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  1. He constituted himself the tribunal.
  2. The Commodore addressed the Tribunal.
  3. Who is the Guardian that headed the tribunal?
  4. He addressed each of the members of the tribunal by.
  5. We’re certain they did not hold a proper tribunal.

  6. The tribunal head is the Guardian Commander of Planet Dawn.
  7. Nevertheless, we protest the order and demand a tribunal hearing.
  8. DA’s office and carried out by this tribunal under the watchful.
  9. What the tribunal wrote was malicious and tendentious, to my mind.
  10. Lorry, if it should go ill before the Tribunal, will not save him.
  11. In October, this Tribunal declared itself incompetent to judge the.
  12. The tribunal chastised the camp commander who has resigned his post.
  13. Knox said, I believe that a military tribunal would acquit you now.
  14. A tribunal will be convened on Monday at 0800 hours to hear your case.
  15. That night, the night after the tribunal, I found sleep hard to come by.

  16. The Revolutionary Tribunal had hitherto pronounced 1200 death sentences.
  17. The chairman of the tribunal was Commodore Tejbir Singh, Dean of Students.
  18. Inform the Tribunal of what you did that day within the Bastille, citizen.
  19. Dr Norberto Liwsky was brought before a military court: the Military Tribunal.
  20. At that moment he was conscious that his police agent's stool was a tribunal.
  21. The causes of this painful reverse will be investigated by a military tribunal.
  22. The consumptive prisoners are exempted from corporal punishment by the tribunal.
  23. His guilt-laden tirades and self-criticism were taken as gospel by the tribunal.
  24. As the Revolutionary Tribunal was said to be paralyzed by forms and delays, this law.
  25. It was curious what an awful tribunal the mild Caleb's was to her, whenever he set it up.

  26. The competency of any human tribunal to dissolve its sacred obligations may well be doubted.
  27. The Judges having to take part in a public demonstration out of doors, the Tribunal adjourned.
  28. The day the treaties were signed, the Born Again military tribunal issued a warrant for.
  29. Military men on approaching the tribunal of penitence had felt the scales fall from their eyes.
  30. The Warriors are satisfied with the results of the tribunal and have all returned to their duties.
  31. Erickson was up to he was summoned to a professional tribunal to be stripped of his qualifications.
  32. The officers of the tribunal conferred momentarily before agreeing to allow the recording as evidence.
  33. Tribunal for Human justice in Den Hague where my case will be heard in front of a panel of justices that.
  34. If they did not, if they heard opinions on both sides, they converted this House into a judiciary tribunal.
  35. The EA would always be under-resourced and he would be able to demonstrate this to any employment tribunal.
  36. Now, all the ones in Japan who were screaming for having this war are either dead or facing a war crimes tribunal.
  37. In fact all of the officers sought by the Born Again tribunal except Saul reached Eretz and sought asylum there.
  38. There were over 50 files containing names that the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal Investigators would love to apprehend.
  39. Charles Darnay, alone in a cell, had sustained himself with no flattering delusion since he came to it from the Tribunal.
  40. We think someone may be hiding him, and anyone who is hiding him will stand before a tribunal unless they come clean now.
  41. The maritime tribunal condemned him, for this crime, to a prolongation of his term for three years, which made eight years.
  42. In such cases the Court has, in effect, established itself as a revolutionary tribunal when the majority has felt so inclined.
  43. Your request for a tribunal hearing is foolish and unnecessary, but you are entitled to such a hearing and you shall have it.
  44. I am well prepared, but there are precautions to be taken, that could not be taken until he was actually summoned before the Tribunal.
  45. In those disorderly times, it might have been extremely inconvenient to have left them to seek this sort of justice from any other tribunal.
  46. But now, in the fear of that Tribunal to which we all are hastening, I submit the following considerations in reply to the objections proposed.
  47. But, sir, we are now before the tribunal of the whole American people; reasoning concerning their liberties, their rights, their constitution.
  48. Not the final judgment of the world, but the tribunal established by the Law of Moses in each city for the trial of murders and other criminals.
  49. Lorry were the only men there, unconnected with the Tribunal, who wore their usual clothes, and had not assumed the coarse garb of the Carmagnole.
  50. It is a perfectly impartial tribunal which has never punished seamen for the faults of shipowners--as, indeed, it could not do even if it wanted to.
  51. When I was taken before the Council of War, the captain appointed to conduct the case began by insulting me, and calling me names before the Tribunal.
  52. They have enacted laws for the security of patentees, provided a remedy for violations of their rights in all cases, and a tribunal before which that remedy may be sought.
  53. He never questioned a penny she spent, he never asked her for any explanations, but she behaved as if she had to make an accounting before the Tribunal of the Holy Office.
  54. The local planning council had been convinced and had already rejected McDonald’s application but the State Planning Tribunal overturned this decision and the fight goes on.
  55. If there existed any tribunal of justice before whom the case could be brought, the right of the petitioners to the said negro slaves and their increase would doubtless be established.
  56. The tribunal agreed that, given the circumstances, this Warrior Medic had every right to request a hearing regarding the camp commander’s decision and should not have been arrested.
  57. After we reached Berlin I found out that a tribunal had taken residence here in Nuremberg and I asked permission of my CO who knew what had happened in Dunkirk and he immediately agreed.
  58. The case is not within the province of the law, it must be referred to the tribunal of public opinion; this is what we now do, guaranteeing the truth of all the details which we have related.
  59. Happy indeed is the man who can say, as Bolton did upon his dying bed, to his children, I do believe not one of you will dare to meet me before the tribunal of Christ in an unregenerate state.
  60. They refuse to take part in courts of law, because they look upon every tribunal as a vehicle for the law of vengeance, and therefore incompatible with the Christian law of forgiveness and love.
  61. Most of the daring testimony which he so cleverly and courageously bore before this supreme tribunal of all Israel developed in his mind as the trial proceeded along such unfair and unjust lines.
  62. Paul when he appealed to Caesar, and even more emphatically by Christ Himself, Who could not have made atonement for the sins of men if He had not been condemned by a divinely authorized tribunal.
  63. The tribunal head and the tribunal members all agreed that this Warrior Medic had made all the correct decisions within his competence, including the decision to use the services of the slave nurse.
  64. But no sooner does he turn his eyes toward the great tribunal of God than he clamors it is out of all proportion and an audacious rebellion against the sense of love, when viewed as a matter justice.
  65. To say otherwise publicly would in most cases get you in front of a religious tribunal under the accusation of heresy, to be tortured into confessing your errors before being burned alive at the stake.
  66. The duteous merciful constancy of his wife had delivered him from one dread, but it could not hinder her presence from being still a tribunal before which he shrank from confession and desired advocacy.
  67. Many of our vessels were seized, carried into port, and condemned by a tribunal, which, while it professes to respect the law of nations, obeys the mandate of its own Government in opposition to all law.
  68. Then he raised his eyes towards the ceiling, but withdrew then, immediately, as if he feared the roof would open and reveal to his distressed view that second tribunal called heaven, and that other judge named God.
  69. David represented all of the Jewish officers wanted by the Born Again tribunal at their trials in their absence and succeeded in getting all the charges dropped but not before ten of them had committed suicide.
  70. Little need, in presence of that tribunal and that auditory, to show how the Defarges had not made the paper public, with the other captured Bastille memorials borne in procession, and had kept it, biding their time.
  71. Upon this view of the subject, there is a constitutional difficulty on which the House should decide, before it entertains a motion for delegating a power to decide this question to any tribunal or commission whatever.
  72. These people have been condemned by a Spanish tribunal; it is by that Government alone that mercy is to be shown; and an exertion by this House in attempting to bestow mercy upon these people is an infringement of that right.
  73. Then you have no basis for the charge of sedition do you? Before the Captain could answer, Commodore McGuire turned to the tribunal and said, Your honors, I request a directed verdict of not guilty to the charge of sedition.
  74. When the prosecutor was finished, the Commodore addressed the tribunal, Your honors, I have no questions for this witness at this time, but I reserve the right to recall him to the stand after all the other witnesses have testified.
  75. Jackson from the Executive, from the organ with which alone a foreign Minister can have communication, to the people, to a tribunal with which he cannot communicate, adds great force to the arguments in favor of a firm stand on our part.
  76. The principle of the institution" (he is talking of the establishment of an international tribunal) "is this, that the European nations should stop being a nation of thieves, and the armies gangs of brigands and of pirates, and, I must add, of slaves.
  77. Faced with the same allegation of "bungling in high office" which forced him out of office in the First World War; Churchill took the unprecedented step, during war time that is of ordering a military tribunal to be set up to investigate the break-out.
  78. I have not seen my calculation for months, sir; it is before the public—the gentleman's statement will go to the same tribunal, and I am willing to commit my slender reputation to the country for the accuracy of mine, and let the people judge between us.
  79. That, in the prison he had found a self-appointed Tribunal sitting, before which the prisoners were brought singly, and by which they were rapidly ordered to be put forth to be massacred, or to be released, or (in a few cases) to be sent back to their cells.
  80. A man, placed among the privileged spectators who were seated behind the court, had just risen, had pushed open the half-door which separated the tribunal from the audience, and was standing in the middle of the hall; the President, the district-attorney, M.
  81. Tomorrow, the United States will petition the United Nations Security Council to have the question of the ownership of the Senkaku, cum Diaoyu, cum Tiaoyutai Islands, decided by the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea, with its final decision to be binding.
  82. The local commanding officer was a Captain Sugamo, who was executed by the Allied War Crimes Tribunal in the year 1946 after trial for atrocities committed at Camp 302 on the Burma- Siam railway in the years 1943 and 1944: his duty in Kuantan at that time was to see to.
  83. Lacock thought the time proposed was too short; that in some districts they could scarcely hear of the law within that time, and at any rate might not be able to meet with a tribunal, at which to comply with the requisites of the naturalization law, before the expiration of that period.
  84. That, presented by his conductors to this Tribunal, he had announced himself by name and profession as having been for eighteen years a secret and unaccused prisoner in the Bastille; that, one of the body so sitting in judgment had risen and identified him, and that this man was Defarge.
  85. The crime for which I am imprisoned, Monsieur heretofore the Marquis, and for which I shall be summoned before the tribunal, and shall lose my life (without your so generous help), is, they tell me, treason against the majesty of the people, in that I have acted against them for an emigrant.
  86. But experience has shown that, in all colonial governments, officers situated at a remote distance from the tribunal to which they are responsible, too frequently "feel power and forget right;" and, by eluding the vigilance of rigid investigation, are enabled to practise acts of oppression with impunity.
  87. All at once men of widely different classes,—carriage-makers, professors, merchants, peasants, nobles,—as if moved by a single impulse, refuse to fulfil this duty, not for reasons valid in the eyes of the law, but because the tribunal itself is, in their opinion, illegal and un-Christian, and ought not to exist.
  88. He failed to grasp the fact that these Hebrews had a real religion, a faith for which they were willing to die, and that millions upon millions of them, scattered here and there throughout the empire, looked to Jerusalem as the shrine of their faith and held the Sanhedrin in respect as the highest tribunal on earth.
  89. Among the followers of the reformation, dispersed in all the different countries of Europe, there was no general tribunal, which, like that of the court of Rome, or an oecumenical council, could settle all disputes among them, and, with irresistible authority, prescribe to all of them the precise limits of orthodoxy.
  90. Then, as his villany was exposed piece by piece, and he saw that there was no room for denial, that he was known, and judged, and condemned, by the tribunal that all men dread, the tribunal of his peers — then the wretched man seemed visibly to collapse, and shrinking from their sight, strove to creep from the room.
  91. I chatted with an American Sergeant and told him my story; the guy listened carefully then took me to meet his Captain who told me that I should wait for the final push to Berlin and then find out where the war crimes tribunal would be sitting as there was bound to be a tribunal as the stories of Nazi atrocities were rife.
  92. The Trilateral Commission on Hearings of Importance ruled it an activity that must be permitted, due to Abducted Ship Mazing being the official sport of the entire sector of the galaxy, which means banning or restricting it would be a gross affront to The Treaty of Manderbatt hammered out at the infamous Haurunbistle Tribunal.
  93. There is no court of appeal, no superior tribunal, and if there were, and a decree of the Supreme Court obtained in his favor on the appeal, what is any decree to avail against armed men—against muskets and bayonets? But this is not the only reason why I am sorry that the act of 1807 has been brought in to apply to this case.
  94. Then the question results, has Congress a right, in order to determine its title, to refer it to any tribunal whatever? I contend not; the right to public property was originally in the people of this country; they could never be divested of their great public right to the landed property of the nation, but by their express consent.
  95. Because he had voluntarily relinquished a title that was distasteful to him, and a station that was distasteful to him, and had left his country--he submitted before the word emigrant in the present acceptation by the Tribunal was in use--to live by his own industry in England, rather than on the industry of the overladen people of France.
  96. Could the seizure of British subjects, in such cases, be regarded as within the exercise of a belligerent right, the acknowledged laws of war, which forbid an article of captured property to be adjudged, without a regular investigation before a competent tribunal, would imperiously demand the fairest trial, where the sacred rights of persons were at issue.
  97. The fundamental idea of the Congress is this, that it is necessary, in the first place, to diffuse by all means possible the conviction among men that war is very unprofitable for people and that peace is a great good, and in the second, to act upon the governments, impressing them with the superiority of the international tribunal over wars, and, therefore, the advantages and the necessity of disarmament.
  98. He invited Tutshkof to constitute a sort of tribunal of arbitration to decide which of the contending parties had more chance of victory, and if that question was decided in favour of the Russians, to appoint a rendezvous for a battle; if for the French, then why shed blood in vain, and why not discuss terms and conclude peace? It was also through Berthier that he called upon the Emperor Alexander to instruct the governors not to leave their posts.
  99. They had the air of a rough tribunal; Jacques One and Two sitting on the old pallet-bed, each with his chin resting on his hand, and his eyes intent on the road-mender; Jacques Three, equally intent, on one knee behind them, with his agitated hand always gliding over the network of fine nerves about his mouth and nose; Defarge standing between them and the narrator, whom he had stationed in the light of the window, by turns looking from him to them, and from them to him.
  100. A revolutionary tribunal in the capital, and forty or fifty thousand revolutionary committees all over the land; a law of the Suspected, which struck away all security for liberty or life, and delivered over any good and innocent person to any bad and guilty one; prisons gorged with people who had committed no offence, and could obtain no hearing; these things became the established order and nature of appointed things, and seemed to be ancient usage before they were many weeks old.

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