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Understand numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Q: This I can understand.
  2. I understand all this in.
  3. I can understand that too.
  4. She did not understand it.
  5. I could not understand it.

  6. She does not understand it.
  7. I wanted to understand him.
  8. The quest to understand -.
  9. No one will understand you.
  10. I hope you understand that.
  11. Indeed John, I do understand.
  12. At times we understand and.
  13. Yes, I think I understand.
  14. Oh dear, yes I understand.
  15. She could not understand it.

  16. I understand what you did.
  17. We understand it and use it.
  18. I'll try to understand that.
  19. I think I understand that.
  20. I didn’t understand it all.
  21. Im not sure I understand.
  22. I will try to understand her.
  23. Yes Ava, I understand that.
  24. He had to understand her now.
  25. You will soon understand why.

  26. Yes, I suppose I understand.
  27. I could understand his point.
  28. To understand this issue we.
  29. I could never understand why.
  30. I could try to understand.
  31. It is not hard to understand.
  32. No one would ever understand.
  33. I don't understand it myself.
  34. He seemed to understand her.
  35. Now I couldn't not understand.
  36. I knew she did not understand.
  37. I was too young to understand.
  38. Well, I can understand that.
  39. I am sure they understand now.
  40. Let me try to understand this.
  41. He seemed to understand, and.
  42. It would help them understand.
  43. It is not I understand 97.
  44. Of course I understand that.
  45. You have to understand, Grammy.
  46. I hope you can understand that.
  47. I did not understand this and.
  48. I think she would understand.
  49. She just did not understand it.
  50. We should understand that the.
  51. I don’t understand what you.
  52. Money is what they understand.
  53. It was medical, you understand.
  54. The Doc could easily understand.
  55. To understand the issues well.
  56. Yea, but they won't understand.
  57. She doesn't seem to understand.
  58. Ok I understand what you mean.
  59. Yes, believe me, I understand.
  60. I understand that all my soul's.
  61. They did not understand that.
  62. I think you can understand that.
  63. I understand he is away again.
  64. Understand that we will live on.
  65. He thought he could understand.
  66. I couldn’t understand why he.
  67. I understand negative nose gear.
  68. No you can't understand my hurt.
  69. I did not understand why there.
  70. I understand, the man said.
  71. To understand these gifts, you.
  72. Don't understand it but love it.
  73. You must surely understand that.
  74. Sophie did not understand that.
  75. He’d understand about her face.
  76. And I understand that there was.
  77. She was old enough to understand.
  78. He couldn’t seem to understand.
  79. I do understand why I am in hell.
  80. Surely Thoth wil understand that.
  81. Do you understand, old lady?
  82. Can you understand what I say?
  83. You must understand our position.
  84. God wants mankind to understand.
  1. My understanding is that Mr.
  2. Our lack of understanding of.
  3. With such an understanding a.
  4. And Simon had no understanding.
  5. The true understanding of the.
  6. Understanding The Level Of Joy.
  7. Do we have an understanding?
  8. Understanding The Level Of Love.
  9. A man of understanding hold his.
  10. The least understanding of the.
  11. Evans, I'm an understanding man.
  12. Understanding the Value of Time.
  13. Understanding is the whole thing.
  14. It is by not understanding this.
  15. Let him that hath understanding.
  16. Meadows for a good understanding.
  17. Thank you for your understanding.
  18. Based on this understanding, it.
  19. Thanks for your understanding mate.
  20. She was always so understanding.
  21. I need your understanding also.
  22. Cole Bell nodded his understanding.
  23. It comes with understanding, not.
  24. That understanding gives Happy the.
  25. It still troubles my understanding.
  26. Gets in the way of understanding God.
  27. Understanding the causes of failure.
  28. The understanding that there is so.
  29. This time all gave understanding nods.
  30. It's my understanding that it was a.
  31. They appear to have an understanding.
  32. I can bring you to this understanding.
  33. Tonight was a time for understanding.
  34. They had an understanding and there.
  35. The Key to Winning is Understanding.
  36. She nodded her head in understanding.
  37. Understanding the function of carpets.
  38. The man offers a look of understanding.
  39. She smiled at them with understanding.
  40. The doctor gave an understanding smile.
  41. Understanding the basics of a good bio.
  42. It was a look of shared understanding.
  43. Understanding The Level Of Neutrality.
  44. Into the charred pit of understanding.
  45. Understanding The Level Of Acceptance.
  46. It is beyond understanding as to how.
  47. Understanding the timid nature of the.
  48. This is a needful understanding of man.
  49. Now with that understanding, let’s.
  50. She was full of understanding and pity.
  51. With understanding Meaning of the life.
  52. She needs family and understanding now.
  53. Understanding the process speeds it up.
  54. You now have the key to understanding.
  55. Without the mutual understanding that.
  56. Not understanding the language or the.
  57. You can come to the same understanding.
  58. Understanding The Level Of Willingness.
  59. Once you have a clear understanding of.
  60. This perception and understanding also.
  61. Alex turned her head, not understanding.
  62. We had an understanding me and that dog.
  63. Understanding the severity of that past.
  64. He is the fulness of understanding and.
  65. The elderly man, not understanding the.
  66. This leads to greater understanding of.
  67. Her first clue in understanding how he.
  68. This understanding stands in stark and.
  69. Instead of understanding that wherever.
  70. He laughed in earnest now, understanding.
  71. I submit this query to your understanding.
  72. Nem nodded as understanding came upon him.
  73. Take it and trust your own understanding.
  74. Without understanding the body, one can.
  75. Preventing the world from understanding.
  76. Incomplete understanding is very harmful.
  77. True understanding requires true honesty.
  78. You're very sweet and very understanding.
  79. I looked back at Thora not understanding.
  80. Understanding and joy then came to Miriam.
  81. A quiet understanding passed between them.
  82. That is why the understanding came: she.
  83. This is where judgment and understanding.
  84. Her eyes, big and wide and understanding.
  85. I’m not understanding your reasoning.
  86. The passion for understanding and caring.
  87. All we require is some understanding of.
  88. Understanding this, you can read the New.
  89. Ananya’s parents gave understanding nods.
  90. She was very supportive and understanding.
  91. With that understanding, we can see that.
  92. It is more of the nature of understanding.
  93. Listening to this understanding is enough.
  94. This understanding made his heart stutter.
  95. She was an understanding and mature woman.
  96. Understanding and prediction are used to.
  97. While this understanding has been around.
  98. Fourthly, the answer to understanding the.
  99. That was mere philosophical understanding.
  100. In our understanding, this belongs to the.
  1. I understood that if I.
  2. So long as he understood.
  3. I then understood why I.
  4. But it was not understood.
  5. I understood what he said.
  6. She understood how he felt.
  7. It understood it was free.
  8. I nodded that I understood.
  9. I understood that it was.
  10. Once I understood what it.
  11. I understood it was their.
  12. With a man who understood.
  13. It was as if he understood.
  14. He heard it and understood.
  15. He understood who she was.
  16. How he understood this now.
  17. I understood that very well.
  18. I understood that the cops.
  19. I understood that he was a.
  20. He was sure they understood.
  21. It is only to be understood.
  22. Tig understood what he meant.
  23. I would not have understood.
  24. They understood the aim of Mr.
  25. He too understood the danger.
  26. At the hint he understood her.
  27. I dont think she understood.
  28. We have understood this when.
  29. David said that he understood.
  30. I understood that it was now.
  31. She had never understood his.
  32. Understood, Q is for questions.
  33. But they understood not that.
  34. Larry understood that it was.
  35. It should be understood that.
  37. She now understood why he had.
  38. This, she understood too late.
  39. She understood that the woman.
  40. We already understood that he.
  41. I understood his … anxieties.
  42. He understood it well that he.
  43. This time she understood it all.
  44. And I understood her intention.
  45. I understood that I was still.
  46. But some of them he understood.
  47. I now understood something new.
  48. His wife has understood it, too.
  49. I understood but I was hesitant.
  50. They understood each other well.
  51. Judas understood where they were.
  52. Her mother would have understood.
  53. She understood what she must do.
  54. Elohim is better understood as.
  55. He now understood what he meant.
  56. This the entire team understood.
  57. But Ros understood what she said.
  58. He understood what had happened.
  59. The wolf, Ulfur, understood her.
  60. Jerry understood why the guard.
  61. I understood the birds had flown.
  62. That was one he understood fully.
  63. She understood what he was saying.
  64. Tammas nodded as if he understood.
  65. I understood that there were at.
  66. That, or they understood Klingon.
  67. I understood that he was acting.
  68. Not now as he understood so well.
  69. That was something he understood.
  70. In God's world all is understood.
  71. He understood why she was scared.
  72. I’ve never understood it myself.
  73. I understood what he was feeling.
  74. He truly understood why he felt.
  75. He paused, nodded, and understood.
  76. He knew that they had understood.
  77. It therefore is to be understood.
  78. Mary understood that, too, and I.
  79. He understood what was being said.
  80. I understood that it was a major.
  81. Yamada understood what that meant.
  82. And Jamie understood what he meant.
  83. I understood that it was all over.
  84. He now understood part of her pain.
  85. I understood now how powerful my.
  86. She was frustrated, but understood.
  87. But we understood his love for it.
  88. I understood the word listener.
  89. Now then he understood, why this.
  90. He claimed God understood because.
  91. It is fairly well understood that.
  92. We understood each other that well.
  93. She understood that it was a lie.
  94. They may have also understood His.
  95. But Phera should have understood!.
  96. Jeffery understood all too clearly.
  97. I understood that the temperature.
  98. A movement, once this is understood.
  99. She understood that his anger and.
  100. I understood why I was still alive.
  1. She understands me and I.
  2. But he understands his work.
  3. She understands me so well.
  4. The man who understands women.
  5. Why? Because he understands me.
  6. But Jada understands his runes.
  7. Strategy understands we are a.
  8. At last, someone understands me.
  9. In a moment, he understands why.
  10. He who understands it, earns it.
  11. I hope that he understands, but.
  12. The Power Base understands greed.
  13. Jerry understands what's going on.
  14. The man who understands this is.
  15. Whatever I think she understands.
  16. This is because Mary understands.
  17. He understands everything you say.
  18. When the customer understands the.
  19. He understands my needs and wants.
  20. He understands and is very patient.
  21. The doctor understands all too well.
  22. What it understands, what it cares.
  23. He now better understands the core.
  24. He understands that, and is sorry.
  25. Ivan understands about the hymn, too.
  26. The man understands why he perceives.
  27. The family understands and practices.
  28. There is a part of me that understands.
  29. I think he understands why I have to go.
  30. She marveled, Jesus God, he understands.
  31. The horse understands the dynamics of.
  32. Once the partner understands all about.
  33. Hear now" he said "and understands them.
  34. It will be obvious to understands that.
  35. He did, but he understands my reasons.
  36. The Tea Party movement understands this.
  37. She understands the concept of dreaming.
  38. But he understands that I love him more.
  39. I don't think Nico understands who he is.
  40. A maid understands little of these things.
  41. Everybody understands except my husband.
  42. Then he understands the reason and smiles.
  43. I’m sure she understands my predicament.
  44. However, an investor who understands the.
  45. Absurdly, I imagine the animal understands.
  46. She understands how writers work and think.
  47. After all, I am a man who understands life.
  48. He understands the ancient natural law, too.
  49. She is still the one who understands me best.
  50. Dave understands enough to know not to react.
  51. A true human understands this instinctively.
  52. He clearly understands details if not nuance.
  53. How he understands it will not be that simple.
  54. She understands it all better than any of us.
  55. He understands these things better than we do.
  56. Actually he feels the burden and understands.
  57. She understands that she interferes with the.
  58. The security is lax, but Ciere understands why.
  59. When a sage understands, he is an ordinary man.
  60. God understands that sometimes his path is not.
  61. The man who understands the Law can accomplish.
  62. The woman that understands, prayer works as she.
  63. My daughter, this man understands the Bible well.
  64. Anubis thinks he understands why I have that.
  65. That much is his truth and how he understands it.
  66. The client understands the value of appropriate.
  67. Anyone who works there understands that nothing.
  68. The syndicate understands what that means to them.
  69. Capone demonstrates that he completely understands.
  70. The sooner everyone understands this, the sooner.
  71. He understands a lot more about politics than I do.
  72. He also understands that you can't go to his games.
  73. God understands this, but it is for the spirit to.
  74. But no human understands the entire windows system.
  75. She hates the idea, of course, but she understands.
  76. Am I the only one here who understands its meaning.
  77. I have someone who truly understands, a confidante.
  78. Moglen understands the frustration of would-be allies.
  79. I hope I will say the right words, so he understands.
  80. Whoever wishes to do his will understands my doctrine.
  81. Happily Sagittarius, more than most, understands this.
  82. It shows how little he understands professional pride.
  83. Instinctively, TK understands without Miles having to.
  84. Connie understands the libido of a sixteen year old boy.
  85. Spirit, but our soul understands the ways of this world.
  86. He’s the only one who knows and understands the rules.
  87. When he understands that, he will be able to be a judge.
  88. You know there is no other who loves and understands you.
  89. After many storms, the tree understands its own strength.
  90. Pieces ning also understands to the true meaning of life.
  91. He understands, only he doesn't answer—he doesn't speak.
  92. In implied force, the victim understands that if she says.
  93. The entrepreneur who understands his or her business well.
  94. Life is short, trust someone who understands I lectured.
  95. Mankind understands only those things that they understand.
  96. I think he understands my healing has to come within, not.
  97. Every elite class understands people below them as a class.
  98. The nazi understands your fear and masters it to master you.
  99. I don't think she understands about your fear of commitment.
  100. Everyone understands kindness in this way, and not otherwise.

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