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Unwavering numa frase em (in ingles)

Newton as the unwavering truth.
She was unwavering in her outlook.
But Yania was unwavering in her decision.
And help you with an unwavering support.
The shorts were flabbergasted, but unwavering.
Unwavering, however, he dashed to comfort her.
Joel’s resolve was unwavering on this matter.

The magic ingredient to success was unwavering.
His stare is dead cold and unwavering, as is mine.
To show that her love and devotion were unwavering.
His weapon was unwavering while Whimly came onward.
His dog Kip had died, and Tom was unwavering in his.
Joey pulled away and stared at her with unwavering eyes.
Protecting Muslim interests was an unwavering commitment.
It provides a clear and unwavering understanding of good.
It can only come by unwavering self-belief and hard graft.
His sacrifice for me and His unwavering, undying love for me.
With unwavering concentration, with his life-breath firmly.
Truth, wisdom, and justice were the unwavering and redundantly.
Abraham continued telling his story in precise, unwavering detail.
Even Michelle, whose loyalty is unwavering, doesn’t have a clue.
One who worships Krishn with unwavering dedication, that is, with.
Johnson’s hand was unwavering as held the pistol with a firm grip.
You could say that, he answered, remaining still and unwavering.
Amori clung to him enjoying his unwavering strength after her ordeal.
The perspiration was no doubt caused by his unwavering concentration.
Ursempyre’s steps were measured and slow, but steady and unwavering.
One should try to control its speed and turn it to subtle unwavering.
Then he raised his tear stained face to meet Ruth’s unwavering gaze.
Spirits of God as signified and bounded by unwavering Truth and Justice.
It was only by unwavering focus that she was able to catch glimpses of.
There would be an unwavering focus and emphasis on unequivocal Truth and.
It was Micheq who answered the king in a mild yet strong, unwavering voice.
Let the church goers have their fun and the unwavering power of the Pope.
And behind this purpose must be an invincible and unwavering FAITH that the.
But the glass remained — solid, unwavering, accepting; just as my family had.
Upaya wished he could help them but tangling with Surya required his unwavering.
The unwavering conviction that they were funny and could make an audience laugh.
Skhanda sat still in unwavering awareness before being beset by verbal critics:.
Her large round eyes settled on Ruby's face, piercing her with her unwavering stare.

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