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Twin numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I was not born a twin.
  2. Every option had a twin.
  3. And his twin would know.
  4. That was my twin brother.
  5. They had even dated twin.

  6. But she’s not a twin.
  7. Only the twin moons knew.
  8. His gaze swung to his twin.
  9. Twin Towers tucked in just.
  10. He has an imaginary twin.
  11. You see the twin rocks?
  12. The norm though was a twin.
  13. The Case of the Twin Sisters.
  14. Vivian is mom’s twin sister.
  15. I was looking after twin boys.

  16. She stared at her twin sister.
  17. Soon the two twin girls were.
  18. Time to wake up my twin again.
  19. My Dad was a twin and so was.
  20. He was the twin who liked to win.
  21. Beth was a twin, she said.
  22. There by the grace of the twin.
  23. You have a twin sister Brent.
  24. He believes the man is his twin.
  25. And there, smiling, was my twin!.

  26. The Twin Flame, sent from Above?
  27. My twin and I were from the rape.
  28. Typical, said the other twin.
  29. I estimated the twin peaks to be.
  30. With a twin it’s much more fun!.
  31. The twin marine batteries below it.
  32. Trust, The Twin Brother of Honesty.
  33. Just my luck to pick the evil twin!.
  34. My Dad was a twin and so was Grandpa.
  35. In moments the hologramic twin of a.
  36. This tree has a twin, Domino said.
  37. She had twin pony tails and buck teeth.
  38. Excellent! chimed her twin sister.
  39. But you’ve heard of the Twin Cities.
  40. She was his twin although more feminine.
  41. One was the twin blades of the first.
  42. Good thing you have a twin sister then.
  43. These are my twin sons, Harry and Steven.
  44. Dana wondered what her twin was thinking.
  45. Marc had reserved one room with twin beds.
  46. He knew exactly where his twin was headed.
  47. He even hid her twin sister’s existence.
  48. The woman could have been his twin sister.
  49. Avery called back as his twin left the room.
  50. Based on twin and family studies, it does.
  51. The Twin Ports waterfront is 50 miles long.
  52. A stunned silence followed her twin request.
  53. Which twin is that? a second girl asks.
  54. The twin guards of the ancient Roman hearth.
  55. Yes, Sara remembers, she has a twin brother.
  56. The people with the twin believe she is you.
  57. On the other hand, maybe she wanted his twin.
  58. The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
  59. Our twin shadows dance on the rippling grass.
  60. Repairman Tom Reilley and his twin daughters.
  61. She is my twin sister and the Great Sentinor.
  62. Twin holes opened in the terrorist’s chest.
  63. This material does the TWIN work of removing.
  64. Yeah which twin is that? a 3rd girl says.
  65. Paul, Minnesota, and lived in the Twin Cities.
  66. Really I came here as an au pair to twin boys.
  67. I have lost my twin brother, my only relative.
  68. It is in the fate of the courts and the twin.
  69. And my twin typically sleeps late on Saturdays.
  70. The Heartless Twin Evil turned to her and asked.
  71. Mushroomancers, the Twin Warlocks of the Elden.
  72. His sister, his love, his twin flame had been.
  73. I wasn’t aware that Albert had a twin brother.
  74. A timeline twin? Said the nurse, confused.
  75. Three and a half years ago I gave birth to twin.
  76. But the other one is your twin soul, my darling.
  77. True science and true religion are twin sisters.
  78. As he thought, he too focused on the twin moons.
  79. The twin scars from Hycron may have been a gift.
  80. Manfred and his twin Mandred will both be there.
  81. We loved each other under the twin moons—.
  82. Batistuta examined the twin moons from his window.
  83. She died in childbirth giving birth to twin boys.
  84. He arranged for my twin brother to die instead.
  85. Was I correct? I can barely remember his twin.
  86. The twin electric blades flashed back and forth.
  87. Your mother is a twin and she’s also a witch.
  88. Tommy didn’t mention that he had a twin?
  89. Is this your twin brother? I never knew—.
  90. She moaned as he continued the assault on its twin.
  91. We sure that's not an evil twin? Gordon asked.
  92. Charity is, in many ways, the twin of nonattachment.
  93. Examples include twin studies and adoption studies.
  94. These twin fountains created a perpetual salt mist.
  95. He turned his attention back the twin moons on the.
  96. They can buy a twin headboard for as little as $17.
  97. Oh, yes, I believe those twin ski racers made his-.
  98. Rebecca’s twin sons, Esau and Jacob, not to nations.
  99. Thomas therefore, who is called Didymus (twin), said.
  100. This must be 4A, Shannon’s twin, the only one left.
  1. It was something to do with the twinning celebrations.
  2. To what? Faith laughed twinning herself in strands of gold, swinging herself on vines of green.
  1. The green twinned.
  2. There are both twinned and untwinned crystals on or with quartz and/or dolomite.
  3. All of these capsules of positive elements had been defined over statistics that were all èquated, balanced, twinned and leveledùp with our own sorts of lives and therefore cannot be challenged or contested out in any existing mode sincèwè had announced their.
  4. All of these capsules of positive elements had been defined over statistics that were all `equated, balanced, twinned and leveled` up with our own sorts of lives and therefore cannot be challenged or contested out in any existing mode since `we` had announced their `finite` lines.
  5. By the Time this legend came into Holland: human culture there had become so blackened with evil, that this supposed Saint… Called Nicholas… became known to the Dutch as SIN ter Claus… representing the SIN of grasping CLAWS… and he was actually TWINNED together with the Devil himself; Known to the Dutch as Black Peter.
  6. But darn, that was too unpleasant a truth for English children when his legend was finally imported into England: so he merely put black lumps of coal into the socks of children who had been bad… while the ‘good’ elf… ( No longer a Saint, or a Bishop… but an Elf… huh????) Had changed into Father Christmas in England: and was responsible for putting gifts of an apple, an orange, and nuts into the socks of children who had been good all year… But darn… having a black elf called Black Peter who was once known as the devil himself, was too unpleasant to be twinned with Santa… er, St Nicolas, er, Bishop Nicholas; formerly the Bishop of Patara… so Black Peter, the Bishop of Patara, the Devil was dropped completely, and Santa Claus, or SINterclaus as he was originally named… was kept.
  1. We took the twins home.
  2. But Stef and the twins.
  4. Mind and eye are twins.
  5. He looked at the twins.
  6. He glanced at the twins.
  7. Zach turned to the twins.
  8. Cain and Abel were twins.
  9. Henry twins would visit me.
  10. Chapter 23: Take the Twins.
  11. They could have been twins.
  12. The Tarleton twins are home.
  13. The twins wanted for nothing.
  14. Twins have been on the rise.
  15. Better yet, they were twins.
  16. My twins are nine months old.
  17. I was worried about the twins.
  18. The twins looked at each other.
  19. The twins turned back to one.
  20. The twins are at my front door.
  21. About that for twins anyway.
  22. He’s the father of the twins.
  23. The case of the identical twins.
  24. Siamese twins, an account of, J.
  25. The twins seemed very excited.
  26. I cry quietly beside the twins.
  27. No! he shouts to the Twins.
  28. She was holding her twins they.
  29. Sara Goshen was expecting twins.
  30. BEN DOLLARD: When twins arrive?
  31. The girl held twins in her arms.
  32. The wolves snarled at the twins.
  33. But where are the twins and Mrs.
  34. The twins will be here in April.
  35. Are you taking the twins?
  36. The twins jump and take me along.
  37. She was me; we were twins almost.
  38. I had visited the twins, but my.
  39. Since they were twins, they had.
  40. You two could almost be twins.
  41. Like twins when you mentioned it.
  42. Mary Ferguson hasn’t had twins.
  43. The Twins of Immortality: A.
  44. Their mothers are identical twins.
  45. They’re twins, cousins to Aaron.
  46. Oh the Block twins please come in.
  47. The twins ran ahead to enter first.
  48. As with all twins, the two girls.
  49. Her first set of twins were girls.
  50. I’ve seen twins burped in rhythm.
  51. These two twins will start a new.
  52. The Henry twins, when I told them.
  53. George and Zach and the twins and.
  54. No Hill Too Fast by the Mahre twins.
  55. The twins came along 2 years later.
  56. Firstly you and Carla are twins.
  57. At my age, he and I look like twins.
  58. As I look up, the twins head our way.
  59. Is there in yours? It could be twins.
  60. You see he and I are identical twins.
  61. The twins will be here in a moment.
  62. And now our twins are adding two more.
  63. It’s way more believable than twins.
  64. She’s expecting twins, BOYS, I HEAR.
  65. No, the twins chorused in unison.
  66. Watson, chorused George and the twins.
  67. The sun is setting, the twins say.
  68. Can you handle twins this time?
  69. Although the twins have lightsabers.
  70. The twins would not be defeated easily.
  71. The birds chased the twins out of sight.
  72. I always heard twins are double trouble.
  73. Castor and Pollux are known as The Twins.
  74. I have two children, actually- twins.
  75. Twenty seconds, the twins call out.
  76. And his twins were of the sa m e opinion.
  77. The twins beat all of us in that arena.
  78. He waited a beat and nodded to the twins.
  79. Isaac says their DNA is closer than twins.
  80. Laeron lowered Aesa and the twins to ground.
  81. Only the twins were normal and unperturbed.
  82. They're twins, but my uncle was born first.
  83. What? the twins bark at the same time.
  84. Didn’t you see the twins at lunch?
  85. Silas looked over their heads at the twins.
  86. These are the first twins I�ve delivered.
  87. He knew the twins would be furious with him.
  88. The Godfrey twins claimed the third sighting.
  89. He glanced aside at the ginger-haired twins.
  90. Theron didn’t see the twins in that light.
  91. The twins were born before I turned eighteen.
  92. They were twins as his eyes caught the crate.
  93. Someone raped you, then you had female twins.
  94. I have to last until the twins can take over.
  95. Thomas named the twins Hebrew names because.
  96. Females usually give birth to twins however.
  97. I’m five weeks pregnant with twins!.
  98. Did I tell you she’s pregnant with twins?
  99. I remember back to when Aaron and the twins.
  100. He turned, and George and the twins walked in.

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