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Voiced numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I voiced it to him:.
2. He voiced his fears to.
3. Mahli was in quiet voiced.
4. She voiced my silent concern.
5. He voiced his immediate reaction.
6. He first voiced it publicly to an.
7. He voiced it in an agitated murmur.

8. Mahli was in quiet voiced midsentence.
9. If we are open to God and have voiced.
10. The prime minister voiced his concern.
11. Many of this large group of members voiced.
12. But another inner voiced pushed him forward.
13. She’s not feeling well? Celina voiced.
14. Michael’s church Tom voiced his reply as.
15. Sadie voiced the question all of them were si-.
16. As soon as I voiced an opinion, they shut me up.
17. Dougie! A voiced shouted from behind Kevin.
18. However, it was Pam who bluntly voiced the same.
19. Her mother had voiced an opinion about that, too.
20. As soon as she voiced the words, she regretted it.
21. As soon as Laeron was flying, Aesa voiced his fears.
22. He knew his answer was wrong the moment he voiced it.
23. They seemed unsure but it was Amber who voiced it out.
24. He swigged down a cool drink then voiced his concerns.
25. When these are voiced to another person, a small mis-.
26. All instructions must be screened; all commands voiced.
27. Many pilots voiced their agreement with that declaration.
28. Tickle voiced the pre-G cadence and I initiated the Hick.
29. No sooner had I voiced this regret than I felt it must have.
30. When I’d been with her Daveda had come forward and voiced.
31. Husky voiced I said, I do believe that you’ve graduated.
32. She hasn't voiced it and like I said she's my best friend now.
33. This even after Echo Gardener voiced her opinion on the matter.
34. So, to the supplication reportedly voiced while on the cross :.
35. Lovern had not voiced any concern about my not being with child.
36. Jess thought my fever had gotten worse, and voiced her concerns.
37. A small squeaky voiced Cambodian girl brought their drinks over.
38. With voiced harmony, your meek waters to the land you fondly bind.
39. And what else do you have now? Isin and Senta voiced at once.
40. She was understandably on edge and voiced her fears and suspicions.
41. Credit felt uneasy until she reopened her eyes and voiced her words.
42. The leaders voiced their approval as did Bright Hands and Bitter Knife.
43. He could hear the echo of his one voiced thought though: ‘Please’.
44. Occasionally, students voiced their anger when he mispronounced their.
45. The gravel voiced guy, who has 'Wolf' tatted across his belly is often.
46. Now, on tiptoe, he boxed the air around the pub and voiced his protest.
47. The government machine had voiced its reaction to the story very clearly.
48. Is this what you took the cast from? His voiced dipped to a murmur.
49. Secretly I wished for the same but I would have never voiced it out loud.
50. Chuck, never one to hold back, voiced his approval of the new surroundings.
51. And the radar on which his feelings voiced pointed straight in her direction.
52. Budget Office has recently voiced the opinion that the cost control measures.
53. Your eyes! she voiced out, awestruck, but Abanir could not understand her.
54. A lot of members here were not too happy about that and had voiced some concern.
55. This world is sick Jenkins he finally voiced his thoughts to the Sergeant.
56. On another occasion, she voiced a fear that had been bothering her for some time.
57. It has voiced the claims in outward life of the fact of brotherhood, seeking no.
58. For the record, I voiced that I hoped they did but that they probably wouldn’t.
59. Why wont you listen to me? he asked, his voiced laced with rooted frustration.
60. Victor said his goodbyes to Peggy and she voiced her obligatory be careful.
61. They were all murdered as far as I was concerned but hadn’t voiced my anger aloud.
62. She voiced her opinion about all of you and was very critical of what you had to say.
63. She had just voiced her concern about the new version and the room had become silent.
64. She voiced the question that was in everyone’s thoughts: What’s happened?
65. After I voiced this concern he told me that he would intuitively know the day of his.
66. During construction, several of the engineers voiced concern about the location of.
67. I was enjoying my small meal and my recollections when a strong voiced whistle caught my.
68. Spock voiced his thoughts on the dire situation in one succinct statement: Fascinating.
69. He still seemed troubled though and voiced his concern, of a different nature this time:.
70. Then she placed her hands to her mouth and voiced a low weird call that carried strangely.
71. Perhaps, that was at the back of his mind when he voiced his fears about her possible fall.
72. Then the question that had been loitering with intent since I had first met her, voiced itself.
73. She only seizes when I ask about her mission, he said, testing the theory as he voiced it.
74. Separate incidences pointed to the same concerns that investors have voiced over the centuries.
75. A contestant made a bad choice, the prize was lost, a wuh-waaahhh sound effect voiced her pain.
76. He knew that some of his colleagues harboured this opinion privately, but no one ever voiced it.
77. They voiced their displeasure, but mostly it was one-line sarcasm lined with a fatalistic humour.
78. A great horned owl glided silently from the interior limbs as its reticent mate voiced a low call.
79. A second murmuring echoed through the cavern, louder than the first, but no one voiced an objection.
80. It was Gabrysia who voiced these thoughts first and they were instantly accepted by the other three.
81. Logic is thrown out the window, he voiced his final thoughts in hushed tones, almost a whisper.
82. Only mild concern is voiced about the robots on the scene, mainly because they might disturb evidence.
83. The growing agitation of the living ancient Egyptian was voiced in a torrent of foreign tongued abuse.
84. Every time I voiced a complaint or a protest, I was knocked down onto my knees and punished with the rods.
85. Nixon repeatedly voiced anger at the national security adviser’s self-importance and self-centeredness.
86. From the beginning of his career, when Keller voiced a radical cry of doom, we were always in his mind.
87. Chance suddenly looked extremely uncomfortable, as though he had voiced something that he shouldn’t have.
88. They have a better place than we do, Darrin voiced Carter’s thoughts, wrinkling his nose in distaste.
89. Colling downed his drink, voiced a general goodbye to the tavern patrons, and walked back to the little hotel.
90. Allcock was pleased that his young charge got to see his own domain, and voiced as much in hearty approbation.
91. Your Highness Puteri, you were amazing! Said one of the guards to her, the others voiced their agreement.
92. When she began to tell him that all this had happened the day after her father’s funeral, her voiced trembled.
93. The mockingbirds and the jays, engaged in their old feud for possession of the mockers sweet voiced and plaintive.
94. I had voiced my concerns that once in the capital; someone would recognize me and report my presence to Lyr Averon.
95. To Farah’s anger and disbelief, the majority of the council members voiced their agreement for Bartok’s suggestion.
96. He voiced his satisfaction with the repairs and paid the mechanic a price that appeared to have been previously agreed.
97. But the forceful words she uttered were foreign to Melanie who seldom voiced an opinion at all and never an unkind word.
98. They all voiced surprise at the fact that the ladder inside led beneath the floor of the cave they were now standing in.
99. It seemed that she wasn’t alone in thinking this because a girl standing in the corner next to Layla voiced her concerns.
100. At once, worries were voiced that this could be the flint to set the simmering hatred between all Arabs and Jews aflame.
1. Voicing though was something that he.
2. Breathe, he says, voicing this in my ear.
3. The kid struggled weakly, voicing a faint cry.
4. Voicing the question that they all were thinking.
5. I’m only voicing my objections on the grounds.
6. No one I knew was voicing concern for persecuted queers.
7. Tessa followed, voicing her objection in annoyed bleats.
8. Yes—he found himself voicing the thought—it.
9. In voicing his opposition to computer security, Stallman drew.
10. How deep is the sea here? he asked, his voicing cracking up.
11. Demanding explanations was their way of voicing their annoyance.
12. Decoud seemed to find a fresh audacity in this voicing of his thoughts.
13. You may feel inhibited in voicing your opinion and how you really feel.
14. They may simply be voicing an opinion with no factual data to support it.
15. I could have you banished to the dungeon for voicing this request, young man.
16. But beware; these words that I am voicing are the soul property of the world of.
17. Behind me, as the doors closed, I could see the ghosts still voicing their pleas.
18. They’re not fools, said Jhordel, voicing what Imbrahim had had on his mind.
19. Karol and his two colleagues responded by voicing their strong objections to Colling’s plan.
20. One of the goats was voicing a terrified cry and with it mingled vicious snarls and anxious barking.
21. I’m worried you won’t, she said, voicing a concern that appeared when Carter spoke those words.
22. She instantly regretted voicing her thoughts as the other witches in the room looked at her with revulsion.
23. I never pay any attention to the parade of experts voicing their personal opinions on the market in print or on TV.
24. You’re obviously doing something they’re not happy with, and the Chinese branch of The Order are voicing their opinion.
25. There were protests held across the planets, with people voicing their complaint and support for their enemies and military.
26. The fact that the daimyo himself had made her an ashigaru however prevented Kanbe from openly voicing his opinion about her.
27. Sir, what are you doing? protested the Medic, his objection voicing itself in the even tones of the translation equipment.
28. While Buffett was voicing his concern for rising stock prices, the partnership pulled its biggest coup in 1968, recording a 59.
29. Angels respond to the voice of God’s Word ie the voicing aloud in the earth of the Word of God, by God’s representative, Man.
30. National and provincial newspapers joined with the times in voicing indignation that this humiliating disaster had been allowed to happen.
31. Camp personnel caught trying to improve conditions for POWs, or even voicing sympathy for them, were sometimes beaten by their superiors.
32. It wasn’t just telling people to put a peso in the collecting box: The Church was voicing full-blooded criticism of government terror tactics.
33. What are you doing? Is this safe? Wait!, Hilderich seemed to protest in principle only, his mouth voicing concern but his feet offering little resistance.
34. That is just plain stupid to do such a thing when you own your own home, or that was what I understood the situation to be, said Thomas voicing his concerns.
35. While the idea was still fresh, in her mind, she sent him an email voicing her concerns and asking for an analysis on the security and integrity of the MCU database.
36. And who is going to throw them out afterwards? Replied in a low voice Liem, voicing without thinking his gut reaction to seeing more foreign soldiers on his land.
37. Early on the following morning she set off again for the bakery, to get her family’s share of bread, hoping that the baker might refrain from voicing his immoral intentions.
38. The public debate on the Green Paper, or more precisely the question of direct elections and their timing, continued with the various factions voicing their views unrestrained.
39. Suddenly the cabin door flew open and a small, scrawny figure sprinted to the water‘s edge and jumped into the grounded pirogue, gesturing and voicing unintelligible sounds.
40. Another relative though, impressed by his status and all made up her mind to marry her daughter to him and that put paid to our voicing the objections we all have had about him.
41. And he is in the middle of voicing his warning that she’s going to have to be the enforcer, he only cares about William, when he spots a huge puddle spread over the paving stones.
42. YOU ASS HOLE – it’s funny, I had said ice hole because I saw the principal staring me down during my rap, but there was no stopping the whole school from voicing their opinions.
43. Greater emphasis can be placed on speaking or mentally voicing an intention to heal or direct energy to a specific area or for a specific outcome, you can call your guides specifically if you desire.
44. Other members of the High Council have resigned in protest as well, including Chief Justice Sten Vargas, while a growing number of citizens have been publicly voicing their support for the Time Patrol.
45. As this song is the Marseillaise of the Tariff Reform Party, voicing as it does the highest ideals of the Tory workmen of this country, it was an unqualified success, for most of them were Conservatives.
46. Why would anyone want to love the child molester? The next child, the first child's allie, morphed into The Eternal League of Outraged Parents voicing what they declared as the most unforgivable sin.
47. Some of the men in the tables nearer to the door turned around and looked at her with stout disapproval, some even voicing their objections and threatening to call the procrastinators to make an example out of her.
48. My failure to write sooner shows how getting caught up in everyday life overshadows the responsibility we all have in voicing our objections against mixed-messages that fail to instill proper meaning to words like Character.
49. Liberals and (some) Moderate Republicans voicing their opposition over the outsourcing of jobs overseas and its dampening effect on the United States economy should give equal expression (as well) to Illegal Immigration that has similarly produced dire.
50. I then related the evening's incidents to the Canadian, secretly hoping he would come around to the idea of not deserting the captain; but my narrative had no result other than Ned's voicing deep regret that he hadn't strolled across the Vigo battlefield on his own behalf.
51. Instead… the sick, weak, victim-mentality and culture of christian victimization when faced with huge injustices like mass genocide, and mass racism, and mass discrimination… expresses its opposition to all of this evil… as weakly, and as cowardly, and as dishonestly as possible, by barely voicing any dissent at all.
52. Once the champions of secularism start voicing the legitimate concerns raised by the Hindu communalists and stop echoing Muslim communal propaganda, the balloon of the Hindu communal discourse would, sooner or later, burst! Also, since the state is secular and still developing, there’s no justification for sanctioning state funds for Hindu religious purposes either (for example, please see this - http://articles.
53. I had talks with these city administrators and a more arrogant and useless lot would be hard to find anywhere, everyone had an opinion and wasted no time in voicing it, I was speaking to one of them, and his colleague interrupted me, informing me that as I was a tribesman the running of a large city would obviously be beyond me, but not to worry because he would teach me how the city was run and began to lecture me on the finer points of their administration.
54. They fed her by their own hands and washed her: he would hold her while his perfect wife changed the soiled linen beneath her without voicing a single word of complaint or disgust; in fact she did it willingly and with good grace, yearning for the reward of the Almighty as Mohammad Amin had developed her under his illustrious tutoring which implanted supreme principles in her spirit: loving God and seeking Him, aiming at the Afterlife, not at this world, aspiring to Paradise through carrying out good deeds which make one draw nearer to Al’lah.
55. This, then, was what our rule of frankness had brought us to—the rule that we should tell one another everything in our minds, and never discuss one another with a third person! Many a time we had exaggerated frankness to the pitch of making mutual confession of the most shameless thoughts, and of shaming ourselves by voicing to one another proposals or schemes for attaining our desires; yet those confessions had not only failed to draw closer the tie which united us, but had dissipated sympathy and thrust us further apart, until now pride would not allow him to expose his feelings even in the smallest detail, and we employed in our quarrel the very weapons which we had formerly surrendered to one another—the weapons which could strike the shrewdest blows!.
56. For instance when the evicted tenants question, then at its first inception, bulked largely in people's mind though, it goes without saying, not contributing a copper or pinning his faith absolutely to its dictums, some of which wouldn't exactly hold water, he at the outset in principle at all events was in thorough sympathy with peasant possession as voicing the trend of modern opinion (a partiality, however, which, realising his mistake, he was subsequently partially cured of) and even was twitted with going a step farther than Michael Davitt in the striking views he at one time inculcated as a backtothelander, which was one reason he strongly resented the innuendo put upon him in so barefaced a fashion by our friend at the gathering of the clans in Barney Kiernan's so that he, though often considerably misunderstood and the least pugnacious of mortals, be it repeated, departed from his customary habit to give him (metaphorically) one in the gizzard though, so far as politics themselves were concerned, he was only too conscious of the casualties invariably resulting from propaganda and displays of mutual animosity and the misery and suffering it entailed as a foregone conclusion on fine young fellows, chiefly, destruction of the fittest, in a word.
57. Instead of voicing this, she said,.
58. You’ve always aspired to write, but you keep voicing out the same,.
1. The voices in my head.
2. He waits to hear voices.
3. But then I heard voices.
4. I stop the echoing voices.
5. I heard the voices again.
6. They spoke in low voices.
7. He was talking to voices.
8. The voices began to fade.
9. I heard the voices of Mrs.
10. He talks about voices in.
11. Speaking all voices at once.
12. He edged toward the voices.
13. The voices of many united.
14. She heard two female voices.
15. I could hear voices though.
16. He thought he heard voices.
17. Giving Voice to the Voices.
18. There were voices behind it.
19. Putz never heard voices or.
20. And no meaning in the voices.
21. In here, I can hear voices.
22. The voices from above were.
23. The voices were audible now.
24. It was as if the voices of.
25. The voices in his head ….
26. All their voices are so soft.
27. As he did so he heard voices.
28. And the voices of my fathers.
29. Voices rose in general accord.
30. The voices moved out of range.
31. As with voices and with tears.
32. They could hear Tartar voices.
33. While the voices within his.
34. I heard footsteps and voices.
35. I heard voices underneath me.
36. Soon the voices would return.
37. There were some raised voices.
38. But their voices were unheard.
39. And muffled voices would echo.
40. Their voices fill the hallway.
41. Then he recognized the voices.
42. But still - the eternal voices.
43. Voices near the curb: soldiers.
44. They all recognized the voices.
45. The voices droned on above him.
46. But their voices are so faded.
47. But now there are other voices.
48. Their voices will be loud and.
49. I can hear voices in the lounge.
50. A vibration in the air, voices.
51. Our voices only broke the gloom.
52. Voices cried out for vengeance.
53. Their voices were seldom heard.
54. Male voices could now be heard.
55. He could still hear the voices.
56. The hushed voices of her crew.
57. The yelling voices followed me.
58. Excited voices on the television.
59. At least the voices have stopped.
60. VOICES: (Subdued) For the Caliph.
61. He heard female voices overhead.
62. The voices had moved closer, too.
63. I listen to the sound of voices.
64. Are there other voices, unknown.
65. He saw that the excited voices.
66. In the silence, they heard voices.
67. Voices penetrated the thin walls.
68. There was a sound of many voices.
69. The voices were coarse and raspy.
70. The voices, the jumbled thoughts.
71. They heard voices in the distance.
72. She heard voices, feet on planks.
73. He hears voices in the next room.
74. Voices of men are out in the hall.
75. It was human voices from far away.
76. In his head the voices rise again.
77. Pippin woke to the sound of voices.
78. No sound, no voices, just silence.
79. There were voices, Raya’s voice.
80. The voices and faces are the same.
81. The voices came closer and closer.
82. Again Christina could hear voices.
83. Voices that got louder and louder.
84. Faces & Voices of Recovery, 241.
85. The voices were strident and angry.
86. Because I can’t, she voices.
87. Hands are still and voices lowered.
88. The voices stayed static, unmoving.
89. The voices and experiences of the.
90. The voices grew fainter and fainter.
91. I heard human voices from the trees.
92. She was woken by the sound of voices.
93. There are other voices of morality.
94. The faint sound of voices continued.
95. Their voices ascended ahead of them.
96. They would lower their voices when.
97. Voices came from the reception-room.
98. In the end, I have only their voices.
99. Five thousand voices had emitted a.
100. A chorus of voices gave their assent.

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1. My voice was a whisper.
2. The voice of the enemy.
3. It was a man’s voice.
4. His voice was low and.
5. And then I hear a voice.
6. Good to hear your voice.
7. Ray had a strange voice.
8. A man, his voice replied.
9. Mars growled at the voice.
10. The voice of God Jump In.
11. Maybe, but voice of the.
12. His voice now seemed to.
13. She said that the voice.
14. I knew whose voice it was.
15. There was that voice again.
16. The same voice that came.
17. A gruff voice made be jump.
18. The voice sounds like Carol.
19. Then he heard a tiny voice.
20. His voice was low, intense.
21. But there was another voice.
22. And then there was a voice.
23. She’s got a lovely voice.
24. Maharaj in a forceful voice.
25. His voice a desperate plea.
26. He had a deep, husky voice.
27. Em’s voice was a low growl.
28. Now she recognized his voice.
29. It was in the tone of voice.
30. Her voice had failure in it.
31. A voice whispers in my head.
32. Again her inner voice spoke.
33. My voice was taut in my ears.
34. The still small voice, silent.
35. Her voice is broken and soft.
36. A voice screamed in his head.
37. Horcheese kept her voice flat.
38. His voice was quiet and flat.
39. The dog whistle of his voice.
40. Not an angry voice, but not.
41. His voice amazingly void of.
42. He lowers his voice slightly.
43. His voice was hard and direct.
44. He put a voice call to Heymon.
45. His voice was so full of fear.
46. His deep voice sounded amused.
47. I love the sound of your voice.
48. A voice inside told me to hit.
49. And then I heard her voice.
50. His voice cracked with emotion.
51. Her voice was almost a whisper.
52. Her voice had a trace of panic.
53. His voice was soft and broken.
54. His voice beats with the heart.
55. Belver was the voice of reason.
56. His voice was on the edge of.
57. A voice called out in the night.
58. Darniil began in a clear voice.
59. I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say.
60. I jumped at his voice and froze.
61. Jeremiah said, his voice hushed.
62. The mist swallowed up his voice.
63. His voice was shaky, desperate.
64. Her voice was so soft in a way.
65. His voice came in my ears again.
66. A voice crackled over the radio.
67. Her voice was sharp with anger.
68. So how can we know his voice?
69. His voice quietened as he spoke.
70. Mama's voice made us all sit up.
71. A second voice rang in response.
72. He could not hear his own voice.
73. The voice was strangely soothing.
74. Listen to the quiet voice within.
75. Your voice will be the voice of.
76. Morris asks in a laughing voice.
77. Her voice was a throaty whisper.
78. Lower your voice, Manda said.
79. It was the voice of poor Phoebe.
80. But he didn't voice the thought.
81. Her voice came out of her mouth.
82. The voice was heard once more:.
83. To late! - the voice replied….
84. His voice was weary, but steady.
85. Foolish, a voice in my head says.
86. Her voice was high and strident.
87. It’s that quiet voice he uses.
88. His voice broke in mid-sentence.
89. My voice began on a hopeful note.
90. But they are dead, the voice says.
91. It was the voice of Mistress Twig.
92. The second had a woman’s voice.
93. Raven! she raised her voice.
94. His voice grew quiet and serious.
95. To not hear that voice,.
96. To hear that perfect voice,.
97. His voice was low, a whisper,.
98. Your voice, tin thin and reedy,.

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