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  1. The man giggled in his venomous way.
  2. These flowers were venomous to the touch.
  3. This venomous mutual assault went on and on.
  4. This matched with the venomous anger that.
  5. I swung around and shot him a venomous look.

  6. Long Fei was surrounded by tens of venomous snakes.
  7. Cap’n reiterated his venomous view of the situation.
  8. He could now distinctly hear their hissing, venomous.
  9. I was anaesthetised with a far more venomous fear that.
  10. Well, he happened across a snake—a venomous snake.
  11. Some fish are dangerous and all sea snakes are venomous.
  12. The venomous Toadfish, Stonefish and Zebrafish are edible.
  13. She put her hands on her hips and gave me a venomous look.
  14. Venomous spines on back and gills produce disabling pain.
  15. The last word sounded unusually venomous for the good doctor.

  16. The hiss of a venomous serpent considering whether to strike.
  17. She could easily have told the doctor the name of the venomous.
  18. There was no mercy for her; a fierce mistress and venomous master.
  19. Timing was all-important when dealing with this large venomous creature.
  20. Pueng later informed me that the snake was a ‘Sing’ and is venomous.
  21. Venomous spines in the tail can inflict severe, sometimes fatal, injury.
  22. It was always Bolsheviks, and she hissed the word with venomous loathing.
  23. See how dark and murky they run? Only venomous reptiles live in that river.
  24. The dorsal fins on this fish are venomous so we need to handle them with care.
  25. A core rationalization for the venomous Democratic hatred of president George W.

  26. Whether because Frodo was so worn by his long pains, wound of knife, and venomous.
  27. Much has been said and written about antidotes to the venomous bites of snakes, and Mr.
  28. That police lieutenant was also quite venomous about his opinion of Spacers in general.
  29. Jenny Kryss was venomous, you would have killed him if he hadn’t already offed himself.
  30. Won't he? Then why are you dressed up like that? said Rakitin, with a venomous sneer.
  31. But this reptile was venomous; he saw the great fangs, a foot long, curved like scimitars.
  32. Suzhymahga darted a venomous look at one of the Temple Guardsmen and Khapahr shook his head.
  33. Agrippa seemed infuriated at what the machine had just said and spat back a venomous reply:.
  34. He didn’t say anything, just stared at Cordus, shot me a venomous glance, then stalked out.
  35. If she hated me before, now I’d be living rent free in her head; every last venomous thought.
  36. We would rock ourselves to sleep on bedrock, gladly eat dry bread, shun money as if it were venomous.
  37. Hence, too, the poet likens it to a toad, ugly and venomous, which bears a precious jewel in his head.
  38. He accepted the dagger as if it were a venomous snake, unlocked the gate, and trotted into the courtyard.
  39. It gave her the same cold, venomous stare she had seen just before from the man in the nightmarish vision.
  40. While not an overly talkative sort, the little he did say often involved a venomous indictment of the Thalmor.
  41. There are very venomous snakes in this region and sometimes they get into such openings in rocks as this one.
  42. The haunting thought of the black widows he’d exterminated in the basement kindled within him a venomous dread.
  43. In her last moments, she spoke with a venomous quality that reminded me of snake bites and show-biz journalists:.
  44. I tell you frankly, that thought, that venomous thought, so possessed my heart that it almost swooned with suspense.
  45. They are comfortable in the trees, on land, and in water, feeding mainly on other snakes, venomous and non-venomous.
  46. Henry started to walk towards the stairs and he looked back with venomous eyes--but his father never even looked up.
  47. Go on then, have your way with me! Isn’t that what you’d like? she said with a taunting, yet venomous voice.
  48. Why, so as not to lay waste the country we were abandoning to the enemy, said Prince Andrew with venomous irony.
  49. I bet we were the only family in America to have a serious heart-to-heart interrupted by a search for venomous spiders.
  50. To our disbelief, the person who killed Herman Fanjoy used venomous injections from rattlesnake and black mamba venom.
  51. The hopeless slave of the San Tome silver felt at these words the venomous fangs of jealousy biting deep into his heart.
  52. The cone shells Toxoglossa, for example, of Pacific and Caribbean coasts, have a venomous sting like a hypodermic needle.
  53. Hatred always forgets that its venomous shafts, falling round its intended victim, spring up as legions of supporters for him.
  54. As I approached the portals I could hear loud voices raised, for mingled with the pert, venomous accents of De Griers were Mlle.
  55. Similar attacks, equally venomous, occur in areas other than confirmation hearings as well, frequently regarding self-made blacks.
  56. It seemed as if there could be no resisting it; as though I should act like a bug, like a venomous spider, without a spark of pity.
  57. The lion tried to aid the others but was kept at bay by venomous snakes that threatened to pierce his ankles with their deadly fangs.
  58. Though not venomous, there are other fish with dangerously sharp spines, which are not always easy to detect, except at close quarters.
  59. Guns: See also Arrows: Spoken words that wound; to bring a charge against the elect; malicious and venomous speaking; power of words in.
  60. They were such ferocious entities that breathed out venomous fumes and left a furnace wherever they stepped their heavy and rugged foot.
  61. Greetings! she shouted out, she stopped smiling when she felt the need of a shield to block the venomous stares from Bilo and Preeti.
  62. Why do you try to talk as we do when you haven’t a notion how to do it? I would seem to ask him with my most venomous and quizzing smile.
  63. He carried a walking stick, its principle use being to ward off venomous snakes that were accidently disturbed by the passing of the goats and him.
  64. He fired off a couple of shots, eliciting a response of wild gunfire in the air from his men who cheered and eyed the sisters with venomous stares.
  65. Samson crawled to shore hugging his throbbing arm, his body joining its violated member in rebellion against the venomous invasion caused by the bite.
  66. He could feel its venomous eyes staring at him from somewhere hidden in the room and soon he would flush it into the open and cut it off at the head.
  67. She slowly advanced to where Sam had stood, venomous hatred coursing through her; it was as though Philippe were standing right there, in front of her.
  68. Dave's sweater, vomit-soaked, floated toward me as a venomous wave breached our hatches and sloshed toward my bunk, but I had no strength to pull it on.
  69. As I was approaching Dejah Thoris' chariot I passed Sarkoja, and the black, venomous look she accorded me was the sweetest balm I had felt for many hours.
  70. But by the side of and above the philosophers, there were the sophists, a venomous vegetation mingled with a healthy growth, hemlock in the virgin forest.
  71. Knowing time conservation was essential, he scoured the lab cabinets for any venomous extractions, one's that could be readily used for anti-venom treatments.
  72. He began calmly, gloating beforehand over the venomous phrases he was about to utter, but finished, panting for breath, in a frenzy, as he had been with Luzhin.
  73. They were both killed in a meadow, and one of them while sleeping coiled up near a fence; a slight stroke of a rod was sufficient, as usual with venomous snakes.
  74. Now and then, as he made an assertion, he shot a venomous glance at his opponent, who seemed to be slumbering deeply, with the same broad, happy smile upon his face.
  75. Sitting under a tree on the kerb of a walkway I was unaware of a small, about two thirds of a metre, but highly venomous snake moving along the gutter towards my feet.
  76. Will's father noted the muscles cord along the arms, roping and unroping themselves with a writhe like the puff adders and sidewinders doubtless inked and venomous there.
  77. While idly absorbing the lively, cosmopolitan ambience of Plaza Del Sol I was accosted by a woman who, covering the eyes of her two young offspring, hurled venomous abuse.
  78. The experiment which led to this result was induced by the supposition that the venomous liquid might be an acid, which opinion was, in some degree, justified by the event.
  79. They had not gone more than a few yards when from behind them came a sound, startling and horrible in the heavy padded silence: a gurgling, bubbling noise, and a long venomous hiss.
  80. She was dry, rough, peevish, sharp, captious, almost venomous; all this in memory of her monk, whose widow she was, and who had ruled over her masterfully and bent her to his will.
  81. How spine- tingling and menacing it is that this snake, which is among the most venomous on the planet, when fully grown can literally "stand up" and look an adult human in the eye.
  82. She thought of Tara and remembered Jonas Wilkerson, venomous as a rattler, at the foot of the front steps, and she grasped at the last straw floating above the shipwreck of her life.
  83. White on white is ferocious; if the lily could speak, what a setting down it would give the dove! A bigoted woman prating of a devout woman is more venomous than the asp and the cobra.
  84. Some jellyfish are not venomous but beware—size is not an indication of potency! If stung do NOT pull the tentacles off or wipe away the slime with your hand—you will only get stung more.
  85. After the rattlesnake, the copper-head snake is the most dreaded in the northern states, being the next largest venomous snake: he is also more common in the cold parts, where the former is very rare.
  86. Most venomous fish: Stonefish (family Synanceiidae), notably Synanceia horrida; has the largest venom glands of any known fish, and contact with poisonous spines of its fins can prove fatal.
  87. At up to 3 m (9 ft 10 in) long and weighing as much as 70 kg (154 lb 5 oz), the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is both the largest venomous lizard and the largest species of venomous land animal.
  88. Why did I even in Moscow picture you as menacing, magnificent, using venomous drawing-room phrases ? Yes, even before I left Moscow, I used to talk with Marie Ivanovna about you, and imagined what you must be like.
  89. That beauty, according to our sense of it, is not universal, must be admitted by every one who will look at some venomous snakes, at some fishes, and at certain hideous bats with a distorted resemblance to the human face.
  90. The grizzled old Stormcloak’s deeply running hatred for Imperials was common knowledge and even those in the area who were sympathetic to the Legion had learned to brush off his venomous words when spat in their direction.
  91. As food and clothing grew scarcer and prices rose higher In those early days of 1864, no newspaper could be opened that did not carry scathing and higher, the public outcry against the speculators grew louder and more venomous.
  92. Their venom is not the most potent among venomous snakes, but the amount of neurotoxin they can deliver in a single bite, up to two-tenths of a fluid ounce (seven millilitres), is enough to kill twenty people, or even an elephant.
  93. Fortunately the lordly tiger seldom met us in an aggressive mood, but we had several experiences with "Old Stripes," nevertheless—at long range; and we were constantly stumbling over squeaking pigs and venomous reptiles of many kinds.
  94. Golyadkin senior a poke in his rather prominent stomach, and with a most venomous and suggestive smile said to him: You’re mischievous brother Yakov, you are mischievous! We’ll be sly, you and I, Yakov Petrovitch, we’ll be sly.
  95. He is ingenious and unresting in seeking to gain my abhorrence! I sometimes wonder at him with an intensity that deadens my fear: yet, I assure you, a tiger or a venomous serpent could not rouse terror in me equal to that which he wakens.
  96. Do you feel a creeping, shrinking sensation, Watson, when you stand before the serpents in the Zoo and see the slithery, gliding, venomous creatures, with their deadly eyes and wicked, flattened faces? Well, that's how Milverton impresses me.
  97. Do you feel a creeping, shrinking sensation, Watson, when you stand before the serpents in the Zoo, and see the slithery, gliding, venomous creatures, with their deadly eyes and wicked, flattened faces? Well, that's how Milverton impresses me.
  98. I was dreadfully afraid it would sting me; somebody had told me, I thought, that it was venomous; but what tormented me most of all was the wondering and wondering as to who had sent it into my room, and what was the mystery which I felt it contained.
  99. It appears that they are killed much easier than the innocent snakes; these are often seen to revive after an apparent death, and do not really die until the next sunset; while venomous snakes do not easily revive, particularly if the head is slightly bruised.
  100. It is a much more probable view that the rattlesnake uses its rattle, the cobra expands its frill and the puff-adder swells while hissing so loudly and harshly, in order to alarm the many birds and beasts which are known to attack even the most venomous species.

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