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Unstable numa frase em (in ingles)

1. He is unstable, he is mental.
2. Panic creates a unstable mind.
3. Things are highly unstable here.
4. The love life is highly unstable.
5. It’s a very unstable substance.
6. You see, the caves are unstable.
7. The ground was still very unstable.

8. She states the warp core is unstable.
9. Unstable was the word Eric remembered.
10. An unstable mind says things it regrets.
11. This is inherently unstable and dangerous.
12. The fetus grew rapidly and became unstable.
13. He was pretty unstable when Desa found him.
14. David Lim is in the ICU and still unstable.
15. He said she was unstable, but I dont think.
16. This area is still unstable in the year ahead.
17. The conditions at work are unstable right now.
18. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
19. Christine could be unstable at times, and her.
20. Plutonium-238 is an incredibly unstable isotope.
21. In his mind, Josie is now unstable and confused.
22. The man could be unstable, armed, and dangerous.
23. This unstable mind is what we respect and trust.
24. It was now a giant unstable glob, covered by a.
25. Traversing the unstable hallway proved precarious.
26. If you ask me, the poor girl was a bit unstable.
27. The animals splash through the unstable saltwater.
28. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that.
29. But that’d make his wife’s pressure unstable!.
30. Instead, he kissed her, to take her unstable mind.
31. I have had a bad unstable feeling about the whole.
32. Mind you, by this time Tommy was mentally unstable.
33. She felt unstable, weak and emotionally unbalanced.
34. Torrance and I was feeling extremely unstable.
35. Standing on an unstable surface and throwing a ball.
36. McReid to be mentally unstable and had sent him to me.
37. At the moment, our virus is about as unstable as EIA.
38. You’re to unstable, this relationship is dangerous.
39. I was hesitant because she is too young and unstable.
40. Unstable is only a relative term, though, a.

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