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Escolhe o idioma, depois escreve a palavra abaixo, para obteres frases de exemplo para essa palavra.

Use numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was of no use.
  2. But it was no use.
  3. Of what use is it?
  4. The use of a name.
  5. You can use it to:.

  6. How to Use the Tool.
  7. We can use the help.
  8. What is the use of.
  9. So we can use them.
  10. Use money as a tool.
  11. By the use of things.
  12. No, it was of no use.
  13. I can now use him to.
  14. I could use a drink.
  15. I'm of no use to you.

  16. They buy and they use.
  17. We could use the walk.
  18. I could use your help.
  19. Of what use is death.
  20. It's there, so use it.
  21. I could use a way out.
  22. Than you have to use.
  23. I could use a good cook.
  24. And which you will use.
  25. To use your will power.

  26. Bring it up and use it.
  27. I would use the file I.
  28. Here is how to use it:.
  29. Cats use paws as hands.
  30. All knew how to use it.
  31. Why don’t you use it.
  32. You can use any of them.
  33. I don't want to use it.
  34. As we intended to use.
  35. Use 1 tablespoon of ea.
  36. Then use it for that.
  37. Why will they use it?
  38. Then we could use AI.
  39. We must use a Diamond T.
  40. When will they use it?
  41. A few use it to create.
  42. He could use the bulky.
  43. That I didn't use the.
  44. Use it wherever you are.
  45. The will comes into use.
  46. We need to put it to use.
  47. We could use a Plan B.
  48. I know you usually use.
  49. She got out to use the.
  50. Think of the soap you use.
  51. He may use that against.
  52. They had to use him, at.
  53. How to Use Twitter Lists.
  54. I could use the overtime.
  55. You can use the catwalk.
  56. You have no use for them.
  57. A good soap to use is Dr.
  58. YOU must use your thought.
  59. Sam will use the tractor.
  60. Why should I not use it.
  61. How to make a use of it.
  62. Only I use this entrance.
  63. Use a 10-second 490 pitch.
  64. Now is the time to use it.
  65. Sure, I can gladly use it.
  66. Don’t be afraid to use.
  67. He wouldn’t use a broom.
  68. They are of no use to you.
  69. What will be your use of.
  70. Use dimensions of 4' x 8'.
  71. Just as you will use them.
  72. Or will use for the living.
  74. I'll use glue in a moment.
  75. I think I’ll use it, too.
  76. If into timber use either.
  77. I use breathing when I am.
  78. Use only on effected areas.
  79. Use within the next 24 hrs.
  80. The magnets that I use to.
  81. Wide use of the Algarismo.
  82. We plan to use this route.
  83. This was before I use the.
  84. Use only the present tense.
  85. And I could use some water.
  86. If you are going to use a.
  87. You can use the soup pot.
  88. How you use it is up to you.
  89. I could use it to heal them.
  90. After ten years of good use.
  91. This is the equation I use:.
  92. And wisdom to use it wisely.
  93. Use the calculators on our.
  94. It was no use to scold Laino.
  95. They use this value as Size.
  96. The use it in atomic clocks.
  97. I could use their facilities.
  98. After I lost the use of my.
  99. Jack realized it was no use.
  100. Here, we learn how to use it.
  1. Of using a 180 phase.
  2. Of me using this book.
  3. She was still using it.
  4. Using the mass of the.
  5. The van they were using.
  6. By using this date the.
  7. He was now using drugs.
  8. I have been using these.
  9. We’ll be using less air.
  10. I was using it as support.
  12. If you are using a fixed.
  13. Using religion as the bait.
  14. Are they using as a point.
  15. Over using the concept of.
  16. In using the Word, we are.
  17. He was using it in a fury.
  18. After six months of using.
  19. The good thing about using.
  20. A classic example is using.
  21. By using options and other.
  22. I had been using this type.
  23. Using the same example; if.
  25. The value of using that name.
  26. For using her as a lab rat.
  27. And, by using them to bribe.
  28. You can garnish it using the.
  29. She continued using a spatula.
  30. Captain, using a security card.
  31. Try using your magic again.
  32. She was using it all the time.
  33. Kareem and his group was using.
  34. The called program and using.
  35. She continued using her mind:.
  36. Vaidehi: by using your strength.
  37. King was using him as a shield.
  38. It could be done by using the.
  39. That’s the one using the IUL.
  40. Dawley was using this computer.
  41. It consisted of using a small.
  42. Using glass jars, canned goods.
  43. He was a cheeky one, using my.
  44. I mentioned not using reverse.
  45. You have to specify it using a.
  46. You can see how I'm using this.
  47. But she wasn’t using her ears.
  48. Using words that have no meaning.
  49. Meaning: using all his strength.
  50. Avoid using your nails as tools.
  51. Using the techniques of Energy.
  52. Using More of the Monster.
  53. Using even more of the original.
  54. Using an ATM is also a good idea.
  55. Using this technology, you can.
  56. Using divine words to create an.
  57. When using one SMA wait for the.
  58. Using the 9mm with the silencer.
  59. Using the excuse of custom, the.
  60. So who was using magic and how?
  61. But we will not be using that.
  62. Her theory about using the room.
  63. Using the methods in this ebook.
  64. Using for a goodness for the ages.
  65. What to do without using a tripod.
  66. By the looks of it, he was using.
  67. Have an objective for using them.
  68. Using the Greek preposition meta.
  69. Doctors have been using it since.
  70. As a marketer using publicity, I.
  71. I gagged myself using both my paws.
  72. What is the advantage of using ASP.
  73. It was using me to pull itself out.
  74. And by using this method you won't.
  75. I came across this while using my.
  76. Using the keys he opened the trunk.
  77. Further, using the treasure trove.
  78. Using alcohol is a wasting of life.
  79. By the looks of things, using the.
  80. They had hijacked the plane using.
  81. Think of using at drops per gallon.
  82. I considered using my own excrement.
  83. Annyeke, he said, using thought only.
  84. He examined me using the ultrasound.
  85. Using a calendar is the most basic.
  86. Put everything you have into using.
  88. By using the neutralising force to.
  89. Josh was using her love against her.
  90. Instead of yelling or using one of.
  91. I recommend using Hungarian paprika.
  92. Using words that are more specific.
  93. Look at all the patterns he is using.
  94. Instead, try using psychological judo.
  95. Bram had been using these very same.
  96. And seems quite comfortable using it.
  97. Using the resources of STS, special.
  98. To begin using paid search, you’ll.
  99. This is another danger of using EVA.
  100. I’m using the press conference to.
  1. He used to have a.
  2. It used to be green.
  3. He was used to that.
  4. But he used a gun.
  5. Once I used to care.
  6. She was used to that.
  7. It used to be here.
  8. She was so used to.
  9. He used a new gift.
  10. It is used for time.
  11. I used to live here.
  12. As he was used to it.
  13. I used to think she.
  14. It used to be prayer.
  15. Bones used a stand in.
  16. She used her mind to.
  17. I USED to be an addict.
  18. I was used with their.
  19. And we are used to them.
  20. He never used to warm.
  21. I used to be a janitor.
  22. I’m not used to this.
  23. This could be used to.
  24. Also, they used it as.
  25. I used her, she used me.
  26. Germany used to have a.
  27. You must have felt used.
  28. He used the £700 from.
  29. Byron used to spent time.
  30. He asked if we used wool.
  31. I think they used it as.
  32. I could get used to this.
  33. I used to roll it for a.
  34. I used to sit for hours.
  35. Still getting used to it.
  36. We used to work on Samos.
  37. I used to walk in frost!.
  38. The city used to be the.
  39. You never got used to it.
  40. Used as a spot treatment.
  41. So is the Holy oil used.
  42. I could get used to that.
  43. My father used to own.
  44. He wasn't used to doubles.
  46. I used to be in SOLDIER.
  47. Im not used to traveling.
  48. I used to live in the U.
  49. But, as they used to say.
  50. These words are only used.
  51. He’s probably used to it.
  52. Alan used that to clean up.
  53. You used to live here?
  54. They were just a used car.
  55. I’m still not used to it.
  56. So, they used to return it.
  57. I used to dance in a revue.
  58. They used one of Paul’s.
  59. Rather, I used to be….
  60. I used to live on a subway.
  61. I used our Visa of course.
  62. Odis used to be my supplier.
  63. When hydrated lime is used:.
  64. What we sell is being used.
  65. My son used to tell me how.
  66. They are used in treating a.
  67. I’m used to the small ones.
  68. For many years, it was used.
  69. It could be used to produce.
  70. That’s why I used to panic.
  71. You used to call me a Gorgon.
  72. Bahkmar felt really used here.
  73. He is not sober, as he used.
  74. I used to be his mate, too.
  75. Dad used to call her, Lovely.
  76. We used one of their gates.
  77. They used very long bows also.
  78. Greeks used it in the same aim.
  79. These haven't even been used.
  80. I had used only THREE patches.
  81. You get used to where it is.
  82. As a Word Used in Testing, 93.
  83. She was used to having a lot.
  84. Besides, I’ve never used it.
  85. I heard you used roses … I.
  86. It is better no names be used.
  87. I used to create a world and.
  88. I used to live in Claremont.
  89. My mother used to sing to me:.
  90. The for loop is frequently used.
  91. He used me for his own purpose.
  92. It used a self-generating fuel.
  93. Once I used to admit the truth.
  94. It's used in all sorts of ways.
  95. It is also used to banish evil.
  96. People used to ride that thing.
  97. Alan used all that in his hack.
  98. The day now began as it used to.
  99. This can be used to uncover a.
  100. But, it's been used since then.
  1. God uses us as His.
  2. It uses a simple if.
  3. The GDC uses it as.
  4. The Word of God uses.
  5. Uses eyes to see for.
  6. It uses the answer in.
  7. The KJV uses the word.
  8. When He uses the word.
  9. He uses others as his.
  10. He uses words to create.
  11. We know he uses tasters.
  12. It uses the exact same.
  13. It uses the pronoun 'he.
  14. One uses the WACC warily.
  15. Each uses means of grace.
  16. Wherein he uses Phi math.
  17. He uses it to point and.
  18. Band Width has many uses.
  19. He uses sex as a weapon.
  20. She uses them when she's.
  21. When a country uses more.
  22. Then she uses them for soap.
  23. The torch uses three NiMh.
  24. Most all who uses this to.
  25. And the instrument he uses.
  26. He uses echolocation to see.
  27. Light Waves and Their Uses.
  28. Anybody who uses the roads.
  29. Now, the school only uses.
  30. After hours, she uses her.
  31. Labradors that the army uses.
  32. I'm familiar with their uses.
  33. To underline this, he uses.
  34. New tools create new uses.
  35. It’s like this dude uses.
  36. The KJV alone uses over 28.
  38. Improper uses and too literal.
  39. The oxygenator alone uses 44.
  40. He uses pain to show His love.
  41. This type of hunt uses a hide.
  42. Science of Process uses the.
  43. She always uses a lantern.
  44. But sometimes the Lord uses.
  45. There's another trick he uses.
  46. God uses the Bible to reveal.
  47. From the Elder, he uses her.
  48. URL that uses fewer characters.
  49. He only uses one arm for the.
  50. Nobody else uses those either.
  51. There are many uses and needs.
  52. Privacy and Other Uses of RFID.
  53. Is it as the enemy uses masks.
  54. And he uses plastic lips when.
  55. He then uses that illusion of.
  56. The Uses of the American Negro.
  57. He uses the blank canvas that.
  58. She uses this moment to break.
  59. One of us uses a name--a first.
  60. You say she uses the name Ruth.
  61. If he uses it well, if he co-.
  62. The enemy uses them as well.
  63. It uses the symbol times.
  64. She uses the word improvisation.
  65. It’s that quiet voice he uses.
  66. The example that follows uses 2.
  67. Together, each entity uses the.
  68. There are different uses of the.
  69. There will be other uses of the.
  70. Cenni uses other methods, as well.
  71. Soapstone, and its uses, xiv, 376.
  73. He uses either hand equally well.
  74. I’ve better Uses fer me Fingers.
  75. Nobody uses that chemical anymore.
  76. He uses a clever combination of:.
  77. No one ever uses a rowing machine.
  78. I guess your friend uses an alias.
  79. The first example uses necessity.
  80. It uses radiant heat from beneath.
  81. The paper he uses there is special.
  82. One teacher uses the term active.
  83. Maybe he uses Aramaic at times of.
  84. There are thousands of uses people.
  85. Each type of exercise has its uses.
  86. They can use humans for other uses.
  87. Uses of the erotic: The erotic as.
  88. Website Owner Uses New Software To.
  89. I have my uses, I said proudly.
  90. Who uses the same technology I use?
  91. Horses can also be put to other uses.
  92. Notice that the Great Seal uses the.
  93. This next recipe uses them with pork.
  94. Treat any equipment that uses radio.
  95. He openly admits that he uses dough.
  96. She must be uses to living in luxury.
  97. The first is that Marielle uses the.
  98. Table 7-1 uses an interval of 1 day.
  99. He also hunts, and always uses these.
  100. But I think it uses Death as a threat.

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