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Tutelage numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was under his tutelage, that I developed the.
  2. Saul took him under his tutelage and taught him everything he knew.
  3. Then they study for decades under the tutelage of accomplished Ajk’ihab’s.
  4. However, without proper tutelage and resources, the desk did not perform well.
  5. The conceit that she would be under his tutelage provided an almost rueful amusement.

  6. He had recently completed the CIA course at ‘The Farm’ under the personal tutelage.
  7. But the sons of Abraham stood in no need of pagan tutelage on the main hope of righteous men.
  8. They were again in her father’s study, where the vast majority of her tutelage had taken place.
  9. Under the tutelage of Kermes Twa, I’ve learned the answer is patience of spirit, in all things.
  10. Whether it is used for good or evil is Man’s choice, except as he places himself under God’s tutelage.
  11. Its origins lie in a seminar I took back in 1996 under the tutelage of a now discredited stock market guru.
  12. Grundy had contacts in that field and assured Harry he would endeavor to arrange tutelage should it come to that.
  13. Advani believed in mentoring young people, and an entire generation of BJP leaders has been nurtured under his tutelage.
  14. There are clues to its riddle in books, one of which is in the library of the Palace and under the tutelage of the former Queen Witch.
  15. The Elf, under the unseen tutelage of her integrally unified mentors, amazed her friends with one astounding new ability after another.

  16. The drinking water level didn't want to be ignored and she had to make some brutal hacks under the tutelage of another Brazilian on the ground.
  17. Conditions and laws, the relentless increase in numbers of the gentle Egyptians who lived practically since the Pharaohs under foreign tutelage squeezed them out.
  18. Jameson was, by inherited nature, meticulous and thorough, both from his life in the livery and from having been under the tutelage of White Feathers near from birth.
  19. He attributed his reaction to the first two Germans to a combination of seeing Elizabeth in danger and the time he had spent on the firing range under Zinsmann’s tutelage.
  20. Becky told him of her tutelage under her father's instruction and her first solo project, of Manchester and other cities she'd had the pleasure to experience in connection to her position.
  21. Under the tutelage of Civil War America is becoming a nation beaten into submission by sensitivity, compassion, fear of offending, and the thousand and one other interdictions and prohibitions of the politically correct mantra.
  22. Under Senta and Isin's patient tutelage, Deni and Song became adept at the subtle movements required to perform the basics of the Lascorii Court 'dances and rituals' which is what the robe flourishes were used for to begin with.
  23. I couldn’t have gotten to where I’ve gotten to (including a first-hand understanding of what demons really are and how to cast them out; what curses are and how to undo them; as well as how vampires operate and how to fend them off) without the thorough and relentless tutelage of my enemies.
  24. I have been trying all my life, from a child up, to escape from his tutelage and have not been able to! A thousand times over I have been tempted to break with him altogether, and every time I have been drawn to him again, as though I were still hoping to prove something to him or to revenge myself on him.
  25. I feel about the land I was born in, because I was raised under the tutelage of a Dutch woman,.

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