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Twist numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A sudden twist of his.
  2. And the sky in a twist.
  3. His face began to twist.
  4. I can’t let you twist.
  5. Grip the knife and twist.

  6. However, there is a twist.
  7. But here is the real twist.
  8. Be sure not to twist off.
  9. Another twist of the dial.
  10. They twist it, and hide it.
  11. Cami felt her stomach twist.
  12. It had taken Twist a full.
  13. The questions twist and turn.
  14. Now comes the exquisite twist.
  15. And then it started to twist.

  16. I literally had to twist and.
  17. I twist, and point it at Tori.
  18. That woman was round the twist.
  19. Be sure not to twist off the.
  20. One twist, the head comes off.
  21. Young Twist had always been a.
  22. His fingers gave a gentle twist.
  23. This episode comes with a twist.
  24. The story took yet another twist.
  25. In a strange twist of fate, the.

  26. With a quick twist of her wrist.
  27. Grab the grip and twist on or off.
  28. However the war had one final twist.
  29. Twist, and Liam would stop at his.
  30. You’re a wanker, said Twist.
  31. One twist and the little pest was.
  32. Jesus or twist the Word of God at all.
  33. Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
  34. Push it in and twist the knife again.
  35. It’s just that, but with a twist.
  36. My guess is that the real-life twist.
  37. Leland reached over to twist her wrist.
  38. He really had to twist his ex-wife's.
  39. This adds a twist to option evaluation.
  40. But then comes a tragic twist of fate.
  41. He shouted with each twist of the rack.
  42. We areconstrained to twist the text a.
  43. Oliver Twist probably experienced the.
  44. The world continued to twist and pitch.
  45. But it was a twist he never saw coming.
  46. Matheson twist on the seat and put her.
  47. Games with motor racing, and a twist of.
  48. Here is a nice twist to the old favorite.
  49. She smiled at her little twist at the end.
  50. Ah, they all end the same, never a twist.
  51. Claire ignored the familiar twist of grief.
  52. You will not twist the truth to fool me.
  53. I twist, and my fist connects with her jaw.
  54. She also used to twist her hair which was.
  55. I could feel something twist in my stomach.
  56. The statues are starting to twist and crack.
  57. It has ended with a twist; did you notice?
  58. High and Mighty has her knickers in a twist.
  59. Herist had his balls in a twist, as he said.
  60. The twitch became something more like a twist.
  61. Her fingers twist into her hair as she speaks.
  62. Wouldn’t that put a twist in your toga?
  63. Don't twist about! Perhaps it will leave off.
  64. Spend some time and find a twist to this method.
  65. She circled with a sibilant twist of tail, her.
  66. A kind of smile was starting to twist his mouth.
  67. Ingrid felt a worm of anxiety twist in her belly.
  68. They’re the babies who twist and scream when.
  69. Johan glances at him, sees the twist on his face.
  70. Twist it around as many times as comfortably fit.
  71. Twist music was playing when I began the end game.
  72. The tunnel began to twist and turn as the group.
  73. This man's determination took an unexpected twist.
  74. Liam Twist has vanished, he said excitedly.
  75. He decided that Wallace was trying to twist his.
  76. My last act was to twist the blade, and my last.
  77. Twist knew at once that he was in the front room.
  78. Furiously, they twist, connect, modify, and chain.
  79. Little hint to you Amanda, new twist in the story.
  80. Like with any good story, they needed a plot twist.
  81. In the mirror, I watched Morgan twist my hair into.
  82. Stallman had added a new twist to the art of lock.
  83. In a strange twist of fate he and I may die together.
  84. Struggling hysterically, Aazuria tried to twist free.
  85. There is an interesting twist to this, incidentally.
  86. He can twist arms and bend the law all to his liking.
  87. With an odd twist of her lips, she uttered one word.
  88. Beat? Whom? Me? I'd twist his nose off at the mere.
  89. He's carrying this copy of Oliver Twist and so's she.
  90. This caused Melissa to wriggle, struggle, twist, and.
  91. Its head would twist and twist around like an owl’s.
  92. They had to twist it to their sick, cunning evil uses.
  93. There is no way you can twist free from those charges.
  94. There was a note fastened by a metal twist to the tarp.
  95. I jam the vicious twist of the corkscrew into his neck.
  96. He slid it between Renata and her Smirnoff with a twist.
  97. But here’s a neat little twist for you to think about.
  98. Inhaling, twist your palms, so that the tension would.
  99. Yaf had Shap twist round so he was facing upwards and.
  100. They twist us into ropes, worse than during serfdom.
  1. I was twisting the truth.
  2. Now twisting the left knob.
  3. His head kept twisting around.
  4. Lukashka was twisting his arms.
  5. Contempt twisting in the gales.
  6. You are twisting the facts of.
  7. Twisting to her back, she fired.
  8. Twisting her legs, she aimed high.
  9. Real sharp, twisting, gripey pain.
  10. He had a knack for twisting things.
  11. Her stomach was twisting into knots.
  12. Twisting, he fell-jumped to the floor.
  13. It landed, twisting, on the slope of.
  14. Twisting it just right it popped open.
  15. His twisting and distortions contain.
  16. It is never the twisting of our breath.
  17. They climbed a twisting flight of stairs.
  18. It was the twisting of how humans lived.
  19. She pulled away from him hard, twisting.
  20. Pet had her by the hair and was twisting.
  21. Twisting in front of the mirror, I frowned.
  22. He could feel it twisting inside his guts.
  23. Twisting he lifted me up and onto the seat.
  24. I kept twisting and she started kicking me.
  25. It was the invention of twisting the truth.
  26. They’re twisting it, aren’t they?
  27. Twisting about, he saw it—the winged one!.
  28. My gut was twisting in knots, but I continued.
  29. He surveyed us, twisting a finger in his ear.
  30. Then pressing and twisting the tops with the.
  31. This job, this life, is twisting his instincts.
  32. I grabbed the door knob and tried twisting it.
  33. What? Where? cried Arthur twisting round.
  34. Adams nodded, his mean features twisting with.
  35. Me? She had twisting and clawing for survival.
  36. Twisting and turning in the centre of my chest.
  37. Got a stiff neck with all that twisting around.
  38. He recovered quickly, a sneer twisting his face.
  39. Wreathen: The twisting together of rope or chains.
  40. A twisting eddy caught the tips of the feathers.
  41. She was twisting her finger even without the ring.
  42. Ah, that’s twisting the knife, now, Rob thought.
  43. Thirty-five! he continued, twisting another.
  44. She pulled hard twisting his hand and standing up.
  45. The Mother doesn’t enjoy the twisting and hate.
  46. She was twisting her fingers into knots in her lap.
  47. This will prevent twisting of the fibers and keep.
  48. Secure the middle by twisting craft wire around it.
  49. This brought his headaches twisting toward the front.
  50. The green man evaded, twisting and moving bonelessly.
  51. You’re twisting this, who have you been talking to.
  52. Twisting the man’s neck took Michael only a second.
  53. Credit led them down one of the twisting garden paths.
  54. Her path to him had been long and twisting and brief.
  55. Twisting and driving us under the soil they tread upon.
  56. I could just make out his fanged maw twisting with rage.
  57. She was fidgeting, her hands twisting around each other.
  58. He looked to be in pain, twisting and breathing heavily.
  59. Two more, said Edwin, his mouth twisting in horror.
  60. She clutched her braid, twisting it between her fingers.
  61. That is, they would dial back the feed by twisting the.
  62. But he couldn’t shake the twisting feeling in his gut.
  63. You see, Mr Bird began, twisting his fingers about.
  64. The stranger takes hold of his mother’s twisting body.
  65. The crunching, snapping, twisting sound came all at once.
  66. Twisting it into the agony death throes of a dying snake.
  67. Twisting in the air, he suffered the brunt of the impact.
  68. Heads bobbed and craned, twisting to catch the direction.
  69. Twisting his body as he moved, he saw her kneel over the.
  70. Mr Dedalus, twisting his nose, frowned downward and said:.
  71. He’s always twisting round what one says, she cried.
  72. After twisting the cap off of the bottle I grabbed hold of.
  73. He looked down at his laptop, a leer twisting his ugly face.
  74. Twisting her hair again, she said, Things that aren't nice.
  75. His glowing eyes raked her face, his lips twisting into an.
  76. Talley came into the room, twisting her hands in her apron.
  77. I reached behind me and put it up, twisting it up in a knot.
  78. The barely retreated sea left the narrow, twisting causeway.
  79. Drive! shouts Loki twisting and crawling into the back.
  80. We followed him down several twisting flights of back stairs.
  81. He moved toward her, his lips twisting into a sardonic smile.
  82. Windzer twisted the spear like he was twisting a key, and a.
  83. Nicole looked down and abruptly stopped twisting the notebook.
  84. Her hands came up to her collar, twisting upon a small button.
  85. I remember sand twisting in patterns down those metal drains.
  86. The dolphins laughed at Garcia’s twisting of the old saying.
  87. Oh, bugger, he muttered, twisting round to face the door.
  88. Vilda certainly had a way of twisting the truth, Lucia thought.
  89. A chair toppled, twisting backwards, cavorting across the room.
  90. Weakly, I spat at her and she gripped my chin twisting my head.
  91. They finally climbed narrow, twisting stairs to the top floor.
  92. His body was twisting and turning and his lungs were bursting.
  93. Libby flushed and slid her skirt up over her thighs, twisting.
  94. Now this time by twisting at the waist, bring your left hand.
  95. Craning and twisting my neck on its socket, I searched the sky.
  96. They made their way down the twisting stairs to the dining hall.
  97. A rune formed in her hand--a brilliant knot of twisting symbols.
  98. Infuriated, Commander Farragut kept twisting the thick tuft of.
  99. Zen power and none to play with the needles twisting in my skin.
  100. But to call it dependence is itself a twisting of reality.
  1. He twisted to face me.
  2. He twisted in his chair.
  3. His face twisted in pity.
  4. He twisted it inside out.
  5. The twisted body of the.
  6. He twisted the blade and.
  7. The woman twisted her face.
  8. Memoirs of a Twisted Mind.
  9. I twisted around to Janet.
  10. He wrestled and twisted it.
  11. His lip twisted in thought.
  12. We twisted the bottles open.
  13. His lips twisted in disgust.
  14. Nita smiles a twisted smile.
  15. The General twisted his lip.
  16. Cate smiled and twisted away.
  17. They find the twisted ladder.
  18. Her lips twisted in derision.
  19. Heads twisted to follow her.
  20. His stomach twisted in knots.
  21. Withs: Cords or ropes twisted.
  22. Then I twisted it back again.
  23. Her heart twisted with worry.
  24. His lips twisted into a sneer.
  25. A hand made of twisted straw.
  26. Ingeborg twisted on her chair.
  27. Setne twisted his pinky rings.
  29. His mouth twisted in a grimace.
  30. To the twisted dreams I dream.
  31. He twisted his hands and began.
  32. He twisted back, banging his.
  33. Then the soldier twisted the.
  34. His heart twisted in his chest.
  35. Ingrid's lip twisted in thought.
  36. He barked and twisted in agony.
  37. This is some twisted joke?
  38. Face twisted in repulsion, he.
  39. Her mouth was twisted and pale.
  40. She twisted her hands together.
  41. Lov twisted and turned his wrist.
  43. He smiled an evil, twisted smile.
  44. Her arms were twisted behind her.
  45. She twisted her hands in her lap.
  46. He twisted it and stalked inside.
  47. The F flat flaw induced twisted.
  48. Colleen twisted free of his grasp.
  49. We are the twisted fucks of love.
  50. Over time his mind became twisted.
  51. The twisted body of the vanished.
  52. Their faces are twisted with rage.
  53. My stomach had twisted into knots.
  54. She twisted her fingers nervously.
  55. Her lips twisted in a bitter smile.
  56. He twisted his eyes and answered:.
  57. Joey twisted his face in confusion.
  58. It was a twisted tangled wreckage.
  59. A knife twisted in Kay’s stomach.
  60. I grabbed the knob and twisted it.
  61. Heddle’s face twisted in contempt.
  62. The pit of my stomach felt twisted.
  63. His face was twisted as after a fit.
  64. His face was twisted as if in pain.
  65. He twisted open the cap on the top.
  66. The heavy face twisted in a grimace.
  67. He took up my ankle and twisted it.
  68. Her body twisted and she went down.
  69. So twisted the cords, & so knotted.
  70. Claire’s face had twisted in pain.
  71. His face twisted into a pained smile.
  72. His hand twisted the flushing lever.
  73. She twisted the ring on her necklace.
  74. Call her! Rani twisted his ear.
  75. She twisted her plait in her fingers.
  76. He leaves me twisted and frustrated.
  77. Old twisted ties, blouses that are.
  78. She twisted and jerked her arm away.
  79. The day’s events have twisted my.
  80. Her lips twisted into a cruel smile.
  81. Venus has twisted her lips in prayer.
  82. You probably just twisted it running.
  83. I twisted as we fell, landing on top.
  84. His twisted humor started to worry me.
  85. Malthouse had the most twisted.
  86. My neck twisted sharply to the right.
  87. He twisted around so he could see it.
  88. Alvin twisted a metal lever resting.
  89. And after a while, they get twisted.
  90. His lips twisted into a sardonic grin.
  91. Court twisted in his seat to look back.
  92. You know, to play their twisted games.
  93. He seized the man’s arm and twisted.
  94. I twisted the cap to close the bottle.
  95. She’d twisted and braided her long.
  96. He twisted his neck, scanning the room.
  97. Barron’s stomach was twisted in knots.
  98. Derrick twisted the knob and peered in.
  99. Akua was, in a sense my twisted sanity.
  100. Arthur twisted his head to look at Ford.
  1. The key twists in the lock.
  2. Knows the Bible & twists it.
  3. It tugs and twists and teases.
  4. And the tender twists and turns.
  5. Twists the chimney ninety degrees.
  6. Mikkel twists his head to the side.
  7. She twists the chimney ninety degrees.
  8. He twists his hands on Mimir’s staff.
  9. Gervais twists the key in the ignition.
  10. The rest involved many twists and turns.
  11. Note the up and down twists of the 20 MA.
  12. There are twists and turns in such a venture.
  13. His stomach twists and he feels a little sick.
  14. But inside my heart twists with the wretched.
  15. My knee twists in a painful and awkward angle.
  16. He made no contorted twists with his body or.
  17. She twists, and coils, and crawls, slips out.
  18. He turns Sara’s arm until it twists behind her.
  19. Ciere grabs for the doorknob and twists it open.
  20. Adonai, yet the church twists this teaching as well.
  21. Aaron holds up his hand and twists it back and forth.
  22. She twists paper into the floor with her boot soles.
  23. Enzo twists the roll of grip tape with his fingertips.
  24. He became a storm of twists, head flops, and strains.
  25. Her ears perk, and she twists her head to look at him.
  26. Doing business on the internet has many strange twists.
  27. Hell you even keep the Pacing and add a few twists too.
  28. She twists down on you pushing off to gain her footing.
  29. The air rushes over my body and twists around my fingers.
  30. You’ll call? The hope in his voice twists my heart.
  31. The Cheez Twists bag tugged at Hester’s heart a little.
  32. Oh, who knows? Life is full of unexpected twists and turns.
  33. Theo’s mouth twists to the side of his face before he smiles.
  34. Peter takes the vial with a shaking hand and twists off the cap.
  35. Life was indeed brimming over with twists and turn, and that is.
  36. He twists some noodles in his fork but refrains from eating them.
  37. There were a couple more twists along the way worth noting though.
  38. Inserts the screw into the centre of the cork and twists it in a.
  39. Elders fed you, you’re only putting a few twists of your own on.
  40. Then Sue pushed it into the sand a little with some twists of the.
  41. He is burning hot and his body twists and cracks as he falls to the.
  42. He knows I can read his thoughts and twists them to cause confusion.
  43. Despite the bonds, when on the ’grill’ one jumps, twists, moves.
  44. As you can see without these added twists, the result is geneaphobia.
  45. Twists and turns bring you to areas constructed but void of occupancy.
  46. Jack drove quickly through the twists and turns along the coast highway.
  47. It’s a carnival, full of rollercoaster twists and merry-go-round turns.
  48. We came at last, by what twists of the city path I knew not, to a temple.
  49. At the last moment, however, her wrist stutters, jerks, and twists around.
  50. Now, if the house feels cold she twists a dial in the kitchen, and voilà.
  51. Bernd twists his face away, panic in his eyes, and tries to examine his leg.
  52. I did a series of stretches—starting with toe touches, torso twists, and.
  53. ZOE: (Catches a stray hair deftly and twists it to her coil) No bloody fear.
  54. Evelyn’s mocking smile twists like she has just tasted something unpleasant.
  55. Amar presses his palms together and twists them back and forth, to illustrate.
  56. I was afraid that the bumps and twists in the road might make her go into labor.
  57. I state this fact as calmly as I can, but my stomach twists as I say the words.
  58. The stealth bomber does twists in the air and heads west towards the Hudson River.
  59. Her long golden hair pulled up and styled in twists and turns that I can’t even.
  60. The ramp twists in a full circle, coming around and melding into a smaller street.
  61. In the other room the woman twists the dial, and voices sermonize from the speaker.
  62. As he quietly twists the thermos knob open, he replies, That’s what sailors do.
  63. A Sailor's Tales is an autobiography tracing the twists and turns in the life.
  64. When the room twists toward me and cheers, I open my mouth to see what will fall out.
  65. Inserts the screw into the centre of the cork and twists it in a clockwise direction.
  66. One hand props up her head and the other twists a few strands of frizzled ginger hair.
  67. You’ve surprised me on more than one occasion, with so many recent twists and turns.
  68. Many women in the Federation have followed your career through its twists and turns.
  69. The empty Cheez Twists bag leaves me a little confused, however, stated the trooper.
  70. The lump under the bonnet of the Transit takes four twists of the ignition key to fire.
  71. Many twists and turns were attempted on the knob, but it would not give way in the least.
  72. She heads to her left, making directly for him, and Werner’s heart twists in his chest.
  73. On a corner of this street two twists from the bridge was the back door to the Lappranile.
  74. No some of their own "time courses", "twists in time" where there are very different Laws.
  75. The typist twists her cigarette into an ashtray, a bright red smear of lipstick on its butt.
  76. I lose my hold on her, she twists, and somehow, I end up on the ground looking up at the sky.
  77. Brother Matthew was either eating Cheez Twists or whoever took him away left this bag behind.
  78. This is another reason why we are not going to sweat the twists and turns of this bull market.
  79. Think about writing a story without ever having any of those unexpected twists and turns?
  80. What happened next my love? She was lapping up the story; it had so many twists and turns.
  81. The riders were at ease on their dragons; the split second turns and twists were taken in stride.
  82. He twists in his chair and stares at me, his eyes wild and wide, like prey faced with a predator.
  83. Marilyn’s life had taken so many twists and turns, she’d actually lost touch with the Bolenders.
  84. She grabs Ross's hand, twists it and shoots five bullets into one of the windows facing Central Park.
  85. He watches as the running, red trail twists around his palm and fingers, before dripping to the floor.
  86. It was pitch dark, and despite the very powerful headlights, it was hard to make out the twists and turns.
  87. In no time, with a few swift twists and a bang, the horn stopped beeping and it was suddenly deathly quiet.
  88. There are too many variables and too many twists and turns to ever consider yourself a master at this game.
  89. The anxiety he feels twists his stomach and he tosses and turns for several hours until sleep overcomes him.
  90. Some clear fingerprints had been lifted from the inside of the Cheez Twists bag near the top of the package.
  91. You stand puzzled like a fool—he puts you in a fog, he twists about like an eel and wriggles away from you.
  92. Sharon twists in the direction of the coffee shop and sees the woman looking across the other side of the road.
  93. As the blacksmith turns the knife on him, Ralph grabs his fighting arm and with one blow twists the weapon away.
  94. How did all these masterful blocks appear out of nowhere? They were almost like mine with her own twists to them.
  95. The passage made many twists and turns before we came at last to another door that opened into a well-lit basement.
  96. After about twenty-five minutes of twists and turns they came to a small house in a relatively quiet neighborhood.
  97. Ulysses’ journey by sea unwinds like a labyrinth that twists and turns from east to west and from north to south.
  98. Dates and days merge in Helen's mind, but something about the way the sky twists above her makes her start to count.
  99. Choose styles that use simpler methods like twists and wraps, so that you won’t put your hair’s health at risk.
  100. Macy's top priority is compelling storylines with satisfying plot twists, but he never neglects character development.

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