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  1. With many a vacancy, 'tis said.
  2. If there is a vacancy then you.
  3. Vacancy in a wavering blue neon.
  4. Tom lifted his lip and showed the vacancy.
  5. Clearly, I was the very man for the vacancy.

  6. These are migration of a defect called VACANCY.
  7. Those Vacancy Boards above were done this way.
  8. Her voice died at the utter vacancy of his face.
  9. The vacancy was not at all a surprise to the Michauds.
  10. That vacancy had been well and truly filled by Sebastian.
  11. The solitary star announcing vacancy burnt out as we arrived.
  12. Their faces were all slack and carried the expression of vacancy.
  13. A vacancy in the heart does not accommodate itself to a stop-gap.
  14. That’s beautiful, he said, and then went back to vacancy.
  15. The vacancy of such a form was perceived by Aristotle, but not by Plato.

  16. There was always a vacancy in the housecleaning sector, and it wasn’t.
  17. The instinct of the heart is to will love, he answered his own vacancy.
  18. He said he would get in touch with me as soon as a vacancy became available.
  19. For a year he had held this rank, and expected promotion on the first vacancy.
  20. But there’s a vacancy at the central library, and I’ve been promised a job there.
  21. Alternatively, a vacancy represents something that is missing or lacking in your life.
  22. He puzzled, and even brooded, but mostly questioned the wretched vacancy within his heart.
  23. See, there’s the matter of the vacancy in the City Planner’s office, Grace said.
  24. Not far away, at a school for severely mentally handicapped children, there’s a vacancy.
  25. Because one of our vacancies is a special vacancy, it was designed by the late John Nielson.

  26. The black vacancy of detail that was Nigger trotting beside him seemed strangely front heavy.
  27. At last I saw a vacancy at Mawson & Williams's, the great stockbroking firm in Lombard Street.
  28. There was a considerable vacancy between the boat and the ship, and down between this was the sea.
  29. The crane count was still spectacularly high, despite the growing vacancy rate and slowing growth.
  30. Whilst the vacancy had yet to be filled Alice was the person thought most likely to take this role.
  31. Well I guess there’s no chance in hell of you filling in the vacancy spot for the maid, huh?
  32. You can hear the vacancy in her tone, the same syrupy tint that rolls off of Ren’s tongue onto Dorece.
  33. After years of vacancy, Potter County bought the building in 1995 and renovated it to house its offices.
  34. I was then in this vacancy from any regular employ of my person in my way of business, when one day, Mrs.
  35. Naturally, it is staggered so at any one time there is usually a vacancy or at any rate one coming up soon.
  36. Are you and Aidan a couple now? he asked me when I selected the application for the job vacancy in my shop.
  37. A week later, May 21, Nixon announced he was nominating Burger to the Supreme Court—but not to the Fortas vacancy.
  38. A new member, to wit, from North Carolina, William Kennedy, elected to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Gen.
  39. But the vacancy was soon filled with colored students; and eventually the white students returned, and the trouble was over.
  40. Berkley assured Kate that there just happened to be a copywriter vacancy, and that Alexandra could start any time she wished.
  41. In spite of his foolish plans and pointless courage, such as it was, the vacancy had outmanoeuvred him, by the gods and stars.
  42. But we may observe, that while he is aware of the vacancy of his own ideal, he is full of enthusiasm in the contemplation of it.
  43. They said they would have a driving vacancy coming up soon and would let him know in writing if he was the successful applicant.
  44. Just because Jim had appointed no guardian in his will for Lucy, every single one of his friends felt bound to fill the vacancy.
  45. At the 2014 General Assembly, the Kirk was warned that it might have to adjust to a permanent 20% vacancy level in parish ministry.
  47. At that time most Americans thought even less of the Vice Presidency than most do now, and so no one pushed for the vacancy to be filled.
  48. I told him that the regulations would not admit of his re-employment; besides, I had reported him as dismissed and filled up the vacancy.
  49. At the crotch or junction, these flukes slightly overlap, then sideways recede from each other like wings, leaving a wide vacancy between.
  50. When a job vacancy occurs, employers have to narrow a lengthy list of applicants down to the one person they’ll hire to fill the open position.
  51. Scudder, of New Jersey; Robert Wright, of Maryland; and William McKinley, returned to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of John G.
  52. A vacancy at one of the tables could not be filled, and, in spite of his weak protest of unwillingness, Prince Chechevinski was pressed into service.
  53. He was in his shirt and trousers only, and her first flush of joy died when she perceived that his eyes were fixed in an unnatural stare on vacancy.
  54. Barry, elected to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Benjamin Howard, of Kentucky; which was referred to the Committee of Elections.
  55. The General Assembly of 2014 was told that the Church of Scotland needs to prepare itself for a more or less permanent ministerial vacancy level of 20%.
  56. I kept an eye on her as she watched the flames but there was a vacancy to her look that didn’t seem quite right but I shrugged it off thinking it was me.
  57. I walked out to him and looked at the arrow, reached to my mouth and matched the piece still in my teeth with the tiny vacancy in the fletching of this arrow.
  58. What did strike Peter as odd was the fact that Marc didn’t ask anything relevant to bar work, or whether or not Peter was the right candidate for this vacancy.
  59. By the time six more wolves lay dead, the rest of the pack gave in to common sense and left to lick their wounds and fight over the unexpected leadership vacancy.
  60. The motel was so hard-up that they’d turned off the vacancy sign to save money, and beyond it she could just see Lake Erie, the wind stiffening the waves into peaks.
  61. Grosvenor, elected to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Robert Le Roy Livingston, appeared, produced his credentials, was qualified, and took his seat.
  62. Suppose that some one turned up in your place who wrote a completely different hand from that in which you had applied for the vacancy, of course the game would have been up.
  63. Stanley Griswold, appointed a Senator by the Executive of the State of Ohio, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Edward Tiffin, was qualified, and took his seat.
  64. O’Sullivan, called back from retirement to temporarily fill a vacancy on the bench, enjoyed reminding young attorneys that he’d been wearing a black robe when they wore diapers.
  65. Another member, to wit, from Massachusetts, Abijah Bigelow, elected to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of William Stedman, appeared, was qualified, and took his seat.
  66. He grew heavy and sluggish, and would pass whole hours half-sitting, half-lying, with a novel in his hand, his eyes fixed upon vacancy, awaiting the dénouement of this terrible drama.
  67. The recognition of beauty was less evident than before but my Dad’s face was not yet a mask of vacancy that only became mobile in response to unseen terrors as his Parkinson’s advanced.
  68. At a farmer’s market a few blocks from the square, they asked directions to somewhere to stay and were told that old Pani Macziewsie took in boarders and might have a vacancy in her house.
  69. Chloe was beside herself, so she resumed the explanation, It seems that, in the States, there are not candidates of Harold's depth of talent and skill enough to be considered for the vacancy.
  70. Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.
  71. Bulstrode, who were to have votes in the ratio of their contributions, the Board itself filling up any vacancy in its numbers, and no mob of small contributors being admitted to a share of government.
  72. He imagined that if there were not a vacancy for me on the great Southerton Estates, at least there would be found some post in that diplomatic service which still remains the special preserve of our privileged classes.
  73. She remained true to the only passionate adulterous relationship in her life and generous in accepting without chagrin the intrusion of his other affairs, retreating until there was once again a vacancy for her in his bed.
  74. In case of vacancy, by death, resignation, or removal or otherwise of a Representative, the Governor shall issue a writ to the county wherever a vacancy may be as aforesaid, to elect another person to serve the residue of the term.
  75. A flash of lightning illuminated the entire parlour as he peered through the vacancy in the window towards the ground below where he caught a faint glimpse of a sporadic design of twinkling shards of glass and a small dark pool of what was obviously blood.
  76. Gradually the expression of Tamenund's features changed, and losing their vacancy in admiration, they lighted with a portion of that intelligence which a century before had been wont to communicate his youthful fire to the extensive bands of the Delawares.
  77. No wonder that in the vacancy of actual knowledge his followers, and at times even he himself, should have fallen away from the doctrine of ideas, and have returned to that branch of knowledge in which alone the relation of the one and many can be truly seen--the science of number.
  78. Accordingly, when Mr Pittle, after a lingering illness, was removed from us, which happened in the first year of my third provostry, I bethought me of the consequences which had ensued from his presentation, and resolved within myself to act a very different part in the filling up of the vacancy.
  79. Nor would I dwell on it myself if it were not that its very vacancy and smallness was the cause of huge upheavals in Creeper Cottage, and the stone that the builders ignored if they did not actually reject behaved as such stones sometimes do and came down upon the builders' heads and crushed them.
  80. I was not long done with my second provostry, when I had occasion to congratulate myself on having passed twice through the dignity with so much respect; for, at the Michaelmas term, we had chosen Mr Robert Plan into the vacancy caused by the death of that easy man, Mr Weezle, which happened a short time before.
  81. How many of them have we known who have given drawing-lessons, illustrated books, designed wall-papers, supervised laborers, delivered lyceum-lectures or written for newspapers, happy if they could earn two dollars a day while waiting for a vacancy in the hosts of architects with a thousand dollars a week income.
  82. I see him now, excellent and venerable old man! His eyes wandered in vacancy, for they had lost their charm and their delight—his Elizabeth, his more than daughter, whom he doted on with all that affection which a man feels, who in the decline of life, having few affections, clings more earnestly to those that remain.
  83. Very brown and wooden, in goatskin breeches with the hair outside, he sat near the tail of his own smart mule, his great hat turned against the sun, an expression of blissful vacancy on his long face, humming day after day a love-song in a plaintive key, or, without a change of expression, letting out a yell at his small tropilla in front.
  84. As to Haidee, these terrible reminiscences seemed to have overpowered her for a moment, for she ceased speaking, her head leaning on her hand like a beautiful flower bowing beneath the violence of the storm; and her eyes gazing on vacancy indicated that she was mentally contemplating the green summit of the Pindus and the blue waters of the lake of Yanina, which, like a magic mirror, seemed to reflect the sombre picture which she sketched.
  85. He could not rejoin the army where he would have been made colonel at the next vacancy, for his mother now clung to him as her one hold on life; and so despite his reluctance to remain in Moscow among people who had known him before, and despite his abhorrence of the civil service, he accepted a post in Moscow in that service, doffed the uniform of which he was so fond, and moved with his mother and Sónya to a small house on the Sívtsev Vrazhók.
  86. I remembered how I was only a speck after all in uncomfortably limitless space, of no account whatever in the general scheme of things, but with a horrid private capacity for being often and easily hurt; and how specks have a trick of dying, which I in my turn would presently do, and a fresh speck, not nearly so nice, as I hoped and believed, would immediately start up and fill my vacancy, perhaps so exactly my vacancy that it would even wear my gloves and stockings.
  87. But an Annalise--what was she to make of such a place? Is it not true that the less a person has inside him of culture and imagination the more he wants outside him of the upholstery of life? I think it is true; and if it is, then the vacancy of Annalise's mind may be measured by the fact that what she demanded of life in return for the negative services of not crying and wringing her hands was nothing less filled with food and sofas and servants than a grand ducal palace.
  88. Resolved, That the Honorable Samuel Smith, a Senator appointed by the Executive of the State of Maryland to fill the vacancy which happened in the office of Senator for that State, is entitled to hold his seat in the Senate of the United States during the session of the Legislature of Maryland, which, by the proclamation of the Governor of said State, was to commence on the 5th day of the present month of June; unless said Legislature shall fill such vacancy by the appointment of a Senator, and this Senate be officially informed thereof.

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