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Tuck numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Meet me at the tuck shop.
2. I was going to tuck you in.
3. Ensure that you tuck your chin in.
4. We bought in some tuck to have a.
5. He didn't tuck anything in very tight.
6. Don't tuck your fingers in all the way.
7. I’ll tuck him in before I go to bed.

8. I lay the blanket over her and tuck in.
9. Tuck trousers into socks, and wear gloves.
10. I pull my glove off and tuck it in my pocket.
11. You should tuck that away under your shirt.
12. She piles my plate up with bacon and I tuck in.
13. I requested that she come and tuck me into bed.
14. Fold points of dough over filling; tuck under.
15. Before he could tuck it away, Flint stopped him.
16. He resisted the urge to tuck them behind her ear.
17. He held a hand out for her, Come on, Ill tuck you in.
18. He did so, slowly, as she helped tuck him out of the way.
19. Does it cost more to have a face lift than a tummy tuck?
20. I tuck in, relieved that my nerves are finally letting up.
21. Yeah, I said, reaching up to tuck my hair behind my ears.
22. I tuck the bag into my jacket when the cell vibrates in my pants.
23. I’ll just tuck that little bit of data away in case I should.
24. Laughingly she replied, Yes, I will come and tuck you into bed.
25. Yes! I quickly tuck the Element and my tawstones back into my pouch.
26. Again the ball hit the middle of the bat and again the now wary tuck shop.
27. Breathe in air as strongly as you can and as you do so, tuck in your tummy.
28. Cass fumbles to tuck his lose shirt in while stumbling towards the gangplank.
29. The small parking area was packed, but he managed to tuck the car out of way.
30. You lay her down and tuck her legs into a fetal ball before shutting her in.
31. He imagined having to tuck them in and listen to their crying about Leander.
32. It was a snug fit, as she had had to tuck her skirt into it, but she managed.
33. Whenever I was walking behind him I always had the urge to tuck it in for him.
34. He has a long drive and wants to be back in time to tuck his daughter into bed.
35. Which suggests to me that you did more than tuck in your daughter, Sendak.
36. Tuck, my neighbor across the hall, told me he had lived there with his wife and.
37. Hassan was trying to tuck the slingshot in his waist with a pair of trembling hands.
38. Instruct the patient to stand up and then sit down and tuck the chair in to the table.
39. Watching Matthew roll up the map and tuck it under his arm, Jesse approached hesitantly.
40. The infirmities of age are coming upon you, and she will tuck you up, or whatever it is.
41. Only Parker, lying on the floor cradling Travers's head in his arms, saw Haskell's tuck.
42. Pretending to have an excuse, he gently reached out to tuck a few strands behind her ear.
43. He opened the lid to the small metal box to tuck in a receipt that was sticking part way out.
44. As they tuck into their brunch, they discuss trade possibilities but arrive at no conclusion.
45. So her deft fingers tuck pieces of my hair into one braid that tickles the middle of my spine.
46. Why is this mind training to pluck a beautiful rose from the Garden of the God and tuck it in the.
47. Murphy told me to sleep, he would watch over me and I trusted him enough to tuck my head under my wings.
48. Tuck that tail of yours into the back of your trousers along with your shirt and show her the certificate.
49. Over the next few minutes it was agreed Fu would meet Teller in the Friar Tuck, an English pub in Canton Road.
50. However, she seemed to have mastered the ability to quickly tuck her pills between her teeth and inner cheek.
51. When finished, he would organize and tuck them all neatly away in the closet, all that is, except that of Mr.
52. I square my shoulders, straighten my spine, tuck in my stomach and angle my head, notch my chin slightly upward.
53. She didn’t tuck the shirt in, but put the belt around her waist to secure both the leggings and shirt to herself.
54. A year went by, and Rocky still thought he needed to tuck his nose into Norma’s armpit whenever she wore the white robe.
55. It hadn’t occurred to him to tuck her picture in his wallet before he left the cottage, but in his mind, she never left him.
56. They shut the tuck shop last year because half the girls had eating disorders and were making themselves sick on Snickers bars.
57. Oh yes and everyone is to have a meal so open your dry rations and tuck in but you will have to eat them whilst you keep watch.
58. He'll tuck a loose strand of hair gently back into her braids and pluck up a drooping flower that's come loose during the night.
59. The alcove was just big enough to tuck the cart away—out of sight of the street—when he couldn’t keep an eye on it himself.
60. Erzsébet took off her cloak and bundled the child up in it, making sure to tuck her feet into the wool, then mounted behind her.
61. He curses himself, and very gently lifts her up to tuck her in bed, where she curls up in a ball and snuggles into his comforter.
62. And having arrived at this decision, she let Manby undress her and tuck her up in bed, where, comforted, she at once went to sleep.
63. Spoon chili mixture in center of each crescent roll triangle; bring top half of each triangle over chili and tuck under pointed end.
64. Images returned to his mind, images he’d struggled for years to tuck safely away, images that had not surfaced in a decade or more.
65. She let me tuck up my sleeves and help her, and while I did it she gave vent to many musings about England and its curious children.
66. They are not the clients of the doctor but the doctor has arranged some gadgets like swings and slides and a tuck shop for their entertainment.
67. The person who he had been that close had started out as Gordon and would turn into Rita, when the papers came through and he’d had the nip and tuck.
68. Then tuck it here, careful not to block your cleavage, and drape the rest like this, so your one leg is covered and the other is seen through the slit here.
69. As he came level with her, she looked into his eyes, trying to gauge how much he’d seen, her hand unconsciously moving to tuck her dress against her skin.
70. It's important to keep in mind that while the results of a tummy tuck can be astounding, they need to be maintained with regular exercise and a healthy diet.
71. I knew that for the both of us, nights were the hardest, especially since he used to tuck us into bed, telling goofy stories, and using those corny voices of his.
72. And so, with a flourish and a bow the old man gave Terry the shin pads, showed him how to tuck them into his socks and then told the dog to give the boy his ball back.
73. I tuck it back under the covers and lie, staring at the ceiling … my mind freewheeling as the stars whirl through my head … a soft sound brings me back to reality ….
74. Marraud locked down the safety pin on his revolver and tried to tuck it into his trousers but with his strength failing him, the gun flipped out and fell to the ground below.
75. Dressing myself quickly, I would tuck a towel and a French novel under my arm, and go off to bathe in the river in the shade of a birch tree which stood half a verst from the house.
76. At night, when we would tuck him into bed, he would look at us wide-eyed, mumbling, Dere woofs in duh woods, but at least he slept well and it didn’t translate into nightmares.
77. Berndt immediately strikes up a conversation with the group on his right, while I tuck into my extremely welcome hot supper of sausages, potatoes and some sort of vegetable which I cannot identify.
78. Ma foi, I've been thinking myself all this time I've been sitting with you that Providence was sending her to me in the decline of my stormy years and that she would tuck me up, or whatever they call it.
79. And before leaping in, she stuck a clutch gadget to the rim of the chasm that created a sphere of anti-alarm that tuck into the chasm, one half of the sphere on the inside and the other half on the outside of it.
80. For a second, she thought he was going to tuck in regardless, but he patiently lowered her to the level of his waist, growling at a young troll who tried to sneak a mouthful of her ribs when his attention was diverted.
81. Marvin was proud of his shiny charcoal paint, tuck and roll interior, vinyl top, mag wheels, and a back end jacked up so high you could drive a foreign car under it! Whenever the high school administration wanted to find Marvin all they had to do was go to the auto shop.
82. Her eyes were soft with joy at the thought of how soon now she was going to be able to tuck this precious being under her arm and take it with her lightly and easily into the garden, restored to her own slim nimbleness again, and point out the exceeding beauty of the world to its new, astonished eyes.
83. At first it looked like a vast blue fort or Valhalla; but when they began to tuck the coarse meadow hay into the crevices, and this became covered with rime and icicles, it looked like a venerable moss-grown and hoary ruin, built of azure-tinted marble, the abode of Winter, that old man we see in the almanac—his shanty, as if he had a design to estivate with us.
1. She started tucking into her breakfast.
2. Sam… she whispered, tucking her head.
3. It hadn’t even bothered tucking its wings.
4. I might have, I said, tucking my legs in.
5. She kept tucking her blond hair behind one ear.
6. Massie was tucking Haley into bed at around 8:20.
7. Mammy, tucking the covers about Scarlett’s neck.
8. What? he asked, tucking his uniform back in.
9. He pulled his jacket tight, tucking his hands into.
10. Ethan grabbed the ice bucket, tucking it under his arm.
11. He laughed, tucking the notes away into his pocket-book.
12. He walked over to her, tucking his hands in his pockets.
13. True that, said Johnny, tucking his sacks about him.
14. How about tucking me in? he asked with a little smile.
15. After tucking the tobacco beside his gum, he returned the.
16. Neville was tucking in to a nice meal back aboard the Atlas.
17. Then he turned me to face him, tucking me against his chest.
18. Folded the blanket well, tucking it carefully over head and.
19. Tucking the duffel bag beneath the bed covers next to her, she.
20. She then kissed her on the forehead before tucking her back in.
21. They had just started tucking into their bread and cheese when.
22. Tucking in a faded yellow shirt, he re-entered the control room.
23. He smiled paternally at her, tucking the key back into its pouch.
24. He shook the last drips off and zipped his pants up, tucking his.
25. Tucking the kid under her coat, Carmen started back down the hill.
26. Meanwhile, I’ve to lay low, tucking the money tight in the attic.
27. Something twitched on a sill: a bird tucking its head away in shame.
28. Or, are you in the habit of tucking a piece of each paycheck into a.
29. He removed her underwear without hassle, tucking it into his pockets.
30. How old is he?' she asked, tucking in enthusiastically to her pastry.
31. Without further fuss, hitching her sari and tucking it, she obliged him.
32. He curled his spine, tucking his snout under the tip of his bushy tail.
33. He stands up and re-buttons his shirt, tucking it back into his trousers.
34. Roll the leaves up and over the tomato and cheese, tucking under to close.
35. Gabriel held me tenderly within his arms, tucking the covers up around us.
36. Impressive, he murmured, tucking the cloth back into his coat pocket.
37. Hear what? Benjamin Crawford asks, tucking a kerchief into his shirt.
38. The 727 banked majestically over Missoula, tucking in its wing flaps as it.
39. Tracey reclined on the sofa, kicking off her shoes and tucking her feet up.
40. He slipped his pants on, and was tucking in his shirt when N' elent roused.
41. I showered briefly, then got in bed, tucking Sniggles the bear under my arm.
42. He gently kissed her then stroked her hair tucking it nicely around her ears.
43. At last, tucking his tail between his legs, the bull turned round and ran away.
44. After tucking me in, Sean kisses me on the forehead before heading for the door.
45. Rory watched Wei tucking into his breakfast through the window of the cottage….
46. When she came back, hiding her face, wiping the blade, folding it and tucking it.
47. He lifts his head and slips his fingers through my hair, tucking it behind my ear.
48. One of the trolls started tucking into an Outsider, but Alexander pulled him away.
49. Unable to keep still, she shoved to her feet, tucking her hands beneath her arms.
50. Now we both have something of each others, he said tucking my hair behind my ear.
51. Her arm fell across his chest and she left it there, tucking her hand under his arm.
52. Tucking a wooden stake in the back of his jeans, Zac made his way through the forest.
53. She launched herself, caught the pole with her forepaws and gripped it, tucking her.
54. Tony was tucking his shirt into his pants and trying to buckle the front of his belt.
55. I took off my stocking cap and pea coat, tucking my hat and gloves in the sleeve and.
56. Sage took out the newspaper clipping, staring at it before tucking it inside her dress.
57. Alex gave his full attention to tucking the photo into the box through a gap in the top.
58. Patty thought about tucking each one in properly, but didn’t want to risk waking them.
59. Marlene sported a zigzag part in her hair, tucking the lifeless strands behind her ears.
60. She sat up and swung her legs out of bed, tucking her unruly auburn hair behind her ears.
61. He holds my gaze, then answers, I know, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear.
62. Carmen glanced back to see a red-faced Josh striding toward her, still tucking in his shirt.
63. Hear the police are botching this royally, he said, tucking his hands into his armpits.
64. Crosby smiled, flicking open his serviette and tucking one corner over the top of his waistcoat.
65. Tucking the butt plates of both carbines tightly under her arms she faced both carbines forward.
66. Krishnan would watch both of them tucking in and enjoying the silence of each other’s company.
67. He came back out tucking something in his waistband and putting on his leather jacket to cover it.
68. He nodded gratefully, finding his tongue a bit tied, but smiled and began tucking into his repast.
69. Tucking her hair into the hood, he asked, You would rather I leave you alone in the dark?
70. He had just been on the point of tucking into his left hand, when he heard the first of the howls.
71. How wonderful to be a man and as strong as Rhett, she thought, tucking her wide skirts about her.
72. Tucking her chin down she said, Pull! As if asking for a clay pigeon on a trapshooting range.
73. But something had taken hold of her, and tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, she smiled.
74. By instinct he ducked back into the tunnel, tucking his head down as far as he could onto his chest.
75. It also gave Ebright the ability to control the nutritional value of what his boys were tucking into.
76. Maybe this Rafael Pearson can help to save my son, she thought tucking it back inside her purse.
77. So, tell me all about him, she laughed, tucking her shoulder length blonde hair behind her ears.
78. Tucking up his cassock, Alyosha leapt over the hurdle with the agility of a bare-legged street urchin.
79. Then tripping on a root he twisted sideways, instinctively tucking his head into his flank to protect it.
80. She leaped from the bed and struggled into her jeans, tucking her nightgown in while she grabbed her boots.
81. The memory of her visit was buried somehow, released only by that motion of tucking back a fugitive strand.
82. Rafferty nodded and settled the rug more cosily around the body, tucking it in so no draught could touch her.
83. With a low moan, he dropped to the ground, tucking himself into the shadows that Scout had previously occupied.
84. Then he spent several minutes in tucking the lower part of the woman's chemise which he wore into his trousers.
85. She lay down with evident caution, tucking her hand—still holding the knife—under whatever she used as a pillow.
86. Tucking him screaming under one arm and clutching the jewelry to her with the other, she raced into the upstairs hall.
87. We sat facing one another, each taking a couch, Teagan tucking her legs under her and Harley crossing hers lotus style.
88. Tucking the phone in the pocket of her loose cotton pants, cursing the chill of the wind, she reached for the door knob.
89. Tucking one of his blades under his armpit he reached into the bag and backed away to the Council chamber’s entrance.
90. She quickly withdrew the key, tucking it into the pouch at her belt, then slipped the lock free, pulling open the grate.
91. He stood and pulled his buttoned-up suit jacket back down around his waist while tucking his tie back down into his vest.
92. She had seen countless Wedding Feasts go into it when the Family had started tucking into them at her cousins’ weddings.
93. The mark on Gesta’s cheek subsided but she was unusually quiet, tucking herself away in the room she shared with Tannon.
94. Are you safe? Brice approached them and was reaching out, tucking his hand beneath Emily's curls to rest it upon her cheek.
95. Tucking the gun in the back of his waist band and covering it with his T-shirt he follows Natalie and Sheila into the kitchen.
96. While I might well be tucking into mince pies, I’m usually also at my trading desk watching for opportunities to make money.
97. Gage stowed his few belongings in the car, first tucking his sidearm in the side of the trunk, then patting the vest into place.
98. Sebastian watched as her arms slid into her sleeves, tucking her Lead Arrow mark on her left shoulder into its soft, white folds.
99. After tucking them in Jesse followed me back into the living room, I took off my 6-inch Jimmy Choo heels and swore under my breath.
100. She folded the note carefully, tucking it under the kitchen table candle where she knew it would be found first thing in the morning.
1. He tucked it into a.
2. He tucked it around me.
3. Tucked in and shut away.
4. He tucked in with gusto.
5. Tom tucked Will up with.
6. I tucked a piece of hair.
7. Others he tucked atop him.
8. As they tucked into their.
9. They tucked away their guns.
10. The manager tucked in her.
11. Twin Towers tucked in just.
12. Milly tucked up in beddyhouse.
13. His white T-shirt was tucked.
14. Una tucked HER feet under her.
15. His normally tucked in shirt.
16. My brother tucked his gun away.
17. She tucked the note into her.
18. Hogan thanked her and tucked in.
19. I tucked the bundle closer to me.
20. He tucked it under his lone arm.
21. He tucked the long tie into them.
22. Critters tucked in for the night.
23. It tucked its tail behind itself.
24. I tucked my face against her hair.
25. Then, he tucked it behind her ear.
26. When it arrived we both tucked in.
27. He tucked them back into his pocket.
28. We left him tucked up warmly in bed.
29. Carter tucked it under his shoulder.
30. Behind his back, tucked under his.
31. Business suits, hardware tucked in.
32. His chair was tucked under his desk.
33. Trevor tucked the ball under his arm.
34. Silas tucked his head under his wing.
35. His hand is tucked inside his jacket.
36. She tucked the key securely into her.
37. Every secret they tucked in the trunk.
38. Kate kissed her and tucked her in bed.
39. Elowen and Diggory tucked into white.
40. Upstairs she tucked Aoife into her bed.
41. He ducked his head and tucked a tuft.
42. Tucked away in the closet, in a drawer.
43. He tucked Tasha under his arm and es-.
44. She had a 9mm tucked into the back of.
45. A few turns, tucked in the rear of the.
46. With his battered old shin pads tucked.
47. Jared tucked his chin and swallowed hard.
48. The 575 Pizzeria is tucked back off the.
49. I tucked my head down against his chest.
50. She tucked her knife back into her purse.
51. Long after the children had been tucked.
52. You must have an idea or two tucked away.
53. She tucked it into her pocket and smiled.
54. Once done, she tucked the empty pouch back.
55. Chris tucked his shirt back into his jeans.
56. Firstly, Emily had to be tucked up in bed.
57. He tucked in a flap of his flowered shirt.
58. His shirt was neatly tucked into his pants.
59. Then she tucked the brochure in her pocket.
60. Richard tucked his chin and softly chuckled.
61. I did not wake her, but tucked her up warmly.
62. He tucked the paper away as Natalya came in.
63. But she tucked it under her arm with a sharp.
64. Phil took back his letter and tucked it away.
65. He laughed as I tucked into the golden liquid.
66. Rhone tucked his bangs up under the brim of.
67. He clipped it out and tucked it in his wallet.
68. I tucked my shirt in and adjusted the backpack.
69. I tucked it away in my arsenal of swear words.
70. She tucked the letter in with the rest of the.
71. He tucked his shirt into his jeans as he stood.
72. All nicely tucked away in albums, I have come.
73. Thirty minutes later he was tucked inside the.
74. Tucked away into a dark corner was a side door.
75. Zayn must’ve come and tucked her in overnight.
76. It waits on the table tucked against the chimney.
77. After that, they all tucked into the cake that.
78. Tucked into his apron was a syringe full of fat.
79. Manda tucked the braid back under the wig for her.
80. Aspen sighed and tucked her arms across her chest.
81. Elior laughed and tucked closer to her in the bed.
82. Lastly, I adjust the rose I've tucked in my lapel.
83. The men muttered at Nolan, who tucked in his head.
84. Carrie was glad for the robes tucked around her.
85. His bag was already tucked securely in the trunk.
86. They are the lucky ones after all, safely tucked.
87. I sat on a chair and kept my legs tucked under me.
88. Hudson tucked his chin down hard against his chest.
89. A sister of hers here, tucked away in this desert.
90. Stan tucked away Helmut‘s card, followed him out.
91. Sam tucked his head and lightly cleared his throat.
92. The snake tucked in behind the crow for protection.
93. She nodded and tucked the apple core into her pocket.
94. I pulled out the Beretta I had tucked behind my back.
95. He hemmed, then tucked the weapon into his waistband.
96. Bridget quickly wiped away her tears and tucked the.
97. I tucked my hands into my armpits to hide the shakes.
98. Colleen tucked her face under the crook of his chin.
99. He quickly tucked himself back in and looked nervous.
100. Instantly Lavina tucked in her wing and dove sharply.
1. She tucks her hands in her pockets.
2. He tucks the pistol into his uniform.
3. She tucks it into her palm and steps away.
4. He tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear.
5. She tucks her short, dark hair behind her ears.
6. He tucks a stray strand of my hair behind my ear.
7. She then hides and tucks the photo in her pocket.
8. Good, she says, and tucks the loaf under his arm.
9. A cat that shrivels its body, lowers its head, and tucks.
10. He tucks it in the waist of his pants everywhere he goes.
11. Billy shrugs his shoulders and tucks into the stale bread.
12. Unks folds the newspaper, and then tucks it under his arm.
13. He sits down, removes his shoes, and tucks his legs under his body.
14. She sits down, removes her shoes, and tucks her legs under her body.
15. Mother brushes strands of hair from my face and tucks them behind my ear.
16. Without comment, he tucks the box under an arm and totters from the pier.
17. She quickly tucks the newspaper under her jacket, and walks over to the door.
18. Guntram glances down at it, at the star, and then tucks the paper into his breast pocket.
19. He tucks his hands into the pockets of his overcoat, pulling it tight upon his shoulders.
20. Little Killer squirms around a bit and she settles him down and tucks him under her shawl.
21. Laden and Nurse Karen move me back onto my bed, and she tucks me in nice and tightly again.
22. Eyeing me suspiciously, she sits down on the bed and tucks a stray lock of hair behind my ear.
23. When she’s sure I’m following her, she releases my hand and tucks her stray hair behind her ears.
24. He drinks just enough and then he tucks her up for the night and finishes the last bottle in his own cell.
25. When Barrons hands the spear to Ryodan, who tucks it beneath his jacket, they resume their polished facade.
26. Janet gently helps me undress and tucks me under the duvet before quietly letting herself out of the house.
27. A cool blanket of fog tucks the natives in this cold damp Christmas night in the paradise port of Nuku Hiva.
28. Johanna bows in the general direction of the crowd, tucks her hair behind her ears, and walks toward the exit.
29. This time he doesn’t throw his leg over mine, but smoothes my hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear.
30. Men can also have tummy tucks when they're genetically predisposed to fat accumulation around their stomach area.
31. The hadrosaur abruptly pulls itself further upright, shakes its head, and then tucks its snout against its body again.
32. Some of you are transforming yourselves through mechanical means – plastic surgery, eye tucks, stomach tucks and the like.
33. The putter today comes in all different shapes and sizes, from the standard height to the putter that tucks just under your chin.
34. With both breast augmentations and tummy tucks, you can completely change the shape of your abdomen, but keeping it up will be up to you.
35. You can have liposuction done on a number of body parts and it's often used in conjunction with tummy tucks and other cosmetic procedures.
36. I wished I could turn and admire the way the dress moved, but Madame Flambeau was busy making little tucks and sticking pins in the dress.
37. When we are trusted to not escape, questions of shirt tucks and signing out of our 12 cent/hour career seem like lines from the wrong script.
38. You stare up with a look of stark terror on your face as he takes a piece of coffee candy out of his crystal candy holder and tucks it in your coat pocket.
39. Is the nightclub his distillery where he sorts the vintages and tucks into his personal cellar the most complex, interesting wines, the most potent and impressive whiskeys?
40. Somehow or other he pulls on his shirt, fumbling for the sleeves, hastily gets on his trousers, wraps his feet in the rags he uses for stockings, pulls on his boots, hunts for his muffler and cap, tucks his sheepskin coat under his arm, and is escorted to that part of the hall which is fenced off by a bench, where the recruits who have been admitted are placed.
41. Here’s the total package: (1) beginning salary of $160,000 (up slightly and the highest offer so far so please keep this quiet—wouldn’t want to start trouble from the get-go); (2) an annual bonus to be determined by performance and overall firm productivity (no, the two partners do not plan to keep all the profits); (3) full health insurance—medical, dental, optical (everything but Botox and tummy tucks); (4) a savings and retirement plan which includes matching contributions to a rather generous 401K; (5) overtime pay beyond 50 hours a week (yes, dear, you read that right; S&G is probably the first law firm in history to offer overtime; we’re serious about the 50 hour workweek); (6) three weeks of paid vacation; (7) your own private office with your own designated secretary (and probably your own paralegal too but can’t make that promise right now); (8) advancement; we do not want our associates cutting throats to make partner, so we’re considering a plan whereby one can stake out an equity position at 7 to 10 years with the firm.

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