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Value numa frase em (in ingles)

1. A value of 1 for.
2. Its value is only 394.
3. It is sterile of value.
4. You are of great value.
5. The value of R1 for a.
6. The Social Value of Joy.
7. It has no value here.
8. They had no other value.
9. The value of the product.
10. Print the value of area.
11. Glycemic Load value of 3.
12. It gave a value and we.
13. The value of Π is then.
14. Read the value of radius.
15. The value for money was.
16. We would of course value.
17. The sexist value did not.
18. This assigns value 4 to t1.
19. We are printing the value.
20. And I need you to value it.
21. The value stored in these.
22. That’s where the value is.
23. Gravity has the value of Π.
24. The horses are of no value.
25. Where SEO Tools Have Value.
26. First value starts from 122.
27. It made sense and had value.
28. You still have value to him.
29. S(U) = V(U) = Value of the.
30. They use this value as Size.
31. The more value and benefit.
32. The market value per share.
33. It affirms the value of the.
34. The True Value of Almsgiving.
36. Hence, the value of the query.
37. It does not return any value.
38. I accepted her at face value.
39. The Tangible Book value per.
40. The value of using that name.
41. The value the next year was 1.
42. What is the value of Insight?
43. I would value your company.
44. Nothing of great value anyway.
45. I truly do value the purity of.
46. Print Is the value of A;.
47. Print Is the value of A.
48. The appraised value is $10,500.
49. That is VFM = value for money.
50. It’s value lost in the taking.
51. In the case of customer value.
53. The value of exits during the.
54. It checks if the value in the.
55. Muhammad gave her the sex value.
56. I put a cash value on the CESRE.
57. Why? Because you value yourself.
58. See, that’s creating the value.
59. And it has a value of up to $400.
60. The device is of no value to us.
61. You will know the value of time.
62. Give every man more in use value.
63. We may assign a value to outcome.
64. Arming myself with value I asked.
65. Print A; Is the value of A.
66. A stock you own rockets in value.
67. You will be of great value to us.
68. It might even have antique value.
69. Value your children, and show it.
70. This value was at her core being.
71. Chemical Heating Value of a Fuel.
72. Do not take things at face value.
73. Thus the maximum value they are.
74. The value had continued to climb.
75. Its value is of approximately 313.
76. God created value with His tongue.
77. Many value systems spread then die.
78. Give value to this matter of dying.
79. Is the value of A Got it! Got it!.
80. This movement has predictive value.
81. The book value designates debt of.
82. The value of Π has two different.
83. Love the site and incredible value.
84. This is an amazing value you supply.
85. The dollar value of the commission.
86. When compared to the market value.
87. Here, we set the value of Greeting.
88. The value is based on knowing the.
89. What value did you have in mind?
90. To the extent that strategic value.
91. It's how I know the value of things.
92. The airplane was of value in itself.
93. Change the width value to 750 pixels.
94. I later realized the value of this.
95. Of no value to the west,.
1. It had a culture of VALUING YOUNG CHILDREN.
2. What Is It Worth? Valuing Assets, Earnings, and Companies.
3. The meaning given to long hair by the valuing context has.
4. The proof of humans valuing abstraction over actuality is obvious.
5. As a result there was no obvious way of valuing an internet company.
6. On the other hand, the net income approach to valuing a firm’s stock.
7. I have noted a return to hierarchy valuing of professionals in my area of.
8. The ultimate reason for us burying our dead comes from valuing our own tools.
9. They had come closer together, relying on and valuing each other's capacities.
10. You are not valuing who you are — a sacred soul doing a sacred job.
11. Student/investors are advised to take the most conservative approach to valuing a.
12. These two valuation models should be used as your main methods for valuing business.
13. If you are selling your time only, find a way of valuing it in terms of it’s worth.
14. The analysts were valuing the company at $400 million, but the stock kept on dropping.
15. This is the insanity of valuing the end-result of a dead tool-product of that creativity.
16. If you cannot understand a business or have a difficult time valuing it, then walk away.
17. It comes from people valuing self-gratification above all other moral and ethical truths.
18. It is a valuing of the past over the present and the future; and that is not intelligent.
19. The main complexity in valuing MBSs is the prepayment option given to mortgage borrowers.
20. At the peak price on day one, investors were valuing VA Linux’s shares at a total of $12.
21. However, there is another feature to investing than merely valuing securities conservatively.
22. The implications of the second and third factors in valuing a privilege are readily apparent.
23. We look at the securities analysis part of what we do in the way people look at valuing a bond.
24. Finally, valuing options requires numerous assumptions and thus opens the door to manipulation.
25. The parents were important too, but so many kids defied them as well, valuing their friends more.
26. Instead of valuing the product of the process, the process itself should be valued above all else.
27. All three had the same basic cultural values of honest hard work and the valuing of their children.
28. By early 2003, Qwest was around $4, valuing the entire company at less than $7 billion—a 90% loss.
29. The price-to-sales ratio is catching on as investors recognize its superiority over P/E for valuing stocks.
30. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) is the best method to use when valuing businesses with predictable free cash flows.
31. Millions of buyers and sellers haggling over price do a remarkably good job of valuing companies—on average.
32. Valuing assets and ascertaining recurring earnings in banks and insurance companies is an exercise fraught with peril.
33. To perform better than the S&P 500 index, Greenberg and his partners have had to do a superior job in valuing a company.
34. I’m not valuing the portfolio at the “current price” but at the “bid price” which is the one you have to sell at.
35. Since she is valuing someone who does not value himself, a significant amount of her loving feelings and energy is wasted.
36. Now you can understand then, if you have difficulty loving and valuing who you are, you will have difficulty loving people.
37. Depending on the perspective of the viewer, of course, but also on the valuing context within which the hypothetical little.
38. In the past few years, however, much attention has been given by practicing analysts to the problem of valuing growth stocks.
39. Often many option traders do not have access to VIX futures quotes and have a difficult time properly valuing VIX option contracts.
40. It will not return without doing something - unless of course you actually don't take it in; so it's all in valuing the word of God.
41. Finally, let us mention the choice between the FIFO (first-in-first-out) and LIFO (last-in-first-out) methods of valuing inventories.
42. This circularity is illustrative of the many complexities and difficulties in valuing mortgage-backed securities with prepayment options.
43. This can have disastrous effects emotionally and financially, which is why I try to focus on the worst case scenarios when valuing businesses.
44. A strong argument may be advanced in favor of valuing all preferred stocks on a uniform dividend basis, say 5%, unless callable at a lower figure.
45. In valuing assets, G&D seem to rely strictly on a classified balance sheet produced in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
46. We worship actors for pretending to feel something rather than valuing our own feelings: simply because we are too numb to feel our own actual feelings.
47. Rather than valuing the living process of being creative, they value the dead products of creativity and attach hierarchical values to these dead things.
48. The best explanation of the q ratio I have found in print appears in the book Valuing Wall Street by Andrew Smithers and Stephen Wright (McGraw-Hill, 2000).
49. Detesting my nightly occupation, though valuing, if I may so use the word, my independence, which only consisted in choosing the street in which I should.
50. We have a sophisticated, proprietary model that we have shown to be a source of alpha by valuing companies and judging where they are in their earnings cycles.
51. Aggregate corporate profit growth has better matched the long-run output growth rate than has the EPS growth rate, but only the latter matters for valuing the market.
52. If you want to learn more about Tobin’s q, I suggest you read Valuing Wall Street by Andrew Smithers and Stephen Wright, a book first published in 2000 by McGraw-Hill.
53. In the case of General Electric and Commercial Solvents the figures proclaim more than the bare fact that the market was valuing the shares at many times their book value.
54. By valuing success more than failure, by creating a fear of failure, we strangle our own willingness to ask questions, explore, fail, learn, change, grow and evolve as humans.
55. We believe our net worth, valuing bonds of all insurers at amortized cost, is the strongest relative to premium volume among all large property-casualty stockholderowned groups.
56. After all, when valuing whole businesses the standards of analysis and the decision considerations tend to be different from when trying to predict market prices for common stock.
57. All humans are genetically designed to be creative: yet rather than valuing the human experience-process of creating, humans value the end-result, instead of the enjoyable process.
58. As discussed in Chapter 4 when valuing a VIX option contract, the best underlying instrument to use when valuing a VIX option contract is the VIX future with the same expiration date.
59. Lydgate did not make the affair a ground for valuing himself or (very particularly) despising Minchin, such rectification of misjudgments often happening among men of equal qualifications.
60. And her smile and her glance— all told him that it was to him only she was addressing her words, valuing his good opinion, and at the same time sure beforehand that they understood each.
61. It was poisoned by worshipping and valuing and cherishing the written word more than Life itself, more than reality, more than all the life-experiences of every living human who ever lived.
62. Because of these repeated variations in relative behavior and popularity, security analysis must hesitate to prescribe any definitive rules for valuing one type of business as against another.
63. The receptive feeling for art of these people is atrophied, and in valuing artistic productions they must be guided by discussion and study, which discussion and study completely confuse them.
64. As you can see, I could have simply stopped by just valuing the business based on its book value, or modeled its future like most of Wall Street with the continued decline of natural gas prices.
65. Exercising a little self-restraint should not be considered a bad thing, but nowadays it is sometimes seen as an indication of not valuing yourself highly enough to get what you properly deserve.
66. The entire economy of there European harmers were based upon death: valuing death over life, valuing the ashes of dead trees over living trees: valuing destruction and death over Life and growth.
67. Without that wife he’d be contented with a simple life and house and car, valuing things for their beauty, efficiency, engineering excellence…not for how jealous their wife’s friends will be.
68. This chapter will begin with a quick review of VIX option pricing, specifically how the price of VIX futures contracts should be considered the correct underlying when valuing a VIX option contract.
69. I refer to our investment committee meetings as Fight Club, but there's a respectful way of valuing your colleagues while at the same time questioning every word that comes out of their mouths.
70. Financial theory has gone further, however, and has sought to estimate future earnings by projecting the past trend into the future and then used this projection as a basis for valuing the business.
71. The idea that an abstract concept or an abstract identity is more important than a living human being… the valuing of abstraction over the value of human life: is the insane result of civilization.
72. More accurately speaking, it was the common point of departure for valuing common stocks, so that an issue would have to be considered exceptionally desirable to justify a higher ratio, and conversely.
73. When an investor was able to take very much the same attitude in valuing shares of stock as in valuing his own business, he was dealing with concepts familiar to his individual experience and matured judgment.
74. Besides valuing and estimating that new, interesting and informative series, I would like to congratulate you, dear editor, for having reintroduced for the reader of your weekly newspaper the section Seven.
75. By valuing, in the same manner, such rents rather high, and consequently taxing them somewhat higher than common money-rents, a practice which is hurtful to the whole community, might, perhaps, be sufficiently discouraged.
76. Valuing a quarter of wheat in the present times at eight-and-twenty shillings, the real price of a yard of fine cloth must, in those times, have been equal to at least three pounds six shillings and sixpence of our present money.
77. Typical among these conventional views are those contained in the books Security Analysis;1 Accounting Principles;2 Corporate Financial Reporting in a Competitive Economy, by Herman Bevis;3 and Valuing a Company, by McCarthy and Healy.
78. He claimed that whichever basis you use for valuing the business would show that any price for Serner’s interest should be at least double what it was when the group went in, given the additional value and goodwill they’ve created.
79. Holding companies can overstate their apparent earning power by valuing at an unduly high price the stock dividends they receive from subsidiaries or by including in their income profits made from the sale of stock of subsidiary companies.
80. Can you imagine valuing the ashes of a living creature more than their living bodies?! and burning them just to make a profit to buy more of them to burn so create more devastation? Cutting thousand year-old trees for the ashes they could produce.
81. Fischer Black and Myron Scholes had not yet developed their famous formula for valuing stock options, and the products that now pervade the financial markets—options, interest rate futures, swaps, swaptions, and so on—were not fixtures in the financial markets.
82. There is really no way of valuing a high-growth company (with an expected rate above, say, 8% annually), in which the analyst can make realistic assumptions of both the proper multiplier for the current earnings and the expectable multiplier for the future earnings.
83. Valuing himself not a little upon his elegance, being indeed a proper man of person, this talkative now applied himself to his dress with animadversions of some heat upon the sudden whimsy of the atmospherics while the company lavished their encomiums upon the project he had advanced.
84. There is a common belief among many stockholders, lawyers, and much of the judiciary that stock market prices are the one realistic measure of value, and that the only way to tell how an investor is doing is by valuing his securities portfolio from time to time, even daily, based on stock market prices.
85. So we might say, that although the life of a good man is not to be compared to that of a bad man, yet you may measure the difference between them by valuing one minute of the one at an hour of the other ('One day in thy courts is better than a thousand'), or you might say that 'there is an infinite difference.
86. Caleb Garth, having little expectation and less cupidity, was interested in the verification of his own guesses, and the calmness with which he half smilingly rubbed his chin and shot intelligent glances much as if he were valuing a tree, made a fine contrast with the alarm or scorn visible in other faces when the.
87. In the face of the extraordinary bounty of the massive cedars, and valuing them primarily for making roofing shakes and shingles, the men who had cut them down had taken only the prime middle section of each, leaving behind long sections from the tops, where the branches were, and the bottoms, where the trunks began to flare out and the grain of the wood no longer ran perfectly straight and true.
88. Vladimir Vasilievitch Wolf was really un homme très comme il faut, and this quality he placed above all else; from the height of it he looked upon all other people, and could not help valuing this quality, because, thanks to it, he had gained a brilliant career—the same career he strove for; that is to say, through marriage he obtained a fortune, which brought him a yearly income of eighteen thousand rubles, and by his own efforts he obtained a senatorship.
89. This section on Axiology covers the three archetypes of valuing, namely Personal, Social,.
1. They valued him, of course.
2. Time is not a valued thing.
3. She valued Him above all else.
4. She is still his most valued.
5. The words pierced the valued.
6. I valued what was good in Mrs.
7. He valued him as a friend too.
8. I knew that he valued his jobs.
9. However, it is now valued at $4.
10. Everyone is valued and important.
11. Action Leading to Valued Outcomes.
12. I called on old and valued friends.
13. Her feelings felt valued and loved.
14. Overall, the deal is valued at $15.
15. It was their most valued possession.
16. Your husband will be rightly valued.
17. I was always valued as a good worker.
18. You'll yearn for what you'd not valued.
19. The enterprise itself was valued at $1.
20. The rarer it is, the more it is valued.
21. If we really valued the young members.
22. Amarillo Plant in 1981 and is a valued.
23. Williams valued the advice of his old.
24. Other choices were valued at nothin’!.
25. This membership access is valued at $197.
26. It says here he’s valued at $4,200.
27. Wealth is the abundance of things valued.
28. Hargrave is a valued part of their family.
29. Company, in a deal valued at $23 billion.
30. At that price, Brown Shoe was valued at 7.
31. Correspondingly, Flavors was valued at 10.
32. It felt that the world only valued it for.
33. And the Firm valued results above all else.
34. However, his partner will feel less valued.
35. They valued their heads too highly for that.
36. The years are valued differently amongst us.
37. Krodus was now valued at twelve hundred drig.
38. The apex is always valued more than the base.
39. They do not value God as He should be valued.
40. The offer valued Rohm and Haas' equity at $15.
41. Animals are more highly valued than children.
42. Barron knew Mort valued his business more than.
43. Surveyors valued the building at about £1 million.
44. Funny how much I valued that at the time, carried.
45. If you valued your staff and trust their judgment.
46. To help the company in being a valued representa-.
47. The Universe was working on a force valued at the.
48. Sincerity is without a doubt, a much valued virtue.
49. However, they remain our most valued personal assets.
50. He valued her friendship greatly, but this was just.
51. Lion kills by hunters were considered valued trophies.
52. The deal is valued at roughly £100 million per year.
53. She’s a dear, valued friend and a business partner.
54. I would have valued such a publication in my own youth.
55. The most valued of all is the truth about God and the.
56. His redeeming quality was that he valued a good friend.
57. So valued at the current offer price, we would be up 5%.
58. The most valued possessions humans had were their tools.
59. No one knows which industries will be valued in 2104.
60. One valued competition and the other valued co-operation.
61. It was several years later that I had it properly valued.
62. Rhinos are valued for their horns, which are made out of.
63. He felt that the more he valued her the less he loved her.
64. He told on all the servants, and Sharov valued him for it.
65. Cubs-children are not valued at all by the dominant males.
66. It had £25m in the bank and yet was only valued at £150m.
67. In spite of what happened, she still valued his friendship.
68. Traders blithely valued Sycamore’s shares at $15 billion.
69. Market valued this tiny business at a total of $25 billion.
70. But as much as I valued the gesture, I was also pretty sure.
71. The plant was valued for its medicinal uses in numbing pain.
72. The Orion animal women are too highly valued as a commodity.
73. Symbolizes that wisdom and knowledge were treated as valued.
74. Hell Ahmed, I thought you valued that collection of yours.
75. The virtues it valued revealed the vices that possessed it.
76. Which of the two he valued most, he sincerely could not tell.
77. She was a good worker and valued by her superiors apparently.
78. They valued and emphasized freedom because of the abuse they.
79. Children were not valued much beyond the value of their labor.
80. Any relic of the dead is precious, if they were valued living.
81. My granddaughter loved and respected me, and valued my wisdom.
82. If he valued them lower, he lost a part of the profit of his.
83. A stock is valued at the present value of dividends that are.
84. As of April 2013, Forbes valued Exxon Mobil (USA) at $44.
85. My mother had valued stupid things like virtue, education and.
86. Tolstoi valued his piano playing highly and loved it very much.
87. The futures contracts will be valued at $1,000 times the index.
88. But the Romans valued it highly, using it in many kinds of food.
89. God valued you, and He made provision for that to be dealt with.
90. Perhaps in an age where the conscious mind is so valued and the.
91. She had just lost the one thing she valued most: her credibility.
92. What is rare is valuable: what is most plentiful is least valued.
93. He loved her vitality and valued as a huge complement to his own.
94. One is moved to ask how could Presto possibly be valued at only 6.
95. He thought of Alexia and how little he had valued his time with her.
96. But no, even during the life of Jesus few people really valued Him.
97. It could be a sign that valuation and asset prices are fully valued.
98. But - preferred stock is not valued like the other equity components.
99. True, not all have valued them, nor have all had the power so to do.
100. He was bereft of the things he valued most: Truth, honor, friendship.
1. The Values of u and d.
2. The values of 55 and 1.
3. What are my core values?
4. Our values would then be.
5. As a nation we need values.
6. Enter the values you know.
7. The values described in Ch.
8. Now compare the above values.
9. Those values are put forth.
10. The values shown in Figure 4.
11. Now, let's create some values.
12. It goes against all my values.
13. That was the new family values.
14. Those are two excellent values.
15. Put their values into practice.
16. The two values must be integers.
17. Values That Supply the Being:.
18. A good friend will have values.
19. We can lift these values to a.
20. The Values of Ease and Hardship.
21. A field is a collection of values.
22. A man in my position values that.
23. Put option values therefore rise.
24. Values of tone drawing, the, 122.
25. Possible values are as follows:.
26. The values 7 and 00007 are equal.
27. Some of the U values are suspect.
28. You can have strong moral values.
29. Because strength values are lower.
30. Values of q substantially above 1.
31. And multiple values can be entered.
32. The product of the two values is 6.
33. Prices, Values, and the Value Zone.
34. He values it above a river of gold.
35. Substituting values into formula 2.
36. It's a merging of morals and values.
37. Hebrew letters have numerical values.
38. What did they know? Outdated values.
39. A = Acting in alignment with values.
40. Then the values of p and 1 – p are.
41. The core values of BCS are promoting.
42. These values are converted to colors.
43. They give values that are senseless.
44. Col1 will have some values and col2.
45. In case if we require the values in.
46. Values are what make you an individual.
47. You have a different set of values.
48. Natural hardship teaches human values.
49. This is reflected in their rho values.
50. These values are shown in Figure 19-8.
51. Long-term values don’t interest him.
52. If you don’t follow the values and.
53. What core values does this type have?
54. Whitespace in values is significant, i.
55. All values with a ninety-five percent.
56. Have a look at the above list of values.
57. AISD has developed its core values and.
58. His values lessened should he be…used.
59. All values are for at-the-money options.
60. Although delta values range from 0 to 1.
61. Values can be conscious and unconscious.
62. But it’s true she values water highly.
63. How does this fit with your core values?
64. All but 4 of the 60 have positive values.
65. The new values of p and 1 – p will be.
66. The hash values are compared as follows:.
67. Traditional values became part of the norm.
68. Values Based on Initial Rentals Misleading.
69. To visit their site to search values for.
70. Values are the essence of the organization.
71. If volatility is rising, the values are 0.
72. In gravity there are the two values that.
73. When you create values you become wealthy.
74. The values of a European call and put are.
75. What do you want to do with these values?
76. For these markets, implied values below 0.
77. In our example, the values must add up to.
78. The default values are 40 bars and 80 bars.
79. Quality products are the values to be paid.
80. The values of the at-the-money calls are 2.
81. But if we’re caught up in the values of.
82. The energy values of the basic types are:.
83. These values, held in common, can connect.
84. When two numeric values are compared using.
85. Further, no stop-loss values have been used.
86. Note the difference in the actual SAS values.
87. These values are: truth, freedom, love and.
88. One Hundred Years of Land Values in Chicago.
89. But, don’t change your values to fit the.
90. While there may be stated values, the real.
91. Property values were the only values they had.
92. Line 3 defines the display for missing values.
93. Civilized humans no longer have human values.
94. The Core Values of the JGI are the following:.
95. Cal Farley’s values transcend time and have.
96. Values and Interests are never (quite) settled.
97. Many times vision is also confused with values.
98. Uphold values that are great life’s support.
99. Contained by his values, he was released from.
100. Otherwise they will contain the garbage values.

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