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1. It only needed a tweak.
2. A little tweak is all it.
3. I laugh and tweak her nose.
4. You get the odd tweak washing.
5. You occasionally test and tweak.
6. Jane had to tweak and fix this plant.
7. Her ears tweak at the sound of my voice.

8. It was true that she had managed to tweak his.
9. With its help you can tweak hundreds of settings risk-free.
10. And now let’s tweak the core of your computer – the BIOS.
11. You can tweak the procedure and use it according to the condition.
12. You are constantly attempting to improve and tweak your approach.
13. Perhaps with no plus tick rule, that range will tweak a bit higher.
14. They had been tossing around how to tweak the wheel alignment process and.
15. They have to test and tweak their ads and sales letters, it’s part of the.
16. She remembered the friendly tweak on her instep, the slow caress on her toes.
17. Of course you can tweak your system - and you should - but do it sparingly, and.
18. But there are many derivatives of these that can be used to tweak the perspective.
19. A tweak here and a tweak there, and the next thing you know, you’re Fred and Ethel Mertz.
20. Hold your fire, Jevan hissed, both out loud and in her mind, and she felt the tweak in her head.
21. Here is how you can use Auslogics Tweak Manager to increase the number of simultaneous connections: 1.
22. Or, um… a tweak here, a tweak there, and within a billion years, an amoeba will become some piss drunk.
23. You see, I have to make him want to fight and the only way to do that is to tweak him until he explodes.
24. Again, if you shift things around, tweak a little here or there, you will have the resources that you need.
25. A strong wind from the west buffets and jostles me, but I tweak the controls and keep aiming for the clouds.
26. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can tweak the sliding bars to explore different what-if scenarios.
27. Most of the time, you will be dealing with the site templates, in order to tweak the public look-n-feel of your website.
28. So, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can use a third-party tweaking program like Tweak Manager in Auslogics BoostSpeed.
29. As a result, capital was massively redeemed from value managers and many of the remaining players were forced to tweak their models.
30. For caresses, too, I now got grimaces; for a pressure of the hand, a pinch on the arm; for a kiss on the cheek, a severe tweak of the ear.
31. You can also open the tool by clicking on Start – All Programs – Auslogics – BoostSpeed – Utilities – Auslogics Tweak Manager 2.
32. When you tweak your offer or launch a campaign to a different list, you can compare ROI and focus on the version with the best performance.
33. The testing comes in when you slowly tweak the headline in your PPC ad, testing out different elements to determine which performs best.
34. Use David Swensen’s model as a baseline and tweak as necessary if you want to exclude certain funds or prioritize which are important to you.
35. It is important to continually monitor what is currently working so you can produce more of what is working and tweak or get rid of what is not.
36. Koza says he will also tweak his intrinsic value calculation adding to it excess cash or cash not necessary to run the business or pay debt.
37. And, if you have that much knowledge, it might just be a small added tweak to not only know which side the coin will land on, but to determine that.
38. I do the same thing as when I set my stops – look to around 20% (as opposed to 10% for losses), and then tweak it to where the share has peaked before.
39. There was no alarm—Ash’s tweak had disabled it in the bay—and without the warning, only she was prepared for the spiraling darkness that erased their vision.
40. Free Doesn't Mean It's Worthless, the key to successful Viral Marketing is to tweak your Online Marketing message to be one that has intrinsic value to the consumer.
41. On the morning of the fourth day after we had landed or Ar I was sent over to tweak a few adjustments on the onboard computer as they were having a few minor problems.
42. Of course, things are more lively at our less icy manufactories, but Brother Tahlbaht’s taking advantage of our own lowered tempo to tweak his production circles’ arrangements.
43. No sir, not one little bit! It doesn't mind making the odd little adjustment to the picture; a little tweak to the edges here and there to keep the picture in line with the facts, but it hates making any major changes.
44. I therefore now start at 10% (away from the current price) and then tweak stops further away from there, depending on where punters have bought and sold in the past, and adding a little breathing room if it’s a volatile FTSE 100er or mining share.
1. It'll take a little tweaking to get it right.
2. Tweaking diverts you from creating new content.
3. Tweaking Withdrawals Based on Actual Conditions.
4. Thinking of which, he realised that tweaking his own.
5. Is there a time when tweaking your pages is appropriate?
6. After tweaking the wiring just a tad, but not too much to.
7. For further tweaking, there are plenty of options provided.
8. Tweaking here and there, making the necessary changes as you.
9. The older boys came in, Loken tweaking her nose on his way past.
10. Tweaking the definition of above average a bit in Table 7.
11. But does tweaking the play as volatility moves augment the returns?
12. She imagines a group of people in a laboratory, tweaking an SIM card.
13. I stand and look at the lounge, tweaking the cushions into shape again.
14. Users were experiencing their own pleasure tweaking the software and trad-.
15. It should also give you a blueprint for developing and tweaking your own setups.
16. After all, the author wants to sell her books and a bit of tweaking may spur sales.
17. All it needed was a bit of tweaking – some word-changes here and re-timing there.
18. The problem with constantly tweaking a strategy is that your trading becomes random.
19. Now, before you start tweaking, you need to ensure that your CPU chip is fast enough.
20. As you build your insurance business, plan on tweaking and adjusting these guidelines.
21. After an hour or so of tweaking Sarah was silently fuming, but her criteria list looked.
22. Filling out that document could result in a bit of tweaking – another name for cheating.
23. I never though much about it until I started tweaking my lower back on a regular basis at the gym.
24. After several years of tightening and tweaking, the algorithm was unleashed on a mammoth trove of banking data.
25. Built into the base of the left stringrack was a rather large control panel with lots of tweaking pegs and braided patch hoses.
26. So, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can use a third-party tweaking program like Tweak Manager in Auslogics BoostSpeed.
27. Terrible management had almost run the company into the ground, and he was certain that with a bit of tweaking, it could run better.
28. Instead, rebalancing becomes a matter of tweaking the holdings within your variable account to bring your overall allocation back into line.
29. And, as the expert marketers will tell you, by constant experimenting, changing, tweaking and testing you'll eventually find the best combination.
30. Will, would you be willing to make another attempt? Corbin has some tweaking on Gateway to do but he assures me that he can resolve the problem.
31. As soon as they start trading with real money, doubt creeps in after only a couple of losing trades, and then the tweaking, changing, distrusting begins.
32. In a typical scenario, this means diving headlong into a couple of different trading programs or ideas and tweaking them endlessly until they reveal their magic.
33. In response to this concern, many economists advocate starting with the 4% rule but tweaking your withdrawals from year to year based on actual market conditions.
34. It is possible that these runs are just the normal expectation for the system, and that any tweaking would be counterproductive, but these are the kinds of questions to ask.
35. Not wanting to dive into more research, I pull up the drafts I have written so far and go through them editing the information and tweaking the grammar so that it reads better.
36. Druscilla strok’d my Thighs, whilst Evelina made fair to fondle my Breasts, now tweaking my Nipples with her delicate Fingers, now wetting ’em with her warm, slick Tongue.
37. My body was beginning to tremble as he moved his other hand from the nape of my neck to one of my breasts, massaging and tweaking my taught, sensitive nipple between his fingers.
38. Fiona and Saul’s daughter, who they named Rosalie in honor of Saul’s great-grandmother, was a bright eyed mischievous little creature fond of pulling hair and tweaking noses.
39. In the following days, he found out more about the Dutch from his car dealer friend and slowly formed a fantastic plan, tweaking it ever so carefully in his and Nathan’s favour.
40. For now I will just mention a few businesses that need tweaking in order to convince people that they really care about the customer and the employees, rather than the stockholders.
41. When you get itchy fingers and feel that you simply have to do something in the market, think about relieving your itch by tweaking your protective stops rather than placing a new trade.
42. But after several anxious weeks spent gathering fresh data, then tweaking, massaging, and presenting it in a way that could pass as adequately innovative research, the committee approved his work.
43. Additional tweaking and complication has diminishing returns, but if you want to fine-tune your exposure to every sector out there he has more complicated model portfolios to start you on your way.
44. Although this sounds like a good idea, I’ve found that traders who don’t understand the psychology start tweaking the system every time there is a losing trade, which negates the whole idea of having an automated system.
45. This portion was uncharted territory in their search, tweaking their keen senses of observation since any possible tracks had long ago been obliterated by the elements, and greatly enhanced their awareness of the landscape henceforth.
46. Traders who are interested in this concept can begin by simply averaging two different rates of change, comparing relative strength rankings, and then tweaking the measure via weightings or the addition of other look-back periods in the average.
1. I tweaked his ear.
2. She tweaked his nose.
3. His left ear was tweaked.
4. His other ear was tweaked.
5. The crime angels tweaked it.
6. And she still looked tweaked.
7. Your system tweaked & enhanced 34.
8. It’s been tested and tweaked for years.
9. Cami sat at her mirror and tweaked her hair.
10. He wore an expression that tweaked her curiosity.
11. Very civilized, until the loud pedal was tweaked.
12. His hand tweaked at a spot where flesh should have been.
13. Not easily are the threads tweaked, Clotho wheezed.
14. Martin Luther had tweaked the lion’s tail and survived.
15. He tweaked me a little as the other sniper pulled in front.
16. He tweaked me a little as the other sniper pulled in front.
17. He reached across the console and tweaked his power settings again.
18. Combinations can be tweaked accordingly to suit the individual’s needs.
19. A smile tweaked across the Captain’s face – he had the tortured look of a man.
20. Travis returned as he tweaked his back into place and kept well away from Chevalier.
21. He was bent over a large screen, watching a pattern emerge as he slowly tweaked some dials.
22. It's beginning to look like the data from 61A is all fake, or at least tweaked in some way.
23. He tweaked a small end of a branch and immediately turned to face Joan, somewhat guilty of the act.
24. He’s tweaked the grammar in a couple of places … Yes, he’s right, it does read better that way.
25. Like this you mean? and she tweaked one little module on one seemingly insignificant sub system.
26. I figured if I tweaked the whole process, I’d have a larger harvest in the sunroom, but I never did try.
27. One of the techs told me the drive had been tweaked for more efficiency: we could be there in forty hours.
28. No, because he thought he’d tweaked the virus in such a way that it wouldn’t attack people of his own race.
29. When I asked why he wasn’t riding one now, he merely tweaked his fingers and let loose the icy numbness on my collar.
30. Again, this would not be any different from how the Balanced Budget Amendments were tweaked to handle such circumstances.
31. She seductively rubbed them — her left, then her right — and then, as if to rub it in even more, she tweaked her nipples.
32. When there are groundswells of sufficient magnitude, the legal system is slightly tweaked and adjusted to fit the changing times.
33. He tweaked them, pinched them, and toyed with them, all the while gazing deep into my inner sanctum, watching my excitement grow by leaps and bounds.
34. One took a bit and tweaked it for his comedy act – which I caught on one of the late shows – and another used at least two pieces from the book in a movie he did.
35. The older any written law, or code, or constitution gets the more out-of-date it gets, the more inappropriate it becomes, the harder it is to interpret, the less relevant it is, the more it has to be amended or tweaked to fit the changing conditions of society.
36. But Mike had tweaked her curiosity with endless boastful stories of his exploits there, so she had asked to be taken and while in a taxi bound for the place, learned from excited conversations that Mike’s source of pride with regard to it was his claim to have had sex with every girl in the place.
37. Scarlett was the most charming and exciting of women and he early in his marriage that so long as she had her own way, life could be very pleasant, but when she was opposed-Given her own way, she was as gay as a child, laughed a good deal, made foolish little jokes, sat on his knee and tweaked his beard until he having his slippers toasting at the fire when he came home at night, fussing vowed he felt twenty years younger.
1. A few tweaks to the system and we’re.
2. The tweaks are guided and shaped by something.
3. Nostradamus’ version adds certain tweaks and.
4. Design Tweaks: I used to be a sucker for this one.
5. There may be tweaks here and there to the system.
6. She pulled up her bio and made some tweaks to it.
7. Click on the System tweaks link under System Tweaks.
8. With a few tweaks here and there, you will eventually have a faster performing computer.
9. The spell is a minor one that barely tweaks the power, he snapped as I questioned him.
10. He made only a couple small tweaks and wanted to speculate about nanites and quantum computing.
11. Very good! the Captain smiled, Ladies? I have a few tweaks to add to our well-laid plans.
12. Why the tweaks? In reality, this is the one setup that I should not have had published in book form.
13. This chapter is going to be longer than the rest, but then there are a lot of Windows tweaks to cover.
14. The further out in time, the more mean reversion assumptions come into play, and the less current volatility tweaks matter.
15. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that could have hurt your father like Kryss got you, she tweaks your nose, you try to fight her off but it is useless.
16. To make a long story short, I started doing regular adjustments at a chiropractor who uses the Gonstead system, and my lower back tweaks disappeared quickly.
17. I refer to this now in my daily newsletter videos as the end-of-day play, and while the theory is still the same, there are a few tweaks that take internals into account.
18. To achieve this aim, Sci–Coll tweaks the data and conclusions to avoid mentioning any evidence for beings, agency, intelligence, design, goals, purpose, reason, rationality, or meaning.
19. But I also see someone who has eight years of trading data that is irrelevant because he never obtained proper training, didn’t have good coaching and mentoring, and could have performed much better with some tweaks.
20. Tweaks me by the nose? gives me the lie i' the throat,.

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