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1. The troupe consisted of eight humans.
2. It was he who played guitar in the troupe.
3. Deng Lee led his troupe to Joshua’s house.
4. Nor the rest of The Liberty Troupe, either.
5. O Sir, spare me! I can cook for your Troupe.
6. We were a lot better than that troupe in Sheffield.
7. The Troupe of Five, Zarko affectionately called them.

8. I didn’t care about my family or The Liberty Troupe.
9. Michael had it in his power to ruin me, to ruin the troupe.
10. The troupe was surrounded on all sides by a mob of buccaneers.
11. There’s one where a comedy troupe sang about a certain candidate.
12. Parker had put his life into this troupe, not to mention his money.
13. He suspected that the troupe of Sphere agents wouldn’t risk openly.
14. The troupe silently climbed on to a cargo ship to which they had easy.
15. That’s why I copped it so much when I auditioned for the dance troupe.
16. Somewhere in the middle of the crowd of humans a troupe of musicians played.
17. She turned to the sound, but could not see the troupe of musicians anywhere.
18. It said much that Chrissie danced in the troupe for getting on for five years.
19. Annie and Andrew would do well regardless of their association with our troupe.
20. In the center of the troupe, the white mare seemed a pearl in a setting of silver.
21. A member of the troupe climbed onto a platform, and when I clicked on him he jumped.
22. He would say he loved Monty Python and suddenly they were my favorite comedy troupe too.
23. The travelling boxing troupe would challenge the strength and bravery of the local lads.
24. Sarah and Bernadette performed on stage for their troupe watched by Bridget and the others.
25. They kept a troupe of actors of the shadows at the disposition of all underground tragedies.
26. The other reporters will travel in a second AC-10, along with the members of the USO troupe.
27. They were talking of a troupe of Spanish dancers who were expected shortly at the Rouen theatre.
28. It was with great apprehension that I waited in the theatre for the rest of the Troupe to arrive.
29. In the morning they set out again and, as before, more pairs of blond warriors joined the troupe.
30. It was obvious they were buying time for the others; the elves, Brontes and his troupe of Chosen.
31. Ava took him to a club in Yondure where the fashions were straight out of a carnival samba troupe.
32. She did not regain her composure before the applause once again thundered to the troupe on the stage.
33. Firstly, that your coverage of our troupe and my father’s painting continues to be uniformly positive.
34. They chattered at another troupe two floors up near the rails of the common courts of the building above.
35. Tina then made the lift rise to Level 15, where the cabins reserved for Zara Varanian and her troupe were.
36. What girls? I replied in all innocence, in case he had mistaken me for the leader of a dance troupe.
37. Her best friend, Wyll Underfoot, was walking with the rest of the manacled troupe, but his eyes were closed.
38. Cheeryup asked, Wyll, what was it like? Living in a troupe of traveling actors? Must have been very exciting.
39. I had pulled chairs into a circle in the middle of the auditorium, which the troupe were supposed to be sitting on.
40. For his efforts, Slimegobbler was afforded a special position within the troupe of trolls: he was called Beastmaster.
41. The ordinary troupe suffices neither for event nor for men: among men geniuses are required, among events revolutions.
42. But they‘re very much alive, healthy, happy, unscathed, enjoying a beer and joking around with the rest of the troupe.
43. A few moment after he had returned to their seats, the music started to play and a troupe of dancers appeared on the stage.
44. There was never a safer troupe of traveling musicians than the Tom Thompson Band, until the threatening letters started coming.
45. The little troupe of musicians, she had seen yesterday, stood on a stage in the middle of the square and played their magical music.
46. This troupe included Rufus Lickspittle, Nutylla Parfinn, and many of his best archers, all of them expert hunters from Thimble Down.
47. I arranged for one of our shuttles to carry her and her troupe, complete with vehicles and equipment, directly to her hotel in Paris.
48. A troupe of Golden Tightplumes streamed by, flowing easily thru the branches and vines of the rail on their four pair of prehensile legs.
49. A steady troupe of Surtorians lingered around Bergendal and Ailia and Lucia had to be careful, so these agents of Eiess wouldn’t spot them.
50. Henry Morgan stood in the doorway of the Hall of Audience and watched a little troupe of Spaniards ride through the streets toward the Palace.
51. Had I recognised them as a member of the Liberty Troupe, I would have remained in my room and waited for it to be over, but it was not one of us.
52. Occasionally girls from the troupe would leave to go with their men friends, but rarely was one of them offered legitimate, ring on finger, marriage.
53. Also in the troupe were Charmaine the dancer, Miss World, two NFL football players, a magician, a six-member dance troop, and an eight-piece orchestra.
54. By the time that tour ended, everyone else in the troupe had made a tidy profit, but, needless to say, the hosts of such parties went home in the red.
55. They had a lot of space since the humans still kept their distance and they whirled around over the cobblestones to the beat of the music from the troupe.
56. I thought that when they came to see The Liberty Troupe, they would want to see Liberty in the starring role, on stage for about nine tenths of the performance.
57. I passed the hours before I intended to gather the troupe instead by looking through leaflets of our past successes, and trying not to think about Mother’s duplicity.
58. A troupe of Russian actors greeted some French actors, and the French actors informed them that they harboured deeply in their hearts the greeting of the Russian actors.
59. Jillian survived the endless hours until dawn by pretending she was in a bunk at camp, dredging up and humming to herself the dumb songs they'd made her scout troupe learn.
60. Parker Davis, manager of the troupe and owner of the theatre, spoke to me and confirmed that everything was going as well as he could hope in both restorations and rehearsals.
61. The show had gone much as usual – Brenda, the then queen of the stage, was working her notice and not at all happy about it – she’d taken it out on the rest of the troupe.
62. After all, the most she had ever done in this line was cooking for herself and one of the other dancers in the troupe who had camped on her floor for a few days when between digs.
63. Mother ushered the rest of the troupe, including a reluctant Jackie, who was done up in jewel-coloured satin and clearly felt that it was a little too feminine for his liking, on to the stage.
64. Pippa put together a small troupe of performers in the spring and I was invited to go with them as they travelled to the west of the country, performing wherever there was a space large enough.
65. Another part of his mind shushed that more careful thought, thinking that there might be something useful to be learned from this experiment, even if it did cost the troupe one of its younger members.
66. Husband and wife Wu Zhengdan and Wei Baohua (both China) – from the Guangdong Acrobatic Troupe – performed four consecutive pirouettes with Wei atop Wu’s head in Rome, Italy, on 28 March 2012.
67. Maybe within the span of a generation, Schmoozeglutton thought, they would once again be a large and happily destructive troupe of trolls that would once again reflect the true dignity and power held 119.
68. He took it out on the troupe to a large extent and one or two of the girls, fed up with him yelling at them, gave notice and walked, even though they hadn’t anything to go to – a lethal situation for any performer.
69. But most of all I wanted somebody to take all of the mess and the anger and the hate that whirled around The Liberty Troupe, gathering force and momentum and turning into an unstoppable wave, and move it out of my reach.
70. Though he was certain all the dead were thoroughly dead -- having seen to the duty personally -- he did his due diligence along with the rest of his troupe and waited in single file formation under the shadow of the Rift.
71. At Norfolk, elevated thirteen hundred and sixty feet above the level of the sea, we encountered the opposition of a minstrel troupe, which paraded the town with a brass band just about the time our meeting was to commence.
72. Despite the bleak darkness, the road felt alive with the movements of the tree braches that swayed ferociously like a troupe of wild dancers, flailing in front of Michael as he drove, their shadows clawing at his windscreen.
73. The return of the season to a semblance of interesting activity was due to the arrival in our midst of Miss Marie Tempest, who came from England just as the sad troupe of her unsuccessful countrymen had returned to that land.
74. Had Sheila at any point caught on to them, or simply refused to be shanghaied, they would have immediately gone to Plan B—general laughter and the admission of a joke, along with the claim the group was a historical re-enactment troupe.
75. It must be getting on for five years … or was it six? She’d been dancing in the troupe for several seasons – become a long standing member of the group of girls who spent their time working in the revue, keeping body and soul together on the wages Masa paid them.
76. His melancholy ponderings were rudely interrupted when a troupe of painted dwarfs came bursting from the belly of a wheeled wooden pig to chase Lord Butterwell’s fool about the tables, walloping him with inflated pig’s bladders that made rude noises every time a blow was struck.
77. In Anna Pavlovna’s circle only those Frenchmen were admitted who were deep-rooted legitimists, and patriotic views were expressed to the effect that one ought not to go to the French theater and that to maintain the French troupe was costing the government as much as a whole army corps.
78. In Anna Pávlovna’s circle only those Frenchmen were admitted who were deep-rooted legitimists, and patriotic views were expressed to the effect that one ought not to go to the French theater and that to maintain the French troupe was costing the government as much as a whole army corps.
79. Edgar flapped around in ever decreasing circles making tea, packing and unpacking, twittering about shopping, supplies, possible adverse reactions to an all-male troupe, forward booking confirmations, mail, and a thousand other things that would have floated over his sensible head a week before.
80. The CD changer had just replaced the Gypsy Kings with the Rolling Stones, when Caroline inserted, amid her continuous chatter about Brian Walston’s wonderful qualities and her trials and tribulations at having a troupe of prostitutes to herd, that the stable boy, Alfredo, had mentioned that a horse had died at sea of colic.
81. Our short lived experiment as an all male troupe ended when three ‘resting’ actors from Alwyn’s Horsham Repertory days arrived to fill the gaps – Valerie, a blonde of thirty-five who could pass for twenty as long as she stayed behind the proscenium; William, a gaunt but well-made queer in his forties; and Ruth, who looked like Hansel and Gretel’s witch.
82. With the congressional delegation, USO troupe, reporters and aides taking place in the two buses with their luggage, Ingrid rode with Vice-President Warren in her jeep, while Chesty Puller gave a lift in his jeep to Lieutenant General Whiteman, the representative of General Omar Bradley, the Chief of the Joint Staffs, and to James Grover McDonald, a State Department representative.
1. Greg called for a game, and they trouped outside.
2. Keith, Rhonda and Fiona trouped upstairs to the snack bar.
3. He trouped his drama students here once a year for an evening of fun and support, humble as it was.
4. A large underground hall in our main country home serves as meeting venue for our Dad and his numerous visitors who trouped in endlessly in support of Peter’s election bid.
1. In India, traveling troupes visit and perform various Indian classical stories in the form of drama or dance.
2. There was a theater in that same wing where acting troupes sometimes put on shows (slapstick comedies were Randy's favorite).
3. When he tried to impose on his free-spirited troupes the obligation to prostrate themselves in his presence, he was subjected to such ridicule that he reversed his decision.
4. How Pouli Bey, his personal Italian procurer, rounded up beautiful women for him, how he arranged for naked troupes of dancers to entertain him, how, even, his thing was of immense proportions.
5. Pippa was an accomplished singer and Liesse a clown … she had a feeling she’d seen him perform once, when she was a child … he must be nearly seventy now and mostly occupied in organising troupes of travelling players.
6. Most of the original countries have got so used to Eurovision that they hardly take it seriously any more but the newer states of central and eastern Europe take it very seriously indeed and mount impressive spectacles with fire and troupes of dancers leaping about to the thumping beat, all interspersed with traditional shepherds’ bagpipes from their country’s picturesque hills.

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