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1. A trough of water followed.
2. Over by the drinking trough.
3. During the early 2009 trough, U.
4. They are in the trough like pigs.
5. The baby in the feeding trough was both.
6. Like pigs with their feet in the trough!.
7. There’s no need to be a pig at the trough.

8. The horses immediately drank from the trough.
9. The grip demonstrated alters trough the grades.
10. Within, they found a well and a watering trough.
11. Mind you though, if this is not a trough you are.
12. He joined the queue by the water trough waiting to.
13. Bryony stared at her reflection in the water trough.
14. Ablutions were completed in the horse trough in the.
15. The trough between the mountains and the Morgai had.
16. In the foreground is the boat in the trough of a huge.
17. Winefat, (vat): A collection trough beneath a winepress.
18. His boat fell into the trough for what seemed eternity.
19. The oil and water run down a trough on to a metal plate.
20. Like pigs with their feet in the trough! [Peasants laugh].
21. The water whined softly into the trough all the year round.
22. The two Army soldiers slid the water board into the trough.
23. Benchmark Proxies: Pantheon of Stars or Pigs at the Trough?
24. The trough dug in one of the halfs was already almost carved.
25. They’d also poured over his water trough all over the stable.
26. I think I forgot to turn the water off when I filled the trough.
27. I was sliding and slipping down the trough of a spiraling whirlpool.
28. After what seemed like an eternity, he was raised out of the trough.
29. He stroked his fingers over hers and the touch sent chills trough her.
30. Then comes the inevitable trough where men are separated from the boys.
31. A summit (more wining and dining at the trough) was held recently where.
32. The fall from peak to trough for the index was a mind-blowing 89 percent.
33. He scraped the grease into the little trough on the side of the stove-top.
34. Enjoy a bath now: clean trough of water, cool enamel, the gentle tepid stream.
35. After marching her to the water trough, Tragus chained her over it face-down.
36. It is then removed again to a large trough, in which it shoots into crystals.
37. There is on the open road for the dry seafarer, a truck and trough of high.
38. She watched as the water flowed from the trough and was traveling towards her.
39. The mother, sniffing the air, went straight to the trough, the cubs following.
40. Tom and The Boy left their horses at the feeding trough and walked up to the men.
41. Johnny marched back to work on his trough with a quaint look of faux satisfaction.
42. Whenever the sows were at the trough, the ram would mount them with great vigor.
43. The lamp still stood upon the floor where I had placed it when examining the trough.
44. Not great, sighed Bryony, trying not to look at her reflection in the water trough.
45. I dropped the sword into a trough of water to sizzle before turning all my attention to her.
46. Eventually the sacrifice was soaked in bloody water, it even formed a trough around the altar.
47. As his eyes got used to the dimness, he tied Bess to the trough and loosened her saddle-belt.
48. Some of us haven’t given up on life, said Johnny, returning to hollowing out the trough.
49. Every day out here on the Island was dull and melty like this, a trough of drippy gray ice cream.
50. The arrow hit the sill so hard that it went trough the wall and hatched itself on the other side.
51. She buried a gloved hand in the snow and extracted the half tire that served as a watering trough.
52. She watched the trough anxiously and when at last she saw a drop rise up, she almost shouted in joy.
53. Then, picking up a bucket of pig nuts, she went to the sty and shook a line of food into the trough.
54. The maximum decline for the group was also huge, with the group losing 84 percent from peak to trough.
55. The market is typically up drastically from the recession market trough through the unemployment high.
56. Elam, quieter -because the priest was there- washed his perspiration in a trough and entered his house.
57. The three men then lifted the prisoner up, placing the top of the board on the rim of the water trough.
58. Either all of these groups receive their share of the municipal trough or no one should receive one cent.
59. Once the visitor gets trough that check he will again be checked at the doorway of the building itself.
60. We chatted about nothing in particular the first 20 minutes, as we were passing trough a residential area.
61. A fat warty toad that looked out at him from under the watering trough had no emotional effect on him at all.
62. One of them was her neighbour, who was angry because she said Asia Bibi’s goat had damaged her water trough.
63. Unlike decile 1, the largest maximum decline suffered by decile 10 was a drop of 47 percent from peak to trough.
64. He found Egg sitting on the horse trough, soaking his feet in the water and fanning his face with his big floppy hat.
65. To myself I was assuming that they had come to make up and be friends—and resume their places at the trough.
66. Then the coward thought they must stop rowing, and lie in the trough of the waves until the Carpathia should appear.
67. After brushing down his horse and filling her trough with fresh water and hay, Zarko decided it was time to head home.
68. There were a couple horses tied to the post out front drinking from a watering trough and chewing on some fresh hay.
69. Highest ROE within Large stocks had six 30 percent peak to trough declines, although only one drop exceeded 50 percent.
70. Unlike Large Stocks that used less external financing, decile 1 had a maximum decline of 87 percent from peak to trough.
71. When he arrived at their house he found Crissy out in the courtyard, bent over the trough and washing her long, black hair.
72. Bryony withdrew her snout from the water trough, and sniffed at the mouldering pile of goo that was supposed to be her food.
73. Alex had broken the ice off the top of the water trough by the time she got there and every stall was filled with fresh hay.
74. Gaga was a duck who bobbed around in a fire trough, paddling with a broken leg that a captive had fitted with a little splint.
75. It must have cut her deep, because she saw blood splattering into the trough, but she couldn’t feel the new wound’s sting.
76. Young Tom stared for a long time at the ragged willow beside the dry horse trough, at the concrete base where the pump had been.
77. The moans turned to wails as the storm picked the city up on a wave ridge only to drop it in the next moment into a deep trough.
78. As he poured the water into the trough with the thirsty sheep jostling for the best position, he began to think about his future.
79. All the drama of the youth, all those violent feelings that so easily overwhelmed them and led them trough darkness and suffering.
80. He unchained Nerissa from the trough, and since she couldn’t straighten, let alone walk, he dragged her back inside the ewe shed.
81. Prow hunting the waves, questing for the next trough, climbing each peak like a cyclical mountaineer, the ship bore on after the fish.
82. He found Nellie playing with the water in the trough, pushing waves and tossing her head so that the water slopped out on the ground.
83. So he decided to linger a bit longer in the stables, brushing down his horse, filling her trough with feed and giving her fresh water.
84. It was too late to run to the car now, and the calming sensation flushed trough me again—I felt again as if I truly wanted to be here.
85. But a chill went through me when I saw Trid sitting on his windowsill, feet on the slate, eyes staring at the copper trough of a gutter.
86. Give them from the peak of one bull market period to the peak of another cycle or from the trough of one cycle to the trough of another.
87. It was this curry and the ice cold beer that accompanied it that added up to the long trough style urinal Michael Chase now stood before.
88. In particular, the standard deviation tells us the probability of a ball ending up in a trough that is a specified distance from the mean.
89. I was lying in my tent in the shallow trough of the trail, its two-foot width the only flat spot I could find in the dark the night before.
90. The eastern faces of the Ephel D®ath were sheer, falling in cliff and precipice to the black trough that lay between them and the inner ridge.
91. For example, peak realized excess returns for equities and credits around the business cycle trough hint at high and falling required returns.
92. Was I bleeding? Was I in a trough of my own blood? No, that couldn’t be, and from some recess of my still functioning brain came the answer.
93. The boat, meanwhile, beaten by the fury of the waves, at one moment disappeared in the trough of the sea, and the next came again to the surface.
94. For example, we may want to know the likelihood of a ball falling down through the maze and ending up in a trough lower than 5 or higher than 10.
95. The ideal time to buy is when the cycle is at a trough, and the ideal time to exit a long position or to sell short is when the cycle is at a peak.
96. The driver plumped down on the box, with difficulty roused his pair of lean nags from the trough of hay, and was setting off for Ismailovsky Bridge.
97. Using each section as a trough, pound pith into a mash, then knead in a container of water (the bole of the trunk will do) and strain through a cloth.
98. Before them the mountains frowned, but their path lay in a deep trough of land and they could see only the higher shoulders and the far eastward peaks.
99. In some operations, mating roosters kept with hens have sticks inserted into their nostrils to prevent them from eating out of the hens’ food trough.
100. The second worst period for the group was the recent bear market between May 2007 and February 2009, when the group lost 69 percent from peak to trough.

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