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Vagrant numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was the vagrant.
  2. I’m a vagrant of love.
  3. Who is this vagrant? Jeff asked.
  4. I never liked the look of that old vagrant.
  5. Bill Godley and that the tricky and vagrant former.

  6. You know a vagrant is anybody a cop don’t like.
  7. Then, staggering up to the Duc's statue, his vagrant.
  8. A few moments later, the face of the vagrant flashed on his screen.
  9. A vagrant in the tattered remnants of a suit walking past, noticing.
  10. From the vagrant to the tramp, the race is maintained in its purity.
  11. Caramarin emptied his pockets, threw the camo jacket to the vagrant and.
  12. Now the guards brought in a sullen vagrant, clothed in rags of old sail.
  13. Some vagrant that works as a janitor during the night shift at the high.
  14. This slender spacecraft was the Vagrant, a Recon-class Federation starship.
  15. The United States government is as bankrupt as a homeless vagrant living.

  16. Gabriel Gardner was still intrigued by the identity of the vagrant in the cell.
  17. A night not unlike thousands he had seen in his years of living his vagrant free.
  18. On board the Vagrant, Lieutenant Rex Galvin was lying in his quarters, resting comfortably on the couch.
  19. To dream that you are a vagrant suggests that you are trying to escape from the confines of social expectations.
  20. A man who leads such a vagrant life does not stay long in any one place, and has neither friends nor foes anywhere.
  21. Poor Rosamond's vagrant fancy had come back terribly scourged—meek enough to nestle under the old despised shelter.
  22. They entered the vehicle and the sedan drove off, leaving the vagrant by the closed gate, staring through the steel bars.
  23. You cannot tell a millionaire from a MacDonald’s employee, or a homeless vagrant; except by how dirty their clothes are.
  24. Lucky’s story is mostly composed of fiction where he is minding his own business and an insane vagrant attacks him with fire.
  25. Why hadn’t she been telling him the truth all along? They had been running from this vagrant, and she hadn’t mentioned anything about him.

  26. Grimes then set off a small explosion at the ruins that everyone blamed on a Methane gas build up, and a vagrant being clumsy with his matches.
  27. One told how he had taken a life, another had taken two, a third had set a house on fire, while another had simply been a vagrant and had done nothing.
  28. Some vagrant by the name of Paul Henry, already under arrest for multiple charges, confessed to the Texas authorities to that year’s killings in Excelsior.
  29. Now and then there came a vagrant feeling that, in spite of all Elizabeth’s declamation to the effect that she knew him thoroughly, perhaps she really did.
  30. Once he was sitting directly across from a woman of the road, a vagrant lady dressed in shabby clothes with broken shoes and unwashed hair, sleeping in the warmth of the carriage.
  31. But heedless as a vagrant wind, the Tigress cruised the southern coasts, until she anchored at the mouth of a broad sullen river, whose banks were jungle-clouded walls of mystery.
  32. It was time for dinner on board the Vagrant, and soldiers that were late to the cafeteria found themselves standing on the back of a line that stretched all the way across the room.
  33. Somehow, now that I had once crossed the threshold of this house, and once was brought face to face with its owners, I felt no longer outcast, vagrant, and disowned by the wide world.
  34. With all his might, he pushed the vagrant back, causing him to fall into the empty chairs near the calculus girls, breaking off wooden legs, clattering them to the ground along with the bum.
  35. A vagrant current or a slight rise in the river had carried off their raft, but this only gratified them, since its going was something like burning the bridge between them and civilization.
  36. But her vagrant mind must be reduced to order: there was an art in self-discipline; and she walked round and round the brown library considering by what sort of manoeuvre she could arrest her wandering thoughts.
  37. The one, shaky connection to the whereabouts of Mike’s body, a homeless, pennyless vagrant, had managed to get himself bailed out, land a new job, obtain a new wardrobe, and vanish–all in less than 24 hours.
  38. Her father smiled at the memory, After all I have no idea who your mother was, perhaps she was another homeless vagrant who’d become pregnant and didn’t realise it until it was too late to have the baby aborted.
  39. Some vagrant scent of spice or palm woke clear-etched images of strange coasts where mangroves grew and drums thundered, of ships locked in battle and decks running blood, of smoke and flame and the crying of slaughter.
  40. This vagrant power to erect a bank, after having wandered throughout the whole constitution in quest of some congenial spot whereupon to fasten, has been at length located by the gentleman from Georgia on that provision, which authorizes Congress to lay and collect taxes, &c.
  41. The adventure of meeting Gallaher after eight years, of finding himself with Gallaher in Corless's surrounded by lights and noise, of listening to Gallaher's stories and of sharing for a brief space Gallaher's vagrant and triumphant life, upset the equipoise of his sensitive nature.
  42. A vagrant thought crossed her mind as she climbed, in which she mentally compared her former master with the kozak chief with whom—by compulsion—she had shamelessly flirted in the pavilions of the camp by Fort Ghori, where the Hyrkanian lords had parleyed with the warriors of the steppes.
  43. But there are two special reasons for opposing this Chinese immigration; one is, that it consists of unmarried men, homeless and vagrant, and our country needs homes; the other is, that they are exceptionally clannish, refuse to associate and assimilate with us, and remain, after thirty years, as much an alien race as when they first arrived.
  44. When Captain Sleet in person stood his mast-head in this crow's-nest of his, he tells us that he always had a rifle with him (also fixed in the rack), together with a powder flask and shot, for the purpose of popping off the stray narwhales, or vagrant sea unicorns infesting those waters; for you cannot successfully shoot at them from the deck owing to the resistance of the water, but to shoot down upon them is a very different thing.
  45. Of vagrant dwellers in the houseless woods,.

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