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  1. I am totally unequal to it.
  2. It was a terribly unequal world.
  3. Individuals are by nature, unequal.
  4. Her unequal pulse was now almost imperceptible.
  5. What of that? More unequal matches are made.

  6. This is evidence of UNEQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW.
  7. He felt that he was unequal to enduring domestic storms.
  8. Both look at people as unequal under their justice system.
  9. UNEQUAL): A legal doctrine within the Constitution of the.
  10. And with us by the unequal light of the old wood fire talked.
  11. It will be unequal and unfair in its operation in many respects.
  12. For otherwise the distribution is unequal, and contrary to equity.
  13. When we become unequal: we fall out of love, we stop being friends.
  14. It was originally extremely unequal, and it still continues to be so.
  15. The practices comes from, and results in, a far more unequal society.

  16. The pressure is also beyond comparison unequal on the Northern States.
  17. All things which are relatively unequal in the Universe function badly.
  18. Then there were the unequal confrontations that had left him inwardly.
  19. Because everyone feels unequal, oppressed, enslaved in a different way.
  20. It was two tiny children's shoes, coquettish in shape and unequal in size.
  21. The divisions are made unequal and corresponding to the relation: y2=y1-k.
  22. But the battle was too unequal: the landlady waved her away like a feather.
  23. Rain and sunshine had dampened and lifted Nathan’s spirits in unequal measure.
  24. As for the rest, I truly find myself unequal to the task of explaining it to you.
  25. He and the others had found that there were three unequal and ill-defined groups.

  26. It was all common, poor, and stale, and positively badly painted—weak and unequal.
  27. Then there were the unequal confrontations that had left him inwardly quaking in fear.
  28. His imagination was unequal to the task, and he discovered that he was just as happy it was.
  29. Fanny's heart beat quick, and she felt quite unequal to surmising or soliciting anything more.
  30. As the alleys all ended in the very irregular walls of the garden, they were of unequal length.
  31. He suggests as a final solution of the question the division of mankind into two unequal parts.
  32. Because when love finds the other in the condition of being unequal, it seeks to make it equal.
  33. For the armored cars, the battle was however too unequal and Angie shouted in her radio microphone.
  34. I do not believe that the distribution of the necessaries of life was as unequal as it is at present.
  35. She smelled him of drink, felt the unequal pull of his swaying grasp on the back of her rocking-chair.
  36. A major source of frustration for researchers is when the variances of the various samples are unequal.
  37. The beasts were there, their noses towards the cord, and making a confused line with their unequal rumps.
  38. Favors to appoint a jurist as a judge with conditions to return favors, is unequal justice under the law.
  39. The whole world was divided into two unequal parts: one, our Pavlograd regiment; the other, all the rest.
  40. The greater inequality we have today, at its most unequal since the Great Depression, began under Reagan.
  41. A small minority enjoy extraordinary lifestyles, making us one of the most unequal societies in the world.
  42. The whole world was divided into two unequal parts: one, our Pávlograd regiment; the other, all the rest.
  43. Knowing that the cause was irretrievably lost, Hitler continued this unequal struggle against hopeless odds.
  44. But in this way we render the harmony of the chords very unequal, which is, cæteris paribus, a disadvantage.
  45. God is not Allah, he backlash on Muslims to make them unequal in civilization to show their criminal actions.
  46. The off-center load presented unequal force to the four remaining bolts, the defective one bearing the brunt of it.
  47. It's fur was shorter and woollier, it's three eyes were on unequal stalks, the big center one over a foot in length.
  48. In a society, me divide people into unequal groups, for and against the issue to go different ways, no longer united.
  49. The branching and diverging dotted lines of unequal lengths proceeding from (A), may represent its varying offspring.
  50. When they came back, they had eight fire-hardened spears of wildly unequal length, and crude shields of woven branches.
  51. Morel sang softly, and each time the coffin swung to the unequal climbing of the men: "Oh, my son---my son---my son!".
  52. There is no doubt but that it does bear harder upon some portions than on others, and that it is unequal in its operation.
  53. The corruption of opium has been replaced by the corruption of pompous power, of unequal authority, of overbearing arrogance.
  54. Unequal justice systems are overthrown and their collapse produces anarchy, where the lawlessness of self-rule is a wild state.
  55. The valuation, indeed, according to which the houses are rated, though very unequal, is said to be always below the real value.
  56. This double standard or unequal application of our nation‘s laws must (inevitably) produce a demoralizing effect on the public.
  57. It would be an unequal exchange, to give a warrior, in the prime of his age and usefulness, for the best woman on the frontiers.
  58. But each fauna is not necessarily exactly intermediate, as unequal intervals of time have elapsed between consecutive formations.
  59. It would then appear evident, that unless we resorted to this kind of force, we should fight our enemy on the most unequal terms.
  60. We can also create directional spreads in the option market by taking opposing but unequal delta positions in different contracts.
  61. In the northeast there emerged two volcanic islands of unequal size, surrounded by a coral reef whose circuit measured forty miles.
  62. She knew it was absolutely against company policy for romantic liaisons to take place between employees at unequal levels of seniority.
  63. As the small girl gave up her unequal struggle, she heard the sound of her dad’s voice calling, Sandra, Sandra, where are you?
  64. The situa-tion was threatening to lead to a bloody and unequal civil war when the authorities called upon the workers to gather in Macondo.
  65. The strategy that we have just described involves buying and selling unequal numbers of contracts, sometimes referred to as a ratio strategy.
  66. So isn’t the assertion of an unequal Trinity a blasphemy against Christian belief? Some would argue so, but I will offer a counter-argument.
  67. Divers: Differing, in a plural number; unequal; assorted: or, two or more persons that are different in character or quality from other people.
  68. Unequal education: Southern state governments made sure that blacks-only schools got a fraction of the money they spent on schools for whites.
  69. He pushed the pedal harder but the brakes only juddered in protest, finally giving up their unequal struggle with a long drawn out grating noise.
  70. You need to be either calm in the eye of the storm or unequal in the Grace of God, spilling disaster in discretional spending without a good reason.
  71. As this accumulation grew, the levels of corruption were only determined by how unequal any aspect happened to become in relation to other aspects.
  72. The leafless trees on the boulevards made violet thickets in the midst of the houses, and the roofs, all shining with the rain, threw back unequal.
  73. The two substantial sources of faith, the doctrine that governs life, and the explanation of the meaning of life, are regarded as of very unequal value.
  74. A few dingy olives and stunted fig-trees struggled hard for existence, but their withered dusty foliage abundantly proved how unequal was the conflict.
  75. Since life is unequal, Uness continued without review, as they were all accustomed to stringing out conversations across their terrorist escapades.
  76. Now, as he peered out from his prison with an acceptance born of hopelessness, Brock gave up the unequal struggle, realising at last that he'd lost the battle.
  77. The leaves are few, but large, with very long petiols; they are nearly reniform, with an acute base, and have three nerves; the teeth are unequal, large, and obtuse.
  78. A revenue derived altogether from duties on imports must always be unequal in its operation on different parts of the country, and different classes of the community.
  79. The Hyperoodon bidens is destitute of true teeth in an efficient condition, but its palate is roughened, according to Lacepede, with small unequal, hard points of horn.
  80. But, more specifically, this is a ratio straddle because the number of long market contracts (the calls) and the number of short market contracts (the puts) are unequal.
  81. The peace treaties in 1919 were so unequal and so obviously unfair on the defeated countries that even critics said they would spark off another war within a generation.
  82. When Ingeborg's spirit was at its lowest in these unequal combats she would drop her head and shut her eyes and feel she hated--oh, she faintly, coldly, sicklily hated--B.
  83. It might be properly argued that we are all Equal to the extent that we are all Free, but that we are unequal or limited in the manner we are able to exercise our freedoms.
  84. I will follow (though with unequal step) the course taken by my predecessor last year, and, on the question to fill this blank, bring the whole subject before the committee.
  85. First, the tax would be more unequal, or not so well proportioned to the expense and consumption of the different contributors, as in the way in which it is commonly imposed.
  86. The personal taille, as it is intended to be proportioned to the profits of a certain class of people, which can only be guessed at, is necessarily both arbitrary and unequal.
  87. In order to achieve this, a trader can construct a ratio spread—buying and selling unequal numbers of options where all options are the same type and expire at the same time.
  88. Thanks to it, I was able to meet subsequent occurrences with a decent calm, which, had they found me unprepared, I should probably have been unequal to maintain, even externally.
  89. Effect of the combinations asymmetry (resulting from unequal call-to-put ratios) and of the ratio of long and short combinations on the payoff function of the resulting portfolio.
  90. Groups of species increase in numbers slowly, and endure for unequal periods of time; for the process of modification is necessarily slow, and depends on many complex contingencies.
  91. The real taille, as it is imposed only upon a part of the lands of the country, is necessarily an unequal, but it is not always an arbitrary tax, though it is so upon some occasions.
  92. And though life is given to all the living equally, it is a perfect gift given imperfectly, because it exists within conditions which are unequal, unfair, and unrelentingly merciless.
  93. The tythe, as it is frequently a very unequal tax upon the rent, so it is always a great discouragement, both to the improvements of the landlord, and to the cultivation of the farmer.
  94. Captain Leach realised that if he continued much longer in this unequal battle, he might soon deprive the Royal Navy of a valuable ship without inflicting further damage on the enemy.
  95. Unequal B-S implied volatilities across strike prices (smile or smirk) may be interpreted as market recognition of prevalent non-normalities and other deviations from B-S assumptions.
  96. Such taxes, even when they are proportioned to the value of the property transferred, are still unequal; the frequency of transference not being always equal in property of equal value.
  97. And we would not need thousands and millions of laws or regulations to try to balance out the entire set of horrible unequal imbalances that are created when anyone makes too much profit.
  98. In this manner, inequalities can exist forever in democracies, whenever the unequal either lack the votes to amend its equality to the tome of inequalities, the cycling of faces ceased.
  99. In England, the valuation, according to which the different counties and parishes were assessed to the land tax by the 4th of William and Mary, was very unequal even at its first establishment.
  100. When you apply the Law of Universal Equality Universally: this means nobody is allowed to use any unequal unfair advantage and not allowed to take any unequal unfair advantage over anyone else.

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