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Trill numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He’s a Trill.
  2. This is Lenar, from Trill.
  3. Toby had never heard such an exquisite trill.
  4. And indeed, there was no trill anymore this time.
  5. What good are voices that trill and fill hearts.

  6. Talia whistled a trill and gestured at her Father.
  7. They took the Trill that was in Lenar’s body.
  8. Data entered, escorting a woman who appeared to be a Trill.
  9. My species can be host to the Trill symbiot, if that is.
  10. She nodded, he plucked the tines, and she cast with a whistled trill.
  11. Who is it this time? That Trill you’ve been hanging out with?
  12. Old Edith was somewhat guttural and she probably never saw an R she wouldn’t trill.
  13. The difference with the Trill, and the way I see you, is that the Trill host has a.
  14. With a wave of her arm and a whistled trill, Talia summoned a full-length mirror from her room.
  15. The little sprint repeated itself and finally came to a standstill in the vicinity of the trill.

  16. Then the slow trill started again, and the whole melody repeated itself, drawing Tom into its spell.
  17. Let’s all calm down here for a second, says Van Buren, a trill in his voice belying his words.
  18. Tom felt the wind of the train-ride on his face, and the trill wasn’t necessary anymore to capture his attention.
  19. The piece started with a slow trill drawing attention, then the melody melancholically went down to the lower keys.
  20. Discordant and cracked, Mungo's trill as he came down from his shift in the crow's nest died in the ears of its listeners.
  21. The old thrush, who had been watching from a high perch with beady eyes and head cocked on one side, gave a sudden trill.
  22. Watching a basketball game at Smitty Wilson’s estate, says Richardson, clearly enjoying her cameo, a trill of excitement in her voice.
  23. As here in careless trill, I and my recitatives, with faith and love, wafting to other work, to unknown songs, conditions,.

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