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Venture numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was, I venture to.
  2. Fish venture into the shal-.
  3. This venture was to be based.
  4. Maybe it was a family venture.
  5. The venture lasted until 1855.

  6. At a venture he chose the left.
  7. On a venture Conan imitated it.
  8. The man would venture forth to.
  9. Not that I venture to criticize.
  10. I would venture to say that.
  11. Half cannot even venture a guess.
  12. He has no venture in the present.
  13. Allowing The Youngest To Venture.
  14. Nothing Venture, Nothing Have, 63.
  15. None at all, now, I’d venture.

  16. At week six we decided to venture.
  17. It was too dangerous to venture out.
  18. You need to venture out and explore.
  19. Venture out further and explore the.
  20. Well, that's a pretty noble venture.
  21. Only now did Joshua venture a glance.
  22. I would venture to say you’d be.
  23. Only the exceptional venture has the.
  24. Severa!will not venture out at night.
  25. And then there’s his latest venture.

  26. Marilla knew nothing about the venture.
  27. My ship is the first joint venture.
  28. We venture to hope that we see it coming.
  29. While on this business venture, I called.
  30. Gods for the start of a business venture.
  31. But one that fails to venture never gains.
  32. These other ezines are you JOINT VENTURE.
  33. While planning to start a new venture the.
  34. I shall hardly venture to complain to Mr.
  35. Venture within and consult with Siegemunde.
  36. As Venture Capitalists they also had their.
  37. There are twists and turns in such a venture.
  38. Christine was the first to venture an answer.
  39. So, Venture Finance Fund acquired its first.
  40. But the darkness is not due to their venture.
  41. The British Venture Capital Association was.
  42. May we venture within your private domain?
  43. I was going to venture out into that crowd?
  44. By the end of March, we had yet to venture to.
  45. What a fool I am! This new venture unmans me.
  47. There are many who venture along the path of.
  48. Only now did Joshua venture a glance backward.
  49. Venture to the east with my blessing you must.
  50. Verse would hardly venture it, prose must not.
  51. I venture that not one would speak against her.
  52. You had no idea that the venture would succeed.
  53. And they said, Do not venture out in the heat.
  54. Every entrepreneurial venture is founded on the.
  55. This is where the power of joint venture comes.
  56. No matter how many times she had to venture into.
  57. It’s always such an awkward venture, she mused.
  58. To venture into the wild, they should expect to.
  59. A business partnership or joint venture is likely.
  60. The courage to venture into town hadn't come easy.
  61. I couldn’t even venture a guess, Josh stated.
  62. Let us venture within the City of the Ghoul Trolls.
  63. Then why did you venture to the gypsy camp?
  64. It was his first venture into cyber space that day.
  65. They venture out into a world that is immense and.
  66. Thus I could not now venture to Twickenham with Mr.
  67. Days passed by and I started to venture around with.
  68. Never venture out to remind the world of what he did.
  69. It had been a successful venture for them and they.
  70. As a budding venture capitalist it was a double blow.
  71. There are other types (joint venture, bridging, etc).
  72. It was, after all, a whaling venture and a business.
  73. Each member of the venture obtains something from it.
  74. It must have been a very successful venture to have.
  75. I venture up the stairs that spiral to a second floor.
  76. You say that you have another venture to discuss?
  77. Jess helped out with another venture, the Wunderbug.
  78. For the time being, we'll venture out only during the.
  79. In case—if you should venture to ask her a question.
  80. Investors normally believe that a successful venture.
  81. For this confidence, therefore, I will venture to hope.
  82. Also, if she must venture out, don’t try to stop her.
  83. Let us venture east to the mountains on the horizon.
  84. Problem is, this will have to be a joint venture as I.
  85. Athithigva did not want Sati to venture into the forest.
  86. It is the area of greatest risk to the emerging venture.
  87. I’ve tried to lay the foundation for such a venture.
  88. Religion was, and still is, a highly profitable venture.
  89. As always before a new venture I came close to quitting.
  90. I'm a cat who 'loves' to venture out into the real world.
  91. I continued as Managing Director of the Venture Finance.
  92. Versilov (for this once I will venture to be quite open).
  93. Cut your teeth on the YM, then venture into deeper waters.
  94. In fact, I might venture to say it’s the least fun play.
  95. She was silent, nor could I venture to repeat the question.
  96. He would venture out just about every day in search of a.
  97. This imperialistic venture would not require assimilation.
  98. A business partnership or joint venture can happen as well.
  99. We should venture upward with caution, Fangoz offered.
  100. Seth started to venture into the water, but Evan’s words.
  1. As if venturing into another.
  2. If you’re venturing into this.
  3. Venturing into this neighborhood is a risk.
  4. Venturing out of the abandoned building became an.
  5. Midgar, venturing north towards the gateway to Sector7.
  6. Neither do I! Venturing into the city is beyond stupid.
  7. When venturing into the unknown, be wise in word and deed.
  8. I move toward her, venturing into the circuits between us.
  9. They may cling to the home, fearful of venturing anywhere else.
  10. Now he was venturing into operations that fell foul of the law.
  11. Yankee merchant or whaling ship venturing on the high seas was.
  12. Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres to.
  13. In that direction gazed the young men, not venturing to approach.
  14. So one more thing to do before venturing up to the advanced ter-.
  15. Never venturing out, to find out what was going on around the place.
  16. Many investors are scared of venturing into the world of commodities.
  17. I had no intentions of venturing out with Sher waiting to devour me.
  18. The marshals stood behind him not venturing to distract his attention.
  19. This looks good, Maggie said, venturing to look Huss in the face.
  20. He remained, therefore, mute and motionless, hardly venturing to breathe.
  21. Mia waited until after all the food was eaten before venturing into more.
  22. Lope, the Professor said, you are venturing into areas of reality.
  23. To them, venturing so deep into the heartland of the Unity was yet another chance.
  24. Wearing the coat meant her mom was venturing outside, and that was all that mattered.
  25. Ito was staying near the second row’s brazier instead of venturing out into the cold.
  26. After which she got up and went out of the room, without venturing to say another word.
  27. For the past three days he had been confined to Brigit’s flat, not venturing outside.
  28. Filled with youthful impetuousness, he was violating the Council’s will by venturing out alone.
  29. Serena said that you and she are in class together? she asked, venturing on to safer ground.
  30. But, as his sense of decency resisted his instinct from venturing, he was gripped with expectation.
  31. And I was still not willing to push the envelope by venturing out on my own just to test the waters.
  32. Venturing out into the hallway, she caught the faint hum of Zac's blood somewhere on the manor grounds.
  33. Disrobing in public is a crime, but the cyclists disrobed before venturing out and would not be charged.
  34. She felt his hands slip under her shirt, venturing her lower back as she ran her hands through his hair.
  35. She decided on annoyed, when he said, Did we discuss the dangers of venturing off in the woods alone?
  36. All the crew understand that after venturing through European waters, they’ll be heading back to the Pacific.
  37. That’s what I fear most about venturing in alone – being seen as an intruder and, in some eyes, as a pervert.
  38. But was torpedoed en route by a British submarine and had to turn back, never venturing to sea operationally again.
  39. The following short years left of her life were spent alone, only venturing out to attend church, three times a week.
  40. A group of men were leaving the great hall, pausing long enough to pull up their hoods before venturing out into the rain.
  41. Hal tried to imagine the three adults wearing strange suits and masks and venturing out across the water, through the fog.
  42. It’s not that hard, I remonstrated, a trifle irritated that he was trying to discourage her from venturing a guess.
  43. He thinks things through very thoroughly and is not afraid to sit back and ask questions and discuss points before venturing on.
  44. Most versions relate the Klaxworms as the drug overlords who were collectively assassinated after venturing out of their hide-out.
  45. Additionally, the trip to the Port of Limon was coastal, never venturing into international waters where US Coast Guard vessels operated.
  46. I had warned them against venturing far from the plaza for fear of the great white apes, whose ferocity I was only too well acquainted with.
  47. It is interesting to note that women are venturing into all sorts of businesses these days because of the need to climb the corporate ladder.
  48. This book is long enough dealing with expected returns without venturing into the art and science of portfolio construction and risk management.
  49. Carefully, like a tiny Earth creature venturing out into the savage wilderness, I poked my head above my hiding place to see what had happened.
  50. Therefore check out laws and legal processes of the country where traveling before taking that romantic plunge associated with faraway venturing.
  51. After years of putting on a macho front by venturing out in t-shirts and chinos in the depths of winter, fashionable overcoats were all the rage.
  52. We met up with them just as they were dropping their kids off to college and venturing off on a three-month trip to Ecuador, Peru, and the Bahamas.
  53. After graduating from Oklahoma A&M in 1951, Pickens worked for Phillips Petroleum before venturing out on his own as a wildcatter in search of oil.
  54. It means venturing out in many directions all at the same time, and I wonder if your friend didn’t find himself in the throes of some sort of upheaval.
  55. There were people along the entire length of the road and most of them were simply standing there, staring, although some of them were venturing into the woods.
  56. So, while current sunblocks only block out the UVB rays and still let in harmful UVA rays, it is still wise to cover up before venturing into the hands of Apollo.
  57. When he had gone about forty feet he found the entrance to another passage; but before venturing to explore it he carefully drew up the ladder as it had been before.
  58. Thus she lay in absolute stillness, scarcely venturing to breathe, and, wondering what he was going to do with her, suffered herself to be borne out upon the landing.
  59. I mean that I would begin the process of becoming a nudist by first venturing outdoors without a scarf and then an undershirt, following which I would discard my socks.
  60. The quaint pension where they had spent their honeymoon, occasionally venturing out to see the sights, but more often than not, spending time lying in each other's arms.
  61. I had the patience to sit like a fool beside these people for four hours at a stretch, listening to them without knowing what to say to them or venturing to say a word.
  62. To observe individual facts carefully, patiently, accurately, with all the instruments and resources at their command, before venturing upon a statement of general laws.
  63. But to admit to herself that this old gossip was venturing to pity her and almost to protect her, knowing that he was doing her honour by his presence, was very vexatious.
  64. But then some of my parents’ friends had lost a relative in gunfire so they went to the house to offer prayers of condolences even though nobody was really venturing out.
  65. The business begins expanding and venturing into geographic areas that currently sport elevated rent and real estate prices (not to mention uncertainty of new rule-of-law).
  66. Aaron paused just inside the cover of the trees, feeling that he had forgotten something, that maybe he should’ve called someone before venturing in after a mysterious music.
  67. He didn’t relish the idea of venturing into the thick woods, so he transformed back into his human body and stood in the center of the clearing, feeling extremely vulnerable.
  68. Picture those early navigators venturing forth in sailboats built from planks lashed together with palm–tree ropes, caulked with powdered resin, and coated with dogfish grease.
  69. Pyotr Stepanovitch knew no doubt that he was running some risk in venturing on such sallies, but when he was excited he preferred to risk anything rather than to remain in uncertainty.
  70. John alone after this communication, I felt tempted to inquire if the event distressed him: but he seemed so little to need sympathy, that, so far from venturing to offer him more, I.
  71. He stayed in that room for nearly a story’s length before venturing out again, the same mantra ringing in his ears: he has good reason; he is sworn to protect his people; he has good reason.
  72. The venturing of capital into new businesses is essential to American progress, but no substantial contribution to the upbuilding of the country has ever been made by new ventures publicly financed.
  73. But when their love for adventure made them think in terms of venturing into the forbidden avenues of human joys, they began searching for a suitable couple to make it a foursome for a fulsome life.
  74. Besides, they would have been alive to the problems logistics pose in fighting wars far off from their Afghan backyards, and so desisted from venturing farther into the grand landmass that is Hindustan.
  75. Thenardier had withdrawn discreetly, without venturing to wish him a good night, as he did not wish to treat with disrespectful cordiality a man whom he proposed to fleece royally the following morning.
  76. What did it mean, falling at his feet like that? Was it symbolic or what? said Fyodor Pavlovitch, suddenly quieted and trying to reopen conversation without venturing to address anybody in particular.
  77. The Argus was a small sturdy ship, typical of those trading-craft which ply between the ports of Zingara and Argos and the southern coasts, hugging the shoreline and seldom venturing far into the open ocean.
  78. I found one or two places where we might set a trap for them! Benjamin was venturing as Yigal rode up and breathlessly announced, They are not more than three leagues behind me, but they move slowly.
  79. But, yet, how could he call it quits well before venturing into any? Wouldn’t that lead to a life of frustration? Better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all, after all that was the conventional wisdom.
  80. Adèle now petitioned to go down; but I took her on my knee, and gave her to understand that she must not on any account think of venturing in sight of the ladies, either now or at any other time, unless expressly sent for: that Mr.
  81. But when successful investors talk about ideas that have gone awry, one key reason often cited has been venturing into an industry, company, or market situation with which they don't have experience or don't yet have a full command.
  82. Philander and Clayton, with Lieutenant Charpentier and two of his brother officers, while Esmeralda hovered in the background, ever and anon venturing opinions and comments with the freedom of an old and much-indulged family servant.
  83. And while Reagan made a point of venturing into the water for his swim, aware that photographers down the beach were capturing the moment, his vigorous session of backstroke and freestyle alongside his Secret Service bodyguard was brief.
  84. Without venturing to turn on his light the Fakir started for the rope-ladder; every few paces he paused to listen; he appeared extremely suspicious, for at times he would halt for three or four minutes and was constantly feeling his revolver.
  85. Those who have inherited great wealth, and have always been used to it, get into the habit of looking upon the mass of mankind as inferiors, and move about with no greater sense of peril than a man has in venturing among a lot of dogs with tails wagging.
  86. But, before venturing to make the revelation, dubious Tess indirectly sounded the dairyman as to its possible effect upon Mr Clare, by asking the former if Mr Clare had any great respect for old county families when they had lost all their money and land.
  87. When they arrived at the stable that smelled of damp hay and frightened animals, after venturing about thirty or forty yards in the driving rain and howling wind, their clothes were already thoroughly drenched, making the need for ponchos diminish greatly.
  88. But if you want to make up for it and say something very clever, dear mamma, you'd better tell our honored visitor, Alexey Fyodorovitch, that he has shown his want of wit by venturing to us after what happened yesterday and although every one is laughing at him.
  89. He came up to where there was a dog, and examining it very carefully without venturing to let the stone fall, he said: "This is a lurcher; ware!" In short, all the dogs he came across, be they mastiffs or terriers, he said were lurchers; and he discharged no more stones.
  90. That Lucy was disposed to be jealous of her appeared very probable: it was plain that Edward had always spoken highly in her praise, not merely from Lucy's assertion, but from her venturing to trust her on so short a personal acquaintance, with a secret so confessedly and evidently important.
  91. I am saved! said I to myself, venturing a long breath, as I stood on the steps of Galloway’s establishment, where hourly was transacted business vitally affecting the welfare of scores of millions of human beings, with James Galloway’s personal interest as the sole guiding principle.
  92. That Lucy was disposed to be jealous of her appeared very probable: it was plain that Edward had always spoken highly in her praise, not merely from Lucy’s assertion, but from her venturing to trust her on so short a personal acquaintance, with a secret so confessedly and evidently important.
  93. At one time he thought he was saved, for he heard the brigadier exclaim in a loud voice, to the two gendarmes, "He is not here!" But venturing to peep, he perceived that the latter, instead of retiring, as might have been reasonably expected upon this announcement, were watching with increased attention.
  94. Venturing one day to substitute deeds for words, he turned up his cuffs, seized a plasterer's board, and having loaded his trowel without mishap, with a complacent look toward the lathing overhead, made a bold gesture thitherward; and straightway, to his complete discomfiture, received the whole contents in his ruffled bosom.
  95. But the greater the success which men have achieved in the inductive science, the more does the whole tenor of their teachings and example impress us with the necessity of observing carefully, patiently, accurately, with all the instruments and resources at our command the individual facts before venturing upon a statement of general laws.
  96. And, without listening to the chemist, who was still venturing the hypothesis, "It is perhaps a salutary paroxysm," Canivet was about to administer some theriac, when they heard the cracking of a whip; all the windows rattled, and a post-chaise drawn by three horses abreast, up to their ears in mud, drove at a gallop round the corner of the market.
  97. She was invested, indeed, with the office of judge and critic, and earnestly desired to exercise it and tell them all their faults; but from doing so every feeling within her shrank, she could not, would not, dared not attempt it: had she been otherwise qualified for criticism, her conscience must have restrained her from venturing at disapprobation.
  98. She was invested, indeed, with the office of judge and critic, and earnestly desired to exercise it and tell them all their faults; but from doing so every feeling within her shrank—she could not, would not, dared not attempt it: had she been otherwise qualified for criticism, her conscience must have restrained her from venturing at disapprobation.
  99. For, whilst he has adhered to the structure of versification adopted in the original, and in some parts has given its sense with remarkable accuracy, in others he has been less fortunate; and in venturing to change the Trinitarian faith of Derjavin to suit his own notions of the unity of the Supreme Being, he has taken a liberty with his author which cannot but be deemed unwarrantable.
  100. I have very little to tell about what then happened, it could be that pushed by the newly acquired courage for the exaltation of the spirit, or that the cowardice, weary of dwell under my reverie, decide to dress up for the first time under the guise of the fearlessness and venturing in full for the distant roads of the audacity, the truth is that without thinking about it, I kissed him.
  1. I ventured back into the Hab.
  2. This time he ventured forth.
  3. I ventured onto the platform.
  4. Then again, he ventured in a.
  5. Yes, I have ventured into.
  6. I ventured to explain to him.
  7. He ventured off for a moment.
  8. At last I ventured to open them.
  9. Few travellers ventured this way.
  10. I ventured into the trailer today.
  11. After I had done, I ventured on.
  12. Doug ventured a few steps inside.
  13. We ventured into the great chamber.
  14. It was obvious they ventured out.
  15. Then one day he ventured into an.
  16. When he ventured to peep into the.
  17. At last he ventured a slight laugh.
  18. They have ventured onward prudently.
  19. He saw Oak nod again and ventured on.
  20. He ventured a guess for an answer:.
  21. At last he ventured to lift his eyes.
  22. That’s it? the reporter ventured.
  23. He ventured to peep into the next room.
  24. Left behind by the bus? I ventured.
  25. When she ventured a glance, he was pale.
  26. Occasionally, someone ventured by, but.
  27. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  28. First Of Those Who Fight ventured a remark.
  29. Together they ventured to the second floor.
  30. Is there any reason that-- I ventured.
  31. It was his haven and he hadn’t ventured.
  32. Who knows? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  33. Several others ventured to give their advice.
  34. Could we build a screen? ventured Carla.
  35. He ventured a question, this time more softly.
  36. And Razumihin ventured to look more boldly at.
  37. And that’s where I come in? she ventured.
  38. For the first time she ventured to look at him.
  39. Can I ask you something? Aglaral ventured.
  40. He ventured into a building that seemed familiar.
  41. One day I ventured to explore this unknown waste.
  42. She'd never quite ventured that far out, so she.
  43. After a few more amazing pictures, we ventured on.
  44. Presque rapidly ventured back to the United States.
  45. Oh what the hell, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  46. I had been there often but never ventured farther.
  47. She left the fire and ventured out into the storm.
  48. OW that you’ve just ventured through some of the.
  49. It was there that that Matthew and Sean ventured to.
  50. I ventured close to them, but not so close as Floy.
  51. You would be a beautiful bride, Jerry ventured.
  52. And what about the filing cabinets, he ventured.
  53. Ty ventured, not sure of his place when Regis, the.
  54. Over the hill and into the berry patch she ventured.
  55. And those are all RPs? the Elf ventured further.
  56. After a pause, Timothy ventured, The Homecoming's on.
  57. The next morning I ventured out only when the sun.
  58. She even ventured to uplift her voice once more:—.
  59. And head-biting? ventured the Lord of the Trolls.
  60. Warrener ventured into the conversation with more ease.
  61. Darkness pursued him quickly as he ventured out of the.
  62. He ventured warily onto the bridge of the vessel, but.
  63. Once or twice he ventured out into the street, looking.
  64. For the next four hours, he ventured through these sites.
  65. And the sergeant ventured out of the post with cautious.
  66. A storm? she ventured timidly, afraid of being wrong.
  67. None of the trolls had ventured down here for centuries.
  68. Cleo was shocked that Deneb ventured to do such a thing.
  69. Nothing, he ventured, that any of them could do about it.
  70. Batistuta ventured down the al eyway, where McClure was.
  71. The few brave souls who ventured out to the graveyard on.
  72. It was late evening and Roger ventured out at some point.
  73. The heart ventured at daybreak, went searching with sail;.
  74. He ventured toward one of the moveable wooden spiral steps.
  75. Maybe that was what he had in the box, Sandra ventured.
  76. What the Hell, I thought, Nothing Ventured, nothing gained.
  77. As I ventured into the next phase of my healing, I really.
  78. Most of them will never be able to stop, Brian ventured.
  79. While you were having fun with the natives, I ventured off.
  80. It was during a midday rest when I finally ventured to say.
  81. At the end of the alley he ventured a quick look behind him.
  82. Proclaiming to work on a new novel he ventured to Washington.
  83. I think the CEO might have the hots for me, I ventured.
  84. They ventured no information on the thieves or their motive.
  85. They both ventured back into the creamy coloured forest, it.
  86. Nevertheless he overcame his misgivings and ventured inside.
  87. After thinking about it for a moment, Mark ventured an answer.
  88. She did not object to the more audacious caresses I ventured.
  89. The Hindu people ventured more easterly and laid roots down.
  90. Let's go, he said, and the two ventured forth into the.
  91. It could mean the kidnapper is inexperienced, I ventured.
  92. She ventured out to the kitchen after breakfast and found Mrs.
  93. To neither Felix nor Cuthbert had he ventured to mention Tess.
  94. He even ventured into small states like Arunachal and Manipur.
  95. Mikey ventured in our direction and positioned himself on the.
  96. Thank you Ms Gibson, Hal said, and he ventured into the.
  97. This is going to be interesting for Dominex, she ventured.
  98. I haven't ventured to introduce them before, but here they are.
  99. They sat quietly for a spell, and then Ravan ventured carefully.
  100. As they ventured towards the Reactor head, their attention was.
  1. But as we have seen, ventures.
  2. And of my ventures, those alone.
  3. Joint Ventures are a wonderful way.
  4. It was one of his few happy ventures.
  5. He leads now in all perilous ventures.
  6. Buying stock in new or virtually new ventures.
  7. You are exploring new ventures and new methods.
  8. Zeke just shrugs, but Christina ventures a guess.
  9. These are great opportunities for joint ventures.
  10. If you set out to invest only in ventures which.
  11. That all colonies should be profit-making ventures.
  12. So your first choices for joint ventures should be.
  13. He casually ventures across the gangplank to meet her.
  14. Ventures that fail end up being closed down and the.
  15. To do joint ventures, you must have one of two things.
  16. The best ventures are based on a dramatic change in.
  17. There’s no need to be too subtle with joint ventures.
  18. This indicates business partnerships or joint ventures.
  19. She ventures into the crowd, mindful of her surroundings.
  20. The truth about our corporate ventures is quite otherwise.
  21. But not our Kate, she ventures where angels fear to tread.
  22. The whole point of joint ventures is to generate customers.
  23. Given the risks associated with high growth ventures, it.
  24. I was involved in one of Bernie’s ventures in real estate.
  25. However, even the best rated ventures are still problematic.
  26. Bernie had so much trouble with making some of his ventures.
  27. So about a year ago we decided to expand into other ventures.
  28. Personally, I’ve had incredible success with joint ventures.
  29. For this reason, you won't be a hot topic for joint ventures.
  30. Given the risks associated with these types of ventures, the.
  31. Joint ventures are one of the most enjoyable ways of promoting.
  32. Chinese market and even formed a number of joint ventures with.
  33. Be clear of your intentions before starting these new ventures.
  34. In other words, they prepare, they create joint ventures, and.
  35. There are good opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures.
  36. I have no money to risk on unsure ventures, he said sharply.
  37. Nonperformers and those joint ventures appeared to hurt earnings.
  38. Even though there have been large numbers of VC backed ventures.
  39. Here are three different joint ventures that are used regularly:.
  40. On the other hand, the Shenandoah had no interest in these ventures.
  41. I don’t recall that love was prominent in your other two ventures.
  42. If the VC sector achieves an IPO in only 20% of their ventures and.
  43. Over time, I began to notice discrepancies in our little ventures.
  44. We’ll talk more about joint ventures in the next chapter, but just.
  45. Accustomed to daring ventures, the present seemed sheer recklessness.
  46. My own experience over several ventures has shown me that growth can.
  47. Last but not least, there was an investment fund for start-up ventures.
  48. I have not had very good luck in the past with my ventures; this one.
  49. There are opportunities for business partnerships or joint ventures too.
  50. Joint ventures are one of the most effective tools for building your lists.
  51. I learned about it from my surreptitious ventures into his personal study.
  52. Never in our history was there such an incubation of new business ventures.
  53. Most of the ventures had either collapsed, or were on the point of doing so.
  54. The greatest thing about joint ventures is that you not only have access to.
  55. I know all about your little business ventures with the Venezuelan cartel.
  56. So he signed all the closing documents on behalf of Versailles Ventures Limited.
  57. In this book I will articulate how to choose the right ventures to invest in and.
  58. All the best business and military ventures are pyramid schemes, Brock said.
  59. You can do joint ventures with other companies on the Internet and sell website.
  60. Yes, to you Harry, I have again, to offer my gratitude for my business ventures.
  61. There are opportunities for business partnerships and joint ventures to happen then.
  62. Schneider is not alone in these ventures of juggled facts versus scientific integrity.
  63. In particular, keep away from ventures in which you have little to gain and much to lose.
  64. So if you have a list, you’ll probably start to receive many offers for joint ventures.
  65. During the precious years of the children growing up, he was often away on business ventures.
  66. Then there are the illegal ventures which are mostly unethical but with different gradations.
  67. Most religions are also profit-making ventures and their focus on money and profit is wholly.
  68. Tank Region : Tends to hang out on the live rock in the tank and seldom ventures far from it's.
  69. One of the most important ventures Ella worked on was the Young Negroes Cooperative League (YNCL.
  70. The Brandts had booked through Travel Ventures, a society agent that catered to a high-end crowd.
  71. Until LeCynic's ventures through the Crypt his name and achievements had been entirely forgotten.
  72. And because of these business ventures, thousands of Africans had died—men, women, and children.
  73. But I would say that you are a wild, careless boy who is like to come to hanging of your ventures.
  74. These ventures were not publicized but displayed his great love and concern for young girls and boys.
  75. Do not neglect an important feature such as this in your nautical themed home decorating ventures and.
  76. Instead of working for the success of their ventures, the promoters siphon off funds to fail their firms.
  77. Ever since he married Margot, his business ventures flourished and his wealth increased by leaps and bounds.
  78. While this is true in the majority of cases, there are some gigs that are still primarily cash-based ventures.
  79. Clamoring voices march up the street as Cass ventures to see what all the commotion is coming in this direction.
  80. Such ventures have had a charm for me, which depended as much upon the risk run as upon the value of the prize.
  81. These are risky ventures and though rewards can be high for a success, the chance of failure is also pretty high.
  82. In the past four decades, Icahn’s ventures have earned 50% more than that other investment icon, Warren Buffett.
  83. All three ventures took off positively and kept me busy cashing in on almost four decades of management experience.
  84. Should the Public Finance New Ventures? Fairly complete observation of new-enterprise financing registered with the S.
  85. The farther the mind ventures, the nearer a soul it comes, until, as it stretches to inhabit all, the All inhabits it.
  86. Many of these new ventures and acquisitions may fail, and management will spend valuable time selling or closing them.
  87. As for imperialistic ventures herself, Cuba had as many advisors (agitators and insurrectionists) in Angola and.
  88. One of its ventures into philosophy and ethics is to compare animals in slaughterhouses to Jews in concentration camps.
  89. How to Explore a Joint Venture on a Forum - Joint ventures are one of the most valuable relationships you can establish.
  90. They must be aware, however, that this over-optimism can lead to unrealistic financial ventures and disappointing losses.
  91. Using money from my early ventures, I flew in doll makers from Paris and Japan, consulted them on the latest technologies.
  92. She used to send me accounts of her ventures, too, prepared for her by a young man called Len James who worked in the bank.
  93. This led to large commitments in newer ventures at prices completely disproportionate to their assets or recorded earnings.
  94. Only three of these were commercial ventures, the house and formal grounds being for private use by the owner and his family.
  95. Wal-Mart started doing joint ventures with Indian companies, but its ultimate goal is to try to own Wal-Mart stores in India.
  96. Despite the commotion caused by my four shots, a decrepit old fox ventures into the clearing to investigate the two dead boar.
  97. From the outside looking in all they see is that I haven‘t succeeded at the ventures I have experimented with; this is the.
  98. In a previous chapter we pointed out how recklessly unsound were the methods of financing real estate ventures during this period.
  99. Where are they gone? Every man who ventures such an allegation, is bound to prove it; because it is, if true, susceptible of proof.
  100. Even if a woman ventures out of her cold nuptial bed for warming up in her paramour’s nest, still she would gain nothing in the end.

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