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Trail numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I bet the trail JY.
  2. Corey was on her trail.
  3. See you on the trail!.
  4. My first on the trail.
  5. I followed a trail of.

  6. There was a trail but.
  7. There is no paper trail.
  8. If we follow that trail.
  9. The trail had humbled me.
  10. Worse than a paper trail.
  11. Forest on the horse trail.
  12. Site it on the game trail.
  13. But we keep on their trail.
  14. She let the words trail off.
  15. I had become like a trail.

  16. No electronic trail at all.
  17. I have to follow this trail.
  18. Now let us follow the trail.
  19. They begin to walk the trail.
  20. We retreated down the trail.
  21. It was smelling out my trail.
  22. Had he left a trail for me?
  24. Don’t trail off, I said.
  25. How Good Is the Paper Trail?

  26. When we met on the trail, I.
  27. The trail was not an easy one.
  28. The Trail of the Red Diamonds.
  29. This was the end of the trail.
  30. I was walking on that trail.
  31. A trail of wet tickle on her.
  32. The trail became wider as it.
  33. No one on the trail near by.
  34. A Rabbit Trail For Inspection.
  35. Start with puddles on a trail.
  36. There wasn’t a literal trail.
  37. I follow Cherrie down the trail.
  38. Don’t tread on the game trail.
  39. Emily's trail wasn't as fresh.
  40. Following his trail, they had.
  41. Naturally, I followed the trail.
  42. It was smelling out their trail.
  43. The trail led up the stairs now.
  44. Peak Trail Days for the purpose.
  45. They’ll be stuck on the trail.
  46. A thin trail of gravel made its.
  47. It was the old wagon train trail.
  48. We did this most wonderful trail.
  49. The trail was all that remained.
  50. Long trail drives from Texas to.
  51. What the Paper Trail Doesn’t Do.
  53. Fritz came to a stop on the trail.
  54. I prayed to be on the right trail.
  55. She said to his sister, Trail him.
  56. I do not trail stops for this play.
  57. The trail changes from year to year.
  58. Tim said the army used trail bikes.
  59. When you get on that trail youll.
  60. The trail took him to a parking lot.
  61. I’m researching the old trail.
  62. These transfers have a paper trail.
  63. Their luminous trail guided us to.
  64. The prisoners trail was still fresh.
  65. Then we headed back down the trail.
  66. We saw your tracks on the trail.
  67. I entered THE PINEVILLE TRAIL and.
  68. We then headed back down the trail.
  69. There were no records and no trail.
  70. We found the trail and continued on.
  71. When one knows the trail one blazed.
  72. She would have to follow this trail.
  73. By George, this must be the trail.
  74. No wonder they’re hot on my trail.
  75. Then she could find her paper trail.
  76. He had waved Carroll off that trail.
  77. Zem and I will meet you on the trail.
  78. Slave hunters are on their trail.
  79. The man in charge was the trail boss.
  80. The trail split into a Y ahead of us.
  81. He dubbed the bicycle a "trail bike".
  82. He spotted a trail through the jungle.
  83. She’d hiked this trail with Lindsay.
  84. Altschul, or throw him off the trail.
  85. TRAIL was something I could deal with.
  86. Devin would also be on her trail soon.
  87. Sicarius looked farther down the trail.
  88. They all use that trail, Bru added.
  89. Regina vanishes and the trail is cold.
  90. He followed Andrew's trail using his.
  91. No paper trail existed to verify the.
  92. His lips left hers to trail down her.
  93. The rainbow trail doesn’t function.
  94. If there’s a trail, he’ll find it.
  95. There is no evidential trail to follow.
  96. Here is where the winding trail begins.
  97. There they picked up the trail of the.
  98. TRAIL wormhole to the end of the tunnel.
  99. I was now on the trail of something big.
  100. I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.
  1. No one was trailing me I.
  2. Are trailing on the ground.
  3. Note to self: trailing stops.
  4. The trailing stop profit exit.
  5. Trailing stops = keeping profits.
  6. Trailing me, they embarked on a.
  7. Then trailing a chain of kisses.
  8. No, there was no one trailing him.
  9. All trailing exits are a compromise.
  10. It was trailing a thin wisp of smoke.
  11. Trailing dogs sniff objects and scents.
  12. He trudged forward, his hand trailing.
  13. Mark's still trailing her, Kyle said.
  14. The brute was undoubtedly trailing them.
  15. There are two parts to the trailing exit.
  16. Meanwhile, my mother was trailing Cynthia.
  17. Trailing Stops in This Fashion Is the Key.
  18. Sophisticated stock traders use trailing.
  19. There is no sign of blood trailing behind.
  20. Cornell and California were trailing badly.
  21. We could have had him trailing around for.
  22. This is the trailing edge of the elevator.
  23. Four or five followers were trailing behind.
  24. The monster set off, trailing leaves and mud.
  25. Trailing behind the catamaran was the dinghy.
  26. That fumes beneath his nose: the trailing cloud.
  27. The guy has been trailing us for roughly three.
  28. What will happen to your trailing stop loss? It.
  29. Oh, my god, he said, his voice trailing off.
  30. She blinked; one escaped trailing down her cheek.
  31. Again, there are better tools for trailing stops.
  32. There was a line of blood trailing down my shirt.
  33. I heard her voice trailing off at the words no one.
  34. She could almost hear the trailing end of a voice.
  35. See the wire trailing down there? Werner asks.
  36. A spinning hook will be trailing off the end of it.
  37. In a sense, it is a trailing stop but trailing the.
  38. He took the earnings for the trailing 12 months of $.
  39. That's another reason why he needed a trailing stop).
  40. Your trailing stop loss will also move up by 50 pips.
  41. As the trailing notes of the howls waned off I smiled.
  42. Some investors use what they call trailing stop losses.
  43. Trailing three nautical miles behind the MV Heraklion.
  44. With the snapper trailing behind, we walked the short.
  45. He stood like a statue, his sword trailing in his hand.
  46. William could only follow, trailing the fireplace poker.
  47. Morgan spotted the van trailing him after the third turn.
  48. But Pinkertons, Alex argued, his voice trailing off.
  49. As she got her knees, she could feel the blood trailing.
  50. Harry was as organised as ever, trailing a small, wheeled.
  51. Belmont and Beaumont are in the lead with Aaron trailing.
  52. A second dark-suited man stepped out of the trailing sedan.
  53. Thank you kindly, the cowboy said trailing after him.
  54. A trailing stop is a one-way proposition; in a bull market.
  55. A trailing stop is one that is moved up in a rising market.
  56. The agents trailing Thomas Pierce had temporarily lost him.
  57. The only sound on the air came from the trailing picket pin.
  58. I decided to break off my trailing so I could return to the.
  59. You can also set a trailing stop loss orders for your trades.
  60. Hilderich answered with some uncertainty trailing his words:.
  61. EURGBP rolls over and closes below our two-bar trailing stop.
  62. The trailing stop would have had you selling the stock at 11.
  63. This is for trailing me up here and bashing me on the head.
  64. As the NQ sells off, we start using the two-bar trailing stop.
  65. He tried to ignore the rancid saliva trailing out of its jaws.
  66. It tore all the way from the trailing edge to the leading edge.
  67. Could it be that he was trailing a MAN—one of his own race?
  68. You can omit the trailing caret symbol, except when using ":&".
  69. Kevin pointed to the black and white tattoo trailing up her arm.
  70. Yes? he said his finger trailing slowly down to her thighs.
  71. Ensure that you have a trailing slash / at the end of your path.
  72. Heliri snuck up behind the hoverbike still trailing behind them.
  73. Was that the same car that had been trailing us from the city?
  74. In order not to be effected by this emotion a trailing stop of.
  75. He then ran back into the kitchen, with us trailing close behind.
  76. With her thoughts trailing back to Miami, she could imagine the.
  77. The trailing stop adjusts or trails behind a rising stock price.
  78. Cloud began along the aisle before him, his fingers trailing the.
  79. CALL SYMPUTX trims any trailing spaces as opposed to CALL SYMPUT.
  80. The snake, trailing close behind, raised its head with open jaws.
  81. He debated trailing them secretly, and then was able to pull the.
  82. Sector6’s Green Park, their sad eyes trailing the three as they.
  83. The price rises and never falls back by the trailing stop distance.
  84. Bayo turned around and saw his kid sister still trailing behind him.
  85. As dogged as a matador trailing a wounded thunder-titan, he followed.
  86. The boat trailing behind him was an Ancient Egyptian model—shaped.
  87. Didiera they were both old fellas, but one of them came trailing.
  88. Barret, was there…? she began, her words trailing off as she.
  89. The last thing written is in a trailing scrawl of elf-letters: they.
  90. Once the trend resumes, the two-bar trailing stop can also be resumed.
  91. One way to do this is to use a trailing stop instead of a price target.
  92. He might have been happy to read the previous section on trailing stops.
  93. Two minutes later, he returned, trailing the walrus-like Bill Dougherty.
  94. Three Warriors, trailing a long veil of attacking birds, ran towards Syd.
  95. We watched it leave, trailing a high, whirling column of dust behind it.
  96. I presently perceived she was (what is vernacularly termed) trailing Mrs.
  97. I tugged on his collar and he shifted closer, his lips trailing up my neck.
  98. It sounded like the trailing note from a triangle when it has been played.
  99. Trailing his tongue down her flat abdomen, he pressed a kiss to her navel.
  100. She returned one early morning trailing a new boyfriend, and Tiny snapped.
  1. The boy trailed behind them.
  2. The woman trailed after her.
  3. Then her voice trailed off.
  4. Cal still trailed the field.
  5. Maria trailed in their wake.
  6. I trailed him until he was.
  7. Mr Marriott's voice trailed oft.
  8. She in turn was trailed by the.
  9. He trailed through the various.
  10. And, um… She trailed off.
  11. He trailed off when he saw Holly.
  12. The tears trailed down her cheeks.
  13. Rebecca trailed me to the restroom.
  14. Walt trailed his feet in the water.
  15. Only 2 Obotron ships trailed them.
  16. Lips trailed over my bare shoulder.
  17. Rykus trailed behind Ash and Hagan.
  18. She trailed off about it, saying.
  19. A stranger–, I trailed off.
  20. Yeah but— Anita trailed off.
  21. Raoul trailed off in some hesitation.
  22. About her windraw face hair trailed.
  23. A long line trailed behind the boat.
  24. However … His voice trailed off.
  25. The way I trailed off was tantalizing.
  26. Miller trailed off in a mystical way.
  27. They could have been trailed behind.
  28. Deformed arms trailed here and there.
  29. Cappy and Jacobi trailed on my heels.
  30. Brambles trailed upon the ground, or.
  31. The young hunter’s voice trailed off.
  32. Ethan’s eyes trailed Nicole’s face.
  33. The conversation trailed off after that.
  34. He was confident they were not trailed.
  35. There were… His words trailed off.
  36. She trailed her eyes down Sam’s body.
  37. Inacio trailed off as he wiped his eyes.
  38. His voice trailed off and he looked away.
  39. Abigail trailed off, spreading her hands.
  40. He trailed off and I thought he was done.
  41. Stokes’s voice trailed away at the end.
  42. I trailed along after them into the barn.
  43. She left her seat then and trailed after.
  44. I had trailed the road until I got here.
  45. His voice trailed off and he shook his head.
  46. My voice trailed off and Walt grunted again.
  47. Bruce and Juliet trailed a few cars behind.
  48. She trailed off not wanting to hurt Caleb.
  49. When she trailed off, Colin finished for her.
  50. The wires trailed off to the rear of the van.
  51. But… his voice trailed off, teasing her.
  52. Drake trailed his fingers along my collarbone.
  53. Silas trailed off as he looked around the room.
  54. Max had trailed this target for nearly a month.
  55. As she trailed after her along the corridors.
  56. Her handsome dress had trailed upon the ground.
  57. Jimmy spotted what he was after and I trailed.
  58. His voice trailed off, so he started the engine.
  59. The two trailed the man a short way along the.
  60. Oh, your poor daddy… Her voice trailed off.
  61. It would never work… His voice trailed off.
  62. He trailed off, obviously going on a mental jour-.
  63. With every movement, sparkling particles trailed.
  64. What? My lady, of course I… he trailed off.
  65. She moaned as he trailed kisses up her neck slowly.
  66. I don’t believe it-- Her voice trailed off.
  67. The Headman walked behind Sati, trailed by Suryaksh.
  68. Tzgarr’s voice trailed off as he focused on Noah.
  69. Pines and sharp stones trailed off into the mists.
  70. At St Denis, the Car park CCTV trailed him to a car.
  71. The sophomores trailed the field for the first mile.
  72. He trailed off, and Thomas knew what he was thinking.
  73. His skin tingled when she trailed kisses up his neck.
  74. Her voice trailed off as she became lost in her own.
  75. Abanir ceaselessly smirked as he trailed her footpath.
  76. No stray cables trailed from the back of the drawers.
  77. He trailed his tongue over her stomach, heading south.
  78. A handful of disciples trailed after him uncertainly.
  79. She trailed off, but the words echoed in Hal’s mind.
  80. He trailed off as he looked at what Melissa was doing.
  81. She lifted her hair and he trailed it around her neck.
  82. Joey trailed off when he realized he had said too much.
  83. However…, Fescor trailed off, staring into space.
  84. An angry car horn trailed off into the thickening fog.
  85. He brushed away a shard of stone, trailed his fingers.
  86. McLean trailed behind his guide down into the belly of.
  87. Laura’s voice trailed off, as she sat in recollection.
  88. Jacob’s words trailed off as he was overcome by tears.
  89. His voice trailed off with a miserable echo of finality.
  90. Her voice trailed behind her, A very happy birthday.
  91. For whatever way is trailed there was a will blazing it.
  92. I……… My voice trailed off as she laughed again.
  93. David’s voice trailed off and his eyes went semi blank.
  94. With the last of her words, Aerith’s voice trailed off.
  95. A trickle of blood trailed from the corner of her mouth.
  96. Well, he is fifteen, Patty started, and trailed off.
  97. Her voice trailed away, and she looked at Huss pleadingly.
  98. In a few seconds the dust cloud they were in trailed off.
  99. The voices trailed away and Elowen heard their footsteps.
  100. Do I know you from somewhere? his voice trailed off.
  1. But soon, the trails and.
  2. Texas, the first trails in the.
  3. Have a nice day and HAPPY TRAILS.
  4. A thousand wrinkled, satin trails.
  5. IN trails of fire across the land.
  6. Her eyes wander when she trails off.
  7. They have sent hunters on her trails.
  8. Look out for the signs of these trails.
  9. Excited to get out on the trails with.
  10. Trails of blood from her coughing were.
  11. Vapor trails in the labyrinth of my eyes.
  12. From there, both of these trails crossed.
  13. My voice trails off when he looks up at me.
  14. We didn’t see any blood trails, nothing.
  15. Trails of cloud lines follow the spaceship.
  16. Trails of sand summons back towards her arm.
  17. The mountain trails have their secret tales.
  18. Trails of white smoke trails behind the ship.
  19. And I… She trails off and shakes her head.
  20. The grounds have many nature trails to explore.
  21. But if this is really you… He trails off.
  22. He could not resist seeking new trails to blaze.
  23. The money trails went to other banks and trusts.
  24. They concluded that vapor trails are a prevalent.
  25. I was walking along one of the trails that linked.
  26. Let's try one of the trails that lead down the hill.
  27. Both were designated national scenic trails in 1968.
  28. The smell of hops trails out of the room behind him.
  29. Well, I think we should start with the main trails.
  30. There were no muzzle flashes, launch trails or smoke.
  31. I followed the high game trails and saw many creatures.
  32. The threesome stop short of where our trails intersect.
  33. Week Chezhervizhod ended with no live trails to follow.
  34. Also, most of the trails to the mines ran through Alaska.
  35. We know all the trails and paths up to and on the Ice.
  36. Trails of a luminescent world passed over his tired eyes.
  37. Okakambe Horse Trails is located on the banks of the dry.
  38. McLean had followed the train and trails into the setting.
  39. Your infra-red scanners can't pick up the hot water trails.
  40. But last night, in the playroom, you… he trails off.
  41. Back in camp, the stench trails after me like a comet's tail.
  42. They left the cave and were soon zigzagging along the trails.
  43. Snare or trap with spear traps or deadfalls on their trails.
  44. Next you will learn to track trails, whispered Halirit.
  45. We use the yacu as signposts on the trails, for each yacu is.
  46. That maximum profit trails off as the stock rallies above 41.
  47. Having realized these objectives, look for new trails to blaze.
  48. This volume total trails only the S&P 500 index option series.
  49. A few couples were ambling the paths and trails here and there.
  50. This snare can be used to cover two game trails in open country.
  51. But that was not the case on the river trails we were following.
  52. We headed for the park and ended up on one of the walking trails.
  53. I glanced back at the still visible dust trails of our pursuers.
  54. The trailing stop adjusts or trails behind a rising stock price.
  55. Salem witch trails all over again, only this is more than three.
  56. Trails that were now well-defined when they had been deer tracks.
  57. We got there in a short time and headed out to one of the trails.
  58. Flat trails are terrible for snowboards, and result in long walks.
  59. The Opel bounces down roads that are hardly more than cattle trails.
  60. There were no trails, because the Chono traveled by boat everywhere.
  61. Western's exposure to Trails was $22 million in common stock and $30.
  62. The bubble suddenly changed trails and veered off down a separate path.
  63. They let us both go — the evidence was pretty … Amy trails off.
  64. He lived in the shadows and left few trails, and that was fine with her.
  65. It was too easy to think you know the way, but all trails look the same.
  66. Consequently, they leave tell-tale trails of hot water wherever they go.
  67. Beth rode for hours on the trails crisscrossing the mountains of Puriscal.
  68. The projectiles left trails of green and red fire between the iron chains.
  69. The mulatto took Salome by an arm, and against her will, took her to trails.
  70. The point is… Christina’s voice trails off, and she tilts her head.
  71. He laughed and said, It’s a four-lane compared to some of these trails.
  72. Trails of vomit were seen everywhere at the circumference of the impact site.
  73. Riding along these types of trails is always thrilling, but it is important.
  74. Smith and Theakston had wandered the trails across the bleak moors for hours.
  75. He ordered his soldiers to look for any trails, while he waited in the bushes.
  76. His mouth traced a line along my collarbone, leaving trails of fire in his wake.
  77. I’ve ridden those trails with Yise, Alistair interjected, They’re.
  78. Otherwise people will forever find themselves drawn down twisting false trails.
  79. Their favorite trails were Cheetah and Simbah, big wide-open intermediate trails.
  80. During a hiking trip, there are often two or more trails one must decide to take.
  81. It had been the extensive search of the car which had revealed more of the trails.
  82. The nymphs left trails of light through the trees as they sped into the deep woods.
  83. I knew the trails through the forest, but in the dark it was very hard to navigate.
  84. His fingers left hot trails on my skin, and I slid forward involuntarily on his lap.
  85. Those puffs quickly turned into trails climbing vertically towards her at high speed.
  86. That is how we follow money trails and link it with cell phones and different people.
  87. Of course, as in my example of tearing through trails at full throttle, you must avoid.
  88. They concluded that vapor trails are a prevalent feature over US skies and that these.
  89. The ditch was thick with cow parsley, hemlock and long trails of green-flowering bryony.
  90. But in grappling with them, we had to venture up difficult trails through a huge thicket.
  91. But, trade caravans are vulnerable to robbers along thousands of miles of trails through.
  92. Following money trails is standard procedure and nothing new when dealing with syndicates.
  93. They relied solely on animal trails and rows of polished stone demarcating seasonal brooks.
  94. I’m sure everything will… His voice trails off when a familiar figure approaches.
  95. Twin trails of black mascara, mixed with tears, had rolled down his cheeks, smeared the rouge.
  96. With the ground covered in snow, it was impossible to find trails, not that they were needed.
  97. Our conversation trails off, so I end up staring out the window at the unbroken sea of clouds.
  98. His hand trails from her hip to between her legs, and he strokes her once, eliciting a shiver.
  99. Ellin trails off and looks at Michael, who says, She knew you were looking forward to this.
  100. There�s a lot of trails around this place, too many for everyone out here to stay together.

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