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Tremble numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. His lip began to tremble.
  2. Bo felt his legs tremble.
  3. Then she began to tremble.
  4. Her body began to tremble.
  5. The ground began to tremble.

  6. The earth started to tremble.
  7. Will's chin began to tremble.
  8. She began to visibly tremble.
  9. Where is she? I tremble.
  10. His hands started to tremble.
  11. Rising anger made him tremble.
  12. But her lips began to tremble.
  13. As for me, it made me tremble.
  14. I tremble for her loss of wit!.
  15. I saw my father's hand tremble.

  16. My lower lip started to tremble.
  17. A jolt made it tremble through.
  18. Windows tremble in their frames.
  19. Jerusalem; earth and sky tremble.
  20. The dogs tremble in their stances.
  21. His bottom lip started to tremble.
  22. Nerissa could see his arm tremble.
  23. The entire island begins to tremble.
  24. Only she began to tremble all over.
  25. Hazel! Think of that, and tremble!.

  26. That convulsing man began to tremble.
  27. Then her lower lip began to tremble.
  28. This time there was a faint tremble.
  29. There was a slight tremble in her lip.
  30. They tremble as the trapeze swoops.
  31. The Witch Door did not tremble or move.
  32. In the room her hands began to tremble.
  33. Heart with a slight tremble in her hand.
  34. It was only now that I began to tremble.
  35. The man said with a tremble in his voice.
  36. They contain power that made me tremble.
  37. Her hand began to tremble with the weight.
  38. All the same, his anger made her tremble.
  39. She felt her body tremble from her anger.
  40. I was so excited my legs began to tremble.
  41. David held the letter, starting to tremble.
  42. So what was it that made him tremble now?
  43. He loved watching her tremble at his touch.
  44. The financial institutes will tremble and.
  45. The tremble in her hands got a little worse.
  46. He began to tremble, and could not dissemble.
  47. My hands tremble as I grip his shirt collar.
  48. My own began to tremble as I read the letter.
  49. The dead child all at once began to tremble!.
  50. Ali could feel his hands beginning to tremble.
  51. His hands tremble and he pines for a woman.
  52. The electricity from his body made me tremble.
  53. Beck was staring at him, beginning to tremble.
  54. This kiss made her insides tremble with desire.
  55. Mountains surrounded the area began to tremble.
  56. At the touch of his hand, she began to tremble.
  57. The hand holding his hammer starts to tremble.
  58. Their hands tremble and seem unable to grasp.
  59. My arms tremble lightly, muscles taut and sore.
  60. They gathered and I began to tremble and sweat.
  61. All of us should really tremble in our boots.
  62. Her body flushed so cold, she began to tremble.
  63. He noticed he was starting to tremble as he did.
  64. Raven began to tremble with fear and discomfort.
  65. My hands tremble, and Christina squeezes my knee.
  66. The heat of his breath made me tremble all over.
  67. What is it? he asked, beginning to tremble.
  68. Pavel Pavlovitch's chin suddenly began to tremble.
  69. The man began to tremble and his face was all red.
  70. How their fearful eyes would tremble at your power.
  71. Something thumps again and the windowpanes tremble.
  72. He did not tremble any longer: the crisis was over.
  73. Doom, doom: the pillars seemed to tremble and the.
  74. The sheaf of pages before Pulaski seemed to tremble.
  75. My hands began to sweat, and I felt myself tremble.
  76. He could feel her body tremble as she began to weep.
  77. A light began to tremble on the horizon of his mind.
  78. His hands began to tremble, not from fear but from.
  79. We know this, we tremble in anger, yet are powerless.
  80. James 2:9 Demons believe and tremble! But not saved!.
  81. And after a long while, looking, he began to tremble.
  82. I tremble to think what would happen, said Rhett.
  83. My heart raced, my hands would tremble, and all else.
  84. She watched him tremble and was filled with amazement.
  85. O what is it in me that makes me tremble so at voices?
  86. An idea that made him grin and tremble with excitement.
  87. The back plate came off with Tremble still hooked to it.
  88. It would be a shame to see Tremble lost in such a place.
  89. Suddenly, the ground beneath my feet began to tremble.
  90. She made it low because she was afraid it would tremble.
  91. We know it and tremble with rage, but we can do nothing.
  92. What do you want? The teacher had begun to tremble.
  93. What does it mean? I did not think I should tremble in.
  94. She tried to ignore it but her knees started to tremble.
  95. Now she was in that state when you tremble and feel cold.
  96. At this sight alone Franz felt his legs tremble under him.
  97. She stood letting him adore her and tremble with joy of her.
  98. With sprinkles of magic upon my soul I tremble as you hold.
  99. Corey began to tremble as he was conveying the story to my.
  100. The women tremble, knowing some of their men may not return.
  1. I clung to Ma trembling.
  2. He was trembling as he.
  3. He was trembling all over.
  4. She was pale and trembling.
  5. Trembling, I looked at her.
  6. You are trembling all over.
  7. She was trembling a little.
  8. He could see her trembling.
  9. She felt a trembling stir.
  10. Her lower lip was trembling.
  11. Her body was trembling and.
  12. Trembling, I opened the box.
  13. His whole body is trembling.
  14. I was restless and trembling.
  15. He said in a trembling voice.
  16. The arm he held was trembling.
  17. Carrie was trembling all over.
  18. I noticed his hands trembling.
  19. He too was trembling all over.
  20. I was trembling from the dream.
  21. He came out pale and trembling.
  22. Zarko felt her hands trembling.
  23. I was trembling and exhausted.
  24. He was trembling with delight.
  25. He was trembling and terrified.
  26. Linton was white and trembling.
  27. Travis could feel her trembling.
  28. I was suddenly trembling again.
  29. The trembling died away at last.
  30. Smith stood trembling among them.
  31. The vampire fell over trembling.
  32. He looked back, voice trembling.
  33. So we rode slowly on, trembling.
  34. I was trembling with excitement.
  35. She was trembling with agitation.
  36. The walls seemed to be trembling.
  37. Then he began trembling all over.
  38. But trembling on the mirror dark.
  39. She reached out a trembling hand.
  40. Greg stood over the trembling man.
  41. His hands were trembling slightly.
  42. I could see his fingers trembling.
  43. She could feel her body trembling.
  44. Trembling, I hobble toward Anthony.
  45. His voice was trembling with tears.
  46. And her lips began trembling again.
  47. Trembling, he stood up and faced me.
  48. Her trembling palm held number two.
  49. He saw the boys were trembling too.
  50. But he wasn't sweating or trembling.
  51. He gradually notices Unks trembling.
  52. Eight girls lowered trembling palms.
  53. By now Chelsea was visibly trembling.
  54. Every second the trembling escalates.
  55. She had wept, and she was trembling.
  56. I was trembling, too, as I said this.
  57. She realised her voice was trembling.
  58. They were trembling in fear as well.
  59. But it fell from his trembling hand.
  60. Maria took up a cup with trembling.
  61. Marie could feel his body trembling.
  62. I was agitated, feverish, trembling.
  63. When she stopped trembling, he let.
  64. The trembling city becomes unbearable.
  65. Trembling, the robin stood its ground.
  66. Her trembling lips try to form a word.
  67. He managed to control his trembling.
  68. Martin arose in his covers, trembling.
  69. I was clutching my gun and trembling.
  70. To keep the trembling hill of hearts.
  71. Madeline could see her lip trembling.
  72. Bentley, trembling there on the steps.
  73. He was seized with a fit of trembling.
  74. Sterling replied, his voice trembling.
  75. This time there was no trembling, no.
  76. Than health, so with a trembling hand.
  77. Marius was seized with a trembling fit.
  78. His fingers weren't trembling anymore.
  79. The body in his arms started trembling.
  80. He was trembling and he vomited blood.
  81. In the meantime, Cosette was trembling.
  82. She ran her trembling fingers over it.
  83. I stared at him with my chin trembling.
  84. Yeah, Ellis said, still trembling.
  85. With trembling hands I opened the box.
  86. She quickened and he felt her trembling.
  87. Bo tried to conceal his trembling hands.
  88. Was he trembling from cold or from fear.
  89. Trembling aftershocks also took a toll.
  90. The sun sent shafts of trembling light.
  91. Her hands and bottom lip were trembling.
  92. Her entire body was trembling with fear.
  93. He handed it to her with trembling hands.
  94. She was shaking and trembling with rage.
  95. She swiped it off with a trembling hand.
  96. He was trembling and shocking very hard.
  97. He was trembling and he was very scared.
  98. She shoves it away with a trembling hand.
  99. She was trembling and he smiled at her.
  100. And crossed with trembling hand the maid.
  1. And he trembled with joy.
  2. He trembled upon his rock.
  3. I trembled as I watched it.
  4. His voice trembled and he.
  5. Her voice trembled a little.
  6. The wind trembled the house.
  7. He trembled then pulled back.
  8. The prince trembled all over.
  9. Her hands trembled and she.
  10. She trembled at the thought.
  11. His body still trembled in.
  12. The rock trembled at my touch.
  13. All life trembled before him.
  14. Saul trembled with fury as Lt.
  15. The gun trembled in his hands.
  16. The young man's mouth trembled.
  17. She trembled for her daughter.
  18. Her slim body trembled a few.
  19. He watched as the boy trembled.
  20. Hands, brain and body trembled.
  21. And Tristan trembled and said:.
  22. The terrible word trembled on.
  23. Her muscles trembled, but her.
  24. Her body trembled from the cold.
  25. His voice trembled as he spoke.
  26. The old old man's lips trembled.
  27. His hands trembled at her face.
  28. She trembled a bit at the words.
  29. Laney’s hand trembled in mine.
  30. My hand trembled, my mouth dried.
  31. A piece of me trembled with him.
  32. The barricade trembled; he sang.
  33. Her lower lip trembled slightly.
  34. Kors trembled and turned to leave.
  35. The small rocking chair trembled.
  36. Her lips trembled, and so did his.
  37. He trembled, and turning around:.
  38. She trembled and grew deadly pale.
  39. He was surprised that he trembled.
  40. He trembled nervously and woke up.
  41. She stood her ground but trembled.
  42. His eyes widened and lips trembled.
  43. His whole body trembled with rage.
  44. The form of the Huron trembled in.
  45. Raskolnikoff trembled in every limb.
  46. They trembled twice and were still.
  47. The yacht trembled in the shockwave.
  48. She trembled, just thinking about it.
  49. Tears trembled in Pork’s hurt eyes.
  50. Her lips trembled, she didn't want.
  51. His lower lip trembled with concern.
  52. Saul trembled as he signed the tablet.
  53. My hand trembled with every movement.
  54. She hesitated, and her voice trembled.
  55. His hands trembled and his mind raced.
  56. Her face flushed and her lips trembled.
  57. She trembled visibly when she spoke:.
  58. His body trembled with anger and his.
  59. Her hands trembled as she picked it up.
  60. Debray, who has not trembled before me.
  61. All three shook and trembled with fear.
  62. Elowen trembled at his violent reaction.
  63. She trembled a little, and clung to me.
  64. Her lips trembled as she struggled to.
  65. The ground trembled, and trembled again.
  66. Why should I kill him? My hand trembled.
  67. Raoul was no coward; and yet he trembled.
  68. His whole body trembled with excitement.
  69. Laura’s arms trembled around his chest.
  70. His lips trembled as he searched her face.
  71. Lu Tianming lowered his head and trembled.
  72. Chubikoff trembled with rage all the way.
  74. The old priest's hands trembled as he sat.
  75. Felix trembled violently as he said this.
  76. Cosette trembled and pressed close to him.
  77. Year that trembled and reel'd beneath me!.
  78. Jacob trembled for a moment but continued.
  79. Posdnicheff sobbed and trembled before me.
  80. Her body shook and her whole body trembled.
  81. That I could think there trembled through.
  82. All the family trembled before the father.
  83. Her fingers trembled as she lifted the lid.
  84. He trembled as he stood there waiting for.
  85. Tears filled her eyes and her lips trembled.
  86. It burrowed under some leaves and trembled.
  87. Dawes's hand trembled as he moved the piece.
  88. Trembled so violently, that of that terror.
  89. Tiny breaths trembled her half-smiling lips.
  90. Balthus' knees trembled as he followed Conan.
  91. It trembled now with some secret preparation.
  92. Some noticed his hand trembled a bit as he.
  93. She trembled to such a degree that she wept.
  94. The hand on the mare's neck trembled suddenly.
  95. She trembled all over and sat down on a chair.
  96. She inhaled the night and the ground trembled.
  97. My face sweated and hands trembled with fear.
  98. A sharp pain shot through me, and I trembled.
  99. His hand as he held the dark curtain trembled.
  100. He slid between her thighs while she trembled.
  1. Etienne trembles lightly beside her.
  2. Alex she trembles I’m sorry.
  3. My body trembles and falls to the ground.
  4. The Tower trembles; to the tombs of kings.
  5. With nothing trembles… Instantly, I awoke.
  7. His voice trembles, but just at the end of each word.
  8. My heart trembles at the thought that I may see them.
  9. The liquid trembles inside it, almost spilling over the lip.
  10. Mon enfant, my hand trembles, but I've done with everything.
  11. She trembles as she tries to dial a number on her cell phone.
  12. Can you imagine? Frederick’s voice trembles with ardency.
  13. The boy’s bottom lip trembles as he turns to face the group.
  14. His voice trembles, but his look is stern as he shakes his head.
  15. Csinos (Pretty), one of the horses, trembles at the sound of the.
  16. I’m here to stop whatever you’re doing! His voice trembles.
  17. She trembles and kneels with her face to the ground before the princess.
  18. Thus, from Fondi to Perusia, every one trembles at the name of Cucumetto.
  19. He trembles all over; but that is natural, considering the life he leads.
  20. The pen trembles in my hand—my heart sickens at the recital of such misery.
  21. His messengers prepare His way before Him, the earth trembles at His nearness.
  22. His granddaughter is tending to him, his trembles and tremors, his rackety cough.
  23. His fustian shirt, sanguineflowered, trembles its Spanish tassels at his secrets.
  24. Kedril eats gradually, and at each mouthful trembles lest his master shall see him.
  25. That’s why the soul trembles, while man is tossing in search of wholly ripe fruit.
  26. She trembles, which makes her less terrifying than the plastic knife she’s holding.
  27. She then sits there in the office chair, holding the mug of coffee as it trembles in her hand.
  28. The light of torches resembles the wisdom of cowards; it gives a bad light because it trembles.
  29. The prosecutor who trembles at a trial for fear he should not seem advanced enough is ours, ours.
  30. In the music of the harp which trembles round the world it is the insisting on this which thrills us.
  31. Frighted Jonah trembles, and summoning all his boldness to his face, only looks so much the more a coward.
  32. For the fear of The Lord is rarely found, not one of them trembles, yet the admiration of men is clearly seen.
  33. As they lay his little body into the ground, wrapped in cloth and prepared for the grave, Muhammad trembles yet again.
  34. It trembles as does a bow when it is pulled back with powerful tension, aimed at a target with unflinching and robotic precision.
  35. The branch trembles when a hand approaches it to pluck a flower, and seems to both withdraw and to offer itself at one and the same time.
  36. Her thin sleeve slips easily off her shoulder and she trembles as if she's cold in the second before he runs his tongue across her nipple.
  37. Her back hit a wall—she hadn’t realized she was retreating again—and she pressed against it, trying to contain the trembles running through her.
  38. How many men might be in danger because of this? And yet when Werner remembers hearing that voice, when he remembers that song flooding his head, he trembles with joy.
  39. At that moment, he will realise his folly as his heart starts to beat faster and he trembles nervously; so he will not be successful and will achieve nothing but failure.
  40. He woke up in his bed at Ptolemy House, and the whole thing might have been a bad dream except for the weak trembles of his muscles, and the throbbing remains of the headache.
  41. You know things as thoughts, but your thoughts are not your experiences, they are the echo and after effect of your experience: as when your room trembles after a carriage goes past.
  42. Deacon and two women wipe the blood off Nadine’s head and face with some tissues as Nadine cries and trembles, clutching her bloody head and chest! Nadine holds a bloody cloth to her face.
  43. A despot that has its priests and its slaves, a despot to whom all do homage with love and superstition hitherto inconceivable, before which science itself trembles and cringes in a shameful way.
  44. When instantly, the entire ship careens over on her side; every bolt in her starts like the nail-heads of an old house in frosty weather; she trembles, quivers, and nods her frighted mast-heads to the sky.
  45. It is thus that a wounded man trembles instinctively at the approach of the finger to his wound until it be healed, but Villefort's was one of those that never close, or if they do, only close to reopen more agonizing than ever.
  46. The audience expands with laughter; but the door grates on its hinges, the winds shakes the shutters, Kedril trembles, and hastily, almost without knowing what he is doing, puts into his mouth an enormous piece of fowl, which he is unable to swallow.
  47. For he is accustomed to rely upon himself alone and to cut himself off from the whole; he has trained himself not to believe in the help of others, in men and in humanity, and only trembles for fear he should lose his money and the privileges that he has won for himself.
  48. Several yards away, Deacon sits on the ground holding Nadine as Nadine’s body trembles! Nadine painfully and tearfully holds and clutches her head and chest as she lays on the ground! She and Deacon watch Diane D as Diane D continues to try to break away from the men!.
  49. It will be clear enough then that in his ordinary dealings which give him a reputation for honesty he coerces his bad passions by an enforced virtue; not making them see that they are wrong, or taming them by reason, but by necessity and fear constraining them, and because he trembles for his possessions.
  50. When he hears of devils he turns pale and trembles like a leaf; he would like to run away, but is afraid of his master; besides, he is hungry, he is voluptuous, he is sensual, stupid, though cunning in his way, and, as before said, a poltroon; he cheats his master every moment, though he fears him like fire.
  51. And therefore they are but like the felon that standeth before the judge, he quakes and trembles, and seems to repent most heartily, but the bottom of all is the fear of the halter; not that he hath any detestation of the offence, as is evident, because, let but this man have his liberty, and he will be a thief, and so a rogue still, whereas, if his mind was changed, he would be otherwise.
  52. But as a youth in love trembles, is unnerved, and dares not utter the thoughts he has dreamed of for nights, but looks around for help or a chance of delay and flight when the longed-for moment comes and he is alone with her, so Rostov, now that he had attained what he had longed for more than anything else in the world, did not know how to approach the Emperor, and a thousand reasons occurred to him why it would be inconvenient, unseemly, and impossible to do so.
  53. But as a youth in love trembles, is unnerved, and dares not utter the thoughts he has dreamed of for nights, but looks around for help or a chance of delay and flight when the longed-for moment comes and he is alone with her, so Rostóv, now that he had attained what he had longed for more than anything else in the world, did not know how to approach the Emperor, and a thousand reasons occurred to him why it would be inconvenient, unseemly, and impossible to do so.
  54. Through good and evil report in the varying fortune of that struggle which Don Jose had characterized in the phrase, "the fate of national honesty trembles in the balance," the Gould Concession, "Imperium in Imperio," had gone on working; the square mountain had gone on pouring its treasure down the wooden shoots to the unresting batteries of stamps; the lights of San Tome had twinkled night after night upon the great, limitless shadow of the Campo; every three months the silver escort had gone down to the sea as if neither the war nor its consequences could ever affect the ancient Occidental State secluded beyond its high barrier of the Cordillera.
  55. But trembles, words he cannot find,.

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