.
  69. The third call was to Lee Chatham, a lawyer who never stayed in his office but was always hanging around the courthouse, posturing as if he had important business there and trafficking in gossip, most of which he created.
  70. He knew that one lone cop, a hair’s breadth shy of five feet tall couldn’t single-handedly clean up the corruption entrenched in the OIJ, or so much as slow the increase in trafficking by removing an occasional smuggler.
  71. Mixed up in? No, hell no, operating the damn thing! That’s just outrageous! If you could only see the gallery in the reception area of his office lined with awards for fighting drug trafficking then you’d know the absurdity.
  72. The only other bright spot in the world was South America, where nations were flourishing in the face of stability brought on by there being no more market for the drug trafficking that had torn their communities apart for years on end.
  73. I couldn’t vouch for how honestly gained Bill Gates fortune might be, but almost to a penny I would say my father’s wealth was the product of thievery, extortion, blackmail, drug running, human trafficking, swindling, and the list went on.
  74. He had found no personal letters that could have come from the man or the teenage girl, while Ben’s computer expert had looked through the electronic mail in Laplante’s computer and had found no telltale mail about the two mystery figures, apart from finding nothing that could be connected to arms trafficking.
  75. Now instead of Noriega we have independent free-lancers rising up as powerful drug cartels, in direct competition of our own low-handed government, which continues the charade of enforcing anti-drug laws and eradicating illicit trade, while all the time, raking in billions of dollars in their own illegal trafficking endeavors.
  76. The bodies of those men are now in our morgue and we were able to seize their identity papers, as well as other compromising documents showing that the French secret services finance their clandestine operations in Indochina with the help of opium and arms trafficking, on top of getting part of the revenues from the casinos and bordellos of Saigon.
  77. How could he now deny that it hadn’t been him who ordered them executed? It was right there in the paper: ‘Captain Flores of the national police stated in a press release that the OIJ was working closely with the Port Authority of Limon Police Department in its ongoing investigation of the slain Officer Enrique Segovia for cocaine trafficking in Limon Province.
  78. Isn’t that what you Contras wanted us to think? How could I have known? Supposing, just supposing, that for some bizarre reason I was after you, why would I look for you in Limon Harbor? Can you tell me that? And yes, Edgar was investigating drug trafficking! Don’t you dare refer to him or his work as bullshit! A more honorable man has never lived! His body shook with agitation.
  79. Then, in a dizzying avalanche of events cascading out of control, Truman showed up, returned from the dead, Edgar was brutally murdered before his very eyes, and now, here’s his cousin cocaine trafficking on a grand scale for a major politician! Added to this parade of horrors was the knowledge that the American CIA sponsored their bloody rampage through his country by drug smuggling.
  80. Combating trafficking is not only a job for the governments,.
  1. Devil Girlz trafficked in guns.
  2. Use only public computers, well trafficked.
  3. Thousands of women have been trafficked to.
  4. Many of these girls are trafficked to other cities.
  5. Some Nigerian child beggars are trafficked for labour.
  6. Many of the victims are trafficked in horrid conditions.
  7. As reported by the RCMP up to 1200 persons are trafficked.
  8. Philippines and parts of Africa are trafficked for forced.
  9. EBay is one of the most trafficked sites on the net today.
  10. It’s estimated that 300,000 females are trafficked in the.
  11. It is highly competitive with Google for the #1 trafficked.
  12. It’s estimated that 500,000 women are trafficked for sexual.
  13. He may have trafficked or had some contact with her in the last year.
  14. The majority of transnational victims are trafficked into commercial.
  15. SBI! owners can add fully integrated e-stores to their highly trafficked sites.
  16. Manza was a good choice, trafficked by crowds in which Watanabe could lose himself.
  17. They ran huge prostitution rings, and trafficked 175,000 live human beings across Europe.
  18. The streets downtown were white and lightly trafficked, forsaken under Christmas tinsel keening with the wind.
  19. In the case of a highly trafficked web site, for example, one server may not be sufficient to support all of the clients.
  20. He had difficulty making eye contact and was afraid of unknowingly insulting Gruesome and Blade, yet he trafficked with the dead.
  21. After the B-24 had passed over, no more planes had come, and the current was carrying them far from the paths trafficked by friendly aircraft.
  22. He, incorrectly, she insisted, surmised that she was privy to the fact that Mike trafficked in cocaine and he began talking about it in detail.
  23. In the most extreme case, known as a collapse, the network is so heavily trafficked, it is almost perpetually in a state of contention, waiting for collisions to be resolved.
  24. The heavily trafficked Promenade des Anglais led to the airport and then followed the coast on its way to Cannes, passing restaurants built right on the beach with sexy waiters in bikinis.
  25. O’Neil is on the hunt for big stocks that are heavily trafficked in by institutional investors, whose deployments of cash constantly move into big, winning stocks that are at the cutting edge of any economic growth cycle.
  26. She had been studying other people for years—those with whom she trafficked in her life, to see what they had to do to gain acceptance in the world, as well as those she didn’t know in movie magazines, to see what made them so special.
  27. Men said that he had a whole library of dark works bound in skin flayed from living human victims, and that in nameless pits below the hill whereon his palace sat, he trafficked with the powers of darkness, trading screaming girl slaves for unholy secrets.
  28. Or, what is even more startling, an otherwise mentally sound, free, and even well-to-do young man, for no other reason than that he calls himself, and others call him, an investigating magistrate or County Council chief, seizes an unfortunate widow away from her minor children, and locks her up, or has her locked up in a prison, leaving her children without a mother, and all that because this unfortunate woman secretly trafficked in liquor and thus deprived the Crown of twenty-five roubles of revenue, and he does not feel the least compunction about it.
  29. I stalked the less trafficked corners of the room,.
  30. The biggest appetite for trafficked prostitutes though,.
  1. I hate these heavy traffics.
  2. Everything in life has good and evil traffics.
  3. Then why not immense traffics of confession here?
  4. Immense traffics of sin lurked beyond in the warm rains.
  5. Merchant: A man who traffics or carries on trade with foreign countries.
  6. And he had not run forth, that very young priest, into the traffics of the world.
  7. Ah! we know too well the vices that sheltered themselves under that most accursed of all traffics.
  8. A scheme for the repristination of passenger and goods traffics over Irish waterways, when freed from weedbeds.
  9. The French secret services had good reasons to fear her, having many dirty secrets and traffics to protect in Indochina.

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