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Don't vex me.
Vex in all its forms.
It was no longer amusing to vex Mr.
Thing is… you don’t just try Vex.
That is a fiction—an impudent invention to vex me.
The syringe that was on the table… the purple liquid… Vex.
Plot here refers to the desire to cause evil for others, doing what will vex them.

Marsellus: Your mind's perplexed, I'll tell you why, I was sent to vex if you didn't comply.
And nation was destroyed of nation, and city of city, for God did vex them with all adversity.
The smallest Trifle seem’d to vex her; and vexatious Persons oft’ can be Household Tyrants.
It is his constant object to wound, hurt, vex, injure, or weaken, if he cannot kill and destroy.
I suppose you have had as little to vex you since you came into this house as any creature in the world.
With no way to vex my frustrations, I decided to leave the mortal realm totally and killed my wife and child.
Mercer had not been seen since his latest interrogation of Delvin and Vex in the Flagon a couple of days earlier.
He climbed the stairs and entered the lieutenant's office, catching Griffiths just as he was snorting a short line of Vex.
He filled a tankard for the redheaded man beside him; Vex, also sharing their table, only continued silently snacking on a small 59.
But at midnight when no one speaks or gallops, and the thorn tree is perfectly still, it would be foolish to vex the moor with questions--what? and why?
Take heed, minion, while I cannot determine what power the brat holds, the threat to banish you to the Oblivion remains true if you vex me further!.
Even with the money I made with Code Sanguinary, I was having a hard time paying it off, but once Blackburn found out about my Vex addiction… he kicked me out.
But a sad accident shortly after happened, which had the effect of making it as little pleasant to me to vex Mr Hickery with a joke about the Tappit-hen, as it was to him.
Where I might go, what I might do, or when I might return, were questions utterly unknown to me; nor did I vex my mind with them, for it was wholly set on Provis's safety.
The solar deity found it hard not to turn his nose up at Yama’s sweaty facial hair and the lumbering ox he rode in on, which defecated loudly then as if to thoroughly vex him.
A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony, and there are no red-headed clients to vex us with their conundrums.
He wondered which ones were prostitutes, in dire need of money for another line of that purple Vex, and which ones were simply home-wrecked girls, in dire need of love and warmth.
Back when I was still in Code Sanguinary, my wife, Telia, and I were having trouble having kids and… it took a toll on our relationship, so… I tried some Vex to take the edge off.
Well, messieurs et mesdames, said Nicholas loudly and with apparent cheerfulness (it seemed to Countess Mary that he did it on purpose to vex her), I have been on my feet since six this morning.
With this feeling uppermost, he continued to waive the question of the chaplaincy, and to persuade himself that it was not only no proper business of his, but likely enough never to vex him with a demand for his vote.
If a servant chanced to vex her, it was always---"I shall tell papa!" And if he reproved her, even by a look, you would have thought it a heartbreaking business: I don't believe he ever did speak a harsh word to her.
Perhaps I had just a desire to vex her by something comparatively most innocent, by way of a gibe, Since you are such an interfering young lady, wouldn't you hke to return the money yourself to the prince, a charming.
If a servant chanced to vex her, it was always—‘I shall tell papa!’ And if he reproved her, even by a look, you would have thought it a heart-breaking business: I don’t believe he ever did speak a harsh word to her.
Sir Thomas was as joyful as she could desire, and very kind and communicative; and she had so comfortable a talk with him about William as to make her feel as if nothing had occurred to vex her, till she found, towards the close, that Mr.
The tradesman answered arrogantly that these articles had been ordered, and that he would not take them back; besides, it would vex madame in her convalescence; the doctor had better think it over; in short, he was resolved to sue him rather than give up his rights and take back his goods.
The governor and the bystanders laughed, and at their laughter the chaplain was half ashamed, and he replied, 'For all that, Senor Neptune, it will not do to vex Senor Jupiter; remain where you are, and some other day, when there is a better opportunity and more time, we will come back for you.
But one day, when she had been peculiarly wayward, rejecting her breakfast, complaining that the servants did not do what she told them; that the mistress would allow her to be nothing in the house, and Edgar neglected her; that she had caught a cold with the doors being left open, and we let the parlour fire go out on purpose to vex her, with a hundred yet more frivolous accusations, Mrs.
But, have gentlemen reflected that, if all the evils were drawn from Pandora's box, to vex Great Britain, you could have hit on none so well calculated to call out all her resistance, and all her obstinacy, as this same expedient, the embargo! If she yields to us, under the pressure of such a system, she discloses to us the secret of her independence! Sir, the embargo is war; it was intended as such against Great Britain.
You see it’s hurrah for the Tsar, for Russia, for the Orthodox Greek faith! All that is beautiful, but what do we, I mean the Austrian court, care for your victories? Bring us nice news of a victory by the Archduke Karl or Ferdinand (one archduke’s as good as another, as you know) and even if it is only over a fire brigade of Bonaparte’s, that will be another story and we’ll fire off some cannon! But this sort of thing seems done on purpose to vex us.
Lothario said, too, that every married man should have some friend who would point out to him any negligence he might be guilty of in his conduct, for it will sometimes happen that owing to the deep affection the husband bears his wife either he does not caution her, or, not to vex her, refrains from telling her to do or not to do certain things, doing or avoiding which may be a matter of honour or reproach to him; and errors of this kind he could easily correct if warned by a friend.
She did it, I know, from sheer mischief, to spite her mother, for she is a naughty, capricious girl, a real spoiled child spiteful and mischievous to a degree! And then Alexandra wanted to shave her head, not from caprice or mischief, but, like a little fool, simply because Aglaya persuaded her she would sleep better without her hair, and not suffer from headache! And how many suitors have they not had during the last five years! Excellent offers, too! What more do they want? Why don’t they get married? For no other reason than to vex their mother—none—none!.
By that time, I began suspecting the cause of this steadily worsening situation, and one day I asked him point blank, even though I knew it would vex him but I could hold it back no longer,.
How vexing! But, never mind.
No, of course that was a vexing development.
That was vexing, but it did not worry him unduly.
How vexing it is that I have no photograph of him.
The most vexing question must remain however, what power do consumers have.
At the sight of the bird, the princess hastened her steps, and without vexing.
And all the while Clarice pretended not to know what was vexing her cousin Octavia.
Will easily felt happy when nothing crossed his humor, and by this time the thought of vexing Mr.
We will spend the evening there—oh, it's jolly! Oh, the devil! How, vexing it is I can't help you.
It is terribly vexing, this interference with our communications which now have become so specially important.
Reform in the status of indenture trustees may lead to a solution of the vexing problem of the protective committee.
Not content with vexing and harassing you whenever you went from home, they came here to put strife into your family.
I knew this topic was only peripheral to what was really vexing her, and again I waited as Thean’s mind sorted out what was bothering her.
Rather than stocked full of the answers we sought to the problems vexing us, it was instead crammed full of items of ‘touristic interest’*.
As a way of explaining my men’s over exuberance, the case we have been investigating for some months has proved to have been both horrific and vexing.
She knew that the old lady was expected from day to day, that she would be pleased at her son's choice, and she felt it strange that he should not make his offer through fear of vexing his mother.
She knew that the old lady was expected from day to day, that she would be pleased at her son’s choice, and she felt it strange that he should not make his offer through fear of vexing his mother.
Whitby, with other British armed vessels, hovering about New York, vexing the trade of that port, arresting a coasting vessel of the United States by firing a cannon, which entered the vessel and killed John Pierce.
At that moment a little accident supervened, which seemed decreed by fate purposely to prove the truth of the adage, that misfortunes never come singly, and to add to their distresses the vexing one of the slip between the cup and the lip.
Blazin’s dad looked into the rear view mirror with this vexing look that said: don’t they teach these kids anything better to talk about in school? And to confirm that I had read his look accurately, when we had all finally shut up, he said, You kids and your corny ass jokes.
It little mattered whether my curiosity irritated him; I knew the pleasure of vexing and soothing him by turns; it was one I chiefly delighted in, and a sure instinct always prevented me from going too far; beyond the verge of provocation I never ventured; on the extreme brink I liked well to try my skill.
Here is the land they've been all along expecting for Fred, which it seems the old man never meant to leave him a foot of, but left it to this side-slip of a son that he kept in the dark, and thought of his sticking there and vexing everybody as well as he could have vexed 'em himself if he could have kept alive.
How are positions sized? How many positions are held? How actively are holdings traded? How are portfolio risks assessed and what efforts are made to mitigate them? Is hedging a part of the strategy? Is shareholder activism? Finally, among the most vexing topics an investor must address: How do I decide when to sell?
Can’t the origin of the so-called false revelation said to be in praise of Al Lat, Al Uzza and Manat be seen in this background? Maybe, it’s an idea for the Musalmans to see whether or not these vexing as well as perplexing ‘Satanic Verses’, whose authorship Muhammad had denied, are indeed Quranic interpolations.
Those who passed it could have but one of two objects in view; either to coerce Great Britain to the terms we demanded—or, by vexing and irritating her, to raise up in due time an unnecessary fictitious quarrel, which (as this country is known to be extremely sensitive of British aggression) might ultimately end in a real old-fashioned war.
But I am not vexed.
I felt vexed with her.
Vexed not his holy soul.
She is vexed by a growing.
And suddenly I felt vexed th.
I am only vexed for a moment.
Gueste’s mind, and vexed her.
Recognition of this man vexed him.
Thom was clearly seriously vexed.
Tfoo! How vexed I am that when I.
Damn, but he was too vexed to do so.
She was vexed, but she did not proceed.
His voice was vexed, weary and coarse:.
I am very much vexed that I have forgotten.
I was vexed with you for getting out of my.
Morrel comes to aid me; you are vexed, are.
Joey lifted his spear with a vexed expression.
The question was an idle one, but I was vexed.
Mother is extremely vexed on your account, too.
I went along grudgingly for I was vexed with him.
But I have been vexed, because you wouldn't come.
The latter was as vexed by this preference as a child.
He broke off and began pacing the room still more vexed.
And she was sure to be vexed and 'answered her angrily.
And then your threat, though it amused me, vexed me too.
He was evidently vexed and impatient for the talkative.
And she was sure to be vexed and ‘answered her angrily.
I felt horribly vexed and ashamed in Ver-ilov's presence.
For no reason, Nangong Ping felt vexed and he angrily said.
He paid, vexed that his passage should have aroused remark.
Long Fei became vexed and asked himself with his eyes above.
Something had vexed you before you came in, you looked cross.
Still, though it vexed me very much, I could not refuse them.
This is the womens toilet, she said with a vexed voice.
What he had said seemed to have frightened and vexed Maryanka.
And with Teresa? he once asked and her answer vexed him.
Oh, don’t be vexed! he added, with entreaty in his voice.
The more interesting his letters were the more vexed she felt.
I was vexed and I lost my sleep, and I began making inquiries.
She was almost vexed into displeasure and anger against Edmund.
Plot means the will of causing evil to others and doing what vexes them.
What is it that vexes you, my husband? You seem lost among your thoughts out here.
Laurie, who is in one of his tantrums about something, which vexes the old gentleman, so I dursn't go nigh him.
To win the good-will of the people thou governest there are two things, among others, that thou must do; one is to be civil to all (this, however, I told thee before), and the other to take care that food be abundant, for there is nothing that vexes the heart of the poor more than hunger and high prices.
Lifting his head and raising his arms toward the silent form on the dais, Gorulga cried in the deep, rich resonance that was the natural attribute of the Keshani priest: O great goddess, dweller with the great one of darkness, let thy heart be melted, thy lips opened for the ears of thy slave whose head is in the dust beneath thy feet! Speak, great goddess of the holy valley! Thou knowest the paths before us; the darkness that vexes us is as the light of the midday sun to thee.

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