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Vacuum numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It is not a vacuum.
  2. Everything else is a vacuum.
  3. A vacuum folding on its own.
  4. The corpse was vacuum packed.
  5. Amanda was living in a vacuum.

  6. Oh, that's never in a vacuum.
  7. We’re not in the vacuum now.
  8. Things rarely happen in a vacuum.
  9. Emotions rarely occur in a vacuum.
  10. Then she ran the vacuum, and re-.
  11. The men floated in a sensory vacuum.
  12. Don’t make decisions in a vacuum.
  13. He was a special talent in a vacuum.
  14. There is no vacuum inside the earth.
  15. They mean no vacuum on the outside.

  16. But as the vacuum grew things became.
  17. In that vacuum of power, the military.
  18. Negotiations don’t happen in a vacuum.
  19. Nothing around here happens in a vacuum.
  20. But this assumes volatility in a vacuum.
  21. Where there is neither vacuum, nor voices.
  22. It was like she had stepped into a vacuum.
  23. Thus filling the vacuum left by the French.
  24. Troy noticed me and switched off the vacuum.
  25. If space is a vacuum, who changes the bags?

  26. It was like a vacuum and he was suffocating.
  27. The false vacuum has positive energy density.
  28. You dust lightly before and after you vacuum.
  29. Inside was a vacuum chamber that glowed blue.
  30. But as the vacuum grew things became very warm.
  31. In these days a vacuum arises between relations.
  32. In a snakes coil – the vacuum if skimmed off.
  33. They had also expanded eastward into the vacuum.
  34. It took Marie more than three weeks to vacuum up.
  35. No policies or procedures can survive in a vacuum.
  36. Missus Dolce appear in the vacuum of the funeral.
  37. Hitting the vacuum was like hitting a brick wall.
  38. Think Win, Win! – the universe abhors a vacuum.
  39. It is a vacuum that seeks its filling at any cost.
  40. For an instant it felt like there was a vacuum in.
  41. If more ships with energy vacuum areas, we conquer.
  42. They would be cleaned and placed into vacuum storage.
  43. Of course, this scenario doesn’t exist in a vacuum.
  44. Mrs Houston coiled up the cable of the vacuum cleaner.
  45. Families, however, do not exist in a (social) vacuum.
  46. Volatility cannot and should not be traded in a vacuum.
  47. The true vacuum (empty-void) is perfectly symmetrical.
  48. Individual job holders don't typically work in a vacuum.
  49. No pattern exists in the vacuum of a single time frame.
  50. Bobby heard the vacuum shut off in the outside hallway.
  51. Few contagions can survive the cold and vacuum of space.
  52. Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis and clean it with.
  53. Fortunately, the vacuum cleaner took care of the problem.
  54. Yes, sure and a car falls equal to a human without vacuum.
  55. This vacuum can be thrown out by sharing foods with them.
  56. One exposure to vacuum had cured him of all his curiosity.
  57. They are sucked in like a dust ball into a vacuum cleaner.
  58. The whole passenger compartment was now open to the vacuum.
  59. Move into a new vacuum bag, and cover it with melted lard.
  60. There is a great vacuum in the lives of the people of Iran.
  61. The hammer and the feather and the vacuum are part of the.
  62. If you do use an undergravel filter try to regularly vacuum.
  63. Think of those boxes as vacuum cleaners that suck up sound.
  64. Scaranetti had come in with a vacuum cleaner and sucked out.
  65. A ravenous vacuum pulled at everyone from within this black.
  66. It is known as a Roll Cloud, and it occurs when a vacuum is.
  67. Through the vacuum that separated them, no sound could travel.
  68. It was settled by physics long ago that Nature abhors a vacuum.
  69. So the force is just sucking away the gas using vacuum devices.
  70. I had the radio up loud so I could hear it over the vacuum pump.
  71. The false vacuum is determined by the limitations of technology.
  72. High nitrates? Vacuum the sand and clean out the filters, empty.
  73. It’s like the operation of the old vacuum tube triode amplifier.
  74. In the false vacuum, these entities are distinct from each other.
  75. The whirring of a vacuum cleaner could be heard on the background.
  76. I don’t think it’s a holy vacuum cleaner, Hilda replied.
  77. At times you will vacuum thoroughly, even moving furniture around.
  78. There was a sense of loss, a vacuum, an emptiness, a vast silence.
  79. The loss of their King left a huge gaping vacuum in their culture.
  80. Screaming at the universe from the vacuum of space gets us nowhere.
  81. There was a sucking sound, the sound of a vacuum cleaner turned on.
  82. Caitlin’s ears stayed plugged, as if she were trapped in a vacuum.
  83. And that there is no flaw or vacuum in the amount of the truth--but.
  84. Jeff could hear their voices and the roars of their vacuum sweepers.
  85. The next morning, the girl who had her turn to vacuum the apartment.
  86. Durrani’s death would have created quite a power vacuum at the ISI.
  87. This other, smaller bag is for creating pockets of vacuum in the air.
  88. Somewhere a huge vacuum machine sucked in darkness but did not exhale.
  89. But then I thought of that vacuum repair van I’d been seeing around.
  90. Look at All of human history; and what do you find? A huge empty vacuum.
  91. Contemplatives follow a variety of procedures to create a mental vacuum.
  92. Now all that was silent; all she heard was a vacuum cleaner, maybe two.
  93. Departments should note that the maximum capacity of a vacuum insulated.
  94. They had to obtain the cells blindly and with the box sealed in a vacuum.
  95. When the vacuum lets go, all of the juice is sucked back into the fruit.
  96. Our plan was to fly over your Arctic and vacuum as much air as we could.
  97. Two more vacuum suits about three metres apart on the blue carpeted floor.
  98. This exposed a number of rooms and one entire deck to the vacuum of space.
  99. Remember, the rover has all my stuff that doesn’t play well with vacuum.
  100. The false vacuum has energy and structure and is not perfectly symmetrical.
  1. A maintenance man vacuuming the stall winked at her.
  2. There was dirt on the floor, and I was vacuuming it up.
  3. He spent it vacuuming and mopping and cleaning the tub.
  4. The dishes were all done and the vacuuming was complete.
  5. Doing a partial water change and vacuuming out as much.
  6. All that cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and polishing! It's not.
  7. A worker was vacuuming the corridor, but her lights were still on.
  8. With a little dusting and vacuuming, the place would be ready for furniture too.
  9. She takes to scrubbing, pressing, sorting, sweeping, folding and vacuuming the place.
  10. Why break your back vacuuming when a saucy twitch of the nose can clean the whole house?
  11. Use caution when performing water changes and vacuuming the sand bed, especially for the smaller snails.
  12. Continual use of the dusts, sprays and vacuuming mentioned above will provide a form of birth control for fleas.
  13. Kara began to take over the housework, preparing some meals, doing the laundry, dusting and vacuuming the bungalow, and so on.
  14. After several moments of vacuuming the various lines up, he rose with a look of true fear; one that Mitchell hadn't absorbed until just then.
  15. I regretfully told my Uncle Wes, My parents told me I have to get home and do chores around the house, vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting … all of that kind of stuff.
  16. Cleaning the counters, wiping the sinks, sweeping the floor and vacuuming the living room floor—all part of her day, all part of the routine she set into after she married her husband.
  17. Trask changed, and they rushed around picking up, putting away, vacuuming, making the beds neater, starting a fire in the stove to take the chill off, boiling water for tea—and before long there appeared a car in the drive and a knock at the door, and here came a blocky darkish woman in a severe mannish pants-suit, barging into the house as if she owned it.
  18. That means vacuuming, mopping,.
  1. These carefully vacuumed runners.
  2. Lucy vacuumed at least once a day.
  3. One by one the great stages, vacuumed, slammed shut.
  4. For example, the fire ring is vacuumed out after each guest.
  5. Without Newton, there are no other and science will be a vacuumed of.
  6. The sheets were clean, the carpet vacuumed, and the bathroom spotless.
  7. The washing machine is going merrily and the house has been vacuumed and dusted.
  8. There were tracks in the thick carpet under their feet where someone had recently vacuumed.
  9. And the three of them went babbling off while he let himself be vacuumed upstairs through the air flue and set about dressing himself.
  10. The undersides of the tentacles were covered with tinier tentacles with which the creature vacuumed up any bug-sized things it found.
  11. What would you say if you could imagine a spider large enough, in a hideout big enough, so that a running child might hear a vacuumed sound, be seized, and vanish with a soft thud below.
  12. It isn’t as bad as I thought … more neglected than anything and by the time I have sorted out the furniture which had been thrown in here – literally, by the look of some of it - and vacuumed the carpet, the place doesn’t look too bad.
  13. First a great vacuumed sucking of air, and then the lament, the bewilderment, the loneliness of the great monster, folded over and upon us, above us, so that the sickening reek of its body filled the air, a stone’s thickness away from our cellar.
  14. Economic systems should be designed to work just like eco-systems: as dynamically balanced, regenerating structures; not as wastelands of opportunity to be vacuumed up so all the available wealth can be sucked into the fewest hands and sent elsewhere.
  15. My car was being released back to me—having been processed and vacuumed and printed, I assume—so I hitched a ride to the police station with an elderly volunteer, one of those bustling grandmotherly types who seemed slightly nervous to be alone with me.
  1. Vacuums to Clean the Inside Out.
  2. Physicists work with false vacuums on a day-to-day basis.
  3. That months are vacuums and the ground but wallow and filth.
  4. And the Carter Center has decided, under my leadership, to fill the vacuums in the world.
  5. Ether penetrates everything, including vacuums, including the human brain, so the impulses there assuredly affect it.
  6. According to Alan Wallace, Buddhist contemplative science, like Western physical science, describes two types of vacuums.
  7. The other type of roller handle that I have come across is the type that vacuums the paint into what would be the extension handle.
  8. It was the kind of place where he could imagine his old man trying to sell his vacuums, or knives, or whatever had been paying for the whiskey bottles back then.
  9. The biggest raids of the war, on cities such as Hamburg and Dresden, created terrible firestorms – heat so intense it sucked the oxygen out of the air and created vacuums, which led to burning hot tornados.

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