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Usual numa frase em (in ingles)

As usual, at the TV.
Pam was her usual self.
He was his usual self.
As usual we came early.
Keep me my usual chair.
It was usual to have.
As is usual, I forget.

The usual stigma of a.
I mean more than usual.
With all of the usual.
Up to his usual tricks.
She was right, as usual.
I'd say the usual Yeah.
Usual try on with the.
It was the usual chateau.
The usual icons came up.
He took his usual route.
Usual y players wil get.
As usual, Rohan was right.
The egg was cold as usual.
Usual Ways to Be Sent Out.
The room is full as usual.
He was not his usual self.
It was tighter than usual.
Our lives went on as usual.
As usual, `Go away, Teddy.
But she continued as usual.
But as usual you overreact.
As usual, the road is quiet.
And as usual, praying out.
It’s just the usual shit.
What? Oh yeah, the usual.
I rather stick to the usual.
And as usual, once we got.
That was the usual pattern.
He forwent the usual lift.
We ate our cheese as usual.
Sara was on my bed as usual.
My hair, as usual, is out.
The study was its usual mess.

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