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He could name every tune.
The tune I now recognised.
How I howled to that tune.
Sing a tune in the shower.
A pleasant tune hit his ear.
I knew Susan would tune me.
I can’t wait to tune in.

A Sangreal player is in tune.
In tune, despite the draught.
The old man gathered his tune.
My soul is more in tune here.
Millie and Rosie sang the tune.
It is something we tune into.
Just tune your mind into the.
Quinn could tune in from afar.
I had to finally tune him out.
It was not a tune I recognized.
But Morg was still in the tune.
Stripehead was singing in tune.
Found him up and humming a tune.
For they're feeling more in tune.
It's the same old tune, brother.
The guitar was badly out of tune.
That was her characteristic tune.
We dance to the tune of the music.
Who pays the piper calls the tune.
Advise me if she changes her tune.
I learned just to tune his nutty.
He hastened the tempo of his tune.
Learn to tune in to the Holy Ghost.
She found herself humming the tune.
If we are able to tune in to these.
Phillip doesn’t tune in to what Mr.
I Love You Truly was the tune.
Our black upright piano, out of tune.
How quickly people change their tune.
The dawgs was barkin� right in tune.
He searched for the source of the tune.
Chen’s time frame was in tune with.
Im good with tuning out.
As if tuning into their.
Tuning in further to the.
Was he finally tuning in?
Tuning more into what they.
A local rock band was tuning up.
That’s because the tuning fork.
These are enchanted tuning forks.
It was as simple as tuning a guitar.
We believe that is a tuning control.
It is only a question of tuning in the.
We have children tuning in for the Games.
One of my tuning forks vibrates at 512 Hz.
Now, all you will need is some fine tuning.
Perhaps, he prayed, they're only tuning up!.
It was the after-tone of a struck tuning fork.
Trumpets are heard tuning up in the background.
The thrum was stronger now, like a tuning fork.
The heavenly brass band are tuning their bugles.
Michael looked for the tuning dial and found nothing.
The real challenge is engine tuning for the thin air.
It had been neglected and needed tuning and polishing.
I sat up in the couch, tuning into the chatter upstairs.
Mas sum oll as a ma, he repeated, tuning his will.
But then what plan doesn’t need a bit of fine tuning?
Clarity turned on the radio tuning to an oldies radio station.
The band was tuning on the other side of the stage, and the.
Tuning into his sadness, Coreema reached out and held his hand.
He’s in the process of arranging microphones, tuning guitars, and.
I was tuning and the piece of crap snapped and slit my finger a bit.
Stripehead pretended to be too involved in tuning his guitar to notice.
This must have been like tuning in to the afternoon soap opera for them.
It would indicate a massive tuning in on what’s happening in Little Rock.
His older pupils the work of tuning the lower bodies, though He Himself is.
I could almost feel his hands on me again, could feel my body tuning to his.
He was tuning in on the Navy station when Ingrid walked in with Julia, the cook.
It’s like tuning into a radio station, except it’s your brain that’s the radio.
After what seemed like half an hour of slow, persistent tuning, It is the weather.
I grabbed hold of the remote control, turned on the television tuning into the CBC News.
Blood pressure worked within the activation process of tuning to the local environment.
I tuned in to what.
You are tuned to it.
You are tuned all in.
THE TV WAS tuned to CNN.
Psyche has to be tuned up.
He asked for an A, tuned.
When your radar is tuned.
Stay tuned to this station.
He'd already tuned it, but.
He must have tuned into my.
They have tuned in with the.
I tuned her out straight away.
He was just not tuned to the.
A finely tuned human mind is.
Finely tuned to the spectral.
It’s tuned to channel one.
He tuned into Prosto Radio 102.
He tuned back in to the auction.
Men need to be tuned into this.
Like a fined tuned watch, major.
To purest love he tuned his note.
How do we get properly tuned?
To be honest she had tuned it out.
Conrad tuned to face the complainer.
It was tuned to an African channel.
I tuned in to the proper frequency.
Acron was tuned to a specific sound.
Colin tuned it all out; he was spent.
He tuned his ears as he made his way.
Suzy, we will all be tuned in for that.
Sebastian tuned into the eulogy again.
Our bodies are tuned into the systems.
O’Shea’s father had tuned it for him.
So stay tuned and we’ll be right back.
His senses were highly tuned for trouble.
Someone is definitely tuned into my trip.
I tuned out again as he droned on and on.
I tuned in WJOU radio and heard my best.
He discovered this when he tuned in again.
Stay tuned to this station so we can let.
He thanked Ray for the tunes.
Some good rousing tunes first.
Magnetic tunes with lots of soul.
A poem set to melodies and tunes.
From aft came the tunes of the band.
I never went much for campfire tunes.
And those tunes are baby-making tunes.
One of the tunes on this album was the.
Those tunes still capture those bygone days.
They played scarcely anything but dance tunes.
Which time she chanted snatches of old tunes;.
Oh we're going to play a few tunes downstairs.
Tunes I think could possibly be on the charts.
Ornate summer tunes that comely alleviate living.
I’ll use that in one my tunes sooner or later.
Morose tunes were still heard throughout the room.
Here’s to caps and bells and rollicking tunes.
So he played a couple of Irish Celtic tunes as the.
Watching Looney Tunes always made Wisdom feel better.
So we looked up the band that plays swing-time tunes.
There was an apathetic response to our first few tunes.
He threw in spirituals and show tunes from time to time.
After they had eaten, two of the Barbegs played tunes on.
Musical thoughts had been bugging him for weeks, as tunes.
She would hum her little tunes which I could never make out.
They start to sing some tunes as the crowd continues to cheer.
As they rode home, Nerissa sang one of Father’s favorite tunes.
Nicolas and Mickey start to play the guitar and sing some tunes.
Nicolas and Mickey start to play the guitars and sing some tunes.
Honesty in Lord’s Glory arranges now tunes of my father the singer.
He murmured old childish tunes out of the Shire, and snatches of Mr.
This is what makes them seductive tunes for the pied piper’s pipe.
Musicians were also in attendance, playing soft music and dance tunes.
Claire and Cam danced to the loud tunes, unaware of what had gone down.
The music is a relaxing ambient journey of chill out tunes mixed with.
Everything in the Universe automatically tunes its vibration to.
Shop doors were wide open with quirky qawali tunes blaring out of each shop.
He could still barely accompany himself if the tunes were in the key of C-.
Think of the many good deeds that you could do Listen to your favorite tunes.
An edition is now ready, bound in boards, with tunes, only FORTY CENTS PER COPY.

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