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Usher numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The usher said she might.
  2. The usher had left him alone.
  3. The Usher turned to face h im.
  4. The Usher stopped beside Sharon.
  5. The usher at once approached him.

  6. The House of Usher, said Mr.
  7. To stop would usher in their demise.
  8. The clock shop moved out into Usher.
  9. So saying, the usher turned his back.
  10. Usher has his own collection of over.
  11. With Usher? Haven’t you guessed?
  12. This will usher the return of the Saints.
  13. The Usher turned to look at him and smiled.
  14. The Usher began to read names from his list.
  15. The usher waves to Brett and me, and we stand.

  16. Instead of calling over an usher and showing.
  17. We walked in and the usher led us to our table.
  18. Does the name Usher mean nothing to you?
  19. The security guards usher the dark-eyed man away.
  20. At the same time, the usher handed him the paper.
  21. An office boy, an usher, little better than a servant.
  22. He also saw the man who had earlier acted as head usher.
  23. For this reason, it is men who must usher in his return.
  24. His eyes watched the approaching Usher and his associates.
  25. An usher stood at the door communicating with the hall of.

  26. An usher made room for them on the third pew from the rear.
  27. The usher took the paper, cast a glance upon it, and obeyed.
  28. He pulled himself to his feet and hurried to meet the Usher.
  29. Clayton did the same before turning to usher her toward the door.
  30. I place a beanie hat on Cherrie’s head and usher her out the.
  31. This mature bride will usher in the coming of the King and have.
  32. Those who were left rustled and stirred as the Usher approached.
  33. Meanwhile, the Usher continue to speak to those who waited behind.
  34. The usher called an attendant, and in his presence gave the money.
  35. Those who had sought to overturn the economy and usher in equality.
  36. He waves a hand as if he has the power to usher in the world to my.
  37. Der Untergang des Hauses Usher (The Fall of the House of Usher) 329.
  38. The usher announced, in the same solemn manner: The Court is coming.
  39. They waited patiently by the door to usher their husbands off to work.
  40. This will usher in even more support and energy to focus on.
  41. Again the usher sprang toward Simon and with a tragic whisper stopped him.
  42. The song seemed to lift it higher, to usher it across the sky, a hymn to.
  43. In the background a door with glass panels, beside which stands an usher.
  44. The usher of the court took the whole roll and handed it to the President.
  45. David’s throne, initiate the Kingdom of God, and usher in the millennium.
  46. Julius up on that beer, he said as he tried to usher them from the room.
  47. He knows I’m here, since the usher told him I was using his box seats.
  48. What did Archbishop Usher, in his sermon before the House of Commons, say?
  49. As he made a thrust with the sword the door slid open and an usher walked in.
  50. The Usher looked offended at the suggestion and tried to reassure the senator.
  51. These judgments will wrap up the tribulation and usher in the final conflict.
  52. The chief usher assured him that he was heartily welcome, and that the Sultan.
  53. The Sultan of Kashgar no sooner heard these words than he ordered an usher to.
  54. I made some sort of comment about the property feeling like the House of Usher.
  55. An usher showed us to a seat, and we walked along the pew, moving to the inside.
  56. The usher hastened on his errand, but was only just in time, for the tailor was.
  57. Moskau) 198 The Fall of the House of Usher (Der Untergang des Hauses Usher) 329.
  58. Dalynara grabbed Aesa and the boys to usher them shivering into the Hall of Mages.
  59. After the usher took her oath, the prosecution lawyer began to cross-examine her.
  60. He kept his billions: only to usher in an even worse gang of thieves into office.
  61. The court usher was told to bring in the prisoner, and Mitya made his appearance.
  62. A thousand chirping crickets helped to usher out the fading twilight to gradually.
  63. Alyosha rushed towards him, but the court usher had already seized Ivan by the arm.
  64. Being told that in Maslova's case, the usher made a note of something and went away.
  65. They moved after the Usher in the direction of the small group composed of Sharon, Mrs.
  66. That a light you are powerless to stop will turn on you and usher a bullet to its mark.
  67. Let’s change the face of social networking and usher in a new era in how business is.
  68. What particular case have you come about? the usher asked again, addressing Fanarin.
  69. He determined by His plan, purpose and will, to usher in a new direction - the Gospel of.
  70. Through the mist of tears he could see the Usher, and two Primagnon guards standing behind him.
  71. I believe the President had previously sent the court usher to arrange for medical aid for Ivan.
  72. The doctor, my great grandfather, he just didn’t have an usher, he didn't have a Resurrectionist.
  73. Actually, in 1933, a law was almost enacted to usher in a thirty-hour workweek in the United States.
  74. The usher, accompanied by a gendarme ready to lend him armed assistance, introduced the convict Brevet.
  75. Zora made her way into the church past the doormen standing at attention in their immaculate usher coats.
  76. Just then an usher walked up the steps and stopped in front of the box in which Tam and Lyil were sitting.
  77. But even so, he’s barely into Usher by now; he’s still a long way from Lake City, far less Five Forks.
  78. The President transmitted the order to an usher, and, a moment later, the door of the witnesses' room opened.
  79. I need a doctor! He said in the most placating tone that I’d ever heard usher forth from him before.
  80. A few moments later, the Usher came out of the alcove and motioned to four Primagnons who were standing nearby.
  81. The usher entered and announced the desire of the lawyer and Nekhludoff to be present at the hearing of the case.
  82. I take comfort in the fact that all this stolen wealth will single handedly usher in the dawning of a new Reich.
  83. The leader must not only resonate with the world around him – but also with the world that he promises to usher.
  84. Thankfully, it’s all different with Roopa for her friendship with Sandhya might as well usher in our love affair.
  85. As she was leaving the court she turned to the usher with the question whether she might give Maslova a little money.
  86. As I pass him, he rests his hand on the top of my back to usher me out, his palm pressing between my shoulder blades.
  87. He was a faithful Presbyterian, not only as a ruling elder, but also an usher, frequently passing the collection plate.
  88. These new revelations about Nostradamus were going to usher in a whole new wave of readers buying her Nostradamus books.
  89. The office boy and usher of the Greek Consulate nicknamed in Official and Egyptian Government circles, the Super Consul.
  90. The Primagnons who accompanied the Usher watched the young scientist’s approach, concerned he might cause trouble again.
  91. I asked to see the commander and one of them entered a room off to the side, then returned to usher me through that door.
  92. The usher added after a pause: There are, to tell the truth, two or three extra places behind Monsieur le President, but.
  93. They closed and locked the cockpit door, while Perez‘s wife and his sister-in-law helped usher passengers to their seats.
  94. The usher came in and reported the advocate’s and Nekhludoff’s desire to be present at the examination of Maslova’s case.
  95. We thought that would be the only way to usher in peace, but the enemy stole the mind-cane, and still the Lost One did not come.
  96. So you damn well better find her, Harrison, that’s all I have to say, the President stood to usher Harrison from the room.
  97. The group was within arms length of the distraught Senator and the Usher extended a hand to help Bracken out of the tangle of fronds.
  98. But Kartinkin stood still until the usher, his head leaning to the side, and with wide-open eyes, whispered to him in a tragic tone:.
  99. In time, as the junior brought the blessed things back to his senior, Raja Rao was ready to usher Sandhya into the dream of her life.
  100. For an instant Molo was reminded of an usher of festivities or a lordly servant, but such an image did not do the Pilgrim any justice.
  1. Ushering in that old feeling.
  2. Now, he said, ushering her out the door.
  3. He started ushering the boy back towards his room.
  4. I see, Chevalier said, ushering him out the door.
  5. Older kids stood at the gates, ushering everyone inside.
  6. They set up some ropes and stands and started ushering.
  7. Newt nodded, ushering the other Gladers past him to follow.
  8. Nothing! Chevalier said, ushering Emily out of the room.
  9. Maybe it was ushering in death and then giving birth, spreading.
  10. Kyle started ushering her out of the room, No, we need to hurry.
  11. Hendersen is sort-of ushering students out of the school building.
  12. I handed Martha her purse and started ushering her towards the door.
  13. He softly grabs Becky’s tiny hand while ushering the children along.
  14. Come in, come in, he said, quickly ushering Batistuta into his.
  15. The door opened ushering in two pairs of soft footsteps on the carpet.
  16. Come in out of the dust and heat, she said, ushering them inside.
  17. As they arrived, the Professor was ushering a young girl out of his room.
  18. He was holding the doorknob as if he were ushering his visitor back outside.
  19. The chief of the eunuchs bowed and left the room, ushering in a few moments.
  20. Hi, Dave said simply and swept his arm, ushering me into the front foyer.
  21. Out, out you two! said the nurse, ushering Trevain and Aazuria out of the room.
  22. Good luck, he said in an unconvincing tone before ushering him out of the room.
  23. Monica pulled her into a hug before ushering her inside, closing the door behind them.
  24. Coffin assembled, the ain'ts begin ushering it towards the Main Street exit of the park.
  25. Who was that on the phone? Donovan said after ushering the last patient out the door.
  26. The man said nothing, but held open the rear door of his car, ushering her into the back seat.
  27. His wife Vera answered the door and gasped when she saw me, ushering me into the house immediately.
  28. Kevorkian ushering his patients to their destiny, their quiet smiles tell us, Next Time is now.
  29. Franz, put the prince’s things in my bedroom, said he to the servant who was ushering Bolkónski in.
  30. Before he can shake his head, Madame Ruelle is lifting the hinged counter and ushering him out; she has him under the arm.
  31. Peter, who was so involved as an instrument in ushering in God’s new thing, Peter himself stumbled at the offense of it.
  32. You wouldn’t have been able to disarm me, you know, the woman said, ushering him down the path towards her companion.
  33. Leverage is a double-edged sword, possibly enhancing your returns on the way up, but ushering in potential catastrophe on the way down.
  34. It is the politically correct judgments of a revolutionary ascendancy that are ushering American society toward the deconstruction of itself.
  35. Soon, the orgasmic stage they reached brought the euphoria of their conjugation to a languid end ushering in a life of emotional integration.
  36. The railroad put in a line from Chicago, ushering even more visitors into the city, which, by this time, had uncovered as many as twenty separate springs.
  37. This is the tragedy of that matter: Peter, who was so involved as an instrument in ushering in God’s new thing, Peter himself stumbled at the offense of it.
  38. This will be a great resource saver apart from ushering in a new era of direct democracy when the society is prepared for it or the awareness in the people is strong enough.
  39. Let us begin, Mrs Gold continued, ushering us into the lounge room where the furniture was again pushed against the walls and the carpet was bare in a wide, open space.
  40. That was how they found themselves in a square, in Sydney, surrounded by sirens and flashing lights, with Gretchen ushering Tom into a limo amid a throng of screaming fans and Norm with a woman curled up in a ball at his feet.
  41. This new bubble popped in an even more destructive fashion than that of the dot-com stocks earlier in the decade and brought worldwide markets close to the brink of collapse, ushering in the worst bear market for stocks since the Great Depression.
  42. What’s more, that first bear market of the new century proved a simple prelude to 2007–2009, the worst bear market since the 1930s, devastating investor’s confidence in the equity markets and ushering in a whole new crop of fears that investors had not faced since the 1930s.
  43. Danglars, however, while possessing a great admiration for the antique, as it was understood during the time of the Directory, entertained the most sovereign contempt for the simple elegance of his wife's favorite sitting-room, where, by the way, he was never permitted to intrude, unless, indeed, he excused his own appearance by ushering in some more agreeable visitor than himself; and even then he had rather the air and manner of a person who was himself introduced, than that of being the presenter of another, his reception being cordial or frigid, in proportion as the person who accompanied him chanced to please or displease the baroness.
  1. He ushered them into the.
  2. He quickly ushered us away.
  3. I smiled and ushered her in.
  4. They were ushered into the.
  5. He ushered them in immediately.
  6. He opened it and ushered me in.
  7. He ushered them inside the cabin.
  8. Cloud ushered the others after.
  9. Brad ushered them out of the room.
  10. A guard on the other side ushered.
  11. He opened it and ushered me through.
  12. Zach ushered Bryony towards the hole.
  13. Rex chuckled as he ushered her inside.
  14. She was ushered into the office of Mr.
  15. He opened the door and ushered me in.
  16. They ushered me into the antechamber.
  17. Opening the door, she ushered him in.
  18. Maureen stood back and ushered him in.
  19. They were ushered into the grand hall.
  20. As Johnson was being ushered from the.
  21. The Ringmaster ushered Halfshaft inside.
  22. The conquest of the Moguls ushered in a.
  23. The Parisian guide ushered his tourists on.
  24. I saw Hallen ushered away by Kifter, but.
  25. Melanie was ushered into the room by Larry.
  26. I asked for Mr Appleton, and was ushered in.
  27. She was ushered into an interrogation room.
  28. Alexia nodded and ushered him from the room.
  29. They were ushered into the front room with.
  30. He wants to be loved, obeyed, and ushered in.
  31. Stewart was ushered away by the royal guards.
  32. Come on, come on, Jurak ushered her out.
  33. Banks opened the door and ushered in the trio.
  34. Harley ushered Keith Webster into his office.
  35. As usual I was ushered into the waiting room.
  36. Before he could answer, he was ushered outside.
  37. Dan Lewinsky ushered Max into his small office.
  38. Within minutes she was being ushered into the.
  39. The pal bearer ushered the casket in, and the.
  40. Ben cut short the discussion and ushered us out.
  41. The bailiff ushered everyone into the courtroom.
  42. She promptly ushered them to the door, informing.
  43. But just as quickly, they were ushered into Capt.
  44. Verock took Alexei’s arm and ushered him along.
  45. The driver met them and ushered Whitey to the car.
  46. Max could see no harm in it and ushered him aboard.
  47. As she was ushered back to her classroom she felt.
  48. Thompson was ushered into Bishop Russo’s chambers.
  49. I ushered for a wedding in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.
  50. She was tearful when ushered into Ivanovic’s office.
  51. We were ushered into the usual room and asked to wait.
  52. Black Francis ushered the children up to their chamber.
  54. Two hunchbacks ushered up the first pair of Candidates.
  55. Frau Bergheim ushered him into a pleasant gabled room.
  56. When the receptionist opened the door and ushered him.
  57. Pushing it wide open again he ushered everyone through.
  58. Look, I said, and ushered her toward the open door.
  59. Father Quimper ushered me further into a cavernous room.
  60. Monchet was ushered into the court and led to the middle.
  61. The infamous Gadget Man was being ushered by Carter, his.
  62. He ushered me to the wall, saying, ‘You got ten minutes.
  63. Ferguson remained outside, and the colonel ushered me in.
  64. We were ushered into an old horse barn, and the van left.
  65. By time he was ushered in Telling was gone, Telling’s.
  66. Members of the public were politely ushered from the room.
  67. Patric quickly ushered Jane and Samantha to a secret room.
  68. As we were ushered in, I realised that we’d been conned.
  69. His voice was rough with emotion as he ushered them inside.
  70. Swann ushered him into the kitchen of his three-room cabin.
  71. They then ushered me into the bedroom where their teenage.
  72. Tamlyn counted as each head popped up and was ushered into.
  73. Admiral Davidson stood as Jennie was ushered into his office.
  74. He ushered her to a dining area that was stylishly decorated.
  75. Just then the door opened and Ray ushered in Tara and Nicole.
  76. All were ushered to a large table in the center of the room.
  77. Dave answered the door and looked around as he ushered me in.
  78. The man ushered me into the room, closed the door, and then.
  79. What? he asked as he ushered her toward the front door.
  80. Joseph his young son who ushered Crispin into the shop front.
  81. They entered the restaurant and were ushered to their table.
  82. He ushered her down the darkened lane way towards the highway.
  83. I was ushered into Officer Murphy’s office, but now he was.
  84. Star got out laboriously and ushered her guest into the hall.
  85. Another man ushered the startled toll collector from his booth.
  86. Chinedu drew him back, and ushered him into the house himself.
  87. Cronack let go of her ear and ushered her down the steps that.
  88. She ushered us into the small house and insisted on feeding us.
  89. He held Sionn by the shoulders and ushered him out of the room.
  90. It ushered my way into what I fondly refer to as my Goth phase.
  91. It was her laugh, and the spark of life that she ushered into.
  92. They were immediately ushered into Paul's well appointed office.
  93. They were ushered from their horses, the Amazon guard prodding.
  94. With that Bjorgolf ushered Bo to the open door; the prince had.
  95. Above them in the sky, a helicopter could be heard, Joe ushered.
  96. Legion had ushered them off the roof and back into the apartment.
  97. The lecturer unlocked the outer door and ushered us into his room.
  98. Ju was in great discomfort, but Wa ushered Simon out of the cave.
  99. Bequen ushered Trid and Max out, but Andrei stood obstinately by.
  100. Instead he went straight to Zander and ushered him into her room.
  1. Ushers in the dawn.
  2. And ushers in the morn.
  3. She ushers him inside.
  5. Whittinghill ushers me into his.
  6. December, ushers in the holiday season.
  7. The ushers have the authority to throw.
  8. The ushers were busy collecting tickets.
  9. Ushers kept strangers out of the building.
  11. Ushers Vince in the direction of his office.
  12. Ushers surrounded the unfortunate man as Bill had.
  13. Patient ushers waited with trays of flower petals.
  14. As Sally answers him, Katie ushers in Jo and Alastair.
  15. The Estate Agent ushers them to the rear of the house.
  16. A few moments later she ushers Karen into the kitchen.
  17. Taylor holds the door open for us and ushers us through.
  18. More ushers stood inconspicuously in the main aisle to.
  19. The ushers began to gather at the front of the stage as.
  20. Ushers standing on each side of the open doors that led.
  21. She ushers us into the realm of the outside world, and the.
  22. However, he returned with two ushers, each carrying buttered.
  23. Let us pray that these snoring individuals don’t include the ushers.
  24. Brian Greene, ushers us along a journey of "what if" the mathematics.
  25. He ushers Werner to the dining table and calls for the maid to bring cake.
  26. Despite this, the man in the fedora still knocks and ushers forth a password.
  27. It has always been believed that slow running ushers you in the fat-burning zone.
  28. I was there so often I think the ushers started to believe I was sleeping in the lobby.
  29. The doctor ushers her towards the cell, keeping between her and Davie, the interrogator.
  30. Before Cass has a chance to explain, Unks places his hand behind Rico and ushers him inside.
  31. I do share quite a few characteristics with one of the ushers in my father’s church though.
  32. His father ushers the rest of us into the living room, but Brian takes my hand and holds me back.
  33. He perceived that his ragged cravat, his long, square coat, and his waxed shoes astonished the ushers.
  34. I walked up the stairs of the entrance and was met by one of the ushers who greeted and escorted me inside.
  35. Siri quickly ushers his family into the house, opens his gun locker and presses a loaded automatic pistol into his wife’s hands.
  36. Anna is virtually glowing with happiness when we arrive and ushers us in, introducing Simon with an air of pride which is delightful.
  37. Suzy ushers them out of the door as fast as she can and getting a can of air freshener from the kitchen she sprays the lounge and hallway.
  38. It was their task to deputize a sufficient number of assistant ushers to enable them to maintain order among the crowds during the preaching.
  39. He was on an equal footing of familiarity with high government officials all the way down to his opposite numbers, the ushers and office boys.
  40. Not aware of the hostile woman behind them Barney and Dippa continue sitting on her wall until Steve sees her approaching and ushers them along the street a few houses along.
  41. Even before the President and the district-attorney could utter a word, before the ushers and the gendarmes could make a gesture, the man whom all still called, at that moment, M.
  42. To make sure no one ever sneaked into a theater, ushers and ticket-takers were only the most intimidating of CIA secret agents with the right to execute even the vaguest of suspects.
  43. I’m sure that one of the ushers saw this because they’d gone around with the baskets one remained in front of the pulpit and waited for the priest to continue his sermon on giving.
  44. The woman continued to stagger and was about falling with full force only for the ushers to hold her, cleared the crowd as to allow her some air, and made her lay helpless on the ground.
  45. But before she can infiltrate the lair of the Nazis, she meets a long-lost ally from her past that ushers her and Jerry The Stealth into a place that tests their mental and physical strength to the limit.
  46. Among Teddy’s ushers was his college roommate from Wesleyan, Akiva Goldsman, who was just starting to break through as a Hollywood screenplay writer; his adaptation of John Grisham’s The Client was currently filming.
  47. The sheriffs with their great chains and nosegays, other civic gewgaws and monsters, criers, ushers, a great gallery full of people,—a large theatrical audience,—looked on, as the two-and-thirty and the Judge were solemnly confronted.
  48. And boy did we give, I remember one time someone came to the church with a hundred dollars and that was the only money they had, so the ushers were walking around collecting when he reached into his wallet and saw that that was all he had.
  49. Such qualifiers that otherwise define an individual remain subject to revision; modifying attitudes, a (calculated) means toward an uncertain end, that, when understood in the aggregate, however, ushers a uniquely complex, multi-dimensional individual unrestricted by the limits of determined viewpoints.
  50. Form does not count with first ray types their energy produces death to form, but ushers in great periods of cyclic pralaya; the first ray is the controller of the death drama in all kingdoms—a destruction of forms which brings about release of power and permits entrance into Light through the gateway of Death.

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